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  2. It Came in the mail today, Thank you Very much
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  4. Yeah I got in a few times, but, like what was stated, after about 5-10 seconds it hangs and becomes un-responsive.
  5. sat in the earth and beyond disco channel in chat room 1 if anyone else is just hitting refresh on the forum and hitting the 'check' button on the launcher heres the disco, come say hi https://discord.gg/kszYsF7M Tulkas ExploreJE PWHulksmash
  6. same here, can get as far as character selection, then game just hangs. I also watched as everyone logged out (As I was talking to you Higginz) The launcher shows 15 people on line. Not usre if they are in, or trying to get in.
  7. There was a mass exodus about 10 mins ago. Login works, but gameplay becomes unresponsive after a few seconds.
  8. Server appears to be down, just watched as everyone logged out. The launcher works, can get as far as character selection, then the game hangs.
  9. I saw a couple downloads on printables and was hoping someone else was giving it a shot. Most of my prints are mechanical widgets so getting things smooth and pretty is a new experience for me. If you get one printed up I'd love to see it. Chromeplate is a good call, I'm working on one right now with the plan to use sandable automotive primer to smooth and then just shoot it with a chrome or gold paint (since I can't do detailed painting). I'm hoping my friend who is a good painter uploads the TS here eventually but I think he's going to warm up on about three different models before he puts brush to plastic.
  10. Hey nmkippes, thank you for uploading the models, i like your "cut shipbody in halves approach". that paint looks quite rough, not a pro-painter either, the material is quite rough to begin with straight of the printbed. (i've been trying to smooth bits using various putty's with mixed results. nice job on the standard aswell, you could chromeplate the thing and it wouldn't look out of place on a CEO's desk, heheh
  11. Hey, you only need to run the Launcher in Admin Mode, as the guide says (must read tho...)
  12. Last week
  13. What started all this havoc was I thought my Net-7 Launcher was crashed. It went to the task bar but didn't show. I ran the net7launcher.bat and it went to my EA-Login no problem. I still wanted the Launcher to work correctly. I downloaded the launcher again. Now that's when the net7proxy version problem started. My Launcher was on the task bar it just wouldn't come up when I clicked it. Before you muck up your install see if you can click the lauch.bat file in the net7/bin folder. this checks your net7proxy version, If you come to EA Login screen, EXIT and follow steps below. There was nothing really wrong with the Launcher other then it was minimized in the task bar. *IF Clicking on it Does Nothing) Go to the properties (right click on Launcher and set or switch it to maximized and re launch it then set it to the size you want. You HAVE to SET FILE PERMISSIONS in all your folders to get it to update! Uncheck Read Only Properties. When you click Launcher and try and update and the update box doesn't come up your properties or write permissions are still mucked up. Just Launching the Net-7 Launcher in Admin Mode will not cut it. You have to be able to overwrite the programs in Net7 folder. You have to set write permissions correctly. If your Game is Not running in Full Screen Mode, Look in the E&B Config Section in the Launcher to Fix your screen resolution. I Would really miss this game.. If they took it down again. Thank You soo much to the people that got this going again, After EA Pulled the Plug on us. I hope my comments are of some Value, Please Don't Give Up on it! IT is a Windows Problem, You kind of have to be an advanced User, Everything they Do here Works! IT just takes a few advanced skills to fix it.
  14. oh wow, that worked thank you very much
  15. its probably been minimized hover over the button on the task bar when the mini window opens right click and select maximize or restore and it should appear
  16. Prototype reorder needs marked, before you get in game,. Also Check your local IP just to make just its correct
  17. is there a setting i have wrong or is my internet speed just to slow? I live in the mountains of north carolina.....
  18. C:\Users\user>tracert www.net-7.org Tracing route to www.net-7.org [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Ericnet [] 2 21 ms 31 ms 21 ms 3 20 ms 22 ms 35 ms 4 * 26 ms * e0-5.switch3.atl1.he.net [] 5 24 ms 39 ms 40 ms ae-89.edge4.Atlanta2.Level3.net [] 6 * * * Request timed out. 7 43 ms 44 ms 40 ms HAMPTON-ROA.ear3.Miami2.Level3.net [] 8 * * * Request timed out. 9 * * * Request timed out. 10 43 ms 40 ms 49 ms forum.enb-emulator.com [] 11 44 ms 44 ms 53 ms forum.enb-emulator.com [] Trace complete.
  19. I'm having trouble getting the launcher to appear on the screen when I launch it as an administrator. The net7 logo appears on the toolbar but it does not open on the screen.
  20. Hi all! just installed on: Win 10 x64 Ryzen 5 5600x RTX 3070 16gb DDR4 3200 Run launcher (Admin+compatibility win7), update finished, Ran gfx config, tested config, click play, accept user agreement, get splash screen, drop to desktop... Only happens when I try to run full screen. Any ideas?
  21. Thanks for that Woody. I'm guessing the follow up mission would be the same. Time to update the wiki.
  22. Earlier
  23. I just completed the 'Chavez Peon' mission, with +1621 Chavez rep. I am now unable to pick up the follow up mission from Chavez Guard Victor, 'The Chavez Lackey'. The wiki page shows I fit all the mission requirements. Could the OL 35 listed really be CL 35, as the next mission 'More Chavez Lackey Work', has a CL 33 requirement.
  24. jrichards


    There is a teamspeak3 server: ts.net-7.org
  25. Gwahir


    I just joined the disco channel, not sure why its as dead as it is? Such a useful interactive useful tool, especially for when servers down, or trying to find someone. Not to mention its a fun place to chat with people too. Really handy for voice converstaion. So come on folks, hop on the disco channel! We can all moan together while the servers down haha Tulkas btw, Ghwair was my main in live
  26. I hope this update has some new exciting features, like the smoking mirror haha, its sure taking its time its time today
  27. Restarting...i saw some packet flooding on the console.
  28. Hmm. I Saw the message on my TE Torgue today during the login fit. I was completing some missions last night with him and didn't have any issues nor have I submitted a help ticket. Someone just likes Torgue I guess.
  29. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Stations
  30. Just need to put a mini plasma ball on the front for your Tractor Repulsor:
  31. I know I have already posted on the Server down thread, we have to wait for the server dev to wake up from his nights sleep i also can not get in game
  32. Def on the server side. Something happened around 5 hours ago (roughly) when player count was over 110 (showing in net-7 client). Since then everyone I know has been having trouble getting in and when they do they lose connection within 5 minutes.
  33. About 5 hour ago (roughly) half the players DC'd. Since then getting into the game has been difficult and will result in loss of connections. I have spoken to a few other players and they have been seeing the same thing......though the number of players online seems to stay around 75. Seems like a restart might be in order.
  34. the Frozen announcements come from the GMTools when ever you avatar is being accessed for editing, adding or removing items due to issues, addressed thru the GM Ticket system, Since it appears the server is having aa nervous breakdown we need to wait for the server dev (previous post)
  35. I am not able to get passed the map screen after character selection screen, I have posted in teh server status thread to inform the devs there is an issue, now to sit back and twiddle my thumbs while waiting
  36. I'm thinking that the server might need a restart net-7 pages and the launcher says 78 online, the GM tools show 24 physically online, Also i have tried to log in different avatars on different computers, i log in get to the selection screen then select an avatar to play, it goes to the map screen then sits for 20 minutes or more the drops back to the character selection screen, i have rebooted all my systems and router still the same sitting loo at the map screen, I have even un blackholed my current main play (non GM) avatar still does the same thing, Help
  37. Any known issues tonight? 1 out of 3 login attempts get me into game, but it doesn't last more than a few seconds before stations are unresponsive and I get stuck in the loading screen trying to leave with the 'Waiting for server' in the system tray. Basic networking troubleshooting done on my end and different PC has same issue. On one of my login attempts I saw a message in the chat box about "Your account has been frozen for future GM actions, please wait" then shortly after another message "You account has been thawed." Wondering if that message was related.
  38. Getting my painting chops back, some things worked, some didn't. Painting was never my strong suite.
  39. Thanks Exo, I added a link to net-7.org on there.
  40. I would always check the wiki www.net-7.org/wiki is run by the players.
  41. * Technical Support forum Ok, first, it sucks that there is no bug tracker anymore but posting in Technical Support, as advised by Woody, should be ok right? Well sure, except the sort by last posted doesn't appear to work in that forum. Even adjust by custom it will display items from 2017 when selecting most recently updated. The only way I can find items I have posted is my searching for my most recent posts. If the devs are using this are they even aware of newer/updated bugs being posted in this forum? I would love to see this fixed, or as a more simple option, add a new forum section for bugs. Technically bugs and technical support is best handled in two separate sections as they tend to be very different fixes. * Problems with Equipment Damage Control These buffs just don't appear work for engines and reactors, and in fact, appear to do the exact opposite. Using the 200% L8 Shooting Star reactor Equipment Damage Control - Reactor (Equip): Increases your reactor's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped. Out of around 20 deaths it suffered quality damage 5 times. Then I swapped in a 200% L8 Tang's Vigor reactor. 10 deaths, 0 times did I lose quality on the reactor Ok, RNG gods can be fickle. I then proceeded to get a 200% L9 Prismatic Dragon Wing Equipment Damage Control - Shields (Equip): Increases your shield's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped. Equipment Damage Control - Reactor (Equip): Increases your reactor's effectiveness at sustaining damage by 75(100)% when equipped. With this installed my L8 Shooting Star reactor should be fine right? Nope, 4 deaths and lost 2% quality on it. I then got a L9 Invincible Bastion that adds 150% Hull Damage Control. 2 deaths and it lost 1% Quality......this was while using the Prismatic Dragon Wing engine. Am I the only one that is seeing this? Am I crazy? When people tell me not to use these items because they do not work.......is this a known issue? Yes, I am well aware that 100% does not equate to NEVER taking quality damage but this seems like it is doing the opposite and making this gear take MORE damage. In two weeks of time I have taken more quality damage, with items using these to buffs, than I have ever taken before....and my TT does die quite a lot. πŸ˜‰ NOTE: I have not seen any issue in regards to Equipment Damage Control - Devices (Equip) or Equipment Damage Control - Weapons (Equip). They both appear to be working properly. <goes and cries in a corner>
  42. I'm a new player and I have just discovered this game because I saw it on https://oldgamesdownload.com/ So there's one source of new players for you...
  43. This thread may have been from 5 years ago, but if Prrekoorb is still around, thanks a tonne for the guide. You probably saved me another night or two of busywork.
  44. ah, thank you Woody, I wasn't aware the Ermites were actually Chavez (though I suppose common sense should have told me otherwise since a Chavez mission sent me there)
  45. the only tempest in the game is the one in the JE Starter area IO if your not one submit a GM help ticket with your avatars name i will remove it
  46. check up on the guy in the wreck. but where is the wreck?
  47. Went to get a mission (Identification) from Joinilec Vertize - TAS Support Cruiser Theresa, Neptune. I had just finished the previous mission, The Treaty (no item reward). His talk tree adv I didn't have enough cargo space, I needed 201 empty slots. At the time I had 6 items in the hold. Shatter Quinque, Catapult 3, Blackbox M22, Vortex Ready-Fire 3, Proton Loadmaster and Ultra Improved Mounts. For a PW that still leaves a fair whack of space. This new mission has no item reward. Once I moved the last 5 items to the vault, I could get the mission.
  48. Ive uninstalled and re installed the game, but Im getting an 'unhandled exception report' everytime I run the net 7 launcher. Is it my end or is the server down? Ideas, Help appreciated. Regards Tulkas
  49. I just logged in no problem, your issue may be local or was the effect of dropped packets and lag on the route to the server
  50. Hey, game crashed and now I get an illegal error when I try to log in to net 7? Running the repair software now, just to check if its my end
  51. Thanks for clearing that up for me also. I installed VMWare Virtual Workstation to play with a Linux distro day before yesterday. That seems to have screwed with my IP settings in the Net-7 launcher
  52. That one did the trick for me - I had 3 local IPs. For the life of me, I don't know where they came from! Chose the bottom one, logged in without issues!
  53. This happened after I installed VirtualBox. The launcher selected the IP for the VB not the actual "Local IP". Selecting the proper one remedied this error for me.
  54. Ermites in altair its hidden untill you find it
  55. Is there a way to search that? I know the Chavez Capital Ship, of course, I seem to remember Eris in Ceres/Thule (possibly the sector itself) is Chavez related, but I can't think of any more than that *edited to correct spelling error
  56. Jrichards covered the missions well he is correct about the massive number of mission. most stations have job terminals but there are a few that do not have jobs assigned to them, the terminal have jobs based on your overall level, 50, 75, 105, 135, 150, these jobs are not available at every station for example one station is 150 level jobs two stations have the 135 level jobs several stations have the 75 and some have the level 50 jobs, you can not do any jobs unless your overall level is within 15 levels of teh lowest level job, for example for the level 50 you have to be at least level 35, for the 135 you have to be at least 105, the 150 at least 135, stations with out jobs all beginning sector stations, there are 30 stations that may have a terminal but no jobs assigned to them, you are probably at one of those station, refer to the wiki jobs terminal page for further info.
  57. 1) What versions of Windows operating system are you running? 2) Are you running LaunchNet v2.2.0 version? 3) A screen-shot would help but, From the Local IP selection, on the right, are you selecting the bottom most IP (if more than one is available)? 4) Do you have the .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) installed?
  58. Missions: can require class, faction, and level in order to access. There are a MASSIVE number of them. Feel free to check the wiki. Jobs: https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Job_Terminal
  59. is it normal that i don't find many missions in npc's? and why can't I find any jobs at the job terminal?
  60. Launcher needs to point to EnB/release/client.exe file. What happens after pressing "play" in launcher, is it launchers net7proxy.exe, that one launcher client.exe and you get game EULA popup, which after accepting opens ingame login window. You might need to run ebconfig/e&bconfig.exe (probably using WinXP compat mode and/or 'as administrator', same as launchnet7.exe/client.exe). How far do you get?
  61. 23 views and no responses is there any other info that would help out my situation better, I will try to help with what knowledge of computers I have. Thank you
  62. Thanks for the pictures, totally guessed at the wing placement and got it spot on. Just need to get the profession in place and then figure out how the heck to print this sucker. Plus now I'm wondering if I can find the weapon models.... that might be a bit much though. As to if I'm doing more after this one, I don't know. I'll make them until I get distracted by another project and wander off. One thing at a time.
  63. here is the screen shots of Woodstock's ship.
  64. Absolutely beautiful!!! Wow...well done! Please advise if you do other ships or whenever.
  65. I finally got a chance to plug that into character creator. You could have just said the one with the most possible spikey bits. If anyone sees a midlevel JE flying loops around their 150 just ignore me, I'm trying to figure out how the profession part fits together.
  66. During the missions Fixin the Solar Arrays, Platinum for Power and Osirium for Power the female looking NPC Ugarina Pletu on StarClipper Station in Mercury is referred to as "dirty boy", "stinky boy" and "sir" (possibly more, I'm writing this just after accepting Osirium for Power) I make no judgements on possible LGBTQ+ connotations, maybe this was intentional
  67. JE 150 which is my main hull style 3, wing style 1 body color flat yellow
  68. Got the second one done, this one is going to the new owner in pieces because he's "better at painting". It's accurate but it's still hurtful, hopefully he'll post something once he gets it painted up. Got any screenshots of your favorite ship Woodstock?
  69. I have been trying to get in game Woodstock was trying to help me with my issue i start the game the but it does not launch i have the launcher pointed to the client.exe. Woodstock mentioned that it may be my ip is set to my router and not my actual ip. I tried to go into the hosts.bat file but I do not know how to change it to my actual ip address. Im really not sure what to do or how to explain it anything you need im sure i can get for you.
  70. Server might of left some residual info in one of databases when you deleted the old char and that prevented moving new char into that slot.
  71. space bar turns on follow target, be warned no effect if over 6k away, it just points you at target
  72. 1) LaunchNet7 checkboxes 2) Admin/Compat mode set for the three exe's 3) VPN 4) Windows defender access for those exe's 5) Router/Modem blocking game/dcing game 6) ISP issues. These are all covered in other posts. Good luck 😎.
  73. Welcome back . Hover over the game Tab on the taskbar, when the mini window pops up Right click and select move a 4 pointed arrow will popup on the title bar of the game left click hold and move window to where you want it
  74. You can use the targeting keys to target the next or previous ore/gas. You can also bind a key to engage warp. You can use the follow key (F by default) to change the ship position to the new target then use forward to move to it. Check the control options and rebind as needed.
  75. Thanks. I'm up and running now. I just gotta figure out how to move the window. I cracked the screen on my laptop somehow. >.<
  76. I created a new Game account and managed to transfer the character to that no problem?! I just couldn't transfer to one of my "original" accounts?
  77. I checked, there is nothing pending on that character. I have several accounts and i've tried moving characters on most of the accounts with the same issue (not all mmoving to the same account either)
  78. Check your local IP, it doesn't look anything like it should. I looked you up here on the forums, this is the IP you should put in your local IP box: sent by PM for security
  79. I have reinstalled after being gone quite a while onto my laptop the Launcher seems to be updated version 543 and working. When I launch it I get the Net7 Proxy v2.45 it shows up in the task bar after a while it disappears. I never get a game screen to load I have read that most people have fixed this by pointing the launcher here C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe But mine is already pointed there and still not working and no error codes any ideas. Thank you for any help anyone can give me.
  80. You might log in to the character(s) you're trying to move and see if they have any pending messages flashing at the top of your screen - next to the Emote menu. Clear those out and then try again?
  81. I love this! I want a 3d print of my ship now.
  82. I've logged out on all my accounts and tried to move one of my characters from one account to another. I'm getting an error "Tables not empty: (avatar_messages)" Can you help?
  83. Finally got this project to the point where it’s ready to show off, still got a bit of cleaning up to do and then into painting. All the methods were stolen from the Model Extraction thread from 2020 with a few extra tweaks. I’m planning on throwing the model up on printables.com, is there any issue with including a link back to donating to the emulator or is that drawing undesirable attention?
  84. I did the The Legend of Great Pappy on my TS (device builder), JE (reactor builder), and TT (shield builder). On step 4/6 the step is to approach Da Hind End a' Nowhere to find Kernel Smithson, kill him, and loot The Handy Solar Projects Manual from him. With all three of my toons grouped I approached the nav and Smithson spawned just like many other character specific spawn missions in the EMU. On other missions you kill the target, kill the guards, and then can activate it for the next character. That does NOT happen with this quest. Upon the spawning of the target ALL THREE characters had their mission updated to step 5/6 Tan Kernel Smithson's hide fer takin' Zach's book. I killed the mob and had my TS, whos name was on the mob, loot the book. Great I thought, lets kill the guards and re-spawn him two more times.....but the mission was gone from all three characters. I tried going back to Zachariah Garrett but he would not give the mission again. Upon checking the Mission Log for my TS, JE, and TT is showed the mission as completed on all three. This would be great if Zach Garrett acknowledges it but he does not unless the character has the Handy Solar Projects Manual in their hold. Thus my JE and TT could not get Kernel Smithson to spawn again since he will only spawn when on step 4/6. After a ticket, and Woody's amazing reset, on my JE and TT, to part 4/6 I was ready to try again. However, Woody alerted me that I could only have ONE character, on the mission, in the group otherwise it would require a GM to reset it again. I can do that, I need my TT to heal, so I will drop my JE from the group, do the quest on my TT, then return later with my JE in the group to complete it. Easy as pie. That is not what occurred. Ok, so I took my JE and my TT back out to der Todesengel to complete The Legend of Great Pappy. I had my group buff up at 'Da road to Nowhere' nav (two navs, 79k, away from 'Da hind end a' Nowhere' where Kernel Smithson spawns. I buffed my group with my JE (scutums, blood of the dragon, environmental shield), then dropped her and replaced her with my TS (who previously completed this mission and gone to the next mission in the chain). I then warped to the spawn point. The spawn triggered....but I could not damage it. Upon closer inspection the spawn was for JE.......who had not been within 79k of the nav since my group had entered the sector. However, the guards were for Dena. This was very strange, either the spawn had not registered My JE leaving the group, or the buffs had caused a problem for a three mob spawn to be split between two different characters. So I dropped my TS, grouped my JE back, killed and looted the Handy Solar Projects Manual with my JE....because that's who's name was on Smithson. When I checked my JE but the mission had not updated. it was still on step 4/6 to find and spawn Smithson. When I checked my TT it had auto completed just as the previous time, requiring a GM intervention. So with the manual on my JE but the mission not at the and my TT with the mission completed, but no manual, I submitted another ticket. The Smithson group (3 mobs) are all raid level and can easily kill/wipe out a group. If this is done how is the character able to re-spawn Smithson? The step to spawn him 4/6 updates to 5/6 as soon as he spawns, thus requiring GM intervention. It appears that the only way that this mission can be completed is by only one character having the mission and by the group killing/looting Smithson on the first try. There are several other missions, of the same sort, that do not have these problems. The Dragon's Claw Tzu's Test of Endurance Tang Kai Heng Thanks for reading this encyclopedic entry, all the hard work from the Devs and GM. 😎 /cheers
  85. this is a mission concept and not actually a mission in game, please do not try looking for this mission. at this time you can only deliver the prisoners to the DCO Prison in ABG. and no other places or Npc's.
  86. Hey, is the server down? or is it my end?
  87. Remember that Unattended Macro use IS NOT allowed, if I hear of some one running programs to mine or combat, and If I contact you and each avatar in the groups and no one answers, (1st PM each toon, 2nd on local, 3rd on broadcast) I start kicking avatars of the group offline, and ban for at least one month .
  88. delete or rename EB_Sizzle.bik in C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\mixfiles and it will skip it
  89. it also might have been your anti-virus program, it happened to me before I got a warning just as I clicked on net-7 and again when EnB started, then nothing,, went and looked both directories were gone. to reinstall Pause Antivirus don't forget when finished to un pause and clear EnB to to ignored by anti-virus start when reinstalling EnB first once EnB has been installed, then install the Net-7 launcher , once the net-7 install has completed, go in tot he the directories for both EnB and Net-7 and click on the executable files and select run as administrator and compatibility mode Once that's completed run the Net-7 launcher and let it run through the updates, this may take awhile. when updates are finished the launcher should be V2.2.0
  90. When I open the Net-7 client, I see 80 online, but when I try to log in, I get an error message indicating connection issues (?) Obviously, my Internet connection is OK, as I can write this message...
  91. Sorry been dealing with a loss in the family. I have just checked files and that folder is empty on my system. I'm thinking either the latest Dell or Windows update messed things up. What's the best way of just doing a full re-install of the game?
  92. Not really new, played when the game first came out and also played when the Emulator was created, had no problems logging in before. I did not use my Forum password, actually i have several game accounts I played with no problem before. I receive this message when trying to log into the game " Sorry, You login does not appear to be valid. Try again using the default launcher :)" I have tried everything from locking my IP since I am on a hotspot and troubleshooting compatability and nothing seems to work.
  93. Arabus are you a new player? if so are you trying to use your Forums sign ins to log in to the game? they wont work. You will need to go to the net-7.org and sign in and go tot he accounts tab and create a game account, this will be the game sign ins. if you are a long time player credentials could also mean you security certificate is out of date or non existent. you also can change your game passwords on eh net-7 page under the account tab.
  94. This happens to me as well, "server fails to recognize credentials, tells me my login is not valid, and I have updated my password" how can I fix this, I am not "Tech Savey". I am running Windows 10 Home.
  95. Literally everything you do in game does give some sort of XP. with the exception of killing way below your combat level, or power leveling someone who is way to low in combat compared to a high level player, and also mining level one items on a maxed prospect level player. if you hit every Nav in the game right now, a bout 3 to 4 hours of work you can get up to explore level 25. if you take groups on tour you can get them up to 25 and also increase your explore up at the same time, not recommended to take a low level explore avatar as tour leader, but it probably could be done by an experienced player who knows where all of the hazards are and what they are. IN order to do double exp events the server would have to be restarted both before and after the event to reset the exp counters. which would take a server dev to log in and restart then do the same again when the event is over as we are a world wide game and almost every player and dev are spread out around the world it would take major planning to find dates and times available to restart outside of the regularly scheduled restart on Tuesdays (for me its currently around 4am that this takes place pacific time).
  96. Nope. Such events are for selling increased leveling 'perks' as a way to pull in additional money with zero content. The ENB Emulator does not do this. There is a donation page available to support the cost of the game. There are a very large number of ways to increase xp gains. Ask in the New Player channel and the community will give assistance but here are some basics: 1) Player Made (PM) gear will increase your leveling speed by 50% or more. Usually leveling gear is made for free. Worst case you may need to provide components for the items you want built. If unsure what the best item, per level/class, just ask. 2) Group with others: Touring can quickly gain Explore xp for Explore Level (EL), higher levels mobs grant more xp and they are killed more easily in a group for faster Combat xp for Combat Level (CL), Wormhole's (WH) can make trade runs/missions go much faster for more Trade xp for Trade Level (TL). Just ask. 3) Multi-box. Same as grouping with others.....but its just you. 😁 4) There is the Net-7.org website that contains a large amount of information that can be helpful. This includes class planners, a database, and a wiki (player maintained and has a lot of helpful information. Make sure to login or you will not have access to all that www.Net-7.org has to offer. 5) The community is really quite amazing....if you have questions, need help, or just want to hang out this is the EMU for you.
  97. 1) If there are multiple Local IP always select the one at the bottom. 2) Ensure your windows firewall has the three exec's open (information listed in multiple posts) and that the exe's are set properly (Admin and Compat mode). This is covered in other posts. 3) Ensure your router/modem is not blocking your connection. Easiest way to check router issues is to bypass it and connect modem directly to PC. However, if you have a router within your modem this could still be blocking it. There are a couple posts on the forums about the UDP range the game requires in order to communicate. Good luck 😎
  98. I'm still using a huge card file for recipes...guess I ought to get with it and start a spreadsheet.😁 Spreadsheets are why I left EVE back in their Beta tho...
  99. Thank you for the information, much appreciated! In my defense, I did read the text, but I don't think I've actually had to write down a game fact since the days of manually editing config.sys files to make my sound cards work on my old DOS systems. These days, when a game today says "remember this!" in a mission, I'm used to it saved in the mission log anyway, so I didn't expect to actually have to bring pen and paper into this, lol. It was unexpected, is all. I will have to remember to be on the lookout for more of these little gotchas! πŸ‘
  100. the name doesn't appear in your mission log that is normal you were supposed to read each of the texts the satellite tells you and remember the name, Per the Wiki walkthrough for this mission the name is "Yun Panang".
  101. I got this low level mission from Fujiko Ohiya in Capella. Had to go listen to the broadcast and bring her back a name. So I listened, went back, and she wants the name, and it's not in my mission log. I went back to the transmission area, but can not re-listen. So I'm not sure how to proceed. Anyone know the name you're supposed to give her?
  102. I record a lot of space games for my let's play channel, would that be allowed for this game? I figured I would check first before assuming. Thanks!
  103. This might be firewall issue (net7proxy.exe) or "Local IP" list has multiple entries and wrong one is selected.
  104. Does the Emulator have Double XP events?
  105. I have done that. Still will not run. What I don't understand is totally deleting it all and reinstalling from the downloads, it still reports the same Issues. Was running perfect a couple months ago. There have been no equipment changes. Sparksvonrou
  106. Much appreciated for the help thus far. This is a fresh install, both Net-7 and EnB files (from the links on Net-7). Launchers and game worked fine during my last install from many months ago.
  107. that's the extant of what I can suggest, unless the other Players or Devs have any Ideas.
  108. Sadly, with all three (four with Compat Check) options corrected.. still a no-go beyond the "Server failed.."
  109. the only suggestion I have for your issue Games001 are number one, select the prototype reorder on the net-7 launcher. Number two, Navigate to the net-7/bin directory and ensure that your Launchenet7 Application is set to run as Administrator, and also run the compatibility checker and select the compatibility it gives you. Third, navigate to the ENB game directory ......Earth&Beyond/release, Find the "Client" application, Right click and select run as administrator and run the compatibility configure and select the suggested compatibility. these should fix most of your log in issues,
  110. Wish his default setup worked for me but it just launches all the clients in my main window in windowed mode at full size. Also doesn't skip sizzle video so this takes forever to get into game. Just sticking with my tried and true method.
  111. Same issue, after long time away. "Server Failed to Respond to Logon Attempt" Server Host Line confirmed on Sunrise IP Addy looks correct. Thoughts?
  112. Hi, I am restarting now, but i can also see a lot of mailformed packets arriving the server - which indicates an attack. I see these packets since a few days already.
  113. I also am having trouble getting into the game, when i do i am in for just a few minutes and i am getting Disconnected, looks like either the login server needs restarted or the game server needs it or both need restarted, sytem says 9 peole in game at the moment i am typing this the GM tools show 2 avatars in game
  114. took about 20 minutes and 12 attempts get into game. Login works fine but trying to get into the Waiting for Server doesn't progress or get to Stage 1 Completed. The few times I have gotten in and try to dock/exit station it just hangs. Was working fine yesterday.
  115. I've just gotten started in the game, switching between two characters to try different styles: a combat character and an explorer. Due to some unfortunate personal physical limitations, I like to play one-handed (left) if at all possible, using a Logitech G13 keypad, which I've become quite adept at using over the years. It's super easy to configure without ever needing to change in-game keybindings 99% of the time. With the combat character this is quite easy, as the Follow command lets me move easily from target to target without needing to use my mouse at all. Putting the contextual target selection on the keypad, with a convenient Follow key, makes this a dream. Target, Follow, Attack, repeat, all left-handed. Then target and jump to the station when needed, with only a minimum of mouse needed to select the dock command and then interact with NPCs. But for the explorer I'm not finding this as easy to do, mainly when doing things like mining. What I seem unable to find is a way to auto-move to a non-character target such as an asteroid. Looks like the Follow key only works on non-stationary targets. Is there a method to do this that I am not seeing? If so that would be AMAZING and make my play a bit less uncomfortable, but if not it's not the end of the world. Thanks again for the awesome work, I am loving this game ❀️
  116. @akowCould you share your fix? I have the same problem.
  117. I use a heavily modified version of Wolfie's launch scripts, which names each client window uniquely. Your tip is also useful to people like me, we just have to expand the process to see windows that are a child of the process. Task Manager will list the window name(s).
  118. NOTE: This may not work if multi-boxing off the same exe but I found it works great for my setup. I run multiple E&B client.exe's but when one hangs/crashes, and the active program icon in the taskbar does not show a master server connection problem, how can I identify which client to close? Normally I just see a bunch on main (32 bit) icons and I would just cross my fingers and close them hoping I got lucky. However, I found that I can right click on the 'tab section', of the Task Manager, and add Process name as a tab. In order for this to work, to identify the crashed client.exe, you must name your client something distinct. I just add a number so I know which client is which. By doing this its very easy to identify which character/window has crashed/hung, close that client from the Task Manager, and leave all the other clients running. Yes, I know, this has been around forever.....but I just discovered it. /facepalm 😎 Hope this helps.
  119. I suggest making a minor update to the "How do I get in the game" instructions at https://www.net-7.org/index.php#faq Specifically this step: I've now installed the game over the last three days on three different Windows 10 machines (2x AMD-based Desktops and 1x Intel-based laptop), all running up to date Windows service packs. On each of them I have had to take an additional step here, to change the Configuration tool's exe Compatibility mode to Windows 7. Without doing that, it won't run, even as administrator. I hope this helps future players using Windows 10!
  120. "You have used 1.96 MB of your 1.95 MB attachment limit." When I click on My Attachments there is no option to delete those existing attachments. Even when editing a post there is NO option to remove the attachment. The only way to remove it is to delete the entire post. However those images/items still appear in My Attachments. So how do I remove them? Looks like I will have to post all items on a 3rd party site and link to them. Is this intended functionality?
  121. Or just pick a class you find fun.
  122. yep, his 1.1 is out and rocks: https://www.moddb.com/mods/earth-beyond-emulator-hd-planets-moons/addons/hd-v11 He also posted an updated youtube video which is very cool: https://youtu.be/NFttJPuQF6U UPDATE: ok, it looks like he added a day/night cycle to earth......holly heck is this cool. The asteroid textures look great in most sectors. However, in a sector with a planet they look way too large. Nifleheim Cloud is an example: https://postimg.cc/FdQrZVZf
  123. welcome back! Almost all of the controls can be re-bound. Even back then Westwood knew what they were doing. πŸ˜„
  124. The biggest problem with bypassing the net-7 launcher is updates. While not common they do occur. This would cause problems when connecting to the server without the proper updates. Now if you could run a check, for updates, and generate an exit message when an update is detected then you would have a nice little addition.
  125. Welcome back πŸ˜€ It a pretty niche game and it can be tough to fall in love with. The leveling, lack of players, and setting up the emu are all detriments. Probably the toughest thing is grouping with other players. Most long term players multi-box and/or are in guilds.....so it can be tough for new players to experience the fun parts of the game.....playing with others. Its also tough that you cant really group with others when they are more than 50 OL difference. Sure, that's not that diff from any MMO but when you already have a very small number of players holding on to new ones it critical. What could be done: Login messages/net-7 client update posts for group events, tours, raids, community 'stuff'. Guild recruitment Setup some sort of message board/forum section for new players/existing players to group up and do stuff. "I want to raid the RD base, lets pick a date/time" "I need a tour" "Can anyone help with getting a......." "Looking to group level from 10-50" etc.
  126. UPDATE: Woo-hoo, I figured it out! Heck yeah. Using GLOSC as the insertion layer, it required using the Net7Proxy.exe binary as the executable instead of the client.exe, and pasting in the command arguments as found in launch.bat. The results are a perfectly functional game client with a full steam controller overlay. Huzzah.
  127. Ah sorry, my bad, it came up when I searched for the error I was getting.
  128. I can definitely appreciate that, especially given how many more recent games are also not Steam-friendly. But even much older games than this can get working under the Steam overlay with a bit of command-line fiddling and third-party overlay tools like GLOSC and such. It's kind of a fun little challenge to make them work, even 😁 In this case, mention of Steam is a red herring really. The blocking issue isn't anything to do with Steam, and stems from launching the client.exe directly. Even with Steam turned off entirely, launching the client directly gets same "Master connection FAILED" error. So I'm wondering if there is a way to launch the client.exe while also passing it the server address and handshake info that would normally be done with the LN7 launcher.
  129. guild decals are the ones towards the last 2/3rd of the decals line. btw this particular thread is for teh Test server issues only not the play server .
  130. New here! Well, mostly. I think I had a... what, maybe a JE? during the first run's beta and then got pulled away from MMOs for years so never played it properly. I just discovered this existed yesterday and I'm tickled pink. If only there was also a functional WildStar fan server.
  131. Hey folks, new member of the game here. I'm trying a bunch of different options here to get the game client to work with the Steam Overlay - this is because I use a Steam Controller for almost everything and I want to try and get it working here as well. I have almost got it working now, except for one tricky problem. When I add the game's client to Steam as a non-Steam game, it launches and all seems good, right up until character selection. I select my character, login, and then it hangs on the map. Here's the log: LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:51:Fetching EA.Com ticket. LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:51:EA.Com ticket fetched. LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:51:Got the avatar list packet. LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:58:Avatar 0 selected. Ticket request sent. LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:59:Got the global ticket: 0 HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:40:59:Connecting to master server.... HANDOFF:ERR: 03/29/22 16:41:14:Master connection FAILED. HANDOFF:WRN: 03/29/22 16:41:14:Master connection died! About to reconnect.... HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:41:14:Connecting to master server.... When I launch the game from the LaunchNet7 launcher instead, it makes it into the game without issue: LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:36:Fetching EA.Com ticket. LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:37:EA.Com ticket fetched. LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:37:Got the avatar list packet. LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:44:Avatar 0 selected. Ticket request sent. LOGIN:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:45:Got the global ticket: 0 HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:45:Connecting to master server.... HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:45:Master connection successful.... HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:46:Redirect packet received. HANDOFF:INF: 03/29/22 16:44:46:Client type set to 0 Problem here is that when using the LN7 launcher, I can't get the overlay to work. But when launching the client directly, while the overlay works, the game won't connect. This is the same regardless of whether I do it through Steam or by going directly to the release dir and launching the exe manually. What I'm working here is are there any additional client launch parameters that I should pass to the client exe when accessing it directly? The hook I'm using for Steam lets me add command options, what else is needed for the client to successfully execute the master connection? Thanks~
  132. I just hit this problem today with my second character on day 2 of exploring this lovely game. I have no idea what the "guild or restricted decals" are in this case. I just hit random on the decal part until something looked good, and then boom, error and crash. Kind of a bummer because I really put some effort into everything else and lost it.
  133. Glad to have you! We all remember that strange feeling of logging in to the emulator for the first time. When I joined here all we could do was float around outside earth station and type but it was special nonetheless.
  134. Last night on a recording session me and a buddy were lamenting the loss of this game. On a whim today I googled and discovered that this project existed, and my mind was blown. Downloaded and installed and was very quickly playing again after having not played it at all since the first beta. Wow! Flying around in space going pew pew, it's a darn shame we don't have more good MMOs like this one. Although hoo boy, re-learning these 2000s-era MMO controls is gonna take some work. I'm glad to be able to enjoy this universe again!
  135. you will need to do that outside of the game navigate through file explorer to the net-7 directory and the EnB directory and find the executables, a =right click on the file select properties, run the compatibility checker and also mark the box : run as administrator. the game is up and running I am in game right now
  136. Yes. I use the launcher every time. I will check the paths and insure the run as administrator. (How to do that clicking play from inside launcher??) I will revert as soon as I get a chance to try to play again, probably tomorrow. Thanks Sparksvonrou
  137. ensure that you use the net-7 launcher to run the game, also ensure that the client line is pointed to the correct file should be pointed to the file client under the following path C:\program files x86\EA Games\Earth & Beyond\ Release\ client. if it is correct, then make sure the executables for both the net-7 launcher and the EnB Clients are set to run as Administrator and under compatibility for win xp sp 3. also your forum sign ins wont work as a game sign in (unless you have made a Game account on the www.net-7.org (portal Site) and used the same sign ins.
  138. Need help. Is anyone still monitoring this ?? How do I repair this issue with the Net-7proxy? I even deleted the entire Net-7 folder and reinstalled from the unified installed. Every time I start from the launcher it says that error. Thanks Sparksvonrou
  139. I was doing the Diplomat Tourists/ Prisoner job terminal runs from prasad I noticed the prosoner has a misspleed word in his chat, he say Hansomely which should be Handsomely (with a D)
  140. Well I uninstalled and reinstalled based on the steps listed on the https://www.net-7.org/?#faq site. When running the Earth & Beyond Configuration as admin, I was able to get 130 FPS. So something must have gotten screwed up over time. After a couple more tires, it updated like all of the file when I started the Net7 client. Looks like it is working fine now. Thanks.
  141. its still lagging alot and loads of gating issues. and being kicked to log on
  142. Some one restarted the server and it is much more stable now,, Thanks to who restarted it.
  143. same here - on same toons the game is not playable
  144. Thanks. I checked and the EnBConfig was already running with the Win SP 2 comp on. Still only giving me 6-8 fps? I know back in the day I was able to run this in full window mode as uber frame rates. I know I have updated the graphics drivers at least once, since when they come out, I update them right away. Must be something else that got changed. Maybe I should do a full uninstall and try reinstalling it again?
  145. Since the restart this morning i have not been able to log in to the game, I get stuck on map screen, or when I actually get in game i am disconnected before I can do anything, Either the login server is having fits or the game server needs some readjusting, Recycle the power switch/debugging, Also see a lot of ghost sign-ins. The GMTools show two players in game, but says 10 players in game.
  146. One thing to try might be to change the compatibility to win xp sp 2. this is what most of my computers run
  147. Hello Devs; First off let me thank you for all you do to support this old game. I just tried to run this again and am getting super low frame rates (6-8)? I was able to play this 6 months ago just fine. I have included a bunch of the info to see if I am missing something; or if something really strange has changed to cause this?
  148. Okay, sounds good! Thanks Woody!
  149. Trade goods runs or Job terminal Trade runs? Trade good several station's have lvl 4 and 5 trade goods to take to specific stations for fun and profit, There are several station to station trade goods runs that re and can be profitable. Job terminal jobs 150 are at Prasad, 135 are at F7 and OMP, !05, are at JF, TF, Somm stations, for the Job terminals you must be at least with in 15 O/l level from the Job level, I.e., 105 can start at 90, 135 at 120, the 15o at 135 refer to the Wiki page on Job terminals for more Job terminal information.
  150. Does anyone know if/where there are any high level trade runs?
  151. Fixed. Btw, no need for "ping" or "database down" postings. Down is down...
  152. Database appears to be down as well: Error connecting to database 'Net7'
  153. Server is not responding to ping: PING sunrise.net-7.org ( 56 data bytes --- sunrise.net-7.org ping statistics --- 10 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
  154. meepmeep


    Game is down here in the real world, going thru withdrawls lol
  155. I have downloaded the v1.1 update and the star is back to it's original colour. Thanks for the quick fix!
  156. On Tuesdays the server is down for a bit, Maint is my guess , but its been down longer than normal.
  157. Yeah, something that has been trotting across my mind too. We used to be upwards into the 600's or so I think. But yeah. People have either died or went on to other things. One thing that would be very nice is if we could get the tutorial up and going. But I know that'll take a lot of doing.
  158. I do not visit Valkyrie Twins sector yet... IΒ΄ll fix it in the future
  159. Loving this ! Thank you for putting in the time and effort to do these visual improvements. Edit: Small point of criticism, Valkyrie Twins main star now appears as a giant yellow star but is supposed to be a white/blue giant.
  160. So, lets go to improvements.... https://www.moddb.com/mods/earth-beyond-emulator-hd-planets-moons/addons/hd-v10
  161. I never figured it out, but reinstalling it all fixed it.
  162. I don't know how far we can advertise an emulator without annoying EA.
  163. I was thinking the same. What do you mean about not getting the game in trouble?
  164. Hello, been a looooong time since I've played this game. Was playing last night with no issues. Today I tried to log in again and when I open up Net 7, start the game, and the E&B intro movie starts, if I click or hit escape to skip it, the client just shuts completely down. If I let the video play, it will shut down after it ends. Any ideas? EDIT: I have found an except.txt file which says this: Error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Access address:00000000 was read from. Exception occurred at 0077BC66 I've tried running as admin and running in compatibility mode but neither work.
  165. How can we get new players into the game? I have tried so many times on game site that talk about emulators and see a lot of people saying how much they miss this game. I tell them about this one and even include a link how to get here. When i first started playing the game would hit close to 200 players online. Now we are lucky to see 40 people. What can we do without getting the game in trouble?
  166. Hmm...anyone else experiencing this?
  167. Not sure if this has anything to do with recent changes that may have been introduced to the game but for the last week I have been experiencing consecutive disconnects and can't keep more than one alt logged in at the same time. When hovering over the taskbar icon it reads "Awaiting master handoff". If this is not the appropriate place to report this on please feel free to move (I really think it applies to the live server topic).
  168. I am ready to upload necesery mix files wiht HD textures to moddb.com. Will the server keep more players? Do I have your consent?
  169. JMO but no one should play the game without at least 3 accounts with a TE or PG plus a TT for building and shield boost for fighting and a JE for travel, mining (you can find some cool stuff mining as well as ammo ores) and as a battery for your other toons.
  170. Not sure if this is intended but sunrise.net-7.org is currently offline as of 10:21 PM EST / 3:21 PM GMT
  171. This is now the 3rd time this has happened to me and I figured I should warn people so they do not lose critical items. If you use /craft, then press the Manufacture button, and then move ANYTHING in your hold you will receive 1x item and lose all comps. I did this a while ago with items that were non-manu, submitted a ticket, and after going back and forth on what the logs showed (not much) our great GM was kind enough to return the missing items (per hsi comment there is NO explicit log info saying what is occurring). As an example I was making 24 stacks of Archos Plasma PL ammo. I had the following items in hold to make the ammo: 24x L1 Plasma Cartidge 24x L9 Brimstone Elixir 24x L9 Brimstone Hades PSC-XP 24x L9 Quark Plasma Infused Rails I pressed /craft 24, then pressed the Manufacture button. I then moved an item from my hold to my vault. 1x stack of L9 Archos Plasma ammo was made and all of the other ammo items were gone. Please be aware.
  172. Tnx for the hint ,Warlock. The NIC is sometimes going south...which was (again) the case. Fixed it, restarting.
  173. Server is still down after the patch and not responding to pings... 😞
  174. Figured it out, finished the mission, and updated the wiki page. Doesn't look like the EMU devs have added in Ardus quests to the game......or if they have its behind a faction requirement.
  175. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvwjF5tp0-4
  176. Yes cof corse! I am planing to share it! The game is really good now! I have to do a new mix files, witch will be added to the game and does not affect the added content for future updates. I want to create the modification, which simply adds files to the game. Tell me, if I can, becouse I am worried about the server down. There may be more interest, but I hope it attracts resources in donate system.
  177. Could you share the download links and instructions on how to get this working in the youtube video description if you're willing to share it with the rest of us? This looks absolutely amazing. I suspect you can't do it here since we're not allowed to alter the client etc. in any way.
  178. Hello to all, I redrawn several textures planets and moons and i am planing continue with that. I draw the other planets and moons as I progress through the game. The fruits of my effords are shown on a video posted on YouTube. Go there and search this: Earth & Beyond emulator HD planets and moons. Video shows my first changes; imortant is first 1 and half minute. The game looks much better with that. Origin textures are 512x512 pixels and less, now has 2048 x 2048 pixels.
  179. So I had pretty much quit doing this mission. I figured I would see if I could learn to make the PLASMA AND EXPLOSIVE FLECHETTE AMMO on my PW but he failed the invite token for weapons. There is no separate chain/invite for ammo (how was this chain ever approved for release?)......and there is no redo. A new token is required just to attempt to print another Stage II test.......which is now impossible since you get 1 for finishing Stage 1. The advanced and basic tokens do NOTHING. Good thing I spent the time doing these on my PW, PS, and PP because they are totally useless; they just take up space in my vaults. Basically to do Agrippa you MUST make a PW, PS, and PP JUST to DO AGRIPPA and NOTHING else. I am done with this awful mission chain. I recommend staying away from these missions as they are broken, buggy, unbalanced, exceedingly mind numbing, and just not worth it unless you want to never play EnB again......which is pretty awful design. This mission chain should just be scrapped/removed from the EMU so nobody else feels like deleting their account the way I do You have been warned.
  180. Nevermind, uninstalled the launcher and reintsalled and it works now. πŸ₯³
  181. My net 7 launcher asks for permission to start then nothing. Are the servers up or do I have to reinstall the launcher?
  182. Apologies, as Zackman indicates the disk array experienced a failed disk and the other went into a mode to protect the data. This was unfortunately the pair of disks that hosted our operating system. Unfortunately it means monitoring failed to alert me properly as to degradation of a disk but hey, it's back now. So.. plus side, everything should be ready to go again.
  183. Ok...there was a hard disk failure, so the provider did a hot swap. We restarted all services, shoudl be up and running in a sec...
  184. Hi! We need to wait for Kyp/Admin. Something is wrong i cannot access.
  185. https://www.net-7.org/ is down now as well, Error connecting to database 'Net7'
  186. Yeah server (or at least login) appears offline and can not connect.
  187. Not just me then either. Server showing offline.
  188. Able to ping the server but seeing the same thing on the net-7 launcher: sunrise.net-7.org is offline
  189. Is the server down currently? Didn't see anything about maintenance or such but site says 'Unknown' and net 7 says server not responding.
  190. it looks like it is back up again now
  191. Hi Dodger I think it is down again I m getting a 403 forbidden error
  192. WARNING: If you have not completed the Silver Token: Behind Strong Walls your PP/PS Will NOT be able to access Agrippa Stage III shields. Taking a token to any of the appropriate Progen will not allow access to this mission past level 135. You have been warned. My PP is just getting smacked all over by this mission. πŸ˜‰
  193. Yep, I am still slogging through this mission, on 2 toons, and soon to be a 3rd just to be able to make 2x ammo types for a single PL. However, its gets even more fun: <b>===>>> WARNING: You WILL complete missions, have ALL of the required items taken from your hold and look like the quest succeeded.....except it FAILED. You will be given the same mission again.....and have to do it again. Apparently the mission 'designer' thought this was good game-play to prevent people from clicking TOO QUICKLY through the quests. Go slow and cross your fingers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Submitting a ticket will result in a reply that this is intended and by design. πŸ₯Ί Maybe if you don't want people to play your game or do your quests. πŸ˜‰ However, I will NOT be deterred. NOTE: For any future game designers/people managers. You can give people negative consequences for rash/bad actions but it must be clear and balanced so as to not alienate and cause potentially irreversible repercussions. Its ALWAYS better to reward than to punish. If the player has to repeat a step give them a little bonus to warp, xp, or even a funny item that makes them aware of the negative action but also happy that they got to see this side of the design, "this appears to have been a device of some sort. Apparently the user was not paying attention and left it in their hold, without properly securing it, and radioactive space moths infested it. This can be sold at a vendor for 1 million credits (minus a slight fee for disposing of this refuse and insuring the dangerous moths have been exterminated)."
  194. WARNING: PP ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE AGRIPPA PLASMA AND EXPLOSIVE FLECHETTE AMMO! DO NOT waste your time doing Agrippa Weapons on a PP. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! You will not find this out until you have spent days, and several 10s of millions of credits doing the Agrippa Weapon quest line until a Component NPC tells you to F*Off and you dont get to make 2 of the ammo type. All of the missions can be done......you just do not get these ammo prints. A PW is the ONLY class that can make these. I have updated the wiki but this is what I like to call b*ll F*ng S*it design. Just wasted my last two days doing this god awful mission.
  195. If this doesnt help then make sure the 'Local Cert' is not selected in the debug section of the launcher as that usally gives me an inv-300 error.
  196. When you fire up the launcher, there's a help menu at the top right. There's a option there to install the certificate, that should solve that issue.
  197. Launcher says certificate not valid or not installed. Launcher will not install the certificate. Cannot log in. Using windows 7. Any ideas?
  198. Not just me then? I logged in yesterday and had the same issues Woodstock described. One thing different though was that another player was trying to invite his alt to a group, but instead I was receiving that invite on my JE. On a side note, I'd vote for GM's to hit the restart button if its needed
  199. its 2/5/2022 and u can log in but cant play and other players are having trouble , time 10:21 am
  200. Hello Kyp,Β 
    I'm asking for help getting logged into N7-wiki.Β 
    Can you look into why I can't log-in toΒ 
    The page opens but can't log in

    Below is what happens when I try

    Auto-creation of a local account failed: You have not specified a valid username.

    Enter your password

    I log onto E&B Eumulator - no problem
    I go to main and click on WIKI - the pege opens - no problem.Β 
    it asks me to log in. Β I log in with the same log in info that opens E&B Eumulator. And I get this ..
    Auto-creation of a local account failed: You have not specified a valid username.Β 
    I next do the forgot password. The email was sent to casemanc724@gmail.com <my working email address.
    next screen says ..
    If we were able to find an account for the email address supplied, an email will be sent with further instructions to recover your account. Check your email within the next few minutes, including any junk or spam folders. If you do not receive an email within the next few minutes, please verify the information supplied and try again.

    Password ********
    Enter your password
    I get the email and put in the same password as I use for Β E&B Eumulator, and hit save. It take me to Β E&B Eumulator Forums - no problem ( there is no N7 wiki there. I go back to E&B Eumulator - main and then Wiki and it starts all over again ,
    Auto-creation of a local account failed: You have not specified a valid username.

    I can use some help

    I am



  201. We had a little hiccup ( it was like the server blinked) last night when I was in game, had to /quit to leave game because all my avatars quit responding, I have deleted all of the *.th6 files to get clear of any issues, when I get back in game a bout three minutes I get disconnected. and have to redeleted the *.th6 files to try and get back in, if I don delete them I get as far as signing in selecting avatar and sits for a while before going back to the login screen. I am thinking the server might need a restart to clear the issues, I have one regular play toon logged in and he's ok. I haven't left the station yet. but i am not the only one with this issue.
  202. I was not online at that time, but I did do as you did. it did not effect the issue. same problems
  203. Thursday night we had a hiccup almost a blink. anyone on at that time got booted and had to manually close the game to restart, My GM's could not log back in, until a short time a go when I deleted the *.th6 files from the Mix Files directory in the games subdirectory. the *.th6 files get rewritten when you start the game so they are safe to delete when you have issues.
  204. My main "Raist" seems to be bugged. random mission status popup for completed missions, or mission steps random warping that I cannot drop out of locking up chat working intermittently accounts seems to work for 5 min or less then fails I logged in on a secondary toon and was told there was a server mishap....dont know anything about that
  205. The Captain's Log is in a file in the Output folder Kyp showed. Its named playerXXXXXXXXXXX_log-1.ini (x's are replaced by character id). You can copy that to a new 'install' and your Captain's Log will be there. NOTE: I Highly recommend saving the output folder before uninstalling/deleting your old install.
  206. Never mind. I closed it and started it up again. I had to replace the .dll files, but I'm in.
  207. I've been able to get to the login screen. I typed my username and password for master account and clicked Accept. It's not doing anything now and the buttons are inactive. Is there a way to check the traffic logs?
  208. i can login in fine now. i didn't get on for a few days but now its working.
  209. Login server is having issues. Multiple login fails/stuck at 'Waiting for server" when trying to log a character in. Several players have reported this over an hour period of time. thanks!
  210. one of my characters I can not get on the server. the client just quits after i select. sometimes i will get an error message about connecting to the server but most of the time it just quits. This is only happening with one charcter. i had just gotten to the planet Nostrand Vor.
  211. Hello all, I just downloaded the game and Net 7, but am lost as to what to do now. Do I fill out the EA login info or is that done seperately? If anyone could provide a step by step guide that would be a life saver. Im sorry for the trouble, just trying to get started. Thank you
  212. I have 9 Game accounts linked to my a Forum account(1) with multiple Avatars on each Game account. If I create an additional Forum account(2) can I move any of my existing Avatars, from Forum account(1) to this new Forum account(2)?
  213. command /unstuck works for terminal locks, i have used it many times also works on the jobs terminal
  214. Except for the mobs related to the PRS raids, the only Mob that i have ever spawned in the PRS that wasn't part of any raid was the l66 planet eater that was just last Friday.
  215. Somebody may have spawned one in inside the PRS the other day it may have gotent killed by a 2x JEs (one that was OVERPOWERED), a JD, a TT, and a PP (until the turrets killed him)........it took over and hour and it was not pretty......but it was......a memory. πŸ˜‰
  216. Not sure if this info could be sent to the client but what about if you add a character to your friends list, and that character has the "Show Online" set to On that all of the linked characters, for that character, that have the same "Show Online" set to On, get added to your friends list.
  217. Actually the faction to dock is >= -1500 V'rix faction to dock at station on Primus planet. I did this just a few days ago and couldn't dock until I hit that. I was around -1597, I checked the wiki, killed a few earth-corpse ships, and was able to dock. NOTE: I am still stuck on part 2/5 on my toon Rygel. I completed Something old, something new but that did not advance the mission. I returned to Ester McCabe on net-7, and the Vrix Oracle in Witberg, but I am still stuck on 2/5. Is this intentional and I should I just forfeit the mission, or is there something else I need to do? NOTE: I will try visiting T2Z and see if that advances the mission.
  218. Old threat but I get the "you press analyze anyway and the terminal locks up and you have to re-log (none of the tricks to get out of the terminal work) and you lose the item" bug quite 'often'. I probably say I get it about 1 out of every 50 times I dismantle. NOTE: It NEVER seems to happen with items lower than level 6. Its most common with L7, L8, L9 items but that's probably because I have prints for all the lower level stuff. I NEVER get this when dismantling an item. ONLY when trying to print/analyze an item. So the whole 2000+ builds/rips does not apply to the bug Leanne is referring to. I have no clue how the code is written but it feels like if the client/server packet gets lost/not received the client does not know what to do and the player is stuck. It feels like this system doesn't have a confirmation check to ensure the packets have been received and to resend if packets have been lost. It would be great if there was a /command that generates a log to the server that the player has had this happen. It might help identify what is happening. The client is still active, the client does not lock up, as they can chat in channel. I have also had, but this has only happened once, a time when I sat 'stuck' for 10 minutes and the analyze completed and unstuck me. I do this every time it occurs now, wait 10 minutes, but I have yet to have this occur again.
  219. Many thanks, my tools are working again.
  220. Today when i started to log in on the tools both GMTools and tools launcher/EnB Chat and the Mission Viewer i get a 500 and 503 internal server errors, i can log in to the game so that side appears to be working
  221. There are a few other current posts on this so you may want to check those but here are the three things that tend to be the most common (try them one at a time to see if it grants access). Make sure you are running Net-7 launcher v.2.2.0 Make sure you have the appropriate check boxes checked (screenshot attached) net7proxy.exe and main.exe should be set to Compat Mode (screenshot attached) in Windows Defender (if running Win10) the following files MUST have their Public rule enabled to allow access (screenshot attached) LaunchNet7 main (this is the client.exe) net7proxy.exe
  222. I wanted to thank you for your help Woodstock. I was able to complete the mission very quickly (on my TT Whitemoon) once I realized my mistake. My JE is gated behind the Red Dragon Figurine mission. I've been meaning to tackle that one anyway. Keys cost only 810,000 on my TT \o/
  223. also must be >-1000 Vrix to dock at station on primus planet
  224. Hello to all, I am a returning player although it's been nearly 9 years since I was last playing on the Emulator..... Have heard such good things about it from my brother (Holyman) and trying to find me some time to play this beloved game properly again. Anyhow, I have installed the game, launcher files etc, managed to get my game accounts sorted again and change passwords and as of this morning I can now login to my game accounts and launch the game.. Hooray!!!! HOWEVER - And im damn sure this is something I've missed or need to do. Whenever I undock, the galaxy map comes up and goes no further just has the Loading progress bar in the bottom right, if I end task and then log back in, I find my character outside the station I was undocking from, I try to dock and the same thing happens again with the Galaxy map screen. Also when docked, I have tried to interact with an NPC but get nothing, just swings in to start the dialog box but no dialog box and can't exit the NPC, have to end task again and relaunch. I do see in the systray on windows the Net7Proxy icon saying "Awaiting Master Handoff" so Im assuming that I'm missing something in network settings?, any help would be greatly appreciated
  225. NOTE: DOH, realized original post was from 5 years ago. Yeah, RPIng is tough when people take long breaks from the game. Trying to remember all the game details and then RPing to include that....well it takes a bit of work. I think you might have a shot but you would likely need to break RP for some stuff so you MIGHT need a way to distinguish RP from non-RP chat. You might just go full RP and just use whisper's for non-RP stuff. Good luck!😎
  226. Not sure if you mentioned this but if you are launching multiple net-7's/enb clients are you running the same one or different ones? If different ones you will need to grant access in the windows defender for each one. My bet is you do not have a static IP and your service provider is randomly assigning IPs. Some are able to access the login server and some are not. I use a VPN and, very rarely, run into this issue (and get the same invalid password error) and have to change to a different location. NOTE: If you have a slow connection logging multiple clients in will just not work. The login server requires a response in a pretty fast amount of time and it will just hang on the login part (there are three steps from entering password to loading into the game and you can mouse-over the taskbar icon to see what step its on). It would be interesting to see which step you are consistently getting stuck on. I would also be interested in how much traffic is on your network. If you are running a server, hosting anything, have multiple people using the same connection, have someone stealing your wifi, have a bunch of programs eating bandwidth, etc. A few things to try to pinpoint the networking issue (there are several more but I am not an IT guy so you may want to google a few things to try). 1) Run a ping to the server and see what the response is and if it drops a lot. (Start/run/cmd then enter ping sunrise.net-7.org -t) 2) N a trace route and see how many jumps are being made. ((Start/run/cmd then enter tracert sunrise.net-7.org)) 3) Open task manager, select performance, then wifi or ether-net (whichever you are using) and click Open Resource Monitor. See what is using your network and how much of your bandwidth its taking up. 4) Use https://www.speedtest.net/ to identify just how fast your connection is. 5) If you are running wifi and ether-net from the same router try disabling one of them and see if it allows connection (very unlikely unless someone is stealing your wifi bandwidth).
  227. its something at your end causing it, you might reset your router, and see if you can change settings and or firewall antivirus settings
  228. if you have not played at any time during this version of EnB, You will need to create forum and net-7.org sign ins (the same for both), once signed in to the Net-7.org (Portal Page) if you have played previously you will see any avatars linked to your accounts, if you cant remember your game passwords under the account tab, avatar settings near the middle of the page is the password change area. If you have not played in this version under the account tab is the create game account selection go there and create you account (this is the actual game sign ins). if you have the game and net-7 launcher installed and updated you are ready to go, log in start using t=your old avatars, or create your new avatars ( use the inside arrows to move between avatars on the selection screen, NOTE the Terran Scout (TS), Jenquai Seeker (JS), Progen Privateer (PP) do not have audio tracks like the other six avatars, but you can select them for creation and play also.
  229. ugggh ............. you'll never guess what is happening again!!!!
  230. Hey guys, i played in this communities years ago, wanted to get back into it, for the life of me i cannot forget how to get my log in credentials? When logging into ENB, which username and password do i use? Do i use the same username/password as the one i use here? Thank you
  231. Ah, I did not know there were two missions from T2Z. Giving it another go.
  232. i looked at your Spartan avatar, first i verified that you have not previously completed the missions, (just to be sure) the only one reason i think that yoiu cant get the Mission from T2z is you have not brought him his (HINT) "Morning drink". that is required for you to get the missions, also ester McCabe wont talk to you untill you are at step 2 of T2Z'z mission Warning there are two missions from T2Z both require his "Morning Drink" this "morning Drink" is a vendor item
  233. My avatar's name is "Spartan". Thanks!
  234. there were a few issues in game that required the server dev to restart the server..
  235. What's your avatars name so that I can look in to why you cant get the mission?
  236. For the record I did a call forward and tried with my build devices at lvl 5. Still no luck.
  237. Someone else must have noticed...the server is rebooting at this time o/
  238. Hi folks, I've been able to get logged into the character selection screen but when I select a character I hang on the map. A couple of times I do get in but I get disconnected shortly after. I know one other person is seeing this so I don't believe it's on my end. Can this be checked? Thanks and regards, -Spartan
  239. Server appears to have become unstable. Toons lose target and just float in space.
  240. Yep, I'm OL 150 and max device build. I did the T2Z mission and the oracle mission. My V'rix faction is well in the green.
  241. That was correct. Somehow my local ip got screwed up. got to login screen now.
  242. check the server host line on the net-7 launcher that its pointing to the correct server "Sunrise.net-7.org". i had no issues logging in just now
  243. First time trying to login in several months and I cannot reach the login server. Ive tried disabling my firewall, reset my internet, and reinstalled net7. Same results every time. Get the "Server failed to respond to login attempt" message. Any thoughts?
  244. must be OL 150 to start the mission chain from T2Z. must have build devices at lvl 5 in order to start the submission from Esther Mccabe
  245. I also don't get the option to purchase the artifact from Ester McCabe at Net-7 Sol. Has anyone found a solution to this? I'm guessing it is because I am faction neutral for Net-7 Sol???
  246. Apparently its my cell phone hotspot that's causing the issue. I tried a local walmart wifi today and it logged me in first attempt.
  247. From the NET-7.org FAQ's / Gameplay and issues/how do i get in the game: I get in the game, please follow the instructions below. If you have any issues, please refer to the forums.1. Click on the 'Register' button to the right of the Earth and Beyond Emulator Logo.2. Fill in the details on the registration page and confirm your email address.3. Once you have a Master Account, log in to the Net7 Portal (this site).4. From the accounts menu, click the 'Add Game Account' button, and fill in the details.5. You now have a Game account ! YEY !6. Now navigate to the 'Main' Menu and select 'Downloads'.7. You will only need to download 'Earth & Beyond Client' and 'Net-7 Unified Installer'8. Once downloaded, run the 'Earth & Beyond Client' install first, and wait for it to complete. (Please delete the shortcut from your desktop as you do not need to run this.9. Now install the 'Net-7 Unified Installer'. You will be asked a few questions during the install.10. Next, navigate to your 'Start' menu and locate the Earth and Beyond shortcut Folder.11. Once there, run the 'Earth & Beyond Configuration' shortcut, and select your desired settings. Make sure you run as 'Administrator' (Rightclick the shortcut and select 'Run as Admin') and also hit the 'Performance Test'.12. Now run the 'LaunchNet7' shortcut on your desktop. This is the main launcher for the game.13. On first run, the launcher will update a few times, to make sure you have the latest release.14. Once the updates are complete, press the "Play" button on the launcher.15. The first time you press 'PLAY' you may be presented with a certificate install screen. Just press OK.16. The game will now launch.17. Once at the log in screen, (Say Hi to Megan), enter your 'GAME' account information (Step 4).18. Create your Character and enjoy the game !
  248. Is there any way someone can post step by step instructions to install EnB? I used to play on the Emulator years ago and have been unable to get it working again!
  249. My provider switched the php version, sorry for the issues. I'll try to fix it.
  250. Is Earth and Beyond still being played on the Emulator?
  251. It started yesterday I mentioned it in game some people still had access but that's probably due to caching. do we know who runs that site?