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  1. So I'm trying to do the Christmas Mission and am on the leg where I'm supposed to acquire 2 Turtle Shells L3, which I did at the same place I picked up the 1st round mission of getting L6 ML-X3 EMP missiles. Since the Turtle Shells didn't advance the dialog I went to another source and bought them at Chernoveg Station. Still no joy. WTF?
  2. Dear goodness I wish I'd found this months ago. No idea what happened after running the N7 Emu for years but suddenly ran into this problem and just beat my head against the wall. Woodstock, thank you, this was the exact fix - ran IPCONFIG in a cmd window and compared it to the N7 settings and selected the drop down to get the right value. Curious thing is this PC has been getting a DHCP-assigned IP address for pretty much forever so it's floated across all kinds of addresses and never needed to change the N7 app before. Anywhoo, glad to be able to get back in game - playing ENB is very relaxing for me.
  3. Awesome info, thanks so much!  Guess I'm on my own for the Terminal Sex, though, eh?  :)
  4. Ahhh, OK, got it.  Thanks for the edumuhcation!  :)   Edit: 2 followup questions: 1)  Where do the other chartypes go to get this mission? 2)  Where do we go for this so-called terminal sex?  :)
  5. I'm playing a Jenquai Explorer doing this mission and can't find anyone at Starclipper that wants to trade Intelligence reports (not counting being able to sell the ones I was given for craptastically small amounts of credits).  Not sure how to advance this mission.  I engaged the 1st NPC through the door (Jonac Frotlin) as she was the only one that would give me a mission and did all she assigned me (oy, CL 18 mob at CL 12) but still no joy.  Really want to know how to move forward in the Intelligence Report exchange.
  6. But at least today, when I tried to do this mission, the gene maps I had acquired via hulks didn't progress the mission.  The NPC at the Gene Repository was happy to take them and give me faction but the mission is still suggesting I go to Legarto . . . and get a gene map.
  7. Update: after reinstalling Net-7 Launcher again then rebooting and then making starting Net-7Launcher first thing after reboot settled down it was able to repatch everything and I can get back into game.
  8. Really, no help here yet?  Still having exact same problem as reported by OP on WinXP Pro SP3.  Today I figured I'd try downloading and reinstalling the Net-7 Launcher.  Install went fine but still getting same exact error.  Aragwath - I also have a WinXP laptop that's still working - can you sketch out the steps you did to take your laptop's launcher and get it installed on your other comp?  Thanks very much . 
  9. Exact same problem here running Windows XP.
  10. My JD character "JarodJD" progressed to Lvl 30 and spoke to U'Jeda, then Sevti to get bonus, and then U'Jeda again and accepted Lvl 30 HU mission.  When he left Jove's he had both the overall HU mission and the bonus mission.  Headed to Kali and went to Paren shipyard and received Lvl 30 HU.  No new slots were in appearance after the upgrade, though, so I logged to character selection menu and logged back in - and the expected 3rd weapon slot was there.  Good, I'm thinking, until I pull up the "Missions" tab and I have no missions at all.  Not sure how to proceed or if I need/should open a ticket?  Please advise, thank you.
  11. I didn't even know they used colanders.  Did the Mayans really cook pasta?
  12. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1329780802' post='54111'] A date will come out but bear in mind it's very difficult to work to timelines when all of us do work on the project on an ad-hoc basis. [/quote] Just do what we do where I work - have more Project Managers than actual technical "do-ers" so they can keep meticulously detailed records of all actions, and inactions, without actually dong anything. They take that data and then mark every project as either green, yelllow, or red because management can't read text but, apparently, can respond to color codes. I swear we accomplish less than half of what we used to do but spend 10 times as much time doing it - thank you ITSM!
  13. My character JarodPW is stuck/blackholed in Xipe Totec. I can login other characters on that account but any attempt to login JarodPW just hangs on the screen - the Net7 Proxy widget indicates the status as "waiting for server". FWIW my ISP connection crashed around 3 PM Central (US) while I was playing that char and now I can't use him. Thank you for any assistance that can be provided in making this char playable again.
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