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  1. It's back! Thank you Zackman 🙂
  2. Server appears to be down and not reachable over ping 😞
  3. Thanks for the update Zackman
  4. Server is offline. Is the weekly restart taking longer than usual?
  5. Server is playing up and not responding for one of my toons in ABG. Maybe a fresh restart is needed?
  6. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1334600320' post='56831'] ... Not sure if the SF2K is in game as of yet. [/quote] Not yet. I believe it's either Bogeril or Ardus sector related content but none in game for now.
  7. Your profile shows the little guy walking... Check it out
  8. [quote name='Zinlu' timestamp='1264352155' post='4902'] Shy and I live in Macon, Georgia. My mom, Quantri, is just up the road in Juliette. We're about an hour and a half south of Atlanta, GA. [/quote] Very nice place. Love the ice tea Now in the East Midlands, UK
  9. PWs are still the best solo race/class. Ignore what everybody else says - they're just jealous
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