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  1. My main toon "warlock" not loading. A support ticket request #26376 has been created.
  2. https://github.com/oneapi-src/oneTBB
  3. Well I have reconnected with Facebook just so that I could follow current developments with bringing back the game to life 🙂 Also, girlfriend is much happier now that I spend more time with her 🙂 and also I have caught up with many shows on TV.
  4. Don't think an anti-virus would work. in case you haven't already seen this post on Facebook here goes a link to our page: EARTH & BEYOND Emulator | Facebook.
  5. Systems are being deployed to another hosting provider so the game is down. Follow this channel for updates.
  6. Looks like Zackman is away ? Hopefully Kyp will login sometime this evening ?
  7. Game appears to have become quite unstable with frequent gate and station crashes, alts logged back in and appearing in different systems. Do we need a server restart?
  8. Game is down since last weekly restart. Database also appears to be down: Error connecting to database 'Net7'
  9. I support this initiative. Count me in ?
  10. Confirmed. Client hangs at the character screen and doesn't get any further. Client icon in the taskbar says "Waiting for server".
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