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  1. Okay so I have this in my TE's cargo but I don't know when/where I got it or what it's for. Might have been a mission I took and then dropped? Anyway problem is you can't store, can't delete and since I've no clue what it's for or from I don't know what to do about the thing, I'd prefer to not have it taking up a cargo slot forever. Anyone know what this is for or how I can get rid of it if it's not required for something important? edit: Okay after figuring out what this item is and what mission it came from I now just want to know how I can delete b/c the mission it is attached to is very dumb. Apparently the intended use of this item is to trade with other players only who have a similar item specific to their race like the one you have. But basically you need other real players doing the same thing you're doing in some part of the galaxy no one even goes to. Chances of this happening w/o specifically asking someone to come do it are zero and I have no idea why this is a mission. I also have no idea why you would make the item tied to this mission no delete and it doesn't poof on its own when you forfeit the mission. So can someone tell me what steps I need to take to get rid of this item? **GM Assisted me - Solved**
  2. Just looking for some suggestions on L8 beams for a JD? Looks like Jaguars are the next tier of 4 second beams after lions but I think there are some decent dropped beams for L8 I just don't happen to know what they are.
  3. Sorry don't recall name of the mission and servers restarting atm but it's the one where you have to go to Arduinne planet and talk to the lady at the Research Essence Lab and she asks you to get her 3 parts. Okay well that's all the mission says, bring her 3 parts, which 3 parts is that and where might I find them?
  4. So haven't played this in two years now but was feeling nostalgic again and was going to pop my head in for a minute. Trouble is seems only one of the accounts I had established before are working now. I can still log in with them on Net-7 and I can see all my avatars listed and what not but in the game itself it will only accept a login for one of those accounts and I'm not sure why. Was there some change or something in my time away that would cause this?
  5. Well it seems the problem was that windows 10 wasy "lying" to me.  In display settings where it lets you alter the size of things displayed even though it said mine was at default 100% setting it actually was not.  So I had to set it to something higher, apply then change it back to 100% and apply and now I can instantly tell things are viewing properly.  Launched the game and it is sized correctly now as well.  So was just a simple thing with Windows10 being stupid. :)
  6. So I just upgraded to windows 10 and it seems to have thrown off the resolutions for this game some how.  The windows no longer fit properly on my monitor.  If I set it to my native of 1920X1080 it completely runs off the bottom and right side of the screen, can't see the accept buttons on the game.  Even when I drop it down a few setting this is still an issue, had to lower the resolution all the way down to like 1400 something just to get it on the screen but even at that size the window is still bigger than it should be.     Is there some special setting in windows 10 I need to adjust to fix this, it wasn't an issue previously.
  7. So a few days ago just for the heck of it I tried logging in 6 clients at once where previously I was only using two.  It worked fine for a few days but for the last two days now it seems that I have trouble getting past three.  After some time I can usually get 4 clients up and going but after that I just continuously get the "Earth and beyond is already running" message.  I was just curious if there was a recent change to limit the number of clients connected or if there's just server issues in general causing this?  I was getting kind of used to having 6 characters logged in just for kicks. :)
  8. So I'm trying to get a Puk's Wing engine but not even exactly sure what drops it.  EnB Arnsenal says the Research Vessels in Grissom i believe but I saw a post on here from a couple years back saying they changed it to some RD named Trong.   So I'm curious are either of those things correct?  Also the thread mentioned Trong spawns out near a little rock in Grissom, I found that spot but I never see any RD anywhere near it so has the spawn changed?  Would really like a chance to loot this engine but kind of hard when I have no idea where to even look.
  9. So I'm having some issues with the game freezing during the loading screens of transitions, so loading to stations or planets, etc.  Doesn't happen every time but it happens often enough that it's highly annoying and I often just get fed up and stop playing heh.  just curious if there are any tweaks or anything I can do to alleviate this a little?   Running Win7 64bit have it running as admin in compatability mode for Winxp sp3
  10. So I been away from the EMU for a good while now but just got the urge to log in and poke around a bit again.  Problem is I can't seem to recall my password.  I was pretty sure what it was as I use a segmented password and I just update different segments so I can always remember what it is.  Apparently I can't quite find the right grouping of my password I set up for this game and I don't see an option to update it, is that possible?  If not is there some option to retrieve a password as it might take me quite a long while to try and remember this other wise? :)
  11. Don't know what it is but seems like the server always crashes right when I start my off days. I just got off work, was online for like 10 minutes and the server crashed, dame thing happened last week. Just when I'm free to play to my content, server's not available. ;(
  12. Can't seem to find this thread I used before... The one that lists the stations and what level jobs each station offers. I thought it was a sticky but maybe not, either way if anyone could point me to where that thread is I'd appreciate it. Don't recall the title of it, tried some general searches but came up with nothing. Thanks in advance!
  13. Just a heads up, server went down, 8:09pm EST.
  14. [quote name='gretl' timestamp='1302550011' post='38829'] What about using the good old speech-filter like in live? and why do you need a screenshot to verify? thought you guys can read the files? Besides this i DO appreciate a polite and kind conversation too, but don't need "political correctness" [/quote] Speech filter is kind of a joke, I mean I don't have a problem with vulgar language but for those that do, it blocks the word but it does not filter you being able to discern what is generally meant just based on the sentence and the conversation. Like if I were to say..."**** you, you can suck my ****" it doesn't take a genius to fill in those blanks even though I "filtered" the words. So yeah, be respectful of others and just watch what you say, not that hard and if it is, you have issues.
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