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  1. Zackman we all appreciate all the hard work u guys have done and is doing. But look at it from our side of it all: How many people have left due to no content? Also i know a lot of "old timers" that has stopped donating due to no content. End game has gotten really boring due to doing it over and over a "million Times"(figure of speech). There will always be bad mouthing in games/forums. Been on the receiving end of a lot myself. People do love this game, So keep it up and running and get some content going and people will return. Yes we know u do it for free, But in a way we pay for it via Donations. Don't take shit on forums to your self, People do need a place to "vent" iff u know what i mean. Iff it get's to bad, just delete posts and give out warnings. Don't take everyone under that same roof pls. Anyways Happy new year to those Dev's who is still around. Zap out
  2. aye server down. was gating and then poof
  3. So what u saying is that it is not your account? As it was the deceased guys account, right? Meaning account sharing is an issue. And u can't claim an account that is technically not yours, even when given to u by the deceased. Bit of a grey area this. Not agreeing with the move of the character from the account in question to vonbon. But seems to me that that account/accounts should be closed down as a mark of respect for the deceased. Now that is how i see it.
  4. Thuvia was an amazing person. always helpfull. He will be missed. Fly free brother, fly free. R.I.P https://www.csofcharlotte.com/notices/Paul-Lambert/tributewall
  5. Seeing it is mostly down to microsoft on what they support these days. U can't argue with any of the Dev;s or gm's about it. Iff u don't like it send microsoft a letter and ask them to support stuff again.. People will come back with time. some people are just bored atm. Keep up the good work Zackman and rest of the crew. Oooh and have a nice Christmas.
  6. Welcome back. Summer time is a bit slow ingame. But hopefully when summer time is over people will return :)
  7. EPIC was asked repeatidly for a spot they always said no. WRONG. They wanted to join rotation. But some of the 3 "big" didn't want that.
  8. I think u need to take a chill pill mr advocate. No i don't want to have rotation spot. Cause we are doing it public way. Getting a spot in rotation was newer easy. Ask Epic about that one. Get RID of rotation as a whole and do it as a server wide thing instead. Get off your high horse and relax, jesus. Seems u are having a meltdown. And it all DI's fault blah blah blah. iff u can't handle it step down?
  9. dissent to a dev / member of enb staff U are shooting your self in the foot here. As u said u was not on a dev/enb staff toon at the time. So in the end u where not A DEV as u said then threatening with with that. Common, u are making no sence. Are u OR ARE U NOT a dev on that toon. Cause how i see it U ARE just cause of the way u said that. And then u go: Leaves me wondering if it's worth the time and effort creating new Christmas content, right now I can't be bothered............ common now what the hell is the about. as per Blacklung: 6.You may not argue with or neglect to follow instructions of Net-7staff. The player names of Net-7 staff begin with the word DEV,ADMIN or GM, and may be identified in that fashion. Also u did not say u where a dev til the end. But that does not matter. As far as i know u can not be apart of a guild that is NOT a gm/dev guild at all. So u beeing in Static gives an advantage to Static as a whole. cause u can use your dev powers to see when stuff spawns. Not saying u do, but people might think it is. Now do u see the problem of having a toon in a none dev/gm guild? daffyduck: ahh...so u OWN this place To Daffyduck: go careful... I would see that as a threat iff someone said that to me. That is why he said what he said after.
  10. Well iff this has happened and Dev/gm did use gm power to find out when it spawns and logs on to a toon that is in a none dev/gm guild then yeah that is wrong. But Let dev/gm's sort it between them. We have now raised our conserns about this. Let's leave it with them to sort.
  11. Slayerman sounds very familiar. Wouldn't be the guy i made Mrbrown with would it?
  12. Also as i seen as of late the so called 3 big are not as big as they used to be. Time to call in public to aid u in your epic adventures iff u can't do it. Then we will not see Triggers wasted at all. We got new people coming in and see this kinda waste, and it is not good for the population growth. And those in the 3 big don't even try to slag this off. Time to rethink the whole rotation iff nothing is done with the wasting of Triggers. New people can use the gear u know.
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