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  1. duvel

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    server seems to need a REBOOT for various issues like powerbar , some buffs not showing and also reloadtimeclock of beams not showing during fight
  2. duvel

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    crashed i guess
  3. Try reading the responses on this post : https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/7170-net-7-launching-error/#entry82151
  4. well i do not know where you get redireded to that dropbow-site but net-7.org site works fine on my end   latest version of Net-7 Unified Installer= " Net-7_Install.exe" (99,3MB) from net-7.org download section
  5. duvel

    Space suits

    the class leaders in new player help are not all the same from back in ST3   JE | Fujiko Ohiya | Sha'ha'dem Explorers | Capella | Paren | Lounge JD | Shou Shen | Shinwa Warriors | Sirius | Prasad | Main Lobby JS | Master Sevti | Sharim Traders | Jupiter | Joves | Main Lobby PW | Markus Kahn | Centuriata Warriors | Vega | Arx Tiberius | Main Lobby PE | Vinda | Sabine Explorers | Endriago Pl | Pourvenir Mons | Main Lobby PP | Zieg | Collegia Traders | Mars | Arx Magister | Main Lobby TT | Lady deWinter | InfinitiCorp Traders | New Edinburgh | Somerlad | Main Lobby     TE | Stephanie Baird | EartCorps Warriors | ABA | ECS Dauntless | Main Lobby TS | Admiral Herrera | Hyperia Explorers | Planet Zweihander | Jagerstadt City | Main Lobby   EarthCorps - Jegerstadt Station - Herrea Hyperia - Margesi Station - Navarre
  6. duvel

    Nothing happens upon launch

    well just tested it again on windows 7 Ultimate and running net-7 launcher with compatibility mode as administrator   is no longer needed :)     the net-7 launcher asks about changes now  on windows 7 Ultimate or is it windows that asks permission ( dont know exact)
  7. duvel

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    saturdays at that time its paching time     server was down for only 20 minutes   you can also use enbnotifier.exe to see it in the taskbar
  8. duvel

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    crashed i guess :(
  9. duvel

    Patch Day Change Discussion

    Well i do not mind the patch on a saturday around noon anyway  (then i can eat something)
  10. duvel

    Digging Deeper Mission

    in inverness there spawns 1 around 262, 94 ,0   finished it with this spawn point today
  11. duvel

    Guild Leader

    maybe this helps   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8895-to-all-players-we-need-to-know-your-guild-founder/page-11#entry81209
  12. duvel

    Digging Deeper Mission

    check again in New Edinburgh between Obsolete Nav 1 & 2 Dai Lo Veteran Red Dragon (23)
  13. Admiral Jimmy (Venera Highport, Venus, Sol System) -Secure Neptune Gate  combat Adult Rock spore (Aragoth Prime, Aragoth System) -Defend the Spores [Repeatable]  Combat Alexander von Humboldt (Margesi Station, Margesi, Proxima Centauri) -The Curious Coin  Traveling and combat Andronicus Tyr (Arx Spartoi, Endriago,Tarsis System) -Republic Ore Supply [Repeatable]  Mining Anusha Dayakara(OMP, Carpenter, Beta Hydri System) -Strange Rumors  Traveling Arinyl Nairda  (Trader's Fort, Ragnarok, Aragoth System) -Reclaimers  combat Arno Suiliman (F7, Glenn, Beta Hydri System) -Dzurai Trophies  combat -Tourist Rescue  combat -Scanning the Sites  Traveling Banacia Floot (TAS Support Cruiser Theresa, Neptune,Sol System) -Scout Neptune  Traveling Bao-Zhai Guo (Charon Cloister, Pluto and Charon, Sol System) -The Sparks  traveling and combat Bargatate Stet (Venera Highport, Venus, Sol System) -Patrol Mercury  Traveling Belulah Lee (F7, Glenn, Beta Hydri System) -Cooper Creatures (on hold)  Combat Captain Gerard Braun (EarthCorps High Command, Zweihander, Alpha Centauri System) -Kill Bogeril Greenhorns.  combat -Thinning the Herd  combat -Scuttlebug Taming  combat -Retrieve the Kidnapped Reporter  depends (combat or traveling) -Find the Bogeril Base  combat -Taking out the Kernel  combat Claude van Gogh (Margesi Station, Margesi, Proxima Centauri System) -An Unexpected Delivery  Traveling Curator Whitley (Mercury Station, Glorys Orbit, Beta Hydri) -Honor the Memories  Traveling Daniel Malhause(Tokai Saikutsu, Dahin Mining Interest, Capella System) -Scout for Malhause  Traveling -Spy for the Mordana  Traveling Deshide Poarta (Arx Emporos, Altair III, Altair System) -Beating Back the Pirates [Repeatable]  Traveling and combat -First Rule of Aquisition [Repeatable]  Trade and traveling -Delivery Boy  Trade and traveling -The Missing Shipment  Traveling and combat -A Deal With the Devil  Trade and traveling -Bait and Switch  Taveling and combat Drusus Cauponius (Arx Magister, Mars, Sol System) -Merus Milia Cleanup [Repeatable]  combat Du'Shao Silva (Yasuragi City, Yasuragi Area (SE planet), Sirius System -Beam Lens Research  Traveling and combat -Combat Drills (no forfeit button)  combat entering ishuan (prerequired missions) -Protect the Sundari Manufacturing Facility!  combat Feng Yonghong (Trader's Fort, Ragnarok, Aragoth System) -Exploring Nifleheim Cloud's Einherjar Research Platform  Traveling and combat Frank Siebeta (StarClipper Station, Mercury, Sol System) -Conducting Covert Operations  traveling -Reclaiming Helios Major [Repeatabe]  combat Frendlo Mecnavi (StarClipper Station, Mercury, Sol System) -Sun Diver Studies  combat -Sun Miner Studies [Repeatabe]  combat Fujiko Ohiya (Paren Station,Kailaasa,Capella) -Transmission Intercept  traveling Gatekeeper Memnon (Praetorium Mons, Praetorium Mons Area, Vega System) -Memnon's Investigation  Traveling Gildro Booz (TAS Support Cruiser Theresa, Neptune,Sol System) -Deliver the Communications (3 open cargoslots)  traveling Imperator Agrippa ( Arx Emporos,Altair III, Altair System) gives 4 choices -Pick Your Poison [Repeatable] (4 different pieces)  Combat Jacob Hester (Ishuan Station, Ishuan, Castor System) -Scouting for Resources  Traveling -Renew Trade Contracts  Traveling Javier Domingue -The Terran Alliance Wants You!! Joinilec Vertize (TAS Support Cruiser Theresa, Neptune,Sol System) -Beating Back the Chavez  Combat -There are Spies Everywhere  combat -Clear Out Neptune  combat Jonac Frotlin (StarClipper Station, Mercury, Sol System) -Trash Cleanup  Combat -Clarke Docks  Mining -Deploy trash into the planet  Traveling Josher(OMP, Carpenter,Beta Hydri System) -Retrieve Jospher's Money  Traveling Jurago Ardregen (StarClipper Station, Mercury, Sol System) -Solar Arrays Need Fixin  mining -Parts Assembly For Solar Arrays  traveling Kaitya Neely (Charon Cloister, Pluto and Charon, Sol System) -A Useful Colleague (REPEATABLE)  Traveling and combat Ketsugo Observation Outpost 0.55, -97.77, 0.00(Yokan,Capella System) -Kill Gorge Larvae (blinking message)  combat -Kill Red Spindles (blinking message) at CL7?  combat -Kill Shusen (blinking message) at CL9  combat -Kill Zenshai (blinking message) at CL12  combat -Gather Zenshai Fragments (blinking message)(REPEATABLE on timer)  combat LaMotte (Inverness Down, Inverness, Tau Ceti System) -Master Device Builder for the Terran Alliance Fleet [Moto Version 3.0.-]  Traveling -Resource Supply to the Terran Alliance Fleet [Moto Version 3.0.-]  Mining Laurel Provum (Arx Spartoi, Endriago,Tarsis System) -Chili con Carni [Repeatable]  Combat Liam O'Faolain (Fenris Prime Observatory, Fenris, Aragoth System) -Mining For a Cause  Mining Livilla Catano (Porvenir Mons,Porvenir Mons Area(Endriago Planet), Gallina) -Gather Resources [Repeatable]  Mining Magister Constantius (Porvenir Mons,Porvenir Mons Area(Endriago Planet), Gallina) -Scanning the Gates  Traveling Maricio Idane(Kinshasa-Mbali, Aganju, 61 Cygni) -Gather Data from Xai Xai  Traveling -Gather proof of Outlings existence  combat Masaaki Rosanjin (Joves Fury, Jupiter, Sol System) -Masaaki's Vengeance  traveling and combat Master Jhola (Yasuragi City,Yasuragi Area, Sirius System) -Jhola's Wisdom  Traveling Master Sevti (Jove's Fury, Jupiter, Sol System) -Jenquai Pilgrimage  Traveling Meredith Lot (Aragoth Station, Valkyrie Twins, Aragoth System) -Traitor  traveling Merjan Kathrada (Paren Station, Kailaasa) -Developing Mivrei Drones  Mining -Help Construct Antares 1 (on hold)  trade and combat Monty DuChampe (F7, Glenn, Beta Hydri System) -Scuttle Bugs  Combat -Scuttle Bug Elimination  combat Nav Temple Interface (Arduinne planet) -Speak to the Warder (on hold)  ?? Net-7 SOL! Beacon (blinking message) -A Choice To Be Made [All Races v2.0]  traveling Nishido Weapons Factory (Ishuan, Castor System) -Help the Informant  Traveling -Finishing the Job  Traveling and combat Ome Dziga (Paren Station, Kailaasa, Capella System) -Search for the Ancients  Traveling Portia LaPointe(F7, Glenn, Beta Hydri System) -Slowing the Chavez  combat Praefect Hadrin Gurk (Praetorium Mons, Praetorium Mons Area (Planet Primus), Vega System) -Renegades [Repeatable]  Combat -Material Handling [Repeatable]  Mining Professor E. Hubble (Nifleheim Cloud, Aragoth System) -Star Gazing  Combat -The Nutty Professor (on hold)  Combat Reclaimer Nayol Wat (Arx Magister,Mars, Sol System) -Ammo Cart [Repeatable]  Traveling and trade Reclaimer Ort (Arx Spartoi, Endriago, Gallina System) -Indigestion [Repeatable]  Traveling and Trade Sabine Reclaimer CL38 (near Dolor's Bluff in ragnarok) -Chavez Sellout  combat Sai'li Raushna (Prasad station, Xipe Totec, Sirius System) -Radiation Testing  Traveling -The Rescue  Traveling and combat Science Officer Sharik (Mercury Station, Glory's Orbit, Beta Hydri System) -Gathering Magnetic Wave Data  Traveling -Finding Crystal Life  combat Security Officer Larissa (Fenris Prime Observatory, Fenris, Aragoth System) -Transport prisoners to Onorom (REPEATABLE)  Traveling Shang Li Chun (Queen Anne's Ravange, Blackbeard's Wake, Smugglers Run) -Indane in the Mainframe (on hold)  Combat ? Shou Shen (Prasad Station, Xipe Totec, Sirius System) -Patrolling the Line  Traveling and combat Shou Tzu (OMP,carpenter,Beta Hydri System) -Tzu's Test of Allegiance  traveling and combat -Tzu's Test of Acquisition  traveling and combat -Tzu's Test of Perception  with JE traveling only -Tzu's Test Of Endurance (on hold)  combat Signifier Horatius (DCO,ABG,Sol System) -Horrible Horatius (on hold)  Combat Srefin Milken (StarClipper Station, Mercury, Sol System) -Phoenix Crux for Power  combat -Testing the Phoenix Bomb  Traveling Sturmer (Trader's Fort, Ragnarok, Aragoth System) -Sturmer's Wacky Games: Round 1  Traveling -Strurmer's Wacky Games: Round 2  Traveling Tarnish McHollis (Trader's Fort, Ragnarok, Aragoth System) -Free Spacer Studies  combat Terance Simbose (Charon Cloister, Pluto and Charon, Sol System) -Strange Things  Mining Theodoric Cassel (Arx Tiberius, Taris, Vega System) -Theodoric Cassel Station Vocal Dialog  Traveling -Picking up the Slack [Repeatable]  Trade and traveling Ugarina Pletu (StarClipper Station, Mercury, Sol System) -Fixin the Solar Arrays  Traveling -Platinum for Power (Have not tested again after BUGfix)  Mining -Osirium for power (on hold because of bugreport)  Mining Vimal Segenam (Androzari, Menorb, Castor System) -Prison Transfer  Traveling Warden Orphant(DCO, ABG, Sol System) -Prison Bus [Repeatabe]  (from 4 different stations) steps depend on location  Traveling -The Fugitive [Repeatable]  combat and traveling Wenton Ness (F7, Glenn Beta Hydri) -Roland Holmes and His Henchmen  Combat Zachariah Garrett (Tokai Saikutsu, Dahin Mining Interest, Capella System) -Make Me Some Duct Tape!  Mining, Building, Refining Ze'ev Azifi (Joves Fury, Jupiter, Sol System) -Learning About Coordinates  Traveling Zieg (Arx Magister, Mars, Sol System) -Close to home  combat -Repossession  Traveling and combat -Arms for Arms  Traveling and combat -The Source?  Traveling and combat