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  1. have some good news. my good friend Drew (Brother Saturn) will be donating 40 songs to this soundtrack to bring total song count to 200..just awaiting the tracks then i will update the patch and update my post.. his music is perfect for EnB..great space music for sure
  2. you are very welcome. happy you will enjoy these tracks in the game..i am hoping the game is up forever..was my first mmorpg and it got me hooked in the genre for years.. you guys have done an amazing job on getting this game to where it is today. so happy i can come back to it anytime..cheers..
  3. hello everyone..my name is Saoninal in game. i am one of the members of a band called Head Joint. been working on this for a while now but it is finally all done. it took us many years to have this many tracks for the game from where we did the first 20 tracks back when this server went up. there are many tracks added to the library of 20 songs. this patch is tested and working.. all tracks are space ambient with the odd experimental ambient thrown in there. it is easy to install this patch. just download from provided drop box link then extract it where ever. now go in that folder and copy the data folder. next paste that in your game's main directory and merge folders and also overwrite the music.ini file when the box pops up. now if that box does not pop up then you pasted it into wrong directory. just a reminder you will have to reinstall this patch after every game update as the original music.ini gets put back in. that is it. let me know if you need any help with anything. you will now be able to hear all tracks randomly when enjoying your time out traveling the stars. Earth And Beyond Music Patch 2017
  4. thanks so much Falstar.. i am Saoninal. i have about another 100 ambient tracks i could add to the game if that is what people want.. i can also create many more...
  5. does anyone still have this? as the link posted at the top of this page no longer work.. i would like to add to game but no longer have this saved..thanks..
  6. while we wait to get the main zip file updated you can check out the new songs on our acidplanet page. just check the ones labeled Ambient. those are most of the new songs [url="http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=207699&T=8656"]http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=207699&T=8656[/url]
  7. just waiting for ghent to come onto msn so he can help change the INI cause i cant remember what to do for it...as of now i have 48 new songs completed. not including the 20 tracks that are in the current zip fie here on this site.
  8. have all 20 songs done, for a total of 40 songs. only thing is i have to edit the music.ini to add the songs then i will get an updated zip ready. not sure when ill get to it though is Ghent still around?
  9. there we go. figured out my password for this account.
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