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  1. I just double checked, but I can use the download link without issues. It points to this : http://www.rmkrs.nl/download/Net7MultiClientUnlocker.zip I was able to download it using that link. Let me know how you fare.
  2. No problem! Sorry it took a bit to come back to you with the right location.
  3. You can find it here : C:\Users\<<YourWindowsUserName>>\AppData\Roaming\Net7Unlocker Where <<YourWindowsUserName>> has to be filled in with yours of course. I thought it was under ProgramData but it was AppData instead.
  4. I will have a look when I get to a pc to give you the exact location but that will take at least 6 hours.
  5. I'm not at the pc right now and it's been a while, but the settings are stored in a file on your local drive. I think by default it is under C:\ProgramData But that folder is hidden by default in windows if I recall correctly. If you can find the settings file there you can either try to fix the file you chose by editing it. Or remove the settings file completely, but then you have to do all settings again of course. Hope this helps.
  6. Yeah sorry I can see that might have been confusing.
  7. I did not implement auto login. The reason for entering the account name is because I update the Window Title with it. This makes it easier to see which account should be used on which window, in case one of the clients crashes
  8. No worries, glad you like it. Ah that is a bummer. I'll try to find some time soon[ish], but kinda swamped atm, so not making any promises.
  9. Back when this tool was first created there was a need. If the proxy does this now, good, then this features can be ticked off in my tool. All features are optional and can be enabled or disabled. I used it mainly for positioning clients and knowing what account is logged in where, especially if one client crashes.
  10. Hey ArmageddonKnight, Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it! I did my best to make it as fast as possible actually. Spent some time on doing just that. The main time consumer is the removing of the multi client lock, which was the method used by EA to prevent multiple instances to be loaded. To do this I need to spawn a process in the background that removes a mutex lock, this is taking some time. Also the "auto-interrupt-sizzle" option actually has to wait until the video is playing and this detection is also a bit slower than a normal human could check/do. So all in all, there might be some performance improvement possible, but I don't see this happening any time soon. Especially since I'm not actively playing atm and working on other stuff. The multi resolution one is actually something I thought off and wanted to make for myself as well, but it's on the backburner due to more pressing stuff I have to take care off. If I get some more spare time I will definately take your comments into account. Hurons.
  11. You can try holding shift while you right click on the client in the taskbar, that usually gives you the option to "move" which allows you to drag the client around. If all else fails you can also try the tool that is attached to this thread in the first post, it allows you to make a layout and has textboxes/buttons for easy positioning.
  12. Made a new version of the unlock tool, see attached screenshot. It now has support for multiple layouts and options to turn on/off certain functions. - Minus and Plus button in front of the Layout dropdown, you can use to remove the current selected layout or add a new one. - Add Client button, will add a new row to the grid below, which resembles a game client. - Minus button in front of the row, use it to remove a client from the layout. - Game Client dropdown, per row, use this to manually assign a game client to this row (auto sets the location and the accountname). If you have Auto Assign Clients on, you don't need to do this manually. - Left, Top and nudge buttons, use these to set the client to the location you want. - AccountName, if you fill this in and a game client is started and attached to this row, the title of the game client will be updated with the account name, to easily see what account should be (or is) logged in in this client. - Remove Multi Client, removes the original multibox limit (already running). If you have the fixed client.exe or you know the last proxy update fixed this already, you can turn this off. - Auto Assign Clients, monitors launches of game clients and if you defined a layout with one or more clients, automatically assigns the client to a row in the layout (sets the location and the accountname in the title) - Auto Accept TOS, clicks the I Agree button on any game client that is being started. - Auto Interrupt Sizzle, interrupts the Earth & Beyond sizzle intro movie on a started game client. - Start All Clients, spawns a new game client for each of the rows in the grid of the current layout. Once enough clients are there, it stops spawning them. Button is only enabled when the Auto Assign Clients option is turned on. - Kill all Clients, technically you can already to this per gameclient (row), but just a shortcut to do them all at once. Bonus, if you have Auto Assign Clients on, and one of the clients crashes (or hangs and you have to kill it). You can use the Start All Clients button, this will spawn the missing game client and put it in the row that is now empty, so it will be as if it never happened Questions, remarks, bugs, feedback, let me know Fly safe. Hur.
  13. I noticed on the net-7 portal that the Celestial Horizon has been recreated. Unfortunately that is all the portal is willing to show me (private info, like most guilds). Anyone know who created it and/or if anyone is actively playing under CLS?
  14. The multi client running detection actually does not work based on port used, so random ports will not do anything against this detection. Instead it is a singleton lock with a specific name, which is what my tool aimed to bypass.
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