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  1. I noticed on the net-7 portal that the Celestial Horizon has been recreated. Unfortunately that is all the portal is willing to show me (private info, like most guilds). Anyone know who created it and/or if anyone is actively playing under CLS?
  2. The multi client running detection actually does not work based on port used, so random ports will not do anything against this detection. Instead it is a singleton lock with a specific name, which is what my tool aimed to bypass.
  3. I have been away from the forums for quite a while, so I did not notice updates on this topic. And yeah, I switched my hosting platform around a bit and did not notice this file missing after re-uploading. So once again the file is uploaded back to my website. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fly safe. Huron.
  4. Well you have the right to have your own opinion and if you don't want to multibox, that's fine. But I think its naive to think my tool is the cause of (more) people multiboxing. Everyone that wanted to multibox "properly" was already using one of the 2 well known strategies, being more windows accounts or sandboxie. I just wanted those people to have another option which is much more lightweight and very easy to use. That's it.   I even multiboxed 6 toons on the live server (Galileo) regularly, and most of that was just for doing tours on my own. I bought buddy codes for that, giving skill points to my main and having 5 noob accounts for creating tour toons. So while I agree this is an mmo, that will not stop certain ppl from wanting to be able to multibox. And with or without this tool, there will always be ppl that want to be able to multibox. Every mmo has/sees this.   And no, if I group up with others, I do NOT multibox, I play a single account. So I still participate in groups.   But lets not turn this thread into a yes/no multibox flamewar. Glad it helps :)
  5. Glad that works for you. I just wanted a solution without sandboxing, which is why I made this :)
  6.   Ah I see, well I do hope someone else will be able to help you with that problem!
  7. Hmm, that IS strange, especially since my tool does nothing to the launcher or the client. So that process should be exactly the same as without the tool. I can start 6 clients with 6 game accounts easily this way, and they all have their own net7proxy process.   So wish I could help, but the problem you are facing is not something being caused by my tool. And I have no experience with the situation you describe so cant give you any helpful advice about it either.
  8. No problem :)   And yeah Hobbs, it should help with those gate crashes. 
  9. I am very fond of multiboxing, but I have hit my head more than once on the "already running" message. Since I am reluctant to create new windows accounts and use that workaround, or use any other sandbox environment, I decided to look at the locking mechanism in place and try to create a workaround/fix for that.    I have created a Net7MultiClientUnlocker for this purpose and I have been getting great results with it. Sure, every now and then I still get this message, once. But that's about it.    No virtualisation or anything fancy happening in my unlocker, just detecting the launch of a new E&B client and then attempting the remove the lock for the running client process. My tool does NOT alter the client itself in any way.   How to use?   Well, the Net7MultiClientUnlocker tool works best if no net7proxy processes are already running. So in case of closing all your clients and booting them up again, it helps to first shut any lingering net7proxy process down.   Just start the Net7MultiClientUnlocker tool as administrator, it needs administrator rights to remove the locks. Running without admin will quit the tool without showing a gui.   If started as administrator, a window will appear where messages will be logged.   Now just leave the Net7MultiClientUnlocker tool open and just use the Net7 launcher like you would normally do.   You will see messages stating that a new E&B client launch has been detected and hopefully followed by a message stating that the multi client lock has been disabled.   If the lock has been disabled, you should not be bothered by the nag screen saying the client is already running.   Like I said, every now and then there will be a nag screen that slips through (might find a solution for this in the near future but not promising anything) but all in all I have had great results using this method.   Last but not least, the download link, just unpack the zip file to a folder of your choice and run the Net7MultiClientUnlocker as administrator :    Downloadlink   Fly safe.   Huronimous.
  10. Played from ENB go live till sunset. Helped the emu out for a little while in the beginning on the data team. Now playing since today since I kinda missed the go-live notice.   Used to play on Galileo during live in the Celestial Horizon guild. Same guild that went to Eve when sunset came and build (and lost) the first titan there.   Lots of fun memories, hope more ppl from the old Celestial Horizon guild come back to the emu :)
  11. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1316499006' post='46374'] yeah having a way to switch it on/off sounds good. I wouldn't use it personally, but I think quite a few people would. however, as always, it's one thing to think something up, altogether different to actually put it into action ... [/quote] Well I am kinda used to putting idea's like this into action since I'm a developer myself. But I have never done any C++ work. I did VB6 in the past and I do C# + VB.NET currently and Silverlight+ASPX on the .NET web side of it. I also have a background in PHP/Html/Javascript. So I would be more than happy to help out if you can lay out some ground rules for me to work in. That is, if you want/need the help ofcourse
  12. Thanks Riz & Mimir. My toughts exactly, which is why I started this post in the first place. When I joined Imp's data team way back in the beginning I regularly donated money too, then RL kicked in and I was forced to quit the team and couldnt really help out on the donation side either. So I think getting more ppl here to share the paycheck would be a good thing to do. Oh and thanks for the +1's, now I dont feel so bad for trying to get involved
  13. [quote name='Amethyst' timestamp='1316361395' post='46264'] I love Mattsacre's idea of pets and drone buddies. There are some very nice add-on we could dream up like ship cockpit customisations with beer-holders and seat cushions, hanger decor and of course badges, medals and ribbons for your outfit (changeable of course!). Just have a look at if you want more ideas. [/quote] Your sarcasm is much appreciated And btw, thanks to the one that gave me a -1 rep for trying to get involved. I'll make sure it wont happen again
  14. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1316351453' post='46255'] In the live version wasn’t there a page you could go to see guild stats? Also as I remember it was not a registered user only page so if we get this back you could point people there via a link. Mobs killed, ore mined, player level that sort of thing? I didn’t go there often but it was interesting to see what our "very small" guild was doing against the big boy guilds. [/quote] Yeah in live there was such a page. I used that in the Character planned I had created for my guild. I pulled out the information from the page to get a list of all the members in the guild. You could select the member (mostly used for your own toons) you'd want and then get a pre-filled in planner, so it would reflect your actual character in game to start with. But I think for at least the character part, you needed to be logged in. So could be 2 separate sections, I really dont remember.
  15. [quote name='HiKaize' timestamp='1316348635' post='46252'] If it really matters to you at this stage, you've got a signature to stick that stuff into. Because we're the people that are really going to care about it. [/quote] That was not the point of my suggestion. For the record, I couldnt care less. I've got 3 toons, none of which are above lvl 25. I havent even looked a creating a signature, cuz I really dont care But that's ok. The suggestion was meant to be helpful, not to get something implemented that I could show off how good I am. It was to draw attention to the project, but like I said, if that's not wanted at this stage, then no need to even bother