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  1. Controller trigger lost

    All fixed, I found him 250 km away and brought him back to start the raid...
  2. Options/Control/Camera

    I had that problem a long time ago so now I use printscreen & import into paint. The quality is better doing it that way too...
  3. Dev interfering on raids

    Many thanks Kyp for your succinct post, I'd like to reinforce my apologies for not thinking clearly and reacting badly to Daffyducks comments... All the Best...
  4. Dev interfering on raids

    Rufus, Get this straight, A dev was not interfering with the raid or the raid rotation. I was playing my play toons, my comments to daffy duck was polite the evidence is there.... I'm not going to respond any more to this thread....
  5. Dev interfering on raids

    Chat log from toon Deborah As you can see I'm in the middle of a raid, Conversation points in bold (16):19: 4:39 To daffyduck: can i help you with something? (11):19: 4:48 [New Players] TsunamiTE: there was another mission (0):19: 4:59 COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging his shields. (0):19: 5: 4 COMPUTER: Reeses's weapons slow down. (0):19: 5: 8 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 5:25 COMPUTER: Disruptor V1.0's Menace use has been interrupted. (3):19: 5:30 Daffyduck (private): nope....just looking...why (11):19: 5:32 [New Players] TsunamiTE: was it called trock or treat mission/ (0):19: 5:35 COMPUTER: Janwarrior logged in. (11):19: 5:38 [New Players] TsunamiTE: trick (0):19: 5:45 COMPUTER: Janwarrior logged out. (16):19: 5:51 To Daffyduck: just wondered (11):19: 5:55 [New Players] Mouliprowar: mission he most halowed gourd (11):19: 6: 9 [New Players] Mouliprowar: you see trick or treat somewhere ? (0):19: 6:21 COMPUTER: Luckypw repairs her systems. (0):19: 6:26 COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V summons Luckypw. (0):19: 6:28 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 6:29 COMPUTER: Dadbanditte's weapons slow down. (3):19: 6:30 Daffyduck (private): am i doing something wrong (0):19: 6:35 COMPUTER: Skullystt logged out. (0):19: 6:36 COMPUTER: TolkenJE logged in. (0):19: 6:37 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (16):19: 6:43 To Daffyduck: not while you are watching (11):19: 6:44 [New Players] TsunamiTE: no but thought there was a mission u had to collect stuff for the mission (0):19: 6:45 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 6:51 COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V's Hacking use has been interrupted. (0):19: 6:57 COMPUTER: Tsuros logged in. (11):19: 7: 3 [New Players] Mouliprowar: yes in ast years from sergeant jones (0):19: 7: 3 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 7:10 COMPUTER: Skullyjw logged in. (0):19: 7:10 COMPUTER: Matahari is hacking Obsolete Model V's systems. (5):19: 7:10 Attempt to hack enemy comms has failed! (5):19: 7:10 Attempt to hack enemy weapons has failed! (0):19: 7:12 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 7:14 COMPUTER: Reeses is hacking Obsolete Model V's systems. (5):19: 7:14 Enemy communications hacked! (5):19: 7:14 Enemy weapons hacked! (5):19: 7:14 Enemy engines hacked! (11):19: 7:16 [New Players] Mouliprowar: not active at the moment i tried it (3):19: 7:18 Daffyduck (private): ahh...so u OWN this place (0):19: 7:23 COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging Luckypw's shields. (0):19: 7:26 COMPUTER: Lillyraine is quickly recharging her shields. (5):19: 7:26 Lillyraine has recharged your shields by 0.02 units. (0):19: 7:27 COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging Luckypw's shields. (11):19: 7:29 [New Players] TsunamiTE: k (2):19: 7:33 Obsolete Model V : Syssss..tem...eeeeeerrrrroooor....Initiate Control..... (0):19: 7:33 COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging his shields. (16):19: 7:40 To Daffyduck: go careful... (0):19: 7:40 COMPUTER: Darktt is increasing his shield capacity. (8):19: 7:42 [Guild] TolkenJE: Hello (0):19: 7:45 COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V regains chemical deflection. (0):19: 7:49 COMPUTER: Moulinneuf [ADV] logged in. (0):19: 7:52 COMPUTER: Luckypw makes Dadbanditte's weapons hum.. (3):19: 8: 1 Daffyduck (private): you can kiss my ass... (16):19: 8:12 To Daffyduck: and you can be kicked (8):19: 8:14 [Guild] Duffman: lo (16):19: 8:18 To Daffyduck: from the game (2):19: 8:33 The Controller : What could you think to gain from this hostility? What is driving you to meet your end here? (3):19: 8:35 Daffyduck (private): why (16):19: 8:53 To Daffyduck: dissent to a dev / member of enb staff (0):19: 9: 2 COMPUTER: Daffyduck logged out. Leaves me wondering if it's worth the time and effort creating new Christmas content, right now I can't be bothered............
  6. Dev interfering on raids

    Let's be straight. I made it clear at the time that I was on my play toons, I did not have a dev toon logged on. So when I asked daffyduck if I could help him while doing the raid on my play toons he got hostile and asked if I owned the area & that I could kiss his ass At which point I told him to leave me alone or I would kick his ass for dissent to an EnB staff member So to be clear. 1. Redkite and all my Dev toons were off line during the raid. 2 Only my play toons were online 3. If anyone gets hostile with me while I am playing when I have been nothing but polite to them it will not end well. 4. Before anyone starts suggesting it, I do not provide favours to Static in fact I go out of my way to ensure that my dev status is not compromised. 5. When in dev mode I treat all players regardless of guild, race, gender, faith, fairly and equally. 6. if I know exactly what time raids will spawn, why was it that member s of damage inc and epic stole static gob raids last week? Now maybe the non-static players at the static raid could explain why they were there? Surely they have seen the raid before... I can't think of a valid reason for their presence............ I have a full copy of the conversation on my laptop and am more than happy to share..............
  7. Accounts

    Account name sent in a private message Welcome Back...
  8. This topic is locked which could make it difficult to post. Is it still under construction?
  9. 160 Track Space Ambient Music Patch

    If you look in the data folder , they are all MP3 files, got mine on my phone already for tunes in the car.. Thanks again for posting...
  10. Taking out the trash

    Try to find data satellite 4
  11. Holiday content 2016

    There is a new mission, there was a new mission last year too. A lot of the older Christmas missions will be here again for the new players in the community coupled with random spawnings around the sectors.
  12. PvP, All the topic threads

    I only remember pvp in the arena. I played from Beta until they switched the servers off. Just dropped by to say that a huge amount of work is required for pvp to take place. It isn't just flicking a switch to make players viable targets.
  13. Network Performance

    use /quit when all else fails, it saves you using task manager .
  14. tzu's test of allegiance - Bugged

    we could remove the scan and make it proximity triggered in the short term to reduce the impact while fixing it...
  15. tzu's test of allegiance - Bugged

    I have just tested this mission. The target scanned correctly and spawned the mob containing the desired explosives....