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  1. Accounts

    Account name sent in a private message Welcome Back...
  2. This topic is locked which could make it difficult to post. Is it still under construction?
  3. 160 Track Space Ambient Music Patch

    If you look in the data folder , they are all MP3 files, got mine on my phone already for tunes in the car.. Thanks again for posting...
  4. Taking out the trash

    Try to find data satellite 4
  5. Holiday content 2016

    There is a new mission, there was a new mission last year too. A lot of the older Christmas missions will be here again for the new players in the community coupled with random spawnings around the sectors.
  6. PvP, All the topic threads

    I only remember pvp in the arena. I played from Beta until they switched the servers off. Just dropped by to say that a huge amount of work is required for pvp to take place. It isn't just flicking a switch to make players viable targets.
  7. Network Performance

    use /quit when all else fails, it saves you using task manager .
  8. tzu's test of allegiance - Bugged

    we could remove the scan and make it proximity triggered in the short term to reduce the impact while fixing it...
  9. tzu's test of allegiance - Bugged

    I have just tested this mission. The target scanned correctly and spawned the mob containing the desired explosives....
  10. Random, Grativy Well Mobs

    There are two gravwells in each of 4 systems and 1 in Akerons gate if I remember correctly. Gravwells are not going to chase you so fly around them if you can't fly through them or deal with the pirates. These are dangerous times so plan your strategy and activities accordingly. If the gravwells and pirates are stopping hull upgrade activities on very new characters please post the details and I will resolve that issue accordingly. Fly Safe...
  11. A time to rest ..

    There is no star bright enough to replace the light lost with the passing of SatanicExhile....
  12. Some high level items impossible for some of us to get

    There are plans already made for Modi's Child. I won't go into details as that would spoil the surprise but it has been identified as an opportunity for improvement. The V'rix content is currently taking up most development time from a content viewpoint. Server migration is taking up more than a lot of time for the server team. Apart from that there is other stuff going on in the background that will be a great benefit once completed.
  13. There is no firm requirement to provide any information in the patch notes. Go out and explore, engage with the community, work things out, find the missions, hidden belts and other content that hasn't been mentioned in the patch notes.
  14. The item will analyse correctly after the next new content push...
  15. I have tried on live, I also see a 1% chance of success. Please give us a few days to investigate why this is happening...