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  1. My apologies for the Vrix, I did some testing in a quiet corner of that sector & it looks like a few got away from me...
  2. Logging in has problems. On-line users are have depleated steadily down to 2.
  3. Fixed, radius of ore fields no longer run outside player accessible space. If all is good after I have rechecked it the changes will be embodied on next restart.
  4. Sunrise is offline for me, Zack has been notified. Pinging sunrise.net-7.org [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=117ms TTL=116
  5. Looks like the login server is down
  6. Fixed the occasion setting, he will disappear on next update.
  7. Hi Zack, I moved both offending spawms out last night & reduced the wandering zone of the one spawn to help stop it wandering towards the station and then seeing a target... Dev server won't let me in, so I haven't been able to double check its effectiveness, doh! it was my VPN causing the problem accessing Dev...
  8. I fixed this one a while back, just waiting for a content push to apply the changes...
  9. All fixed, I found him 250 km away and brought him back to start the raid...
  10. I had that problem a long time ago so now I use printscreen & import into paint. The quality is better doing it that way too...
  11. Many thanks Kyp for your succinct post, I'd like to reinforce my apologies for not thinking clearly and reacting badly to Daffyducks comments... All the Best...
  12. Rufus, Get this straight, A dev was not interfering with the raid or the raid rotation. I was playing my play toons, my comments to daffy duck was polite the evidence is there.... I'm not going to respond any more to this thread....
  13. Chat log from toon Deborah As you can see I'm in the middle of a raid, Conversation points in bold (16):19: 4:39 To daffyduck: can i help you with something? (11):19: 4:48 [New Players] TsunamiTE: there was another mission (0):19: 4:59 COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging his shields. (0):19: 5: 4 COMPUTER: Reeses's weapons slow down. (0):19: 5: 8 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 5:25 COMPUTER: Disruptor V1.0's Menace use has been interrupted. (3):19: 5:30 Daffyduck (private): nope....just looking...why (11):19: 5:32 [New Players] TsunamiTE: was it called trock or treat mission/ (0):19: 5:35 COMPUTER: Janwarrior logged in. (11):19: 5:38 [New Players] TsunamiTE: trick (0):19: 5:45 COMPUTER: Janwarrior logged out. (16):19: 5:51 To Daffyduck: just wondered (11):19: 5:55 [New Players] Mouliprowar: mission he most halowed gourd (11):19: 6: 9 [New Players] Mouliprowar: you see trick or treat somewhere ? (0):19: 6:21 COMPUTER: Luckypw repairs her systems. (0):19: 6:26 COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V summons Luckypw. (0):19: 6:28 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 6:29 COMPUTER: Dadbanditte's weapons slow down. (3):19: 6:30 Daffyduck (private): am i doing something wrong (0):19: 6:35 COMPUTER: Skullystt logged out. (0):19: 6:36 COMPUTER: TolkenJE logged in. (0):19: 6:37 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (16):19: 6:43 To Daffyduck: not while you are watching (11):19: 6:44 [New Players] TsunamiTE: no but thought there was a mission u had to collect stuff for the mission (0):19: 6:45 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 6:51 COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V's Hacking use has been interrupted. (0):19: 6:57 COMPUTER: Tsuros logged in. (11):19: 7: 3 [New Players] Mouliprowar: yes in ast years from sergeant jones (0):19: 7: 3 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 7:10 COMPUTER: Skullyjw logged in. (0):19: 7:10 COMPUTER: Matahari is hacking Obsolete Model V's systems. (5):19: 7:10 Attempt to hack enemy comms has failed! (5):19: 7:10 Attempt to hack enemy weapons has failed! (0):19: 7:12 COMPUTER: Darktt is patching Luckypw's hull. (0):19: 7:14 COMPUTER: Reeses is hacking Obsolete Model V's systems. (5):19: 7:14 Enemy communications hacked! (5):19: 7:14 Enemy weapons hacked! (5):19: 7:14 Enemy engines hacked! (11):19: 7:16 [New Players] Mouliprowar: not active at the moment i tried it (3):19: 7:18 Daffyduck (private): ahh...so u OWN this place (0):19: 7:23 COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging Luckypw's shields. (0):19: 7:26 COMPUTER: Lillyraine is quickly recharging her shields. (5):19: 7:26 Lillyraine has recharged your shields by 0.02 units. (0):19: 7:27 COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging Luckypw's shields. (11):19: 7:29 [New Players] TsunamiTE: k (2):19: 7:33 Obsolete Model V : Syssss..tem...eeeeeerrrrroooor....Initiate Control..... (0):19: 7:33 COMPUTER: Darktt is quickly recharging his shields. (16):19: 7:40 To Daffyduck: go careful... (0):19: 7:40 COMPUTER: Darktt is increasing his shield capacity. (8):19: 7:42 [Guild] TolkenJE: Hello (0):19: 7:45 COMPUTER: Obsolete Model V regains chemical deflection. (0):19: 7:49 COMPUTER: Moulinneuf [ADV] logged in. (0):19: 7:52 COMPUTER: Luckypw makes Dadbanditte's weapons hum.. (3):19: 8: 1 Daffyduck (private): you can kiss my ass... (16):19: 8:12 To Daffyduck: and you can be kicked (8):19: 8:14 [Guild] Duffman: lo (16):19: 8:18 To Daffyduck: from the game (2):19: 8:33 The Controller : What could you think to gain from this hostility? What is driving you to meet your end here? (3):19: 8:35 Daffyduck (private): why (16):19: 8:53 To Daffyduck: dissent to a dev / member of enb staff (0):19: 9: 2 COMPUTER: Daffyduck logged out. Leaves me wondering if it's worth the time and effort creating new Christmas content, right now I can't be bothered............
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