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  1. Tested with a new character, no fault found, the upgrade worked as it should for my test toon.
  2. Many thanks, my tools are working again.
  3. My apologies for the Vrix, I did some testing in a quiet corner of that sector & it looks like a few got away from me...
  4. Logging in has problems. On-line users are have depleated steadily down to 2.
  5. Fixed, radius of ore fields no longer run outside player accessible space. If all is good after I have rechecked it the changes will be embodied on next restart.
  6. Sunrise is offline for me, Zack has been notified. Pinging sunrise.net-7.org [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=117ms TTL=116
  7. Looks like the login server is down
  8. Fixed the occasion setting, he will disappear on next update.
  9. Hi Zack, I moved both offending spawms out last night & reduced the wandering zone of the one spawn to help stop it wandering towards the station and then seeing a target... Dev server won't let me in, so I haven't been able to double check its effectiveness, doh! it was my VPN causing the problem accessing Dev...
  10. I fixed this one a while back, just waiting for a content push to apply the changes...
  11. All fixed, I found him 250 km away and brought him back to start the raid...
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