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  1. SERVER STATUS (current)

    this  ,, ,, this  , this can't be True   ....  .... first night I get to play a few hours and there's this  , ,, this ..   (( wait ,, what Dimension am I in ??? ,,,  ))
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Day

    Thanx for reminding us Lobevaser !   Too often players forget the sacrifices made by those that came before us, and are STILL present and working for OUR enJOYment ! Rock On E&B Staff, workers , helpers, testers, ,   :w00t:
  3. Launcher issue

    Same exact problem as above.  2 PC's, and I can ping sunrise.net-7.org successfully from both. Please help,, withdraw is setting in ... :wacko:
  4. Server Status (outdated)

    bummer, 3 hours of lost playing time ... can't login .......and I was SO excited about starting from scratch.
  5. Raid Days Change

    Magoo, I understand your plight, do you understand ours ? Sunday free for all day has left us w/o spawn as well on Monday nights. There were times when we went WEEKS (Mondays) w/o a spawn. Sometimes due to server restarts, but mostly due to the timing of the Sunday GoBB raid. Then there is the whole ordeal with the JD's (not me) that were leveled up w/o guild tags JUST to kill GoBB on ANY day they chose. Pretty sure that was felt by all guilds raiding. In my opinion, asking all the other guilds to make a change so your guild can do the GoBB raid, should be the last option presented. Perhaps one other guild could work in your spot, and yours in theirs ? IF that has already been offered and declined, then proceed to get an agreement for a complete rearrange from all guilds. If our day changes it may leave us w/o enough players to do the raids, for me that is not acceptable.
  6. Server Status (outdated)

    I'm getting a feeling of Vuja De
  7. Server Status (outdated)

    DEVs prolly too busy to give an update. Patience is a virtue. Find some anyway you can ... imho
  8. Searching for server

    Saturday Night Live ,, the clay character , and Mr. Hand ?? always smashed or squished him
  9. Searching for server

    me too ... ohhh noooo Mr.Bill .....
  10. Is ST4 fulfilling the objectives of a stress test?

    Yes , yes it is !! The feed back and crash dump info must be very helpful for assessing the stress level of the 'server' Much more stress can/will be applied when more content is added, like jobs and various missions from npc's AND double or triple the number of players. WE need more players , I think .. There are dozens reasons why this is working. Probably a majority of those reasons I don't even know about or understand. I would really like to see a [DEV](s) view on the question.
  11. Server down on a Saturday morning

    ok, I'm going to handle this calmly, , So , when it does came back up, remember : ......I'M BATMAN......
  12. Need help on signing up

    I tried at least 10 times, still no go. same message : Info / Error # Forum user not found # User not added help me before I de-space-e-ate