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  1. Oeh.. content push... that would be more then very welcome..
  2. Hi, While starting some new toons, I noticed you have to enter all your friends again. Is there a possibility to create a shared friendslist, manageble from net-7 ? Everyone in that list, is a friend on all toons under that net-7 account. and per - character you will be able to deviate (add) and if possible; anyone else supports this suggestion ?
  3. No Problem Kyp, thank you for this update ! And I see updates now, so maybe you already fixed it as well
  4. Hi Tolken, How dit this problem start ? All of the sudden, or are you returning after a while / new pc / new install ? Is Net-7 pointing to the right Bin folder ? might be obvious but maybe you have an older install parallel. Do you see any process activity in task manager ? (crtl-alt-del > task manager) like popping up Client.exe after start of not ? Regards,
  5. I noticed there is a new goal set ! Thank you for that. But it seems to be not working properly as in: its not updating donations towards the goal.
  6. Hello, Just a heads up, that donaction is still from Q1 2018. I think people tend to see how the goals are met and choose to donate if its not met yet. Maybe its good to put op the Q2 and Q3 altogether for upcoming period. cheers Gwin
  7. Oh No ! Best to use this downtime to prepare upcoming game time Prre ! Some suggestions: Make a few meals ready to Microwave Boil a tank of Tea Visit toilet And off course dont forget to check server status between the steps, who knows its up again Hope to catch you ingame later today Mate
  8. When the looter of a raid uses the /postloot command, the loot contained in a corpse is posted to chat. Personally, I think this is a great way to inform the raid about what loot has dropped. At this moment, a lot of Misc info is posted too: Description, Stats etc etc, and it becomes quite a long Text, especially when there are 3 or more items in a corpse. At the end of a raid, you try to read back what was dropped, and from my personal experience, you cannot scroll back far enough or cant see quickly the info you need to know. My Suggestion would be to Extend the /postloot command with an extra Argument like "lite" or "simple" to only post the Basic info: LX Item-type Name So for example L9 Shield "Black Force IX" or L9 Projectile Launcher "Dragon's Fang" I think most of the players use Net-7 database to check Items, or simply know by experience Class restrictions, stats etc etc. so that Wall Of Text is only confusing anyways. I would rate this as "nice to have" btw
  9. First thing to come up: Firewall Issue ? or Proxy Setting.
  10. Exactly that Zarg ! I have been throught the same confusion, and, luckily, had some fellow Guildies to take the JE to go to primus cloacked etc etc. only to find out, it wasnt the actual HU mission. doh. haha
  11. Hi, I noticed that the net-7.org portal and Subpages (Wiki, Forum etc) need to be Logged in again after a pretty short period of time. I tried several browsers on several PC's. I am pretty sure it kept me logged in before in the past for at least 12 hours / entire day When I log in I check the box "remember login" but after a period of time (2 - 3 hours) I need to login again. Sometimes The layout of the site gives you the feeling you are still logged in, but when you click on the database for example, it tells me "you need to be logged in" This is not a major issue at all, but I think it worked before and stopped working now. Maybe its a small setting on your end for the login cookie to expire ? Fly Safe !
  12. I started playing about a month from Live-Start, untill a month to Sunset. Was Playing on Andromeda, first with a JE (coleoptersky) later with PW and TT (Gwindor, GwinTT) When EA announced the closing, slowly the sense to play faded, and with pain in my heart I Quit playing. I found the emulator project a few years ago (before the wipe) and tested several hours. Just recently re-discovered the project being as far as it is now: Fully playable and a lot of fun again !
  13. What might be an Issue is the setup of your homenetwork. As Kyp said correctly: UDB is a beast with some known limitations. One of it is there is no Error correction build in in this protocol. This can give some problems if you use Switch or AP in AP mode or even a hub, but they are ancient haha. You can try to connect the pc's to your router directly (or at least one of them) The reason this might be helping, is that a switch tends to Broadcast udp packets. Since 2 Devices are listening, things might go haywire in the udp stream. I hope it helps. Fly Safe ! Edit: Or to troubleshoot, you can try to multibox on the same client, just to see if that is working stable.
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