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  1. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Thnx for fixing it again Zack !
  2. Oh no the Login server is down :(

    Oh No ! Best to use this downtime to prepare upcoming game time Prre ! Some suggestions: Make a few meals ready to Microwave Boil a tank of Tea Visit toilet And off course dont forget to check server status between the steps, who knows its up again Hope to catch you ingame later today Mate
  3. /postloot Lite

    Awesome ! Thanks !
  4. /postloot Lite

    When the looter of a raid uses the /postloot command, the loot contained in a corpse is posted to chat. Personally, I think this is a great way to inform the raid about what loot has dropped. At this moment, a lot of Misc info is posted too: Description, Stats etc etc, and it becomes quite a long Text, especially when there are 3 or more items in a corpse. At the end of a raid, you try to read back what was dropped, and from my personal experience, you cannot scroll back far enough or cant see quickly the info you need to know. My Suggestion would be to Extend the /postloot command with an extra Argument like "lite" or "simple" to only post the Basic info: LX Item-type Name So for example L9 Shield "Black Force IX" or L9 Projectile Launcher "Dragon's Fang" I think most of the players use Net-7 database to check Items, or simply know by experience Class restrictions, stats etc etc. so that Wall Of Text is only confusing anyways. I would rate this as "nice to have" btw
  5. First thing to come up: Firewall Issue ? or Proxy Setting.
  6. Communication

    Thank you for your response and making the workflow clear to me ! I think a lot of the troublesome communication, can indeed easily be addressed, if we (players) walk the path that we have to walk concerning reporting a bug. so, let us try to do that better next time Just on final Question: Is it possible, in case of Gamebreaking issues, to put a ingame message just like the Guild MoTD (call it server MoTD ) If so, it would be cool to use now and then, to easily inform players there are Gamebreaking issues and they are being addressed. Thanks for positively discussing this issue !
  7. Communication

    Thats a good point you bring in there ! I will try to remind myself and fellow players to reporting bugs as it should. Communication should indeed be OK on player end too ! What are your thoughts about the time between the fix and the actual server restart ? You think it would have been good to put up some notice ? or have any other thoughts about that ?
  8. Communication

    I see I have to make a correction: I now do see patchnotes on the launcher screen from Zackman.. Although I am pretty sure they where not there at the moment of Live - I might have overlooked it !
  9. Communication

    Im not sure If I understand what you mean mimir, but you agree it would be good to - at least- communicatie changes right ? If that should be the ADV, or a GM/DEV/Other staff member.. to be honest, I dont really care
  10. Communication

    To start: This post is intended as Positive feedback, to help the community. This week I had the feeling, there is pretty big gap in the communications between Staff and Community. I think a pretty large part on this can be taken care of, by our ADV. First there seemed to be a server side update earlier this week; I didnt have to update the client, but I noticed my Shield sap and debuff device suddenly had range indicators on it. Awesome ! But.. (and please, correct me if I really overlooked it) I havent seen a notice anywhere there will be pushed an update and what would be in this Update. Second: The update apprently had some problems, There was a pretty huge bug in the Mission system (Missions not showing in log, or updating etc) I want to compliment you all for fixing it fast, as I saw in General chat, issue was resolved and Server restart was needed. (and would be around noon UK time next day) Great job ! Thnx for that but, the other day, I saw a lot of Players struggling with their missions in NewPlayer chat.. and Woody was doing his best to fix them all.. I had to tell him, it was a pretty big known issue. He wasnt aware of it, and I think a lot of time and frustration could have been left behind, if there would have been a small post in this forum: "These are some bugs we are aware of; and taken care of, Server restart soon(tm)" (or maybe better: put in in the launcher - text box) Please, I dont want to tell you Staff you arent doing bad at all, but I just want to ask: Isnt this gap in communication something the ADV can jump in: Inform the playerbase about incoming Patches / changes, and Inform us about some known issues. Its only a matter of a bit better communication, right ?! With that communication, playerbase knows an update has been pushed, and can be more aware about those changes. we are in the blind now. and we can all inform eachother, so, like in this example: not Advice players to Forfeiting agrippa missions on step 7 of 10 just to find out, its a known bug, and after server restart it will be fixed.... Please forgive me, I am not a Native English, so there might be some strange Grammar /spelling Fly Safe !
  11. Exactly that Zarg ! I have been throught the same confusion, and, luckily, had some fellow Guildies to take the JE to go to primus cloacked etc etc. only to find out, it wasnt the actual HU mission. doh. haha
  12. Hi, I noticed that the net-7.org portal and Subpages (Wiki, Forum etc) need to be Logged in again after a pretty short period of time. I tried several browsers on several PC's. I am pretty sure it kept me logged in before in the past for at least 12 hours / entire day When I log in I check the box "remember login" but after a period of time (2 - 3 hours) I need to login again. Sometimes The layout of the site gives you the feeling you are still logged in, but when you click on the database for example, it tells me "you need to be logged in" This is not a major issue at all, but I think it worked before and stopped working now. Maybe its a small setting on your end for the login cookie to expire ? Fly Safe !
  13. I started playing about a month from Live-Start, untill a month to Sunset. Was Playing on Andromeda, first with a JE (coleoptersky) later with PW and TT (Gwindor, GwinTT) When EA announced the closing, slowly the sense to play faded, and with pain in my heart I Quit playing. I found the emulator project a few years ago (before the wipe) and tested several hours. Just recently re-discovered the project being as far as it is now: Fully playable and a lot of fun again !
  14. Server stops sending UDP?

    What might be an Issue is the setup of your homenetwork. As Kyp said correctly: UDB is a beast with some known limitations. One of it is there is no Error correction build in in this protocol. This can give some problems if you use Switch or AP in AP mode or even a hub, but they are ancient haha. You can try to connect the pc's to your router directly (or at least one of them) The reason this might be helping, is that a switch tends to Broadcast udp packets. Since 2 Devices are listening, things might go haywire in the udp stream. I hope it helps. Fly Safe ! Edit: Or to troubleshoot, you can try to multibox on the same client, just to see if that is working stable.
  15. Thank you for your response. Gladly, I know It is a multiplayer game, and have figured out how to open "new player" chat about 15 years ago Indeed, I think I kindof Mixed up the missions, and as Prre described the mission, that was indeed the actual HU mission. So thats been cleared out now. But I do think it is a little bit confusing that you are sent to Warschip Genesis for HU mission. When you arrive there and talk to Genesis, you are sent to another mission ! I cannot say that i'm sure but; I don't recall a Message popping up at the time I was at genesis for first time. To put it in short: You are right; there seems to be no need to go to primus for HU mission. But when you arrive at genesis (as mission step for HU50 mission) you receive the "Where is Var" mission instead of the actual HU mission. Anyway, it did confuse me, but the mixup is clear to me now !