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  1. wolfxsf


    I have been searching the forums but so far with no luck.  Can someone lead me to the thread that lists all items Leroy Junkbins is interested in?  Or list them here please? TY   WoLfX
  2. ok, I was able to complete the mission today.  IF you get that message....go to Rakio and look for a mordana that is for a named player.  If that player is not fighting the mob then eliminate it and you should be able to advance your mission.
  3. Not sure if devs have read this or are addressing it yet.  Seems that a good fix would be place a reasonable timer on the mob and if a player does not finish the mob resets after X amount of time.   Dunno what but something is definitely fubar here.
  4. If that is the case then it does sound like the mission has a bug in it.  Will have to see what the devs find.
  5. Couldn't find a forum for just bug reports and not even sure this is a bug.  Myself and another player "Lunatictaxi" are having this issue.   in this mission from Merjan on step 8, you are sent to talk to the Freespacers in KV about the grain thief.  I can run through the dialogue but before it finishes and updates there is a message that pops up top that states...  other players are engaged with you mission mob, try again later.  Is this mission bugged?  There are no other visible in combat.  Does it send you to another nav with the mob?  If the mob "can" be engaged by other players not on the mission is it possible to have the mob spawn only for the player doing the mission like other missions?  I.E.  once the dialogue gets to where you need to engage have them spawn as "mob for <player>"  so this mission can move forward easier?   I know a lot of questions but trying to get through it.   Thanks, WoLfX
  6. Well, I have worked with the provider trying to gain access and they can find nothing in the connection stopping me from getting in. Although they were able to read the failure on their end and after several changes to try and get by it....to no avail ....they came to the conclusion that there is nothing in the internet providers system that can fix the problem which brings me back to the settings of the game or something being read by the server causing the block. what still baffles me....is originally this problem just materialized and haunted me. Worked with Blacklung and started this thread at that time. After frustrating hours of wipes, reloads, changed settings etc. I had given up but tried periodically to login anyway. Lo and behold, it suddenly stopped giving the error and I was back in game. Then again this time...just as suddenly..with nothing changed in my system or internet at the time...BANG....the error is back and so far will not go away again. This mention of "exploit connection". What does this mean? That it thinks I am trying to use an exploit? If so it is by no means intentional and I have no clue at all "what" exploit it is reading. I am hiding nothing of my attempts and I have even allowed Blacklung to use Teamviewer to run through my setups to no avail. ANY ideas next to fix this? <S> WoLfX
  7. Could be. I keep playing with stuff trying to find that right "combination" that will unlock the door to return to game but still no luck. I am about to go online and find an excorcist to try and remove all ghosts and gremlins that could be causing it. WoLfX
  8. Understood Kyp....but frustration sure takes over after ya spend 6 hours sitting in front of the pc to arrive back where ya started. I don't have a clue why it gives this error and so far there is no cure for it that I have seen. Last time it random fixed itself for awhile just to appear from out of no where to haunt me again...for no reason. Nothing changed to get rid of it before and nothing changed that brought it back. WoLfX
  9. Yup, tried the forced update also. This morning got with Blacklung. We went through all we could think of then seems I didn't have all files. I even let BL use Teamviewer to help in search of an answer. Well, uninstalled EVERYTHING to do with the game and reinstalled everything. And guess what....NO change. Still get the same error. I would even be willing to let the devs try their hand at making changes in hopes of finding a resolution to this. But personally.....getting pretty worn out on trying over and over to hit new walls that prevent me from getting in. New suggestions maybe....no more of the old.....been there done that got the t-shirt. WoLfX
  10. Well, with no new suggestions and no response as to what the definate problem is, how to fix it, etc, etc I guess I am back to the beginning....AGAIN!!! Today I will waste a ton more time wiping the whole game from my pc and reloading it. This is kinda sad imo since I have a gut feeling it is something simple that a semi savvy dev could help me fix without a complete game wipe. I am gonna wait an hour or 2 to see if I get a response with a fix. If no response then begins the long frustrating PITA wipe and reload. I will also be available on TS if someone is willing to try and work with me to cure this issue for myself and for others that encounter the same message once and for all. All I can say at this point is wish me luck. WoLfX
  11. well. it's baaaack. Was doing fine then all of the sudden....BOOM. The error is back and unable to get into the game again. Yes I did follow the istructions above for d/l the sunrise file into the net-7/bin and the certs wizard, etc, etc with no change at all. Any other suggestions? <S> WoLfX
  12. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1323475021' post='49492'] Could you get a screenshot or just once verify the exact text or is the above 100% exact? I don't even see the word "Sorry" in the Launcher's source code. [/quote] Well heck...after a week of fighting this. After reading this message from you Kyp I went to login again to write down the exact message and lo and behold it logged in. IF it happens again I will note the exact message and post it for you. Thank you for your efforts and "hopefully" the problem ddoesn't recur again. Now to go in and gett all my chars back loaded as they were. Will note for you anything new. Thanks again!!! WoLfX
  13. Thanks Kyp. I know myself and Blacklung tried everythingwe could think of ourselves. And if it takes awhile that is np:) If you can find the cause it will be well worth it! Thanks again! WoLfX
  14. wolfxsf

    TS builds

    Has it been considered to change one of the TS's build to Build Weapons? Currently they have build devices which is kinda redundant as the TT does build devices or build engines which is redundant to the TE. Since they are a missile user it is EXTREMELY inconvenient to rely on others for building the ammo. IMHO, all Terran and Progen classes should have Build weapons solely for the ability to self sustain their ammo. Jenguai race has no need for build weaps since beams require no ammo. I can run through a full VAULT and Inventory load of ammo in a day of hunting then have to run back to a station where their are players and then have to find a player with the time and ammo build maps to build me another 50-60 stacks. The inconvenience and time consumption to do this is detrimental to the gameplay of both the TS's and the other players they must rely on for ammo. And the vendor ammo is good only for mapping (if you have build weapons again). Also, another thought would be to add Build Reactors as well. Then the TS really gains alot in value with the capability to build ammo for itself and Build reactors for all (which is a build skill no terran class has). IMHO it would bring alot more interest in continuing with a class that otherwise has little to contribute to players, to the groups they join, to their guilds, and to the game in general. Please take some serious reconsideration on the Build Skills of the TS. With the changed Builds it could be alot more fulfilling as a supportive Terran class. Thanks!! WoLfX
  15. Ok, Blacklung logged into my account with my info and had np so it is not in the account. I uninstalled and reloaded just the launcher. Same problem. I contacted my internet provider. They changed my access from private to public...which in effect means they opened every port and cleared me to bypass all internet possible firewalls. No help. With Blacklung we made sure it is set to run as administrator, I installed the programs as administrator, I changed it to compatibility with Windows XP Service pack 2 in ALL applications. STILL, same error message. "Sorry it appears you login is not valid. Please try the default launcher:)" It even puts the smiley face at the end although I am not smiling back. I again uninstalled BOTH the game and the launcher and reloaded them again. STILL, the same message. Now, next option? WoLfX
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