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  1. Interesting problem. I play on 1920 x 1080 monitors but I use windows mode 1280 x 800 with 3 per screen. I see where you mention moving right to access left screen, I was doing that automatically, now you mentioned it I notice it and now I seem to be getting in a mess. Thanks a lot lol. Edit : All night I kept getting muddled, so I moved my desk configuration around and now use monitor in front as main and the second to the right now, don't know why I didn't start this way, Guess left handed syndrome heh.
  2. Yes link below http://www.ac-tool.com/forums/ My son is Ego, plays now and then, he moved onto new games, so I have access to all his toons and his coding
  3. Interesting theory. I am left handed (use right hand for mouse control) and I use 2 monitors. my main monitor is in front of me and the left side is my second. Using Hurons multi client loader and ACTools 5.5.1. I put 2 accounts on the left and 2 on the front (middle? / Main?). One of the accounts on the front monitor is my main avatar, the other 3 are used as required, be it cbt, worming, RTS and/or summoning, I don't have any problems playing EnB this way. For day to day use (rare) I use the front monitor.
  4. Umm sorry if this sounds dumb but, make the screens as per normal, left, middle, right. Then pick up the middle monitor and put it to the left and left monitor in the middle. Wouldn't that fix your problem? Middle monitor (was left monitor) = main.
  5. I did go hunting Glenn Commission Mobs but I didn't lose faction, think because I was doing Surti sat jobs in between which kept faction up so I didn't lose much.
  6. I'm just finishing downgrading to Win 10 lite, and reloading EnB and Net7 loader after downloading from net-7.org. So far, loaded the game, did not put on desktop icon (it is the wrong one) waiting for net 7 loader to finish after updating. Will let you know what happens after it finishes. First thing I noticed is the loader has been updated to v2.2.0 and now updating client, current version (cannot be determined) to version to 271, and downloading files. All loaded and now playing.
  7. Some items require extra effort to find/mine/loot. If everything was able to be dismantled for the components, there would be no need for a few of the classes. I am at the understanding the game requires player help to build etc. changing it would turn this game into a single player game. (multi-boxing anyone?)
  8. True, I see a lot of errors, in this case seeing as it could be a suggestion that 'could' be looked at, it should be correct as best as can be in my eyes. I can see what is being suggested and having a monolog of their time in EnB would be an interesting read through.
  9. Speed typing?? a few errors. suggestion, story, their, contribution, Their, the. Nothing against you Moulinneuf, just saying a few corrections would be nice
  10. Spa

    Hi all

    You will find a lot more content than what was in live. So much more to do. If you are unsure ask in forums, in-game and check the wiki. A lot of missions are in the wiki.
  11. C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG click on E&BConfig use less / more slider check or uncheck windowed mode box click on performance test
  12. Tell them to post the video on the forums. Funny thing I got 1 like that and I said the same. (I use a tower with no webcam) still waiting to see myself tossing off, might even show my wife.
  13. I run 3 accounts in the PTR server, not sure what your problem is but it should be fixable.
  14. Spa

    Please fix Shakti

    LOL, it's a in station chat message, like tada - o, big, strong, wow (girly giggle)
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