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  1. Tell them to post the video on the forums. Funny thing I got 1 like that and I said the same. (I use a tower with no webcam) still waiting to see myself tossing off, might even show my wife.
  2. I run 3 accounts in the PTR server, not sure what your problem is but it should be fixable.
  3. Spa

    Please fix Shakti

    LOL, it's a in station chat message, like tada - o, big, strong, wow (girly giggle)
  4. A new thread on what needs to be tested now please.
  5. I followed the wiki, got some cbt help, worked fine for me.
  6. I use this program and never had any problems with positioning windows. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8349-running-multiple-clients-simultaneously-multiboxing/
  7. My first macro built a hold full of a lvl 1 device, when hold full, pulled out, ran to analyse terminal, inserted and disassembled. When all the devices were pulled down, pull out, run back to build terminal and repeat. I could get over 900 builds per stack until one of the components run out. I never struck the "Invalid Item" and that was building over 2500 on 5 avatars in Joves on the sunrise server. (I watched drinking coffee and tweaking the code, approx. 6 months ago) This week I ran my first avatar on PTR Server using the build/pull macro. Build and ripped 2500 before just coding a build/destroy macro (quicker and credits were easy to obtain) and never came across the "Invalid Item" Lucky I guess or you're just unlucky
  8. Ok it's the Dark theme, going to original.
  9. Am I the only one seeing this?
  10. Ran 3 avatars thru Joves and Mars Build Terminals using an ACTools build macro I coded. 2 built over 2500 lvl 1 and lvl 2 devices. 1 built over 2500 lvl 1 weapons. All avatars preformed with no errors or glitches. (Apart from my Wireless Tower dropping me out ) Terminal Build V1.0.mac
  11. was it the abort (0) error? Same is I put in the C++ runtime library thread?
  12. Just happened Is this what you want? proxylog.dat
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