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  1. Power-board with surge protection.. first thing that I plug in at the wall before any computer — well worth it! GL with the move, I feel for ya,,. That 'look at all the stuff' moment, followed by scratching your head at the new place and thinking.. how on earth did it all fit in the old place?!?!
  2. Hi Gordo, You should be able to donate using Paypal even without a Paypal account - they have a feature where you can get them to make a payment for you and then bill your credit card, without even logging in, Because of your concerns about Paypal (in)security, I thought I'd mention that it's possiblte to create a credit card alias via https://privacy.com/ (which connects through to your real credit card) and then give that alias to Paypal. I haven't done it myself, but I'm guessing you could set up and use the alias once, wait for the donation to ENB to go through to your card account, and then cancel the privacy.com alias-card number so if the info at Paypal is compromised, your real card number can't be obtained from Paypal, the alias-number won't work any more anyway, and your real card number is safe (of course, as long as privacy.com is safe!) Privacy.com does display a number of logos of high-profile companies on their web page, implying support/approval of their services). Disclaimer: I have no connection to privacy.com, and don't receive anything for mentioning them.
  3. The old claimjumper.info website from ENB's Live era (2002-2004) is available on the Internet Archive's 'Wayback Machine" website, at https://web.archive.org/web/20040806233215/http://www.frmug.org/~archer/eb/prospect/ Out of date for sure, but you never know, there might still be something of use in there perhaps!
  4. Just found this thread, and saw the 11-year-old link to Xulei's Skydrive (now OneDrive) location no longer works. In September last year, I updated Xulei's map and posted it in the ENB Wiki in an article entitled "Maps and Charts". If you click on the thumbnail on that page, you'll see a medium-sized version, and click on that to get the full-sized one. For your convenience, I've added it here, too!
  5. Wow, the server has gone down and people've started donating for something to do! We've levelled up from around the $650-mark to $910 in just the last few hours!
  6. EPIC is still going strong, and there's a chance of finding guildies online at odd hours, as we have members from a number of different timezones around the world. Give us a shout in the 'New Players' chat channel, or the 'Local' channel when at OMP, if you'd like to join us!
  7. Hi Jalla, same for me as well. Maybe the server's containment protocols have failed and it's being attacked by the v'rix.
  8. Just a FYI, on noticing that winpcap (www.winpcap.org) is no longer being updated and that the developers are pointing people to a replacement called npcap (nmap.org/npcap/), I went and upgraded (on Windows 10). Noticed later that ENB refused to start (initial LaunchNet7 window appeared as usual, but susequently the game client wouldn't start or even play the intro video), throwing up the error message 'Server Failed to respond to Login attempt' - even though LaunchNet7 stated the server was online, and ENB started successfully on another computer. The npcap installation being the only significant change apart from the usual Microsoft hotfixes, I decided to unstall it to see if it might be the cause. Presto! ENB sprang back into life without any problem. Npcap has four options you can select when installing. I have performed a number of re-installations, selecting one different option each time. I've discovered that if you select the npcap installation option "Legacy loopback support for Nmap 7.80 and older", this feature will prevent ENB from starting up. ENB will run happily with npcap installed, just as long as you don't select the above Legacy Loopback option when installing it. Probably won't affect many people, but just thought I'd share here, just in case it helps save someone some frustration.
  9. While I appreciate your sentiment that you feel a need for more content, I think that we should try to take some pride in our work and do the best we can in whatever we do. This includes wanting to learn to do better. Listening to, and analysing constructive criticism can help us to improve our future efforts. If we misunderstand constructive criticism due to it offending our egos, the unfortunate effect is that we close our minds to what could be helpful, and therefore persist with our mediocrity rather than learn and grow. While having a rudimentary tool is certainly better than having nothing, a finely crafted tool is far more pleasing to use, and enables better results to be achieved. The purpose of language is to communicate effectively. There are some instances where you can butcher language for humorous effect, or to communicate a situation, or even relay a subtle message. In such cases, even though grammatical rules might be broken, effective communication is still the intent and can be achieved. If grammatical mistakes are not deliberately trying to achieve something, then they are merely detracting from effective communication, being a distraction, getting in the way. Good writing usually requires a number of drafts before a polished effort is attained. On paper, this is, of course, best done before publication. In an online environment, it's easy to slam out a post quickly, but it's usually equally easy to correct the published version if errors are spotted. To advocate that readers simply accept error-filled work because an author is either too sensitive to take constructive criticism, or too lazy to bother making corrections, are not convincing arguments to readers wanting something better.
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