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  1. Saoninal's Music for E&B

    Found it. Your link is now HERE Also edited first post.
  2. Saoninal's Music for E&B

    I should, I'll have to dig around and find out.
  3. Well this is general discussion.  Fill them out if you wish, or at your risk, taking into account this is a new member and first post.
  4. Finish building the Antares station

    I'm sure (well, hope) this will come into play at some point as the story progresses.  Then again, who knows was surprises await!
  5. New Sol Objects

    Here is your link.  :)
  6. Über Mobs - and Solo Combat

    Alas I had been struck by the Flu.  The results are in and will be finalized shortly.  Unfortunately a few more votes were disqualified.
  7. Is ST4 fulfilling the objectives of a stress test?

    Hmm,  someone must have voted.  As we are no longer in ST4, this will now be closed.
  8. voting

    Don't worry Kyp, there is a way and it is covered. :)
  9. voting

    Yes, you are required to have a minimum number of posts to vote.  Ideally we'd like you to be active and remain active in the forums :)
  10. Player Advocate Section

    At various times the topic has come up as to if the Advocate position is useful or not, if it should remain, go, or change.  So, here is a poll to gather your thoughts and opinions.  I in no way guarantee the Devs will implement any changes or suggestions.  This is simply informational for them to review and take into account, plus will foster (hopefully) discussion among the playerbase about the position.   Feel free to pose more questions, and I may add them to the poll.
  11. Player Advocate Section

    Hello everyone, and welcome to our election!   I'm sorry I've been absent from the forums recently, but I was traveling and wasn't able to access the net.  So, here is your delayed vote and a breakdown of who qualifies.   Daath: Declined Cimbad: Candidate Unicorn: Candidate Prrekoorb: Declined ShadowWalker: Candidate Wetpolecat: No 2nd/accept Mimir: Not accepted   I'll leave the topic open a week.
  12. Guild Raid Rotation Change Suggestion

    Why does bashing have to stop?  Seriously?  You're admitting that it is bashing?  The forums are not a place to go at anyone.  This is a public place and everyone should treat everyone else with respect.  If you have issues with someone talk to them.  If you need a mediator get one.  Please, tell me the goal of bringing up alleged past happenings on a public forum and how that will foster community.  Just keep to the topic of the guild rotation. If you have a legitimate issues of abuse, report it.  I'd be happy to make sure it gets taken care of.
  13. My comment

      Let me be clear.  Any guild rotation agreements are for the guilds.  The Dev team has no say, and no interest in regulating agreements between guilds or getting involved in guild politics.  As far as any lag during raids, steps have been implemented that allow you to reduce your lag/visuals, and I am not aware of any ongoing issues.   As I see no reason to leave this topic open, it is now closed.