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  3. Today when i started to log in on the tools both GMTools and tools launcher/EnB Chat and the Mission Viewer i get a 500 and 503 internal server errors, i can log in to the game so that side appears to be working
  4. Yes, yes, itΒ΄s not simple texture change, but first i have to study, how its created. I am suprised, how the creators were sophisticated. I will continue with improvements. I send mix files agail soon.
  5. Damn nice work 😍. It amazes me that they added moving textures, for the planets, when they created the game. With this update its really noticeable again......even for those that run in smaller windows. πŸ‘
  6. There are a few other current posts on this so you may want to check those but here are the three things that tend to be the most common (try them one at a time to see if it grants access). Make sure you are running Net-7 launcher v.2.2.0 Make sure you have the appropriate check boxes checked (screenshot attached) net7proxy.exe and main.exe should be set to Compat Mode (screenshot attached) in Windows Defender (if running Win10) the following files MUST have their Public rule enabled to allow access (screenshot attached) LaunchNet7 main (this is the client.exe) net7proxy.exe
  7. I changed the textures of this planets and moon: Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Odin Rex, Grissom, Arduinne/Ishuan and Io. this is gift: https://ulozto.cz/file/MSbSUu7F0ugj/e-b-mix-5-6-220119-zip#!ZGHjAwR1MQZ0MwVjLmZ1LzRlMGV4nzq1ZSyFF2gWZTISLmt4 enjoy
  8. I wanted to thank you for your help Woodstock. I was able to complete the mission very quickly (on my TT Whitemoon) once I realized my mistake. My JE is gated behind the Red Dragon Figurine mission. I've been meaning to tackle that one anyway. Keys cost only 810,000 on my TT \o/
  9. also must be >-1000 Vrix to dock at station on primus planet
  10. there are new screnshotss from the edited game. well?
  11. Hello to all, I am a returning player although it's been nearly 9 years since I was last playing on the Emulator..... Have heard such good things about it from my brother (Holyman) and trying to find me some time to play this beloved game properly again. Anyhow, I have installed the game, launcher files etc, managed to get my game accounts sorted again and change passwords and as of this morning I can now login to my game accounts and launch the game.. Hooray!!!! HOWEVER - And im damn sure this is something I've missed or need to do. Whenever I undock, the galaxy map comes up and goes no further just has the Loading progress bar in the bottom right, if I end task and then log back in, I find my character outside the station I was undocking from, I try to dock and the same thing happens again with the Galaxy map screen. Also when docked, I have tried to interact with an NPC but get nothing, just swings in to start the dialog box but no dialog box and can't exit the NPC, have to end task again and relaunch. I do see in the systray on windows the Net7Proxy icon saying "Awaiting Master Handoff" so Im assuming that I'm missing something in network settings?, any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. NOTE: DOH, realized original post was from 5 years ago. Yeah, RPIng is tough when people take long breaks from the game. Trying to remember all the game details and then RPing to include that....well it takes a bit of work. I think you might have a shot but you would likely need to break RP for some stuff so you MIGHT need a way to distinguish RP from non-RP chat. You might just go full RP and just use whisper's for non-RP stuff. Good luck!😎
  13. Not sure if you mentioned this but if you are launching multiple net-7's/enb clients are you running the same one or different ones? If different ones you will need to grant access in the windows defender for each one. My bet is you do not have a static IP and your service provider is randomly assigning IPs. Some are able to access the login server and some are not. I use a VPN and, very rarely, run into this issue (and get the same invalid password error) and have to change to a different location. NOTE: If you have a slow connection logging multiple clients in will just not work. The login server requires a response in a pretty fast amount of time and it will just hang on the login part (there are three steps from entering password to loading into the game and you can mouse-over the taskbar icon to see what step its on). It would be interesting to see which step you are consistently getting stuck on. I would also be interested in how much traffic is on your network. If you are running a server, hosting anything, have multiple people using the same connection, have someone stealing your wifi, have a bunch of programs eating bandwidth, etc. A few things to try to pinpoint the networking issue (there are several more but I am not an IT guy so you may want to google a few things to try). 1) Run a ping to the server and see what the response is and if it drops a lot. (Start/run/cmd then enter ping sunrise.net-7.org -t) 2) N a trace route and see how many jumps are being made. ((Start/run/cmd then enter tracert sunrise.net-7.org)) 3) Open task manager, select performance, then wifi or ether-net (whichever you are using) and click Open Resource Monitor. See what is using your network and how much of your bandwidth its taking up. 4) Use https://www.speedtest.net/ to identify just how fast your connection is. 5) If you are running wifi and ether-net from the same router try disabling one of them and see if it allows connection (very unlikely unless someone is stealing your wifi bandwidth).
  14. its something at your end causing it, you might reset your router, and see if you can change settings and or firewall antivirus settings
  15. Earlier
  16. if you have not played at any time during this version of EnB, You will need to create forum and net-7.org sign ins (the same for both), once signed in to the Net-7.org (Portal Page) if you have played previously you will see any avatars linked to your accounts, if you cant remember your game passwords under the account tab, avatar settings near the middle of the page is the password change area. If you have not played in this version under the account tab is the create game account selection go there and create you account (this is the actual game sign ins). if you have the game and net-7 launcher installed and updated you are ready to go, log in start using t=your old avatars, or create your new avatars ( use the inside arrows to move between avatars on the selection screen, NOTE the Terran Scout (TS), Jenquai Seeker (JS), Progen Privateer (PP) do not have audio tracks like the other six avatars, but you can select them for creation and play also.
  17. ugggh ............. you'll never guess what is happening again!!!!
  18. Hey guys, i played in this communities years ago, wanted to get back into it, for the life of me i cannot forget how to get my log in credentials? When logging into ENB, which username and password do i use? Do i use the same username/password as the one i use here? Thank you
  19. Ah, I did not know there were two missions from T2Z. Giving it another go.
  20. i looked at your Spartan avatar, first i verified that you have not previously completed the missions, (just to be sure) the only one reason i think that yoiu cant get the Mission from T2z is you have not brought him his (HINT) "Morning drink". that is required for you to get the missions, also ester McCabe wont talk to you untill you are at step 2 of T2Z'z mission Warning there are two missions from T2Z both require his "Morning Drink" this "morning Drink" is a vendor item
  21. My avatar's name is "Spartan". Thanks!
  22. there were a few issues in game that required the server dev to restart the server..
  23. What's your avatars name so that I can look in to why you cant get the mission?
  24. For the record I did a call forward and tried with my build devices at lvl 5. Still no luck.
  25. Someone else must have noticed...the server is rebooting at this time o/
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