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  3. i've pondered doing that actually, but it's still a bit beyond my skillset at the moment. the textures themselves don't seem to have a whole lot of identifiable functional patterns . (other than panels/armor and stuff that looks like exhaust ports) been eyeballing blender's discombobulator, looks to be an easy way to recreate scifi spacecraft hull panels and the like. YT
  4. There used to be a website which estimated the frequency of each drop from a particular mob based on statistics from live [I think]. Suspect that website is no longer active, and I recall seeing estimates as low as 5 percent (or even lower). Last I checked my maths, at 5 percent drop frequency, the expected number of items received by killing twenty of the spawn is one [1]. And the probability of getting at least one drop doesn't reach 50 percent until you've killed that mob fifteen times. If that sort of drop frequency applies to something like the Barrier of Ooze [level 7 shield], you have to kill the boss mob it drops from a LOT -- so much so that your 'toon won't need a level 7 shield any more because it'll have moved on to an 8 before you get one. Thus, only a collector will have one at all -- no one else will invest the time required to get one.
  5. The length of the respawn and the advantage of knowing when isnt what puzzles me. How many times do you kill a mob to collect the item before you have a crapload of them sitting in the vault? What would be the reason for it? I never saw anyone selling them off, In fact 2 of the 3 I have were given to me simply because I asked in the market chat
  6. back from dabbling (Xenon + Pirates wiped out) a bit in X4 Foundations (an even older "love" pre-dating EnB) picked up a second hand HP Deskpro for about 80 EUR (new ssd drive, windows 10) . also got about 24 old 24-inch LCD's sitting at the shop collecting dust. just need to find a cheap GPU that can power 3 LCD's (DVi+VGA only) . concerning the TLS bit; have a bit of work to do on some customers VOIP Phones, the supplier is also dropping TLS 1.1 support , which'll mean firmware upgrades for most (autoprovisioned luckily, but forced reboots/some downtimes) if you do nothing you lose network phone directories etc.. used to remember when windows 98 went through the same thing as XP, you could basicly connect a 98 machine to the open internet and watch it get infected fairly quickly.
  7. I'm told that the respawn time for Modi's Child is about 2.5 days. the group that last killed it has a huge advantage in that they know about when it will next spawn and can position their toons to intercept it. everyone else gets tired of waiting for many hours or days ... The Warder is apparently similar, although the time period may be shorter [one day]. The spawn site has been camped by one or more 'trigger' toons virtually continuously. [a trigger toon is a low level, low visibility toon always logged on and hanging in a location outside the reach of the mobs in the area. when the boss spawns, it kills the trigger toon and thus alerts its owner to log on the group to kill the boss for the loot, which is then shared out among the guild or group of friends.
  8. I never saw Modi's child either Then again I diddnt have much trouble trading for a BoL As I recall I have 2 in a vault, but havent logged in for some time Warder never saw either Given the low player base it puzzles me as to why these should be so hard to find, the few that remain cant be still hoarding the spawns, unless someone has a script running to collect the bosses ??? And for what reason would they do that?
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  10. Sorry , the beast has died of hungryness due to lack of food, The Dev are fully aware of the demand for a multi year repeated often demand for occasionnal players to have triggers for unique item drops. The Dev also offered an outside Auction page based on the Mail system. Which they have swept under the Rug, never to be heard of or spoken again because they where all in favor of getting rid of he pesky Player Advocate position ( not me, this demands, predate my volunterring as the only one wanting to do the job of player advocate properly at the time ) Plus, to get one there is the Market channel in the game and this forum to ask if any other nice player as any they want to trade for what ( feather , credits , can try $$ ). Beside, In the high level, gear raid, the system, there are much better at dropping higher cap and buffs reactor and weapon and device except for Traders. -------- In many ( begging really ) discussion with the dev ( more proposal they just said just no to, without an explantion as to why really ) about breath of life : - It Was proposed a mission guy like the one with the Hellfire Access Card - It was proposed a credit sink vendor in the 900 million per object with restrcited acces like the hidden vendor in Ishuan Station - It was proposed a trigger mission like the red dragon - It was asked for more drops as per the 3 time zone America , Europe , Asia - It was even proposed a X-mas event mission in 2017 7. The Nutty Professor Christmas Alternative. Professor E Hubble feels that the Breath of life requirement for the shooting star can be replaced. So he offers a new mission for a new level 7 -8 - 9 reactor line Shooting Star Ho HO ho, that replaces the Breath of Life with a Breath of Reaction. But first you must learn to build 10 most unused vendor sold reactor, deliver them to the professor, then you have to gather 100 item all around the universe. then he takes all the item and gives you the blueprint for the Breath of Reaction who use the 100 item you just delivered to him - It was asked that they ( Main devs ) put it Breath of Life and other Uniques on Ebay and orher real auction site for 100$ as to help with server donation /maintenance - it was asked for 2 3 more drop location at different time - it was asked that they Both drops, be made an event within the Raid system in Saturn at different time zone I had previously 3 breath of life, i gave mine away, as I already have the reactor built So there needs to be more forrum communication with the hoarder/hunter/conglomerate/guild getting them first and communication between players , The Dev are truely not interested in fixing that one. They really don't see it has an urgent problem
  11. Obtained 2 last week after trying for a week, just happened to be flying past after a couple server restarts, food for thought...
  12. There are a number of articles linked to the top of our tech support section here, and I believe also an FAQ at the net-7.org site that can help you out on the "Game Play and Issues" tab of that FAQ.
  13. Kyp, Have a link to the data needed? It's been many years since I ran the config.
  14. You point our launcher to your game client, but you have to have the original game client or enb_demo installed already and point our launcher to that path
  15. It is absolutely possible, that's the point.
  16. This is correct, the community numbers and logged in users dwindled so small for a period that it was easier for us to just talk with them directly. Of course, some of that is summer and whatnot because people wanna be outside. We're not against the player base choosing to do something like that again if it is desired but we'll need the nominees to be interested and engaged. Bringing us useful information about what you find to be pain or what you want to see improved. It may not always work in your way or be the fix you had in mind but it'll help draw our attention to what needs urgent care.
  17. As far as i know there is no longer an advocate.
  18. All, I see that my accounts are still here. As are my avatars. Here's my issue, have downloaded both the emulator and the N7. N7 isn't seeing a client? Whats the new process, want to launch my Progen battlestar again, lo!!!
  19. all required files are found at https://www.net-7.org on the web, under heading "main" [the default] and "downloads" [see leftmost button on top button bar]. Earth 'n Beyond runs ONLY on Windows 7, SP 3 and later. Emulators for non-PCs are at user's risk and NOT supported. Only DX 9 graphics are required ... all graphics cards for past 15 years have supported this or better. read the relevant "Technical Support" posts in these forums. Especially recommended -- TraderMagoo's post "Net7Config.exe for Running Custom Resolutions" about setting up the game for multiple instances [running multiple 'toons at once on same computer] (a/k/a multi-boxing). If you encounter issues in installing or entering the game, please see these forums under "Technical Support" and browse the subjects available to find those nearest to what seems to be happening for you. If you don't find one that seems to fit -- start a new thread under "Technical Support" and we'll do our best to assist. GL and hope to see you ingame soon.
  20. try this https://www.net-7.org/#faq
  21. Hello this is the only game my bf talks about. I have been researching online line and came across your forum. Can someone please tell me how and if we can start the game. Thank you.
  22. Occurs to me that in my 2.5 years since returning to EnB, I don't know who the Advocate is. Offhand, I don't see any link on the net-7.org [emulator] website that even tells us there is an Advocate ... For that matter, I also don't see any reporting of who the lead managers of various aspects of the emulator are. I know there are various groups of administrators and developers ... but, afaik, there is no organized way to find out who is who -- aside from the occasional special status tag such as Woody's or Kyp's. In the interests of sending to the correct person when something arises -- maybe this would be desirable ...
  23. Where does this stand? Still effectively impossible to get the Breath of Life.
  24. Well, there are Aliens, in this - "game"
  25. Nope, that was a different but coincedently and timewise simultaniously attack of the aliens
  26. not me tried it Jan's way and another way i read on tech support so i done a clean uninsall and will try a new install in the morning. But glad to hear you guys got back in.
  27. well since i try'd 2 diff ways i'll try a clean uninstall and a fresh install and see if that works. back in after doing a clean install.
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