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  2. No the server is up and functional at the moment.
  3. Shoot... I'm guessing the login server is down again. 🙁
  4. Yesterday
  5. I might start taking this personally. Every time I try to login it crashes. So, it's down again. Sorry if it's me. *sheepish grin*
  6. Restarted, time will be limitedly available today. Hopefully no more breakage.
  7. Login server is offline. This topic is locked until the issue is resolved.
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks so much. Working as its supposed to now and no ingame issues that I can tell.
  10. Login server down for me so can't get back on. Was actually in game but distances and warping was completely off - could not loot mobs or freewarp. looting complained about to large a distance to mob when i looked to be beside it and freewarping reset my position to the latest navpoint I had warped to (even though I had moved away from it). Heard a few in chat having simliar issues.
  11. There's a bunch of jokes I could make about women of the night given that it's up and down so much today. edit: and btw, it's down again.
  12. Login server appears to be down again.
  13. This thread is now locked until the server is back up.
  14. Elaborating more on why rally is OP. A lv150 ship with say 80k hull and 120k shield can take 200k damage. With an ivory ward of 40 deflect, it can now take 200k/0.6 = 333k damage With ivory ward + rally at 72 deflect, it can now take 200k/0.28 = 714k damage Nothing else in game comes close to the buff effect given by rally. It works on the whole group. It doesn't have charge time and lasts a long time. TE becomes compulsory for group play.
  15. Followup: It seems the problem is with Lua itself. It takes around 2 seconds to do anything at all. I've notified codemonkey and he's going to chase down options on either seeing if the wiki server can better handle lua (faster) or replacing lua if need be.
  16. The wiki is slow to load pages. I found one of the issues: https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Template_talk:Delink#And_the_proof_is_in_the_pudding With that change the "List of Ores" page goes from 20 seconds to load to just 1 second. My method was a bit of a hammer, I just removed the action it took entirely. But I suspect that is the right call given how it is used (effectively) everywhere via transclusion. The next slow template is actually a LUA module called by https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Item/GenerateHeader The LUA module called is: https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Module:Item I gave a stab at fixing it, but my attempts did not yield useful results. If anyone here has any skill with profiling code, or writing LUA, and can see what is making that module take nearly 2 seconds to run, I'd love to know. And maybe I've picked the wrong target. Mediawiki's profiler only considers how long a *template* takes to run. If the template calls many sub-modules, then it is impossible to know (at least for me) which module is the culprit. I'd love to make the wiki faster, but I've hit the limit of what I know and can figure out for now.
  17. As a TE, I'm not at all keen on your nbr 2 idea, but the others are certainly interesting..!
  18. Hi all, I am thinking about a few small changes that will add some interesting aspects to EnB. 1. Allow us an endgame mission to unlock the use of lv9 weapons for all races. e.g. lv9 beams for Terrans and Progens, lv9 missiles for Jenquai. This mission will only be started after lv150 and having spent points to max out lv8 weapons in the respective category. The difficulty can be similar to Agrippa and be completely bonkers. Benefits of this is that it gives people something fun to do at end game, and since most good lv9 weapons are race-locked, it won't be too unbalanced. Who doesn't want to be the PW beam god with a 1000 hours mission? 2. Nerf Rally. This single ability makes the whole group twice as tanky, do more damage through accuracy and crit bonus, and is too easy to apply, making TE compulsory for group play. Making Rally 50% weaker will add a lot more variety to grouping, make those activated +20 resist devices actually useful, and generally make raids more fun. Don't worry about TE been obsolete, they are too OP in more ways than one. 3. Add a mission to increase the quality of an item by 1-3% randomly. This is meant to be a huge grind, but does allow the possibility to take quest items and drop-only items to higher quality. Balance-wise some items might be bugged when they go above 100% quality, so that might be problematic. Tell me what you guys think.
  19. Earlier
  20. Lol mobs gang up on you quick on that spawn and they hit hard.. its a hard spawn, OP you're gonna die like a thousand more times in this game in equally horrifying and painful ways idk
  21. More posts won't wake me up after a certain hour, you simply have to wait. Some people have the ability to text me, but even that won't work in those hours because sleep > all. Restarting it.
  22. either log in server is down or the proxy server isn't handing off correctly now.
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