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  2. YetiGBR

    Game won't start

    I too have suffered from this following MS's Win10 updates last week, after much hair pulling and cursing (not to mention restoring from back-ups also) I eventually tracked down the issue. The culprit was a corrupted C++ 2008 file(s), ended up un-installing EnB/N7/C++ (2008) doing a reg clean and reboot then a clean install of all again....problem solved Hope this helps, YetiGBR in his Cave in Yorkshire UK
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  4. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    Any updates? what was the cost roughly and how long a print time was it? Any chance you could make a profit from printing these? Just saying, Mim
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  6. Jenquai Defender (Guide by Phorlaug)

    The Jenquai Defender has a hybrid of Exploration and Warrior skills. While not the strongest fighter or explorer, the combination will allow this class to stand up to many enemies found while exploring the galaxy.
    Strengths: Cloaking, fold space, psionic shields, summon enemies and great reactors.
    Weaknesses: Light armor, small cargo hull and poor shielding.

    The Jenquai are the descendents of the first explorers to map the far reaches of the solar system. Jenquai ancestors struck out from Earth on giant long-haul deep space shuttles knowing that turn around time from when they reached their destiny to when they returned to Earth would be measured in years.

    Over time, the Jenquai ancestors became accustomed to living in harsh alien worlds and their genetic structure evolved into the current Jenquai race of today in order to take advantage of the different environments. The Jenquai have turned the pursuit of knowledge and the clarity of logic into a religion. Most Jenquai feel that the universe as a whole is the divine power and that all life encompasses that power.

    Jupiter, well actually its orbiting moons, is where the noble Jenquai live. They're masters of science and technology and without them we'd still be puttering around space at sub-warp speeds. They're the true explorers of the galaxy. Going with the Jenquai means your ships aren't physically tough, but you'll make up for that with a wealth of technologies and mental powers that bolster your position in whatever you're doing.

    Path of Dark and Brightness

    Once you have docked at Ashanti Maru, speak to Ten'Shao Anala. She will be standing in the rear of the base before the baydoors. Speak to her by walking towards her and left-clicking on her. Your mouse cursor will turn into a talk bubble icon once you are in range to speak with her.

    You should spend a few minutes and answer Ten'Shao Anala's questions. If you answer them correctly you will gain experience. A true Jenquai Defender would of course know that the Shinwa died in his first engagement because he did not know himself. And as a true Shinwa, you should have noticed the light and dark side of Europa. If you answer the questions incorrectly, you will still earn some experience.

    It's time to see Ten'Shao Anala to complete your training in Summoning. Exit Ashanti Maru by clicking on your ship.

    Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to The Sun at Noon to speak with U'nai Amitola. On your Navigation Map, the Sun at Noon is located below you. If you aren't sure where a location is, let your mouse cursor hover above the various question marks to see the name of the location. Click on the Sun of Noon to plot your course and then click on the warp button. U'nai Amitola will be circling around the Sun at Noon. She should be easy to spot by the green icon that is displayed next to his ship. Target her by clicking on her and then press the Message Button.
    The Sun at Noon
    You must use your new Summon skill to summon your shadow to the Sun Trap. Start by going to the Sun Trap. It's near The Sun at Noon.

    Target your Shadow That Follows and then Summon it by pressing the Summon button on your shortcut tray. (You could also use the corresponding key on your keyboard. In this case, it's the number 5). Wasn't that easy? Speak again to U'nai Amitola who will give you her evaluation. She can still be found circling the Sun at Noon.

    Now we're going to summon a drone while in combat! Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to The Trial of the Horde. It is located directly below you. Press the warp button.

    Once you're at the Trial of the Horde, speak with U'nai Wakisa. He'll be circling around the Trial of the Horde.
    Now that you have a feel for how the mission for the JD and the game progress, Let’s talk combat Tactics
    Cloak Is a Jenquai weapon uses it wisely and you can take on just about any prey.

    Cloak Based Combat and build.

    Your Cloaking speed, Weapons fire rate and Total damage and any D.O.T. (Damage Over Time, ie; Plasma) will play the major roles here, with Total Cap on your Reactor, Psionic Shield, Weapons Energy Conservation and Reduced ship signature playing the secondary roles.
    Because of the Jenquai’s Low shields and Hull strength your cloak is very important.

    Reactor: Highest cap, with +Recharge, + cap(Gallina, Draco, Cygnus), Reduced ship Signature (Pleiades) or any combination of.

    Shield: What ever style you play your shield should be the best you can get. Higest Cap, + Cap, +Recharge (Defender's Doumaru). I personly don't put much into deflects but i'm sure others do.

    Engine: Lowest Ship signature (Halley), + cloak (Pegasus)

    Device: +Reactor Cap (Power of the Elements, Advanced Weapon Control System), Plasma DeBuff (Rada, Chimaera's) , Weapons Energy Conservation (Taniwha's Pride) Improved Psionic shield ( Corona Borealis, Aegis of the Warder)

    Weapon: Highest Damage with a Refire rate at or near 4-6 seconds. remember that most Weapons that have a higher damage also have a higher reload time. The trick here is to Fire And do as much Damage as Possible and cloak. Use all Plasma. You Want the D.O.T. to keep the NPC taking damage while your Cloaked.

    Combat Cloak
    Use the Highest Damage and D.O.T. damage possible. Your refire Rate will be as high 11.0 seconds.
    NOW If your using Combat Cloak For the Double Damage Buff Keep In mind that The Double Damage Buff ONLY is supposed to work on UNModified Beams for 5 Seconds after decloaking, I believe that Means that if you have a Enhanced Beam or Enhance Weapons Damage item installed it will ONLY use the Beams Damage listed in the Beams description.

  7. Cipher

    E&B Config disappears

    My apologies, I was in a bit of a hurry when I saw this thread was updated and didn't have time to properly read through the thread before responding. Some research shows that exceptions / access violations being thrown directly from wkscli are actually quite rare, but can be caused by Explorer Shell Extensions (you can use ShellExView to see what extensions are enabled) or from security software (Antivirus/malware/etc), which you have stated is disabled. The fault offset from the E&BConfig error leads us into the _output subroutine of the *printf functions and can't really be used to diagnose the problem without a call stack or trace. (Note that E&BConfig is the original config tool that released with the game, we have no part in creating it and no access to the source code) You seem to have indicated that this happens for you even if you try installing/running on a clean Windows installation?
  8. EddieKay


    I am recently a new player, well I played this game when it first came out, but here is my problem, which I am not sure if its a bug or just my machine. First off, when I go to the intergalactic net terminal, after it finishes loaded it is a white screen. Second, when I go to trade, I noticed that some of the icons are not showing up. Third, I recently bought 2 bobcat level 2 beam weapons, but when I installed them on the ship and then launched, I could not see, I was surrounded with in a bubble, I am guessing that it did not know the weapons model. Fourth, when I go into the manufactures hub, the icons seem to be blurry. And last, when i go to dock, i see a buttons that say register and dock, what does the register button do? I am on a windows 10 machine and I included pictures to show you what i see. Thank you.
  9. Xiaolinmantis

    E&B Config disappears

    @Cipher thanks for your reply. As per my original post in this thread, I did set compatibility mode to XP with Service Pack 3.. and what happened was it shows up for about a half a second and then disappears. I just tried with compatibility mode set to XP SP2 instead and same thing yet again. To answer your other questions: - sunrise.net-7.org is indeed the host name I am attempting to connect to. - Yes, it shows the number of players currently online - Yes, what is shown in "Local IP" is correct FYI - This is not the first time I have played the ENB emulator. I played it for about a year or so and had no problems. I even installed ENB and the NET-7 launcher multiple times before (after wiping my hard drive to do a complete reinstall). I am not a total noob to this and I am telling you guys something is not right here... this is not one of the normal, easy to solve issues. And as for Windows System File Checker, I really don't see what good that will do. Look guys, I have told you before that I have installed this on 2 different machines with the exact same results. Something is amiss. If you guys have no clue, I understand... debugging issues like this can be a nuisance, especially when you can't reproduce the problem yourself. Perhaps @Kyp you might wish to have a remote viewing session with TeamViewer at some point. Then you can look at my machine for yourself and help determine what the problem is. I'm in Australia though, so we'd need to organize a time convenient to us both.
  10. Cipher

    E&B Config disappears

    E&B Config generally needs to have it's compatibility mode set to around Windows XP SP2 for it to run on W8 or later. To change the Compatibility mode for E&B Config: Right click the file Click Properties Open the Compatibility tab Ensure that 'Run this program in compatibility mode' is checked Select Windows XP SP2 if available, or Windows Vista if WinXP is not available. I have a few other questions: What is the hostname shown in the Server Host field on the launcher? It should be sunrise.net-7.org Does the Launcher show you how many players are online under the Host dropdown? Have you verified that your local IP is still correct in the Launcher after reinstalling? As a side note, I would recommend running the Windows System File Checker: Open the Command Prompt w/ Administrator privileges Run "sfc /scannow"
  11. Xiaolinmantis

    E&B Config disappears

    Further info: I completely disabled UAC and it now installed without any problems.. this is strange, as "Run as Administrator" should work fine. Can you guys fix that so the users don't have to completely disable UAC? However, we now go back to the original problems: 1. E&B Config won't run at all.. even when running as admin. And the Event Viewer shows the following: ================================================================================================= Faulting application name: E&BConfig.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x3d754f52 Faulting module name: E&BConfig.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x3d754f52 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00120b58 Faulting process id: 0x1cf0 Faulting application start time: 0x01d417479ac7600e Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\E&BConfig.exe Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\E&BConfig.exe Report Id: 67c3f756-dac7-428f-8f7b-c253822bdf5f Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: ================================================================================================= 2. Trying to play the game still results in the following error message: And note that the whole time, both UAC and Windows Defender are disabled AND I am running as admin user.... so... go figure...
  12. Xiaolinmantis

    E&B Config disappears

    Hi again, I have some more info for you... I have just done the following: - Uninstalled Net-7 - Uninstalled ENB - Restarted System - Disabled Windows Defender (switch off real time protection) - Installed ENB - Installed Net-7 Everything was going fine until the Net-7 installer tried to run the patch (enb_up.exe). Here's a screenshot: And note, I am an admin user and yes, I did select "Run as Administrator" And not sure if this helps, but I got a little more info as well by choosing to Debug it, it gave me the exception code and says it's an access violation in wkscli.dll. See screenshot: I hope this helps diagnose the problem.
  13. Xiaolinmantis

    E&B Config disappears

    Thanks for the response, @Kyp. If you look at the original question (which was closed in a rather impolite manner), you will notice that it's not just the E&B Config which has a problem, but the game itself. Original issue here: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/12157-server-failed-to-respond-to-login-attempt/ You mentioned JIT debugging, that makes me wonder if it has anything to do with my Visual Studio installation and whatever related configuration changes it may have made. I have that installed, as I too am a software developer by trade. I wouldn't have thought that would cause an issue though and I know I had E&B and Visual Studio running together just fine in the past (on an older laptop with Windows 8). Is there anything I need to configure to prevent JIT debugging being triggered? To answer your questions: - No, I have not customized anything - I can't remember for 100% certain, but I think I did try reinstalling again at the time. But one thing I definitely did was install on a second machine.. but got the same result. - As for paths in the Windows Defender list, I may not have added that to the exceptions. Later today, after work, I will try a reinstall first (with Windows Defender turned off) and then also add the paths to the exceptions list and try again. If that fails, is there some install log or other error log I can post here that can help you diagnose this? NOTE: Just before posting this, I looked back at my original question and I noticed that at that time I did have AVG. I can tell you that is no longer the case - I only have Windows Defender. However, the error from Event Viewer obviously no longer applies - it could very well have been something to do with AVG at that time. But that doesn't explain why it's still not working.
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  15. Kyp

    E&B unplayable

    I saw something similar with a mobile game I played. I had to disable the feature on a new router my ISP brought out in order to make the game work without incredible extra lags when it was transitioning between screens.
  16. Kyp

    E&B Config disappears

    So to be clear you're launching one of the config programs, and either one of them is crashing? Is your account an administrator on the local PC? These tools are very old and do things that modern security isn't a fan of (read: setting registry keys) If this message is still the same: Faulting application name: E&BConfig.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x3d754f52 Faulting module name: E&BConfig.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x3d754f52 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00120b58 Faulting process id: 0x2390 Faulting application start time: 0x01d3792a1fb9032d Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\E&BConfig.exe Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG\E&BConfig.exe Report Id: 714d47d6-2ed5-45ad-bd14-dec7f5eb816b Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Then the exception code means it is an Access Violation, i.e. the program is trying to write to protected or unmapped areas of memory. This still suggests that security software is involved. Are you certain these are the only two things you are running? (in short, this type of error is triggered at the processor level when code tries to execute in a bad place, in this case triggering WER/JIT debugging.) Did you do any customization to these executables? Have you already tried reinstalling the game and the Net-7 client while you've got your antivirus disabled? You're certain all of the paths are on the Windows Defender exception list? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-defender-antivirus
  17. Evermore

    Net 7 Database typo: Progen restircted

    Confirmed. The wording is not as clear as it should be. All is well then, and thank you for noticing the issue. For future visitors, we should add "SERVER SIDE/IN-GAME/CODE" issues to the thread topic title. Thank you again for pointing this out.
  18. Leanne

    Net 7 Database typo: Progen restircted

    The issue was on the portal at https://www.net-7.org/#item/Green+Dragon+Laser+M4 (and a few other items i checked). It seems to be fixed now. I didn't use the bug-tracker because i read "ONLY SERVER CODE RELATED BUGS" to mean game-server code, not including the web-frontend. If web-frontend things go into the bug-tracker too, I'm happy to do that, just need a confirmation.
  19. Gaird

    Taking out the trash

    Thank you for your help
  20. Evermore

    Net 7 Database typo: Progen restircted

    That's a simple fix, just need to know what item you were viewing ? and for future content issues, please use the "Bug Tracker" tab at the top of the Forums home page.
  21. Really minor thing, but it suddenly stuck out to me: There is a typo in the database listings for "Progen Restricted" items; it says "Progen restircted" instead.
  22. Leanne

    Taking out the trash

    Data Satellite IV in Mercury is at (x: -226, y: -323)
  23. Hobbs

    Taking out the trash

    For a total spoiler of all sector maps, including hidden navs, like the one you are looking for....... http://enbmaps.de/?breite=1280&hoehe=588
  24. Woodstock DGM

    Taking out the trash

    Data satellite 4 in mercury sector. it is a very hidden nav there are several others in the sector also if yo explore a bit off the beaten paths. it took me awhile to find it myself.
  25. Gaird

    Taking out the trash

    I also have this mission. It is picked up in Star Clipper station in Mercury sector, not mercury station in Glory's Orbit. I have taken the debris to data sat IV and nothing happens. The convo with NPC says Mercury's atmosphere. I have flow around the planet quite a bit and have not been prompted to due anything. Please, any advice would be wonderful.
  26. Gwindor

    Shared Friendslist

    Hi, While starting some new toons, I noticed you have to enter all your friends again. Is there a possibility to create a shared friendslist, manageble from net-7 ? Everyone in that list, is a friend on all toons under that net-7 account. and per - character you will be able to deviate (add) and if possible; anyone else supports this suggestion ?
  27. When I launch the game, it works fine for the most part. However, after a couple of minutes (sometimes sooner) I start experiencing increasing amounts of lag to the point where I need to wait 10-20 seconds for the game to register any of my actions. Net 7 launcher, proxy and the game client are all allowed through the firewall. I tried turning on packet optimization in the launcher, but that did nothing as well. Proxy's status is "fully logged in". I also tried resetting updates in the launcher. I'm connecting to the sunrise.net-7.org server. I'd love to know if it's something on my end or if the servers are just on fire. If it's the former I could use some suggestions for fixing the issue. Thanks in advance UPDATE: tried doing a complete reinstall of client and the emulator. I almost thought it helped since I played for about an hour with only an occasional lag spike, but now it's back, so I don't think that worked.
  28. Gwindor

    Donation Tracker

    No Problem Kyp, thank you for this update ! And I see updates now, so maybe you already fixed it as well
  29. Xiaolinmantis

    E&B Config disappears

    I would also like to note: this is on both of my computers - both of which have Windows 10 .. one is an ASUS ROG gaming laptop and the other a gaming desktop.. both only have Windows Defender for antivirus (no McAfee or other alternatives) and BOTH have "Check apps and files" off.
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