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  2. It's coming up to that time of the month and its not there. Would like to keep donating to keep it up.
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  4. I have previously donated to the running costs and would like to do so again, but can't find the link.
  5. Problem is, that the automatic maint./restart is lately complaining about sporadic hiccups, so we need to restart manually (which i did now).
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  7. Sinjen


    Howdy I know another person tried to do a discord channel for the game but it seemed to be riddled with problems with invites and such. I have a server that has been up and running a few years now without any issues. I invite you all to join. and lets play... Tomakh, Anjen and Clasious https://discord.gg/NFhgwAPnVA
  8. Gee thanks, I literally play 6 out of 7 days some times 7 out of 7 unless i am sick or Wife Faction work is in the way.
  9. I have to second this post and give it a bump. Every time I've run across a bug or issue with a mission, Woody has been top notch in helping me figure out if it is a bug or the nut holding the wheel. I'm pretty computer savvy to a point but everyone needs a hand once in awhile. Ran past his alt in Fenris last night, thought of shooting a quick howdy but held back figuring it's rare to see him taking the time to actually PLAY the game. Anyway, to keep it short, thanks and a tip of the flight helmet!🙂
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  11. I'll use the ingame option. I have several identity protection services due to data breaches and take security very seriously. Thanks for the tip. Well, changed the PW for Gordo account in game and now cannot log in that account. A case of if it ain't broke etc. Edit: Apparently the problem was the nut holding the wheel. Fixed it. *eyeroll*
  12. If you open account/avatar settings, then select game account on dropdown and switch to it, then you can change ingame password for that game account, or request new random password if you have forgot it. I tested and password change did work. There is also ingame command "/changepassword newpassword". Password you changed was probably forum account's and the password warning was right after login to portal probably. I really hope you have 2 forum accounts and you just got confused which one had ingame account linked. Changing forum password does not (well should not) unlink game accounts on portal.
  13. I did. And it worked but only after I input the original login information. I'll keep foostering with it until I get it right Karu, I appreciate that you are always available to lend a hand. Thank you.
  14. ??? Update? Bug fix? Server Crash? Server is down. No news that I can find atm.
  15. You go to net-7.org login with forum username/password. Open "account/account linking" page and enter your game username/password.
  16. Well, since I changed my passwords, my accounts (Gordo & Lassiter) are no longer linked. When I attempt to link them again I get a small popup message saying there is no information on record. Appreciate any input, thanks! Edit: Well, turns out the issue is that I responded to a message saying my password had been compromised. Immediately changed my passwords. Didn't take on Net 7 I guess.
  17. I was a commercial refrigeration contractor for 25 years. Known for my troubleshooting and diagnostic skills. Always check the simple things first. Comparing my desktop launcher to my laptop launcher....NOPE! What a maroon! 😖 I love this community.....🥰
  18. Server status? Is there a link anywhere to show if Sunrise is up or down? I suddenly cant connect....
  19. Launcher shows server is offline and Net-7 user count shows unknown. Edit: Looks like we're back online, thanks!
  20. Knew it had to be something basic that I should have seen...yeesh. Thank you Karu.
  21. You need to point client to enb client.exe, not net7 launcher.exe
  22. Okay, finally got the correctly updated version. Performed all the advised checks and operations. Start the client, click Play and nothing....what could I be missing? Was able to log in on my desktop last night w/o any difficulties...
  23. Dang it. No change. It's been a good while since I installed on my Desktop and this laptop has no disc drive. Downloaded all the files listed in the posts, opened them in the order listed...I'm stumped. Edit: And whatever I did with my laptop seems to have removed my Lassiter toons...*headdesk*
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