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  2. Oh man. Remember when you could import things from places? Now, the DRM stores just tell you when and where you can play things. Mad respect paying nearly the price of the game again just to get it when you deserved it. Even with its complications, I'm glad the globalization of gaming seems to have really cut down on that region-dependent BS.
  3. Last week
  4. Pegasus from day day 1 forgot guild name had a main Trader called Bowna. I live in the UK but to make sure i got it on day 1 I had to import it from Canada cost me an extra £40 quid in import fees but was well worth it at the time
  5. Played through live from pretty early on up until sunset. My main was a 150TE on Andromeda named Marinus. Was part of a small guild called Rogue Knights; I remember our leader lived in Alaska or something. I doubt anyone remembers me, but if you do I was the one always spamming trade chat looking for rare ammo samples. I wanted to be one of the first to have every ammo type in the game analyzed, and I was only missing a few by the end. I checked out the emulator pretty early on, which is why my account says 2010. Hard to believe it's been 11 years already!
  6. Hey all, Old player from live here. Checked out the emulator years ago, just decided to randomly check it out again. Anyway, I recall an old guide posted back in the day that gave the optimal route/order to explore the universe in order to maximize XP gained. Basically, explore the lower level sectors/nav points first, and save the higher level ones for later. Does anyone still have that guide or something similar? Maybe even just a list of sectors with their corresponding "levels"?
  7. So after not playing for years and years I notice I no longer remember my passwords. Email accounts suggest that my characters were under my EarthandBeyond@live.com which is not available anymore. How can I change my emails to reflect my current email client? If it is possible to assign new email change then perhaps I can change my pw using the Net-7 client?
  8. Another way in windows 10 or 11, is to hover over the running clients on task bar, then right click inside the mini window that comes up. It will bring up the option to move the window(s).
  9. Earlier
  10. Note: I have had Windows10 lock the option I mentioned. So I was unable to move the window. If that happens I found the following make work to move i "I've always used Alt-Space in this type of scenario. That will bring up a menu where you can select "Move", then use the arrow keys to move the window around. Press Enter to lock it into position."
  11. It's back! Thank you Zackman 🙂
  12. Server appears to be down and not reachable over ping 😞
  13. TeddyZ77


    Thanks for the discord channel Jr ..hope it will be used a bit more. anyway we can get permission to the other chat channel??
  14. I like that we have the discord but doesnt seem like too many use it right now. And cant seem to get permission to use the one and only chat area?
  15. Sorry really late to this post. guess it couldnt hurt to get bumped up again if needed. Also thinking arent there turrets at all gates?? Not sure what their range would be. I have seen the Vrix at alot of gates if u dont move right away they will scan then shoot. Guess they dont want loitering at the gate??
  16. No it appears to have vanished for me too
  17. Hey. Tryna gib money, but don't see a button. Should there be a button? Am I being an idiot? Thanks.
  18. I was a part of the live experience I think pretty close to the beginning of the game till the servers went offline. Twas a sad day. Just days ago I was searching for any old info about the game and dug up this N7 emulator. Can't believe I didnt know this existed for so long. Well i am back at it again and must say the devs have done a great job. Keep up the good work.
  19. Reachable again, fixing things, then restarting
  20. Thanks for the update Zackman
  21. Looks like the hoster has a problem...stay tuned....
  22. Server is offline. Is the weekly restart taking longer than usual?
  23. Make sure launcher is set to run release/client.exe under EnB install directory and not e&b.exe
  24. After hitting play button I am not getting a log-in screen. But I am getting log-in icon on my taskbar help???
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