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  2. Just tried on my laptop at work, so different computer and different LAN, but same issue.
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  4. I'll be matching my donation against year 2019's goal sometime later in 2020 when the year I feel I've decided mine was worth compared to games I subscribe to is exhausted.
  5. Top Donors list to thank if you see them : and to beat in 2020 😉 https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/donate/topdonors/
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  7. Congrats to the Emu Community last years Donation goal of the second half have been met !!! Now the Devs need to start the 2020 Donation
  8. I'd love to blame MS but what I described (and what you are describing) happened to me before applying any updates (I have them disabled). Attempting to do due diligence I figured maybe I *should* check for and apply updates so I did - working same as before (as in, broken). Pretty much just one of my accounts seems to be semi-borked at this point (garblesoup) and messed up any char playing in it after a short while. My other accounts/chars seem to be just fine though I'm avoiding attempting any dual-play out of an abundance of caution. Started up a Terran Scout and puttering about with him until I figure out the larger problem.
  9. Same issue here. Been able to play up to 4 characters without a problem as late as of a few days ago. But when i logged in today i cant have 2 online at the same time. Both toons crash. Even 1 char on 2 different computers (in same LAN) isnt working. Was trying to trade between toons when the crash accurs. The trading character sees his name on both sides of the tradewindow and the inventory goes empty. Then crash Recieving character just crashes, never gets the tradewindow. Logging in just 1 character seems to be working, though ive only tried docking and warping through carpenter. Do we blame Microsofts latest update ?
  10. Good news is /quit is working for me, which was quite handy this morning when my JD got stuck in combat in VT. Bad news is that my chars on account garblesoup are becoming increasingly unplayable. After /quit'ting and then logging back in I was able to skedaddle over to the station and dock but when I went to the vendor to sell loot my session hung. Again, /quite "cleanly" terminated the client but depressing it looks like I'm in need of something radical to resolve this. I know - and have browsed through - there's been a number of posts on installing the game + Net-7 add-on - what is the most current guide to doing an uninstall/reinstall on a Win 10 setup? I'm thinking I may need to do this as I can't see continuing to keep trying to play and merely hope it resolves itself. As always, TIA.
  11. https://www.net-7.org/?#stats https://www.net-7.org/?#guild_stats
  12. We've been getting a good influx of new/returning players. Is there any way to look up current guild stats (i.e accurate, active member count)? Maybe even get some updated recruitment posts? Just throwing this idea against the wall, seeing if it'll stick.
  13. Thanks, I forgot that had been added. I'll try that next time; IME doesn't always work but if it can avoid the TaskManager hammer it's a good thing.
  14. No idea what could be causing the issues. But next time an account gets locked up, try typing /quit. That usually just shuts that particular instance down for me when that happens. Hope this gets sorted out for you.
  15. So an update to this which has me wondering if the issue is something other than the 2 accounts being on at the same time - I'm wondering if the one account is somehow munged up. I had noticed that when I logged on to the one account there were times when the usual "welcome" messages (welcoming you to OMP, for example) and accompanying status messages (reactor installed, etc.) had what appeared to be superfluous messages about uninstalling equipment that the character in question (or even the entire account) didn't even possess and/or was incapable of using do to either level or race restriction (reinforced by browsing the chat log). Further, there would be messages about Groupings being broken and other weird things. This evening I used a character (Jarod) in this account (garblesoup) to analyze and then build a device which I then wanted to move to cargo so I could logoff and transfer via the Net-7 portal for account transfer. Analyze and build worked fine but when I went to move the item from cargo to vault the message about having been moved to vault displayed in the chat log but the item remained in cargo. I tried a couple more times with same result - chat log confirming move but item staying in cargo. I went to log off and was again forced to alt-tab swap so I could bring up Task Manager and cancel the sesion (NB - I was only running ONE account throughout all this, no multi). Using the portal I could confirm the item (L7 Chimaera) was still in Jarod's cargo. I restarted the client and logged back in to Jarod, successfully moved the item from cargo to vault and was able to logoff normally and then xfer the item to another account/character (Warsteiner on account garblesoup2). I'm wondering if there's some kind of corruption in play here and if there's a course of action I can do that cleans it up. Uninstall/reinstall seems radical, hoping there's something a bit more surgical (if I'm even going down the right road here). Advice welcome, thanks.
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  17. So been able to play 2, 3 even 4 chars (across 4 accounts) at same time with no issues (with exception of occasional lag and other "normal" stuff) for a long time. Today I was farming char from account1 in BBW when I fired up account2 to send a different char to F7 to pick up an item someone was giving away. Both chars went south at this point - the char in account2 just kept warping past the gate from Carp to Glenn until it hit the "edge" of space and the char in account1 in BBW became unresponsive. I couldn't end either session normally and had to alt-tab to fire up Task Manager to end both of them. Since then while I can run any ONE account at a time just fine should I fire up a second account I run into problems. Characters can't trade with each other (frequently can't even see each other) and every time, once I've started a second account, I have to use Task Manager to forcibly end the sessions. I've done clean reboots, checked Net-7 client at startup to delete updates, started Net-7 sessions to get clean login then clean logoff but every time once I am running 2 accounts simultaneously the net result is joyless. Not sure what to do or even how to debug. Running Win10 Pro 64-bit on an I7-4770K with 16GB and not having issues with any other programs. Again, up until today all of this has been running great. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  18. thanks Myla , the option was not availible in my lnaguage until you did it in yours , so thanks a lot for it
  19. nope perm link is free >> https://discord.gg/8JatdY6 << in default the link is 1 day only, but just bellow u can swich some options - just pres EDIT as on the fig bellow - from 1 day to everlasting, and unlimited clicks;)
  20. You're quite welcome, it's the easiest to follow guide I've seen to date for getting into the complexities of that logging tool and getting useful information out of it. I'm glad I could help, and good luck hunting down the bug(s)!
  21. I followed that link and can now open the crash logs and make custom lists. Looking up some of the errors I saw has led me down a very useful and informative path on what's going on with my system overall and there's more going on then just EnB issues that I need to address, so thank you very much for sharing it.
  22. Arethusa, I'm sorry that wasn't the silver bullet for your issue. Possibly, depending on how technical you are, the win10 error logs could pinpoint the problem. If not directly by you then perhaps one of the seriously technical-minded people around here. If you know how to set up the error log to look specifically at application errors it might just point to why it's happening if they are looked at by someone who really understands the intricacies. If not, I'm adding a link to a pretty staightforward guide: https://www.digitalmastersmag.com/magazine/tip-of-the-day-how-to-find-crash-logs-on-windows-10/
  23. of course it work , it has a 24hour time for the link do and one need to pay for ti to upgrade in level or have way more people for toher option to unlock on discord ... i think the permanent link require pyent of 10$ per month ( not even sure on that ) not itnerested andnot paying for it.
  24. Nevermind! It's finally back. Thanks anyway
  25. Hopefully the server is just taking longer than usual to restart, but I suspect it needs a kick.
  26. That had occurred to me as well but it's such a pain to get to the back of my box I was hoping against hope that there was another issue but I bit the bullet and pulled the Rift rebooted then launched the game, sadly it didn't make a difference system still rebooted at the character selection screen. Looks like I may have to do a complete reinstall when I have the time, but thank you Sleepwalker for the reply.
  27. The only thing I can think of to suggest is to disconnect the Rift and see what happens. It shouldn't change anything, but I remember a long time in my tech career that a cable which went to absolutely nowhere, once disconnected, solved a major issue.
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