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  2. I am happy to inform you that I just bought an old copy of the Earth and Beyond demo CD on ebay! Now maybe I can do something.
  3. Net 7 is installed ,when I run it its looking for the Earth and Beyond directory,however,I cannot install the game as the exe file to do that wont work. Its looking for a file at fileplanet and its not able to find it. So there is no way to actually install the game so net 7 can find it. What a shame,cheers
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  5. Hi Pinhas, You need to follow all the instructions on the "net-7.org / FAQ / How do I get In the Game", assuming you have followed all those instructions the game should start and you will be able to create a character. From the sounds of it you have only installed the demo.exe which is from EA and will not work without the Net-7 Unified Installer installed. Please follow the instructions on the page I refered to above and report back success or failure pls. All the best, Yeti[GM]
  6. Hi, I downloaded the earth and beyond demo.exe but it will not install,its looking for a product key from file planet. What now.
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  8. Hi Luluman, Pls can you supply some more information as to which avatar you are having this issue with and, please check that you have all 4 check boxes on the client launcher checked in the Server section on the left as shown below. Contat me in game on any of my toons YetiTS/JS/JS/TT/JD/TE/PW/PP/PS All the best, Yeti[GM]
  9. It is not possible for me to access Zweihander from Witberg. I always stuck in gating process. I tried this with different toons with the same result. It would be cool, if someone can check and fix it.
  10. Wow! Thank you! This is very interesting to know that it affects not just ENB. It's getting curioiser and curioser... 🐱
  11. looked into some things with my mobile provider and it seems they dont support nat4-->ipv6 to v4 port forwarding. the work around is to use a nat64 supported router or similar. So thats what im looking into. this issue also affects anarchy online a sci fi mmo i play so i know its not just enb.
  12. Yep, thats me (restarting server).
  13. Hi Kyp/Zackman looks like the login server just went off line, cannot Login and client launcher is showing as "Offline" as of 18:10 GMT
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  15. Actually, strike that. It worked just once, now I am back to the same problem - can't login inside the game.
  16. Don't know if it will help... I just had a very similar issue and then I noticed that "prototype reorder" check-box in Net-7 launcher was not checked. I checked it, and now I can log in in E&B client.
  17. when i load launcher top left says 2.20 version. Bottom right says version 543 and the other client folder inside net7 folder says 287
  18. Surprised this thread never got any love from a dev. At first I read the idea of swapping Reactor Optimization to the 135 skill and giving the Seeker something else, and though great idea, because RO sucks as far as I see it, wears off way to soon, more of an annoyance, something that should only be applied if you are going up against some really tough mob and need that slight edge to save you from destruction... but then I saw Ulyydian's post about the 135 skills and have to say those seem good and consistent, it should stay with those. As for the rest that was discussed, and what I have thought about a lot over the years... Yes I can see the Seeker and Privateer have not been given the attention they should have, they seem only 80% complete. I want to start by saying I don't think the Seeker needs something special to set it apart like the Explorer, as I think since the JE had only 3 weapons and had little damage contribution to groups doing raids and the like, it was pigeon holed in to mobile battery support. Like the three warrior types, it is basically doing one thing, but three ways to do it. As the JE is just another way to get your explore on. The traders would be the same, just three ways to go about it. I do think the in-game lore of the Seeker was forgotten when they created the class skills though. I remember in the Character and Starship Creator back during live, you could access the three unreleased classes, and a skill listed for the Seeker, was Psionic shield. The Seeker is not supposed to be the trade arm of the Jenquai, but an investigative, almost police force. While the Shinwa were created to deal with the military weakness of the Jenquai against the Terrans and Progens, evident during the Gate War... the Sharim are a recent addition to the Jenquai, as they are tasked with hunting down those that loot Jenquai artifacts, specifically the Red Dragon and InfinityCorp. They are an anti-piracy force, and as such should be slightly more combat oriented than the default Terran Trader, and I think that is where Psionic shield comes in. Just like the Privateer, as it has the PW skill Shield Inversion, the Seeker should have had Psionic Shield from the beginning. Reactor Optimization should have been that instead, or be changed to that... if not increase the amount of skills classes get by 1 or 2. Furthermore: Cloak and Fold Space at 5, make perfect sense, but... Scan only being to 5 is an issue, all the Jenquai should have Scan 7, if this wasn't intended to show the Jenquai's superior scan tech, then the JD would have Scan 5, and the other two explorer classes would have Scan 7. Negotiate only being 5 is another, as this is a core trader skill that should be at 7, that is why the TS and TE both get Negotiate, being trader hybrids, but only to 5. The Privateer should be given Negotiate 7 in kind as well. I don't think you can go removing skills at this point, especially build skills since people put so much effort in to analyzing new items for build, but the Seeker probably shouldn't have been given Build Devices. I would say give the Progen Privateer, Build Devices as well. Originally I imagined Hull Patch as another core Trader skill, but since it was given to the Terran Scout, I can see how it could be meant to be more of a utilitarian thing and the dominion of Terrans. I would give the Terran Enforcer Hull Patch 5 as a skill in an increased skill count for classes. Another inconsistent skill assignment is on Navigate... being an explorer skill, but not given to the Progen Sentinal, but given to the Terran Trader in a diminished capacity, at 5. Progens are supposed to be slow, so okay, I get why the PS and PP don't have it... but the Seeker, should have Navigate 5 as well as the Terran Trader does. As it is, if you have a TT at 150 and you ignore all build skills and try to max all other skills, you will run in to a deficit of 3 skill points. With the JS, you have an abundance of 30 skill points, that's thirty... with the PP, you have even more, at 40 skill points. This is because of the skills that should be 7, being limited to 5, and then the missing skill on the PP... which probably should have been something like Reveal Weakness. And jrichards, were those earthandbeyond.ca links working in June?
  19. Alright so all I'm picking out (and it could be not enough coffee yet) is that your client side is sending an RST to end the connection with us after a response. This would seem to indicate that for sure you have the wrong version of LaunchNet7 at a glance. What was the version number your instance was showing? Also how are you currently connecting? I see you reported version 543 above which *seems* to match
  20. enb capture Magnis.zip wireshark capture
  21. Just tell it to capture everything over your LAN and then attempt to make the full connection until you run into the problem, then stop it and save a pcap or pcapng file to attach back for us. It might be suggested to zip it up and put a password on it then PM me that for me to open it for review, it *could* contain more sensitive data than intended if something not properly encrypted.
  22. hey thanks for the reply. I did get wireshark but it has alot of lines do I just scan my ethernet or more specific lines of scan? (never used it before) I ran it but there was alot of traffic on the main ethernet line
  23. This means something is wrong with the version of your Net7 launcher application, or it seems to be detecting as such. It could be something the broadband device is doing to connect you to their network. I would suggest -- if you're familiar with using Wireshark -- a packet capture that could be reviewed to understand what's going back and forth between you and our servers.
  24. I hadn't yet installed Windows 11 because my last build has finally aged to the point where it can't yet upgrade so I am sorta End of Lifing my rig before I rebuild. That said, do they still have the option to run an executable in previous windows compatibility modes? Had you tried that for the E&B client.exe?
  25. This is what one of the logs says ---> LOGIN:WRN: 11/21/22 10:56:28:GlobalErrorPacketClass recv: 1459617792 : 22 : Sorry, Your login does not appear to be valid. Try again using the default launcher ;). this seems to point to a win32 system of sorts that runs or inserts packets to a socket but might be timing out. Unless its from T-mobile broadbad box blocking it. I'l have to contact my isp and ask them. Additionally after reinstalling recently I decided to test it and go ahead and remove except when it said to remove i clicked repair and it says earth&beyond.msi is missing..which is from a appdata/temp/tempin/earthandbeyond.msi
  26. This error usually means, that "local ip" field in launcher is wrong. Other issue might be firewall (either your pc or router)
  27. Hi Johnbb, At certain times during the year there are special missions that get announced "for example Christmas" where you can get extra SP's. They are usually announced on the client launcher before the event. Allthe best, YetiGBR1
  28. I vaguely remember being able to get a few bonus skill point within the game when it was live but I cannot remember how (mission?). My question for the EMU people is "Are there Missions that give some Bonus Skill Point in the emulator"?
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