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  2. Sad to hear , hope you both get out of it without much effect from it. I hope your employer is still covering you
  3. hope you get well soon.
  4. I am not certain just *where* it's keeping this information hidden from me. But the game, even installed from the original cd-rom disks, still shows these options only... I've run through my usual registry cleaner. Even purchased the "pro" version of CCleaner and let it have its way with the registry. it *STILL* only gives those options when installing with the *ORIGINAL* CD's.. The only thing left, I think... is to completely uninstall my AV program. Yes, I paid for that as well, but, unlike it's cousins...it doesn't have a simple "disable AV for "x" number of minutes" or anything. It's a rather complicated process to "turn it off"... But. That's where I am at.
  5. I have diagnosed with covid 19, my test results came back positive, my wife is also starting to show symptoms so it looks like 2 weeks at least stuck in the house, on the other hand, it means MORE ENB
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  7. Ignore certification validate/update dialog that launcher is showing. I run on win10home/64bit. My game is in copied (not installed) to C:\Games\EnB, Net7 is under C:\Games\Net7. I have no special privileges set to any of the exe's and I run launcher as normal user. Windows user account is in admin group (ie, not limited, not admin)
  8. Opened ports TCP/UDP 3500-3808. No change. Still crashes after splash screen. re-ran both video tests at 1024x768, something closer to their native range. Tried again. Still CTD'ed. Still will not allow the certificate to be validated or update.
  9. I took your suggestions. I've clarified the title a bit and gone back and switched from XP2 sp3 to sp2. Same results. Will try to make sure *all* of te exe's called upon are xp2 sp2 as well since a few of them actually didn't have anything other than sp2 available but others were set to sp3. hmm.. yeah.. let me give that a shot. Also.. just in case. There might be some ports I need my router to open. I'll look for those in just a bit since the new Xfinity router firmware to port-forward is now web-based from *their* website and no longer an built-n function of their router hardware. Now, why EVER would they want me to actually show them EXACTLY which ports I was filtering and to whom? (That is a tale for another time...)
  10. Last week
  11. Hello, Just to query your thread title, i assume Win10 isnt a new install and you meant the game? Anyway, in my experience the only two compatibility settings that usually need adjusting for this game on all the systems i have set it up on myself or for others, is the E&BConfig.exe (set for Windows-xp SP2/3) and then setting the LaunchNet7.exe compatibility options to launch with admin rights. Give it a test and see how it goes. Regards -FFT
  12. I've been gone for a while and remembered my old favorite space-game of all time. Here are the errors and fixes I have tried along the way to reconnect. System info: Win10 Home (x64) Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3504 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 x 164 hertz D/L and install client. D/L and install unified file. Made sure that ALL *.exe's have not only been set to Admin rights/Vista 3, but took it one step further and made sure that it was set that way for *all* users. Have run the graphics setup from both "base" and Net-7 and compared them. They might be off just a tad on the FPS and poly's, but darned close. Both set to windowed at the same resolution as my desktop. (1920x1080) Edit: Also set *ALL* of the *.exe's necessary to be allowed through firewall. Patched all up to v2.2.0 / 542 / Net7proxy v245 Modded the TCP settings in my NIC for the TCP values suggested, that is, turn them off or set to zero. Disabled TCPv6 First time I try to connect, get splash screen, then CTD. The following error is recorded in the "_except.txt" "" Error code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Access address:84D95443 was written to. Exception occurred at 00582D3F Stack walk... Thread list ID: 000007D8 - Main Thread ***CURRENT THREAD*** ID: 00000260 - Texture loader thread "" ....if I try to relaunch the game I get before the splash screen ever shows. As you might imagine. I am very anxious to fix this and any help or suggestions would be welcome.
  13. Came here to report the same. Your link actually shows up in the bottom left when I mouse-over it. Was able to download. Thank you!
  14. looks like the server just crashed update, looks like it was just PRS that crashed
  15. I have 4 toons (each on their own account) that take forever to login. I timed one at 55 seconds. I have others (on other accounts) that take only seconds to login. As a test I created a new toon on the account that has one of the slow ones and his logon time was normal (seconds). So it seems that those 4 toons have an issue of some kind. Any ideas?
  16. Sorry to hear this. I do remember her... I think that a star/moon/waypoint/whatever in Glory's Orbit named for her would be nice.
  17. Checked download link and it should work. http://www.bothouse.com/enb/eandb_demo.exe
  18. trying to download the client, and when I check the agree box and hit download, the page just refreshes. Was able to download the Net-7 installer with no issue.
  19. Never mind, 1:45 and working, must have been my connection.
  20. 1:40 EST, says offline. Was having funny issues about 5 minutes before this.
  21. Earlier
  22. The Server is pointed to the wrong server on the Net-7 launcher the server Host block should read: sunrise.net-7.org
  23. were the two toons on the same account? if so, you CANT log the in at the same time, its not allowed by the game software, you can however log two toons from different accounts,
  24. So I tried to create a support ticket and it said it was dealt with but I can’t find an answer. I tried to log into two toons at the same time last night and it made my game freeze and I had to terminate client. Next thing I know I tried to log in later and it told me I had an ISP issue or under server maintenance. I seen 70 ppl online so I know that wasn’t the case and my internet works just fine. I’m unsure why it keeps happening I uninstalled everything and reinstalled it and have the same issue. If it is something on my end I have no idea because what it says is not the case. Please help me solve this issue. It’s asking me to wait for a patch but I’m not sure what the issue even is...
  25. Sigh. It's just unplayable after about 5 minutes. I can fly around, but the 5-10 second delay makes battle impossible. Going to work with Cisco on my firewall, but I don't think it's going to do any good. Just going to have to wait for Comcast to build out in the neighborhood. Plenty of bandwidth to console game online, watch Netflix/Disney+, or play games on this PC, but something with EnB just isn't working (for me). Something my PC or security setup just hates.
  26. The only thing I might be able to suggest is a packet capture at that point to see what you're seeing between your gateway and our server(s).
  27. I will add these to firewall exceptions for that IP, see what happens. I can gate now, so that's good. But the latency/lag for me is too much to play. Literally a 5-second delay between any button pushed and the action taking place. Initially, it's normal. But after about 5-10 minutes, super delay. Bandwidth usage is almost nothing, which is great - I just must be in a horribly latent spot. But thanks for the tips and things to try. I'll keep trying - maybe install on another pc, too, see if the same thing happens. Spoke too soon. Can't gate anymore. Looks like I can play 5 minutes at a time. lol
  28. Everything is back up i just had to wait for everything to filter down to me. I'm fly back up as of about 7 hours ago.
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