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  2. It Came in the mail today, Thank you Very much
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  4. Yeah I got in a few times, but, like what was stated, after about 5-10 seconds it hangs and becomes un-responsive.
  5. sat in the earth and beyond disco channel in chat room 1 if anyone else is just hitting refresh on the forum and hitting the 'check' button on the launcher heres the disco, come say hi https://discord.gg/kszYsF7M Tulkas ExploreJE PWHulksmash
  6. same here, can get as far as character selection, then game just hangs. I also watched as everyone logged out (As I was talking to you Higginz) The launcher shows 15 people on line. Not usre if they are in, or trying to get in.
  7. There was a mass exodus about 10 mins ago. Login works, but gameplay becomes unresponsive after a few seconds.
  8. Server appears to be down, just watched as everyone logged out. The launcher works, can get as far as character selection, then the game hangs.
  9. I saw a couple downloads on printables and was hoping someone else was giving it a shot. Most of my prints are mechanical widgets so getting things smooth and pretty is a new experience for me. If you get one printed up I'd love to see it. Chromeplate is a good call, I'm working on one right now with the plan to use sandable automotive primer to smooth and then just shoot it with a chrome or gold paint (since I can't do detailed painting). I'm hoping my friend who is a good painter uploads the TS here eventually but I think he's going to warm up on about three different models before he puts brush to plastic.
  10. Hey nmkippes, thank you for uploading the models, i like your "cut shipbody in halves approach". that paint looks quite rough, not a pro-painter either, the material is quite rough to begin with straight of the printbed. (i've been trying to smooth bits using various putty's with mixed results. nice job on the standard aswell, you could chromeplate the thing and it wouldn't look out of place on a CEO's desk, heheh
  11. Hey, you only need to run the Launcher in Admin Mode, as the guide says (must read tho...)
  12. Last week
  13. What started all this havoc was I thought my Net-7 Launcher was crashed. It went to the task bar but didn't show. I ran the net7launcher.bat and it went to my EA-Login no problem. I still wanted the Launcher to work correctly. I downloaded the launcher again. Now that's when the net7proxy version problem started. My Launcher was on the task bar it just wouldn't come up when I clicked it. Before you muck up your install see if you can click the lauch.bat file in the net7/bin folder. this checks your net7proxy version, If you come to EA Login screen, EXIT and follow steps below. There was nothing really wrong with the Launcher other then it was minimized in the task bar. *IF Clicking on it Does Nothing) Go to the properties (right click on Launcher and set or switch it to maximized and re launch it then set it to the size you want. You HAVE to SET FILE PERMISSIONS in all your folders to get it to update! Uncheck Read Only Properties. When you click Launcher and try and update and the update box doesn't come up your properties or write permissions are still mucked up. Just Launching the Net-7 Launcher in Admin Mode will not cut it. You have to be able to overwrite the programs in Net7 folder. You have to set write permissions correctly. If your Game is Not running in Full Screen Mode, Look in the E&B Config Section in the Launcher to Fix your screen resolution. I Would really miss this game.. If they took it down again. Thank You soo much to the people that got this going again, After EA Pulled the Plug on us. I hope my comments are of some Value, Please Don't Give Up on it! IT is a Windows Problem, You kind of have to be an advanced User, Everything they Do here Works! IT just takes a few advanced skills to fix it.
  14. oh wow, that worked thank you very much
  15. its probably been minimized hover over the button on the task bar when the mini window opens right click and select maximize or restore and it should appear
  16. Prototype reorder needs marked, before you get in game,. Also Check your local IP just to make just its correct
  17. is there a setting i have wrong or is my internet speed just to slow? I live in the mountains of north carolina.....
  18. C:\Users\user>tracert www.net-7.org Tracing route to www.net-7.org [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Ericnet [] 2 21 ms 31 ms 21 ms 3 20 ms 22 ms 35 ms 4 * 26 ms * e0-5.switch3.atl1.he.net [] 5 24 ms 39 ms 40 ms ae-89.edge4.Atlanta2.Level3.net [] 6 * * * Request timed out. 7 43 ms 44 ms 40 ms HAMPTON-ROA.ear3.Miami2.Level3.net [] 8 * * * Request timed out. 9 * * * Request timed out. 10 43 ms 40 ms 49 ms forum.enb-emulator.com [] 11 44 ms 44 ms 53 ms forum.enb-emulator.com [] Trace complete.
  19. I'm having trouble getting the launcher to appear on the screen when I launch it as an administrator. The net7 logo appears on the toolbar but it does not open on the screen.
  20. Hi all! just installed on: Win 10 x64 Ryzen 5 5600x RTX 3070 16gb DDR4 3200 Run launcher (Admin+compatibility win7), update finished, Ran gfx config, tested config, click play, accept user agreement, get splash screen, drop to desktop... Only happens when I try to run full screen. Any ideas?
  21. Thanks for that Woody. I'm guessing the follow up mission would be the same. Time to update the wiki.
  22. I just completed the 'Chavez Peon' mission, with +1621 Chavez rep. I am now unable to pick up the follow up mission from Chavez Guard Victor, 'The Chavez Lackey'. The wiki page shows I fit all the mission requirements. Could the OL 35 listed really be CL 35, as the next mission 'More Chavez Lackey Work', has a CL 33 requirement.
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  24. jrichards


    There is a teamspeak3 server: ts.net-7.org
  25. Gwahir


    I just joined the disco channel, not sure why its as dead as it is? Such a useful interactive useful tool, especially for when servers down, or trying to find someone. Not to mention its a fun place to chat with people too. Really handy for voice converstaion. So come on folks, hop on the disco channel! We can all moan together while the servers down haha Tulkas btw, Ghwair was my main in live
  26. I hope this update has some new exciting features, like the smoking mirror haha, its sure taking its time its time today
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