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  2. Beerrun

    Anyone using ISBoxer ?

    Have the same issue, I can never launch the game from the proxy anymore, always have to use the launcher
  3. Last week
  4. Yes... you're right. SP3 is enabled. And I appreciate any help. Should've known that they would need system information to help diagnose.
  5. I hope you mistyped and have Win XP, SP 3 [three] compatibility mode being used. We've reached the limit of my knowledge of EnB interactions with Windows ... so I'll have to be a bit quieter now
  6. I'm running Windows 10 Home 64-bit with a Intel i7-3770 3.4ghz cpu and 16gb ram and a GeForce GTX 1060 card with 3gb ram. Yes, every .exe in the net7 and e&b folders is set to win xp sp3 in compatibility mode and to run as administrator. I only had 3 of 4 boxes checked on the Net-7 launcher. I checked all 4 and it would still happen. I restarted the pc and it still happens. Let me know what else I can provide. And tyvm for the help.
  7. Lquan

    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    to everyone who is having install issues: -- hang in there. Earth and Beyond does work. and, PLEASE -- when you post your problem, tell the DEVs what operating system you are running and which service pack. If you're trying to use a Windows emulator [on either an iMac or Linux box], they need those details as well. Yes, Earth and Beyond apparently still runs on Win XP [SP 3]. It runs on Win 7 64 bit [I'm less sure about 32 bit -- haven't had a 32 bit computer in over a decade now]. It runs on Win 8 and Win 10. Yes, you have to run the install under admin privileges [MicroSoft won't allow programs from outside sources to automatically select "run as admin" -- it's a fundamental safety measure]. And YES, after the program is installed, you then have to manually set the LaunchNet7.exe file to "run as admin" as well as run under the proper Windows compatibility mode {Win XP, SP 3 -- I admit that I'm unsure of this for Win 10 users since I'm refusing to use that operating system myself}. And yes, it is quite possible that your anti-virus or anti-malware program, including the firewall in your router or computer, is stopping EnB from communicating with the server. This can be fixed by creating an exception for the LaunchNet7.exe file in the preventing program. We're looking forward to seeing you ingame ....
  8. karu

    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    Wrong internal IP selected on launcher or incoming UDP connection is blocked by firewall / router.
  9. Beerrun

    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    I did a completely fresh install on another PC and it's giving me the same proxy error...
  10. Beerrun

    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    I get "server failed to respond to login attempt" when I try and start via net-7 proxy. I reset updates in admin mode and did all the steps others have done and still have the same issue.
  11. Lquan

    A Space Game That's going into Sunset

    thank you, thank you. More folk always welcome
  12. Earlier
  13. There is another space game that i play some times. Won;t mention any name's, but it's in sunset at the end of the month, so i'm steering some of the good players over here. Just saying.
  14. Gullet -- the emulator's tech support staff needs to know what operating system you are running and that you are running the .exe with administrator privileges, and as an emulation of which operating system [if applicable]. Also that you have all four check boxes on the login screen checked. Windows 7 64 bit is prone to this; possibly other o/s. I use the taskbar for this -- just click on the session you want to make active. Does require setting up the window to be slightly smaller as per the post by Magoo in this part of the forums.
  15. Apologies if it doesn't belong here. If not, I'll move it to the GM Public Support forums. Anyone else have this issue? It happens almost 100% of the time when I go to alt+tab back into the game when I get to the gate and I go to click the gate button right away. However, I play in windowed-mode, so sometimes I accidently click on something in the background and it'll minimize the game. If it's done really fast, it'll crash the game. I'll try to alt+tab back in or click on the game in the taskbar and it's frozen. So I have to close the game through the Task Manager.
  16. Woodstock DGM

    would like to look up old account

    How old is old. Of your talking a out original live. No can do. EA wiped them out. If your talking Net-7 stress tests to now it's possible. Since 2012 alot easier though. PM me your account if remember it and toon names and of you remember your email that you used that also. Woodstock HGM
  17. how do I review a list of old accounts - there used to be a member list that had all of the member names
  18. sector object "Kastör" gives malformed UTF-8 encoding error. 'net7' tables are in latin1. Not sure if game uses latin1 directly or it uses wide strings (in which case converting db to utf8 would be best solution) for now fixed in php
  19. Kyp

    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    No, we didn't retain this after we got to a stable multiplayer mode.
  20. Hi Lquan, Can you register this in the bug tracker instead for us? I see that it is not working as you described. We'll have to debug. I would assume something's been added to the sector that is causing an issue with it being read in.
  21. at website ==> www.net-7.org/#maps the map for sector Altair III will not load as of 6 Jan 2019 at 1640 GMT other sectors seem to be loading just fine. Server issue??
  22. IssacOzzman

    Hello Issac Ozzman I have Started a Letsplay.

    I will Go with the Beta Max I Have some old Beta Max Tapes with Original Star Trek Ep. on them
  23. karu

    Linux(maybe mac?)/Wine install guide.

    @Antflyer net7patcher (source and binary) is available from https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/66-linuxmaybe-macwine-install-guide/&do=findComment&comment=91540 net7proxy.exe is available from Net-7 folder that patcher is keeping up-to-date. (I removed the .exe files from your post)
  24. Antflyer

    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    Anyone still have the net-7 single player version. The one that do not use mysql. 1.7 I think. Was a limited version but can use beta/admin commands. I did with tada-o version (sourceforge) but is a pain old mysql server and debug mode. The one that was xml file was funny. Thank you.
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