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  2. all do drop and are not rare drops, just medium low level drops all the mobs do spawn at a regular basis.
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  4. Most of the Oni parts are a very-very slow drop rate. Colloidal Magnetic Transmitter (9) A. Reclaimed Manes Essence (6) - Splendid Mane - lvl 51 B. Daeva Photon Emitter (8) - Oni Daeva - lvl 41 C. Wraith Neutropics (8) - Oni Wraith - lvl 45 & 50 D. Oni Bioflux Pheromone (8) - Oni Fiend - lvl 36
  5. I made a discord server I tried to design it like the forums, it's still a work in progress currently there's custom emotes, roles, channels and voice area's that can be used. Yes I know there's a TeamSpeak however some people prefer discord. Also there's more security on Discord, you have to had at least verified your email and been a member for 10 minutes to join. The #welcome room is where you're announced, there's a section where you're automatically granted the role of New Player whenever you join the discord. In order to be granted access to the main area you must post what you main race is that you play. You're not going to see anything else, until you do this sorry that just the way things are.
  6. What is your Avatar's name so i can look up the issue
  7. I have the build ammo skill to level V but I can't get the Crystal Altar 2 to speak to me . The WIKI indicates: Build Weapons 5 (have not confirmed with Build Ammunition 5) So I'm assuming that this doesn't work?
  8. I got back in the game because of a Youtube post. That was two years ago. If anyone has Youtube posting skills, a short vid on parts every month or so to keep it in view might be a big help.
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  10. this game is great. its wonderful how well everything runs so well on new computers. Its exactly like how i remember from playing back in college. I'm glad I found you.
  11. I am trying to install the Net7 client and it will work, but when it tries to update it crashes with an error on multiple VMs. When I try to run Net7 Launcher again Windows gives at error saying "This App Can't Run, contact the company for more info" or something along those lines
  12. Will do and very much appreciated (it'll be after work 'til I get my info).
  13. For security reasons Please pm me your account information and any emails and account names and the names of your avatars so that i can research your issue. do not put this information here in the forums please use private message. Thank You in advance
  14. In the Title...been away for a year or so, had to reinstall on my PC (laptop still has game installed), and I'm ready to go. Characters are all there on Net-7 Portal, but when I log in on either account, there's only one toon, and it ain't mine. Please help: the desire to play is high, but, having played in Live, and there for Sunset, not sure I can make the grind again. TIA.
  15. There's a few things you could do. . . Try posting on Enb Reddit about the emulator project, though it may not get much traction as there hasn't been a post on 2 years, could also try posting on Spacesimgames. Make sure to keep the Facebook updated or make a Twitter site that has detailed updates for people to follow about the game. See if you can get streamers to stream the game on Twitch with details on how players can join the server. Make a Discord page for everyone to join, meet up, create events and or just get together.
  16. Hello all, I hope all is well. I never stopped thinking about you all. I am currently playing Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) Yes it is PvP, yes it is free to play, it has in game purchases. I am playing on server/Galaxy 79-Reliant. STFC has taught me somethings about PvP. Star Trek Fleet Command has got nothing on this Emulator. Earth and Beyond Emu is a much better game. IMHO it lacks one thing, Elective PvP that IS NOT server wide. I will always believe that E&B would be an ideal PvP game in the way that I have designed it And from YOUR input. Again my opinion probably doesn't matter BUT, Stay here, this EMU rocks! Luv Phorlaug
  17. Good one, JR! I just popped over and gave it a 5-hugs rating... only us 2 so far.. If anyone else is reading this post, support ENB's rating on that site and add a hug, please! It looks like you don't have to log in.. just go to https://oldgamesdownload.com/earth-beyond/ and click on a heart icon! Am wondering if there's a sub-reddit for old games... I haven't logged in there for ages, but perhaps another avenue for raising awareness..
  18. Thanks, Woodstock! It was the local IP address.
  19. check these two things, server should be pointing to sunrise.net-7.org and check your local IP address it may not be correct
  20. I am on Windows 11 and it has been working fine until today. I reinstalled the launcher (now V2.2.0) and it still says "server failed to respond to logon attempt." I reset the updates, still no joy. I even opened my firewall for e&b the launcher and the proxy to no avail.
  21. I am unable to login as I get the "Server Failed to Respond to Logon Attempt" I logged in two days ago with no issues and have not updated any firewall settings. Any ideas, please?
  22. I really need to get back into plaything this, it's just I have had to much going on will probably need a tour for sure.
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