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  3. I'm getting an error every time I hit "Play" after launching "LaunchNet7". It states "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt". Thus far, I've done the following: Allowed "client.exe" from Earth & Beyond folder through Firewall. Allowed "LaunchNet7.exe" and "net7proxy.exe" in the Net-7 folder through Firewall. Both disabled and set AVG to ignore the Net-7 folder. Ran LaunchNet7 as Administrator. Is there anything else I can do to make this work? I am quite excited to play EnB again after all these years. In case it matters, my system is running Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit.
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  5. this is the first time i have seen anything about your issue from you. if you can access the net-7 portal page under the account tab then avatar settings there is a block at the top of the page where you select the game account towards the bottom of the page there is a place to change your own passwords including forgot passwords. select the game account and change that password Woodstock HGM
  6. Hello, I wanted to start playing again and found I could no longer login and all attempts to reset my password seems to fail. I even decided, sure I'd just create a new account but no luck logging in on that either. Still ideally I would prefer to recover my old account. Thoughts?
  7. I think I found an old (can't remember brand name) cooler on top of Ishuan Station, but do we really need ice if we're in space?
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    This should help others with the same problem. Change the Local IP address to the one listed at the bottom of your dropdown in the launcher (see attached) This should correct that error you're seeing.
  10. Are you using the net-7 launcher or the old EA Game Launcher which does not work?
  11. This should help others with the same problem. Change the Local IP address to the one listed at the bottom of your dropdown in the launcher (see attached) This should correct that error you're seeing.
  12. Ripster, Open something in technical support. Please don't use this thread. It is monitored for outages. This is not the server that is failing to respond in your case, it is possible you have software firewall or something else that is blocking a necessary port or you are having dns troubles reaching our service.
  13. ok, I can start the game now, but it won't take my login info. Is it the same as logging into the portal? I tried that but it does not work Also, it is a small window
  14. I am so glad that this game is still up and running all these years later great game great players awesome dev team! Here's hoping it goes strong for another 10 years!
  15. I get this while trying to launch
  16. I go to start the game and get this:
  17. No, it is not down at this time. You can always reference the status indicator on net-7.org in the upper right hand corner. It will turn red if the service is down, yellow if it is impeded and green when it is up and stable.
  18. In the top left corner of the launcher what is the path you see? Does it look similar to this? It should not be pointed at eb.exe or e&b.exe or whatever it is by default. This is what I referred to in the setup guide.
  19. Hmmm....ok. I click on the executable and it shows trying to pach. Then I get Couldn't connect to the update server try again later
  20. Ripster


    Thanks Now all I have to do is try again to connect for the patch download. I always get : Couldn't connect to the update server
  21. I did a similar route calculator in python, but its all command-line right now and I haven't put a web UI on it yet.
  22. Hello, I am seeing 71 people online and did not see any issue attempting a logon. Have you confirmed anyone else is experiencing this issue?
  23. Alright you all. The INV-300 Error is back, again. For those that do not know this yet, until the Server Ops can update the Microsoft Certificate again, you all will have to go to the control panel, internet settings, and advanced options, and turn off the check for certificates for websites. But remember, after you do this, be careful when browsing the internet, as this will render your browser security impotent. You can always set it back to "on" after you are done playing E&B. This is all temporary until they fix the certificate verification. Enjoy !!!!
  24. hi. Net-7.org upper right icon will give you status and players' online. If it turns yellow or red that's a service issue.
  25. Hello Ripster, I have a feeling you need to go back and look at the guide documentation. Maybe i'm wrong but this *sounds* like the "Error 4: could not find patch server" from the original game patcher, which means the Net7Launcher is set to target the wrong executable on your system.
  26. Sunrise is back online. Not sure what happened.. Would be great if there was some kind of a log about what's happening..
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