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  2. I haven't posted the code for this just yet, because I'm still tweaking things, but the tool now supports multiple passes and averages them together. For Hulk/Non-hulk drops, it's just a straight average, sum(all_passes_for_item) / #passes. For cargo slots, the Total Average is computed via counting how many slots were needed for each pass, then dividing by number of passes. But the individual Roid Type passes are simple averages. The reason why was because, in Shepard, I had a pass that needed 65 slots, a 70 slot run, and a 72 slot run, averaging to 69. But if I just averaged all of the slots per-level-per-type, it would come out to 62. "Why average it, why not just count all the drops?" Well, again, Shepard 'has' 80+ possible drops (if you count all the rows in the non-hulk table) but in reality, you never *actually* get all 80 to drop, you get a subset. And why does make sense if you think about it. I'm still thinking about how I want to display 'dust' results, where you might get 1 roid in the entire sector that has the ore you're looking for, but for now, I'll collect more data. Fun bonus: Because of how I'm logging the data, if they were to change the drop patterns at some point in the future, it would be possible to look through the raw data and see when and by what degree the drop tables changed. Also, when I overlay multiple passes, the roids almost perfectly spawn on top of each other in ring fields. Like, a ring field will sometimes rotate around with enough passes and form a solid ring, but rock and crystal ring fields spawn the roids within +- 1 meter of each other, for each individual roid. It's kinda freaky. Note (in the pics below) that Hydrocarbon fields DO NOT appear to do that. I was actually expecting it be a bit more random than it is. TL;DR: For visual display there isn't much need to average multiple passes *EXCEPT* in 'sphere' or 'scatter' field types (scatter being the 2D version of a sphere). And the only value of multiple passes in those cases would be catching outliers. For example, in Ceres, it seems like the fields are -30z to +30z. But it might take multiple passes to finally get a roid at those coordinates. The data is in the DB to know the z-height of any given field. It'd need to be displayed as a tooltip (at least until i get around to asking chatGPT about 3d versions of canvas objects and making a 3d map that can be rotated, but that's WAY further down the road). And that tooltip would come after I add in a way to define roid fields; with the field definition just pulling in the max/min height of any roid within its bounds. Pretty trivial, I'm just lazy. Well, clearly not lazy. Unmotivated. The profit and loss of my local BBQ joint is currently far ore interesting to me. As is lasing flies to death with an IR pulse laser. Here's my original mining pass: [img]https://i.imgur.com/f5mTytz.png[/img] And here's all 3 passes overlayed on top of each other:
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  4. Stuck on this mission. I can’t forfeit it.
  5. This mission is offered as a push-mission. Look for a flashing Message button at the top of your screen when you approach Master Jubei
  6. I'm just starting out and I did this quest on the game when it came out in 2002, but I can't remember if there was a place where it starts or not. I went to Master Jubei at the nav point it references in the skill description, but for some reason it won't let me talk to him. I'm sure I meet the requirements, unless it's something not listed. I hear the Psionic shield skill is pretty pointless, but I still want it. Please help me and point out the error of my ways. I'm level 12, level 4 combat atm. Just getting started, but the quest doesn't show a level requirement.
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  8. We need to update some software and unfortunately, that's going to take most of our services offline for the duration. As such, this is your heads up that this will occur tomorrow evening Eastern US Daylight Time to see if we can get to the latest versions without issues. Everything is in the name of keeping it all secure. First maint is complete, tonight or tomorrow (25th or 26th) we will be conducting a test of the new software which will require temporarily downing the game and other services to validate our settings, and then we will be back in usual business for a while.
  9. Ahh, that explains a lot about how things ended up as they did and it was tough to figure that out about MLs given nearly all the ML and missile values were the same but I should have picked up on the fact that ML's in game do not have a range on them, and missiles do, so this is all consistent with how things are shown in-game. That's a bit of a surprising design choice... it's easier to see how this makes sense for missiles, but it's a bit odd that projectiles use the launcher range unless we're talking about a rail-gun or something. Since most of the projectile ammo that is manufactured has a "shell" which is typically where the propellant would be stored one could argue that the largest contributor to range for both types of ammo should be the ammo itself. Of course both the launcher and the ammo should contribute if they were going for realism, but for a game a simpler solution would have seemed the better choice. I'm not sure why they bothered making missiles different as it just complicated the coding since you couldn't treat range for all three weapon types the same way! Clearly the database has bogus unused range values on ML's and projectile ammo; perhaps those should be zeroed out if they can't be removed entirely just to drive that point home and avoid any future confusion on the matter. In any case, this looks perfect, thanks for removing the misleading ranges from the appropriate places. I really appreciate your prompt and thorough attention to these things, always a pleasure, thanks again!
  10. Hours of availability are 7a - 9p or so Eastern Daylight Time. Hours other than that are reserved for sleep and if the server goes down it's pretty much down for the night since there are so few of us that can restart it. Coming back up
  11. It's 12:42 CET and my blood levels of EB juice are becoming imbalanced. Minor convulsions are setting in. Megan's voice is fading from my head. Every 15 seconds I refresh the status button only to see it say: Offline. Hit me up again, please.
  12. Missile/Projectile range should be correct now. Beam/Projectile gets range from weapon. Missile Launcher gets range from ammo.
  13. Got it resolved used the launcheb.ahk script form Wolfie post
  14. Hey @karu, I'm back again. @Winlander and I are working on the updated weapon comparison pages for the wiki, e.g. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Missile_Launchers_-_L3_Comparison https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php?title=Projectile_Launchers_-_L3_Comparison that are the result of the effort that started this thread and we ran into some additional oddities around Range. The range shown for PLs at least (hard to tell for MLs since the vast majority match their ammo, and the outliers we've found are difficult to obtain) on the SEARCH page is sometimes incorrect; it appears to be showing a value related to the ammo, rather than what the projectile launcher itself shows in-game and on the ITEM page which is the correct value. For https://www.net-7.org/#item/Blowgun+Beta; the SEARCH page shows 3200 which is incorrect; in-game and on the item page it's 3100 which is the range you actually get with this item in-game, even when you use ammo that is shown incorrectly as "3200" for this PL on the website. Similarly the https://www.net-7.org/#item/Ninja's+Katana+Ni; its SEARCH page is incorrect in the opposite direction showing 3200 (the ammo value) but in-game and on the ITEM page it shows the correct value which is 3300 and that is what you actually get when you use the item in-game even though the ammo incorrectly says it only has a range of 3200 on the website. As far as I can tell the range values listed on ammo are irrelevant and often bogus. These are not shown in-game, and they do not appear to have any effect, regardless of whether they are higher or lower; the result you actually get is the range on the launcher itself. Perhaps in live things were based on the ammo but in the emu it was moved to the launcher? Or perhaps these are remnants of some old implementation (or a partially implemented change to differentiate ammo types with different stats) but in practice based on my testing with the current emu the only thing that matters is the launcher range (which IS shown in-game, and accurately). Because of this I would recommend that Range values be removed from all places where it shows up on ammo on the website; the ammo SEARCH page, the ammo ITEM page, and the ammo sub-section within the launcher ITEM pages. Likewise the Range value on the SEARCH page for launchers should be corrected to show the Range of the launcher itself, not the ammo. Finally, while the correct Range is being shown on the ITEM page for PLs, the missile launcher ITEM pages don't show the Range at all; this should also be corrected since this seems to be the correct value used in-game. It should also be verified that the SEARCH page for MLs (which does show a Range value) is correctly showing the Range for the missile launcher itself rather than an ammo-derived value. Thanks! EDIT: Note that based on this realization we plan to move the "Range" column on the wiki pages linked above from being under "Ammo" to being under "Launcher" instead.
  15. I had missed this earlier thread which has a (still working, as of today) MediaFire link to a more complete track listing:
  16. Can you provide a link to the AHK script you're trying to use? This doesn't appear to be the one I posted (login.ahk, where line 54 is a blank line) but perhaps you renamed and substantially modified it? Please be careful not to post a version with your password in it!
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  18. I've got a holding pattern on it. Need to figure out a cheap discord bot to help manage access or make one. It's in my todos, the day job just beats down on the free time.
  19. Any update on this, Kyp?
  20. Planning to restart in a few hours anyway.
  21. Buffs not activating. Server needs a restart....please. Skills don't work either.
  22. Stop complicating things. Press "start" button on LaunchNet7 and keep to checkboxes as default.
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