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  3. Progen Sentinel Loadout

    Based on your input here (and others) i've started work on the following wiki page https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Progen_Sentinel_Gear_Guide I could defintly use some help
  4. Last week
  5. Can't land on Primus *Crashes*

    last night I wasn't able to land on Primus. Today it seems fine.
  6. Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    All hail Karu. Master of JavaScript. Supreme lord of all things HTML. Imperator perpetuo!
  7. Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    I didn't - all the fame goes to @karu , our web dev!
  8. Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    Just done some transfers on multiple toons. Looks fixed to me. Thnx Zack
  9. Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    PS.: Try again please, should be ok now - i just tested it without error. Make sure you are logged out more than 120 seconds and you hit F5 (resfresh) on the browser before moving items.
  10. Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    Yes, there is a problem and the WebDev is on it already.
  11. Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    yes, I also have this. I'd guess that the web interface to the game database is having issues
  12. Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    Getting this also. Using firefox 59.0.2 64bit
  13. Today the net-7 vaults on my account suddenly started having issues. This happens in Vivaldi and Edge (but dev-consoles show no clientside errors) and the error occurs when transferring between other avatars as well
  14. Can't land on Primus *Crashes*

    Its not you, its something with the sector. I will move all toons currently on that Planet in the next few. Please report back here after tomorrows restart (tuesday), if the problem remains.
  15. Window mode only

    Thank you very much Cipher that solved my problem.
  16. Window mode only

    Hmm that's odd, let's try disabling fullscreen optimizations for Earth and Beyond: Locate client.exe in your EnB install: (<Earth & Beyond>/release/client.exe) Right click client.exe and click Properties In the Compatability tab, you should see a checkbox called "Disable fullscreen optimizations" - You want to make sure this is checked. Let me know how this goes.
  17. 3 Toons now all gating, docking and landing on planets fine. Except Primus (Pr12t4r35m M4ns - Pl1n2t Pr3m5s) in Vega... Something going on with this sector/zone? Was trying to do some new (to me) missions but all toons keep hanging at the loading screen for this planet. Submitted GM Ticket for the first 2 thought it was just them, but now 3rd toon stuck all separate accounts.
  18. Window mode only

    No I run the test each time even in windowed mode I'm really at a loss I change the res on my laptop to even match that of the game and no luck there. Could this be conflict between my Nvidia M 960 and the onboard intel graphics I can not disable either card in the bios ive tried that. I don't know it always ran fine for me until I had to re install windows.
  19. Window mode only

    It is often forgotten that you need to run the "Test" screen resolution when changing it. Just a thought. Mim
  20. Window mode only

    I had to recently re install windows 10 on my lap top I have been playing on it with no problems as of today though I can not play the game without playing in windows mode I can set any resolution and play but I can not play in full screen all it does is load the first splash screen then it ctds any help or any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you KADOW
  21. The Smoking Mirror

    Activating the missions are content devs area of responsibility if they are required by the story line Woodstock DGM
  22. The Smoking Mirror

    Thanks for the quick reply woodstock as always your work is appreciated. as a sidenote can you maybe look into re-activating them or is it past it's time in the timeline and would just be a nuisance/buggy mission more then anything. ?
  23. The Smoking Mirror

    I may have been mistaken I sent two Alts to try and get these missions one below o/l 50 and on above o/l 60 and neither one could get the missions, the missions are listed on the missions list, but, do not appear to be active at this juncture Woodstock DGM
  24. The Smoking Mirror

    I have the maestlron key and done ayako mission once you get the key. I get Bubble at Grey feather when i warp away to nearest nav and come back , but no mission also have to be ungrouped from my 150 je taxi MouliJD Jenquai Defender : Overall Level: 60 Combat Lvl:20 54.67% Explore Lvl:22 19.44% Trade Lvl:18 57.98%
  25. The Smoking Mirror

    On my jd Moulijd : Completed Missions 1) The Lotus Opens 2) The Trial of the Horde 3) The Sun at Noon 4) Masaaki's Initiation 5) Trial by Fire 6) The Presence Overwhelms 7) The Final Step of the Shinwa 8) Kill Gorge Larvae 9) Kill Red Spindles 10) Kill Shusen 11) Kill Zenshai 12) Find and Scan Dumont Ben Joseph 13) Learning Scan 14) Honor the Memories 15) Build Weapons Training 16) Yin-Yang of the Soul 17) Meet the Typotl Maw 18) Juoona Revolt 19) Jenquai Rank 2 Promotion Bonus Part 1 20) Jenquai Rank 2 Upgrade 21) Jenquai Rank 2 Promotion Bonus Part 2 22) Obtain Skill: Build Devices 23) Gather Zenshai Fragments 24) Energy Leech 25) Jhola's Wisdom 26) Strong Wind 27) Scout for Malhause 28) Spy for the Mordana 29) Jenquai Rank 3 Upgrade 30) Beam Lens Research 31) Help the Informant 32) Finishing the Job 33) Scouting for Resources 34) Protect the Sundari Manufacturing Facility! 35) Search for the Ancients 36) Renew Trade Contracts 37) Dahin Planet Climate Study 38) Spies R Us - The Jenquai Brush Pass 39) Spies R Us - Jenquai Bug Me. 40) Spies R Us - The Jenquai Hot Drop 41) Probing the Maelstrom
  26. Yeah, that is not going to run native win32 x86 applications. Its a different type of processor and underlying code.
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