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  2. I never realised it was stretched... I know I have it set on window mode, at a lower resolution than my screen (overwise its too big) and then I run it through an app called boarderless gaming to remove the window boarder. I have started mentioned E&B where I can in the MMORPG group in reddit.. hopefully it helps, been a few people say they didn't know the emulator existed.
  3. the appeal of starting a fresh character is ever present across many games i think, it is, imho, also a more viable strategy for long-term enjoyment of the game instead of racing through the finish, getting everything you want, and then burning yourself out. the social/guild aspect plays a role, but that will only take you so far as to keeping yourself invested in the game. the only real concern with twitch is the aspect ratio, might be better to go full vanilla and fullscreen in 4:3 ? , most of us will have gotten used to the "stretched" look, but might look weird to an "outsider".
  4. I would love to watch this! Even though I have played E&B for ages.. I'm very much an alt-acholic and don't get very far, then when I come back I delete and start again.. so I have never seen a raid.
  5. concerning twitch; the Earth and Beyond channel has 87 followers... i was thinking, next single character raid, i might record or stream with Nvidia shadowplay and see if that works. seems plausible not all of those 87 followers are actually playing on the server.
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  8. Tested with a new character, no fault found, the upgrade worked as it should for my test toon.
  9. Close enough you helped thats all that matters to me!!
  10. I am not a DEV, I am the HGM (Head Game Master) helping the players is what HGM Does
  11. I finally got it. A nice dev named woodstock helped me. Ty for the reply
  12. Have you completed all of your skill acquisition missions? You usually need to have finished all your other missions in the starting sector before completing your HU mission
  13. I am stuck on the lvl 10 Hull upgrade quest. I have completed the quest up to the point where you go to the yeager shipyard and speak to Zebenio Sefu. When I approach and get within 1 meter, I get neither the “message” up on the toolbar beside the emote tab nor do I get the “speak to” bubble above the navigation window. I have relogged completely, dropped the mission amd reset my mission queue. Wjat am i doing wrong? I am stuck snd would appreciate any help. Thank you!
  14. I am doing ok, Playing some even now and enjoying it. I also hope the team is well. I have spoken with woody but other then that i haven't chatted with any of the rest yet. Thanks for asking and hope all is good with everyone else.
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  16. Hello jrichards I did all of that all I got was a 3 second spinning wheel and nothing popped up, it wouldn't run at all from ANY location. I did manage to get it to work. I'm going to put up everything I did to get it to work, it's probably a little redundant. But here goes. When I decided to reinstall the game for a third time, I made certain I right clicked on everything that is required to install and run the game, AND Clicked "Run As Administrator" I crossed all the "Ts" and Dotted the "I" this time. Here goes. this is for some of the people that may not be so PC savvy. This is everything that worked for me. Windows 10 Open any folder short cut on your desk top ie; documents Scroll down to OS(c:) click OS(c:) once In the new right window, double click "Program files x86" Double click "EA games" Double click "Earth and Beyond" Double click "EBCONFIG" Look for "E&B Config" Right click on the "E&B Config" and click Send to----click on "Desktop (create short cut)" Close all your windows and programs you might have running. Go to your desktop. Right click on the new "Earth and Beyond Configuration" short cut you just created. Click on the "Compatibility" tab ✓ the "Run this program in Compatibility mode" Use the arrow down and select "Windows XP (service Pack 2)" Below that window ✓ "Run This program as Administrator" ✓ "Register this product for restart" Click Apply Click OK I did one other thing it was a little silly, that may or may not of had an in pack on the outcome. Thanks Blacklung I just saw your reply as I just finished up. How are things BL, I hope all is well with you and the team.
  17. I am no longer a gm but i can say that in your earth and beyond folder when you open the enb config folder towards the bottom you will see a net7 config. that's where you make the adjustments,make sure to run it and save. should be all that you need to do. also use compatability for windows 7 minimum since xp and vista are no longer supported.
  18. Launch it from Net-& Launcher/Tools and make sure you have LaunchNet7.exe set to run as administrator. If you run it manually, from the E&BConfig.exe, make sure compat mode is set to WinXP (service pack 2) and set to run as administrator.
  19. Edition Windows 10 Home Version 21H2 Installed on ‎10/‎4/‎2021 OS build 19044.1826 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0 No matter what I do I can't get the earth and Beyond Game Configuration to work or the game window bigger than 8x8 or full screen on a 22" LED screen. Is there anyone that can help make it work?
  20. hey hey! thanks to everyone to coming to todays gate raid, really smooth run and double the people from last week! We still have a trigger for another run next week and now we have a few face of the tengu for a fishbowl, but we need a few more people for that, two more would make a big difference. So please please encourage guild mates, friends, romans and next doors cat and lets keep this going! Ill host another gate raid, same time next week. If we can get 12, Ill also run a fishbowl after! pop your name below if you would like to join in and see you all next week! Tulkas
  21. Not sure if we have anyone playing in Australia, Japan, etc but I think this is the time you are planning: Gate Raid: 7/29 10:00 pm PDT / 7/30 1:00 am EDT / 6:00 am BST / 7:00 am CEST
  22. While theres so many people on line reading the forum, while the servers down, I am unashamedly going to hijack what you are all reading and promote this weekends single character only raid! Everyone is welcome, Single character only, any class will do, I will fit in with whats needed. Theres no loot reserved! Id suggest being ol 135 at least, but If you turn up and die a lot in level 7 shields, then your welcome to pick up the xp debt haha! Gate raid, starting at 10pm california time, or 6am uk time, 7am in europe. Sign up, turn up, kill boss get loot, oh and have a laugh playing full screen, no armies! Kind Regards Tulkas
  23. Looks like you have to much time on your hands now. Looks nice woody. We can both join the retirement club you know, No benefits but all the time in the world.
  24. So there is no Bug Tracker, and the Technical Support portion of the forum does not work when sorting by time.....so here is a fun bug. Around 11:30 am EDT / 15:30 UTC I was killing Voltoi in Antares, leveling two of my PWs that were OL 119 (43/44/32) when I killed a blinding voltoi waft and looted the corpse. I noticed something weird in that I heard a level up sound and saw a weird negative number appear where normally the 2500 xp number appears. The number was -306782656 (-306,782,656). I had been having issues with both of my JE's DCing/failing to login for a few hours (possibly due to a ddos attack and the resulting playerid assignment problem that we have seen before), so figured it was just my JE and sure enough my JE was DC'd but still appeared in the group. I /quit him out and then looked at my TT Dena and saw that she now had 764 Skill Points (she previously only had maybe 5). My PWs had gained CL 50 (+7 skill levels) and now had 806 Skill Points from that 1 kill. All 6 toons had several hundred extra skill point: Not sure what caused the number over run, and I love free skill points, but this is definitely a nasty bug and would hate to see it exploited and/or continue to bypass game-play. My grouped toons before the bug: Aeryn (150 JE) Nagata (150 JD) Avasarala (150 JS) Dena (150 TT) Pacekeeperthree (119 PW) Pacekeeperfour (119 PW)
  25. This is brilliant... Well done! I think this post should be pinned somewhere.
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