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  2. Special char in username gives problems. Forum has historically done unholy things for username/password which wiki auth plugin tries to replicate and obviously failing. Your only option is to change forum display name.
  3. I am unable to log into the wiki. Every attempt returns "No user found matching the given credentials." error. I'm using the exact same username and password that I use here on the forums.
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  6. Sorry for the late response. It happened on Sunrise. I don't think it's an E&B problem because it's happened with a couple other games recently. Think it has something to do with the Windows security permissions for the Program files (x86) folder. All of a sudden, I was no longer able to save any files in any of its subfolders. I had to modify the permissions for certain groups.
  7. Moved to a more proper thread
  8. Spa

    Hi all

    You will find a lot more content than what was in live. So much more to do. If you are unsure ask in forums, in-game and check the wiki. A lot of missions are in the wiki.
  9. bothouse.com is my site, and I've been hosting the ENB files for multiple years now. If you're having issues downloading perhaps I can help. I just did a test download on the ENB files, and all worked fine for me.
  10. Falkor

    Hi all

    UPDATE: WOW. Just got the game installed, and account set-up. It really does work!!! Earth & Beyond Lives !! I got to go away for a bit. When I come back, I'm going to try this thing out. You can count on my support on this game. FOR REAL. Until next time. Fly safe.
  11. you MUST pay Harvey the money for the mission to continue if you don't pay the mission is dropped you must return to Anusha to pick the mission up again. Woodstock HGM
  12. Pickup an important package for Anusha Dayakara. 1/ Travel to Chernevog Station, Aragoth Prime and speak with Harvey Krum. 2/ Return to Anusha Dayakara with the important package So the mission disappeared from my mission log without me getting the package. Is this a restart from Anusha because I wouldn't pay Harvey? or did I just crap out the mission? Character - Hackett OL65 TT
  13. Hello, I implemented password check against https://haveibeenpowned.com/ leaked list API. Your password is not sent there, just the first 5 chars from password hash. Portal may show warning about leaked password if you do any action that requires password (login, game account creation, password change, account linking).
  14. I used to use the Net7proxy to launch the game, but as of a few months ago it started giving me a "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt" error. Was something changed with the proxy recently? I've tried on multiple systems, none seem to be able to launch the game through the proxy. I still can play using the launcher, but I can't seem to load more than one client unless I use the proxy.
  15. To be fair i wasnt asking anyone to change guild leader, i have always been the Founder / Leader of VGE, i was asking about the CODE to change leadership from one toon to the next i found the answer in the Forums.
  16. DEVs are not fiddeling with accounts in any way if it is not your account and that 100% being verified. You cannot believe how many mails/messages we get, saying "this is my toon, my brother changed password blablabla". We always say "if it's your account, you need to restore it by using the available tools we coded for that. If you used an old email you cannot access anymore and forgot your password - you are screwed. Nothing we can do." FYI, VonBon sent me a message lately asking for some guild leader toon fiddeling, taking back an existing guild as leader. I didn't even answered. DEVs are coders, not game masters. Please do not say DEVs would move player accounts in such way, there are people believing such nonsense.
  17. Falkor

    Hi all

    I am one of those, who actually played this game when it was in its prime. I loved this game, and never forgot it, after all these years. To illustrate this fact, I managed to still have the original game box and contents to the E&B game, when I bought it off a game store shelf, way back in late year 2000? After the E&B shutdown, I played EVE online as an alternative to nothing and, I did become quite an advanced player in EVE online. However, I never saw the fun in EVE compared to E&B. I actually still remember a lot about the game play of E&B for those who were not around to play it (or were too young to even remember it). Any questions, and I may be able to answer them. I played this game avidly. I may give the emulator a try, but I just wanted to say Hi, and that I am just trying to figure out the operational status of this game. My profile name, is the same as when I played this game. I am not sure what server I played on, but it was either Orion, or Pegasus. Anyway, hope you all are having fun.
  18. C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG click on E&BConfig use less / more slider check or uncheck windowed mode box click on performance test
  19. right click on the file in the EBCONFIG sub-directory on the game folders the select properties and compatibility run the test and select what it recommends then run the E&BConfig and administrator rights, then run the test for the resolution you want and make sure you deselect the windowed box for full screen you have to run the test for the resolution and OK the results for the change to take effect
  20. Test the config before exiting. This will save your changes.
  21. You only need ingame account info to transfer ingame account to different forum account. There is no email validation, there is no forum password validation. All the proper logs on portal are there. There is a slight problem tho. Logs show that Von got hold of the ingame account in 5'th (account linking). It was therefore not possible for you to change ingame password from portal. I believe there is ingame command to change currently logged account password tho. Please don't share passwords. Just don't.
  22. I believe at the launcher screen, top left is tools, then configure. It should give you a option.
  23. Can't seem to open enbconfig.exe. I tried opening as administrator and that doesn't seem to do anything either. nothing seems to happen, please help I cant play in such a small screen with my bad eyes.
  24. the Vega is a unique spawn found only in Varen's Girdle. search the wiki for it -- might mention which nav. if not there, try the Ostarae Seeder navs and/or between navs VG 5 and 6. happy hunting! ps: it regenerates fairly quickly if the first one you kill doesn't have the drop you want
  25. This forum and Net-7 account was Mordor's so the forum account and email passed with him when he died, so no way a new password was acquired. Mordina was on an account part of the 9 account master controlled by Mordor that I have the N-7 log in information. Vonprogen is not one of those 9 accounts and not linked to Mordor's accounts in any way. This was a force move of a toon from one master account to a completely unrelated master account without him having any information than just the account's name only. Again why he went this route AND was able to convince a Dev to authorize it seems so extreme for somebody just taking back lending somebody a toon. Fact he deleted one of Mordor's accounts to was just insult to the injury. And in fact Von wouldn't even know that his Net-7 or Forums isn't listed under Mordor but under another name only a couple of us know.
  26. From the mission log - Step 1/ Kill a few Ostarae Vega until you find a frond. Found lots of Ostarae in the D/B (Seeders, Sporemother, etc), but no mention of these Vega type. Are they known as something different? Or does the mission info need to be updated?
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