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  2. Mouli you mention sober, ummmm that might be a problem
  3. Thank you all.
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  5. I updated the wiki with a bunch of these, as well as from and in-game, after testing most of them. Hopefully a more comprehensive list helps!
  6. Congrats to you and your daughter. God Bless. You look good for all you've been through.
  7. awsome congrats to her
  8. Congratulations to all of you
  9. Hello everyone, Andromidis here. I have played in sunset and had my own Guild called Imperial Army on pegasus server. As leader I would make up group events to make things fun and interesting. One of the events was to battle 4 vs 4 in the arena. Which was awesome! So much fun, flying around shooting your teammates, sneaking in goals. The closest thing to war there was in ENB. I really really really miss the arena... PVP. There is such low player percentage now, I feel that PVP may or may not bring players back as long as its optional whats there to lose? only fun to gain. Majoridy of the most popular games in the past decade all have PVP and only have PVP. There is no replacement for that. Please consider bringing back the arena or some form of PVP please! I used to broadcast in sunset asking for duels. It was great fun.
  10. Congratulation to both of you , P.S. : na you jut look like a very proud dad.
  11. Well I am up in San Jose California for a couple of days, attending my Daughters College graduation. She Graduated this morning with a BSCS, (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science). Lets just say Daddy is a very proud person. I will be home tomorrow evening and back to my regular Schedule (mostly) . On a side note i just finished 25 days of radiation treatments for my kidney cancer on the 24th so that will allow me to be in game more also. Woodstock DGM I look a little elderly in the pictures i have been on Chemo for over a year and just finished 5 weeks of radiation.
  12. Last week
  13. Hi nice player of ENB emu and others , This is my Introduction post as promised in my first post. Today the 25th of may 2017 i am 43 ( also happen to be my birthday ) I am from Quebec , that's stil in Canada for now , happen to be the best one as it as the msot bilingual who speak French and English. I started Playing Earth and beyond in Live 2 year before it's closing I tend to stick to one guild so I was an Armada guild player there who spent a lot of his time in the game mining on the Jenquai Explorer class named Moulinneuf I had a lot of fun , made a couple of online friend until the sad day whe the game closed. I was there until the last second , because I did not want it to go ;-) Fast forward 4 years go in 2013 I discovered this Emu and my life was made complete again ;-) I was lucky enough to join in summe time when there is the most players , the game was already working pretty well and many guild where already formed. I was unlucky in getting refered to Builder Inc as I had changed my way to play more on the building side of thing on a terran traders Thta's where I met Magoo , Shadowalker , Raiderman , and all other who played at the time. I then stopped playing for a while due to real life activity not letting me have any time to play. But then I came back and I was accepted back in Builder Inc and started building up my toon and playing with people on the server There is not much to say about my playing style I tend to log in , ask if anyone need help , look in the new player channel and the callendar date to see if any special event is occuring and then I go help someone in my guild or a new player to the server or I log in my terran trader and build something for someone who as been asking for i for a while and not getting any response I tend to play at night ( eastern time ) but you can see me in the morning when I can or during the day , time permiting. I always wanted to try and give back to the ENB emu in some way , I am not the most skilled person to do so , but I am always willing to help and step up when I am here. So that's how I offered my service to fill the void of a lacking advocate As you can see by my style I tend to be a bit different then previous advocate who all came from the same mold. I am still here to help get your demand and question to the dev But I will also join in on some discussion when some people tend o be all negative and will help in forum and in game when I can. So this is my introduction , I hope it fills in the blank for those who don't know me and that you know that you can always come and chat tome about the game. Mouli
  14. Dosenbrot, Thank you for catching that, I was not feeling well when I typed that, and had been up about 20 hours so i did not proof read before i pressed enter
  15. The guy making the complaint has an racist avatar picture of an Asian with "ROR" on it. That is just pure awesome hypocracy!
  16. Skidrow is mine, I said or did NOTHING risque or posted any links. I merely spoke out against you playing channel police. It was around 2AM.
  17. chat.log would make more sense
  18. I stand Corrected
  19. PS.: I will take care of it, but it requires a little downtime, so i scheduled it to the next restart which is every tuesday.
  20. Yes - and Karu posted it already. You might need to google it, since it requires a bit more understanding and i lack the time for an detailed explanation, sorry.
  21. Ghent can you attach a copy of your chat log for the time period covered it will make sure we get all the correct players and handle it correctly. thank you Should be located in c: programfiles x86/ea game/ earth & beyond/release/chat.exe just copy and past to a text file then attached it as a reply. Thank you
  22. Will try adding to this thread instead of making a new one. Similar deal, but not quite as flamey as the OP Noticed tonight quite a lot of inappropriate chat (racey/sexual, racist jokes, some swearing) going on in General, but when porn links started being shared, that's where I jumped in and asked them to stop - reminded them we do sometimes have kids playing. Got sassy attitudes, of course, like these type of people usually tend to give when confronted with their behavior. So... here's the list, below. Asking for a temp ban to start with of 1 week or so, and a warning email from the GM/admins. In a small/tight community like this we can't afford bad seeds like these. Thanks in advance: Skidrow NikolaTesla Jacobypp ~ 05:00 server time or a few before
  23. congrats and welcome to the staff.
  24. so is there any solution to my issue? would deleting all my files and downloading all over again fix the problem by any chance?
  25. comodo cert will expire soon, so its almost easier to proxy AuthLogin from webserver that can use letsencrypt cert
  26. Old Cert still active, we need to look into the other cert, something is wrong with it. Sorry...
  27. Today is restart day, i will see if i can replace the cert. If problems arise, i will swap back and restart again.
  28. certificate for webpage
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