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  2. Hi This sounds very much like a similar issue a friend of mine was experiencing (Wiz) yesterday that i was checking on for her. Four accounts in testing, and four brand new characters were created to see if problem was with account or with the character itself. The characters made were called Glassone[1], Glasstwo[2], Glassthree[3] and Glassfour[4]. Upon all characters logging in, immediately tried using [1] to /invite [2]. The result was strait away after the /invite command was used [1] lost sync to server entirely, but on [4] it received an invite from [3]. [2] never received an invite but didnt seem to have truely landed as although character was movable within the starbase, he couldnt see any other characters or interact with anything much like [1] after he tried inviting [2], so again a desync. [3] and [4] sucessfully formed a group even though the /invite command came from [1]. Upon trying to leave the starbase only [4] actually made it outside with [3] just sitting on map screen. A support ticket regarding this issue has been sent in, but seems a fair few people are experiencing oddities that hopefully a server restart will fix as the characters are unplayable, as you have found out yourself. Regards -FFT
  3. Up until a couple days ago, I didn't have any issues logging my main three terran toons in. Last night, I couldn't log three of my toons in. Mindy, Sandyte and Manfredts. I am lucky if I can get them past the galaxy loading screen. If I do, they freeze or lockup right after getting into the game. I had a friend try and log them, and he had a lot of trouble. So, I don't think this is necessarily on my end. I did try and log bank toons in from these same accounts, and, they froze shortly after appearing on a station. So, it seems I have issues account wide on 3 accounts. These same accounts are on the same master account. I have terrans on other accounts with no issues, and, I have no issues logging other accounts in from this same master account. Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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  5. Hello, I am having an issue with trying to get onto a toon of mine which is stuck in Freya, I have this sector login error and he was knee deep in combat with some swarming foes which means that by the time I'll be able to get back on him, he will need a tow or Jump start. His name is Wolfpack who is a TE and I can't get back onto him. Need help please. Edit: Update, I was able to get back onto him but only for just a littlebit. I tried again with just getting through Freya, but the Freya system crashed again causing me to not be able to log onto the toon again. I think Freya's broken.
  6. having the same issue!, its just like last time, were a server restart will fix the problem
  7. Actually, it looks like an account issue. I just tried my sons account on my PC, no problems. So, I have transferred my main char to another account and that works.. very odd.
  8. Hello, Having a strange one.. It's been running fine for a couple of weeks now its just gone odd. I can login to char selection fine. Then its 50/50 if I can actually get to the ship/station. Sometimes get the 'Server Failed to respond to sector login' Error If I get on, sometimes my ship disappears. The client also locks up every now and then if using a vendor. I get random mission messages. Then unable to warp or fight. I play with my son on the same connection, his system is working fine.. so the connection is ok. I have uninstalled the client and Net7 launcher. I have disabled virsus checkers and stopped all normal background tasks. Its odd as its been working fine, but I'm at a loss. Any ideas?
  9. Last week
  10. Had double surge suppresors, hit the older one, not the Dell...go figure. I have donated most of the stuff I've accumulated over the last 21 years in this house to Salvation Army and anything nobody in my family wants is going to the curb. Plan is to grab a Dodge Ram Ecodiesel 1/2 ton (trade my cool little KIA Soul+) and pick up an Airstream Basecamp 20X or a Jayco Featherlite 20BH. Me and the Doggos are getting the band back together and hitting the road full time. As a federal retiree one of the few perks is being able to volunteer at the federal parks and stay free for 30 days at a stretch. Then there's always the BLM land, no charge to stay boondock for 2 weeks at a stretch and failing that, my daughter and her crew are way out on 20 acres out in the dinkyweeds. Plan to see our beautiful country before I check out to the great beyond. And yes, definitely downsizing. In a MAJOR way...
  11. Don't worry, Fishies inbound. Give me a few weeks.
  12. Welcome and stay back, get on in to Builders Inc still servicing the server with world class builders, crew, and raiders, boosters. The best, flying under my decal submission to Magoo I might add so open your arms beyond people.
  13. Yes the original Building, Blasting and raid leading FishJD (BI OFFICERS) am coming back... And all y'all best be ready for some Ardus action and talk of FoE and CVE rolling maybe you know we love this server.
  14. Power-board with surge protection.. first thing that I plug in at the wall before any computer — well worth it! GL with the move, I feel for ya,,. That 'look at all the stuff' moment, followed by scratching your head at the new place and thinking.. how on earth did it all fit in the old place?!?!
  15. I had 2 desktops until my older box took a surge...you guys are seriously SERIOUS! Kudos! Now I'm down to my Dell Studio XPS and a rather new laptop which I haven't loaded anything but Steam on. Getting my home ready to sell has eaten up a lot of my time. Never realized how much "stuff" I accumulated over the last 20 years here...
  16. Thank you for this information, it's always nice to have alternatives and options. I currently have 4 identity protection programs active from so many data breach class action lawsuits in the past so I'm a little gun shy. I will give Privacy a look, this may be the option I was looking for.
  17. Hi Gordo, You should be able to donate using Paypal even without a Paypal account - they have a feature where you can get them to make a payment for you and then bill your credit card, without even logging in, Because of your concerns about Paypal (in)security, I thought I'd mention that it's possiblte to create a credit card alias via https://privacy.com/ (which connects through to your real credit card) and then give that alias to Paypal. I haven't done it myself, but I'm guessing you could set up and use the alias once, wait for the donation to ENB to go through to your card account, and then cancel the privacy.com alias-card number so if the info at Paypal is compromised, your real card number can't be obtained from Paypal, the alias-number won't work any more anyway, and your real card number is safe (of course, as long as privacy.com is safe!) Privacy.com does display a number of logos of high-profile companies on their web page, implying support/approval of their services). Disclaimer: I have no connection to privacy.com, and don't receive anything for mentioning them.
  18. Outstanding! I made a TS on my second account after finding this out...I can freewarp across every system I've been in. 😁
  19. Cygni express available through the terran lvl 30 hull upgrade mission, optional mission for the TS after the TS hu Mission, yes it is worth doing.
  20. As I have not had a PayPal account for many years now after numerous data breaches and security concerns, (almost daily phishing via email) I was hoping there might be an alternate method for donating. Possibly snail mail checks or a more secure form of funds transfers? Thanks in advance. As an aside, I want to thank the crew who brought our game back to life, it was a monumental undertaking but so appreciated.
  21. Really enjoying my Terran Scout toon JamisaTS. Great solo class and also a good addition in group hunts. Agree with the others who say Nullfaactor and Afterburn are to be maxed as quickly as possible. One of the best things I experienced was getting the Cygni Express but it seems that mission is no longer available. 😥 At any rate, there are some truly awesome folks playing, enjoy! 😀
  22. After everything that Woodstock and all the Dev's and Staff have done for us all, I honestly think they need to get some well deserved S'mores. In my book, S'mores is a good way of showing some Golden and hard earned gratitude for working tirelessly to bring some awesome things to people. Even though it's quite thankless and grueling and about makes one want to smash their computer, desk, chair and the world to bits and pieces something awful. Thanks you all for everything that you have done, and for putting up with the woodwork like us and so on.
  23. Just do what all these lovely Gentlemen have advised and use some good common sense. Also, I bid thee a nice and warm welcome into us space faring people. May the stars forever be in your favor, and may you always fly safe.
  24. I'm using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox And I'm just using the stock settings with the exception of Tree-view tabs and adblock plus. So, after a little bit more poking and prodding around. I found that the tab that was opened was janked up bad. So, I decided to close the tab itself, and I was able to get in. I'm going to check on my in game account some time later but will keep you posted. Thanks for hearing me out Master Karu.
  25. What browser and/or privacy firewall/extensions/settings you using regarding cookies and javascript? There might be conflict where javascript request does not have access/set cookies properly. Could you try plain old microsoft edge? or better yet different computer or mobile (ignore popup on mobile) Checking browser console (F12) might also give idea why its failing.
  26. twoshrubs


    Some other MMO type games (Wurm Unlimited, springs to mind) have managed to link a two-way chat relay BOT to discord for each of the chat channels which is a nice feature to have, as you can catch up with what's going on when you're offline.
  27. "Reactor Leak" makes me think of this video. It was uploaded a LOOOOONG Time ago. So, sorry for the Potato quality.
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