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  4. Seeing the good vibes is awesome 😘
  5. long time since i visited the forum, but Oof.. Reading the first post, i imagine some sort of default tool allowed for unlocking of the database files? Mad props for you and your crew Kyp, whilst sorting out this nightmare...
  6. No but to be fair, there are plenty of situations where Windows is the right tool for the job, and others where a version of linux, freebsd or something entirely custom is the best approach. That said we use both Windows and Linux, and a custom solution or two.
  7. Wow, so this is all running on Windows servers? I guess it's IDE is easier to use and all but just ouch. Well hope all goes well and you guys can overcome the migrating a code base through a major version upgrade.
  8. I played a ton of command and conquer back in the day. Firestorm, red alert 3, and renegade. At some point I heard about westwood studios had made this new online space game. It took my 56k internet something like 3 or 4 days to download the 600mb game. I still remember the awe of first logging in and having this massive game to explore. I remember being TERRIFED to go through the gate from Jupiter to Saturn. Anyways, EnB was my first ever MMO when I was about 13 and I played it up till they announced sunset. Being 14 and using my own money on the subscription, I didn't want to spend my time and money playing a game anymore that I knew was about to be shutdown in a couple months. I was originally Ghostwing, lvl 150 Jenquai Defender. I joined the Disciples of Rebellion guild for most of my time in EnB. I Played with some of those same players on EVE Online when EnB shut down. I've played the Emulator off and on over the years. I remember when there wasn't much you could do besides fly around the asteroid belt sectors. Combat and loot tables didn't exist yet. (I think it was originally written in java, then that was scrapped and re-written in C++) I even had access to the source code myself at one point, but I was new to programming (still in school) and never had the time or knowledge to contribute anything. I recently got the ENB itch back and game here to find out the servers have been the victim of some sort of attack and are still down. I hope they are back up soon and If there is anything I can help with i'd be willing to see what I can do.
  9. BTW, to me it did not seem to be as hot as Ghost pepper sauce, which i have several bottles of, this wa sweet to the taste with a little zing to it but no mouth or body burning feelings.
  10. i like this alot, i am now "subscribed" to ENB 😛 ~20$ usd a month lol. cheers
  11. Appreciate the vote of confidence. Simply put, game is not gone away, nor will stay gone. It'd be nice to have all the skill sets we need at the ready but people move on, and as C Del says, sometimes those skills are hard to come by and the infrastructure behind all this is more complicated than would be expected but it's necessary to protect your data/accounts/game experience. Right now it is as I last said, we're working through some differences with code to bring ourselves up to a current version of Microsoft's visual studio because we were using an older version for development and our code base is not currently compatible/able to be compiled and run. Once we solve those issues we should be able to bring the last stuff up including the dev and sunrise servers.
  12. I am thankful that the team is still trying to restore the game and hope they can get it running again. It does say a lot about their commitment that they are even trying all these years after Sunset. I know it is frustrating that it has been down so long but it is free to play so they they are doing it as a hobby for their love of the game not because it is their job. I would like to express my gratitude to those taking the time out of their lives when they can to keep it going. Again, thank you.
  13. I hear that you're frustrated with the extended downtime, which is entirely understandable given the circumstances, but I encourage you (and others) not to lose faith in the project. I think it is difficult to grasp from an external perspective just how much work and difficulty is involved in managing and recovering from what is an IT catastrophe like this. To switch hosting providers, as they are doing, is a massive headache in the best of times - to do so without warning and under substantial stress is the kind of thing that gives CTO/CIOs of small tech companies everywhere PTSD. The fact that, from what I can see, there has has been zero practical loss of data from this breach is a cause for celebration, and it means that the people in charge were paying attention, keeping important best practices, and acted diligently in managing the server(s) and the web of services residing on those servers. Many volunteer projects could easily have been permanently crippled by this event, and the fact that I can log in here and can see my characters on net-7.org shows me that the project is alive and kicking. Now I appeal for patience and grace: Waaaaay back in 2008-2013ish (it's difficult to remember now), I was a minor contributor to this project. At that time, the active volunteer staff was several times what it is today, and even with that extra help, the project had its plenty of struggles and setbacks. Unfortunately, this decade and more later, there are fewer shoulders to bear the burden of server maintenance, development, financial management, logistics, and community management. This diminishment may seem an ominous portent, but, conversely, I believe it highlights the extraordinary commitment of those core members who have kept the watch here while I went about my business, coming back about every year to listen to the December shopping music, fly around Sol, and revisit a part of my childhood to which I'd be 20 years more distant if not for their effort. Forgive me for babbling on, but I mean to say that the good people here have shown us by their actions that they care about preserving this game and keeping it available for others to enjoy, and though that may be difficult for them, I see no indication that they intend to stop now. Finally, a huge Thank You to all of the active staff for keeping the home fires lit for all of us - as long as this community exists, EnB shall not perish from the Earth.
  14. I want to see this game continue well into the future, and I will help out if I can in any way. Being negative and a doom and gloom commenter DOES NOT promote good feelings.. Sure you may think/feel a certain way don't bring everyone else down or get them depressed by saying things like that.. I support the DEVS, GMS, and Anyone else who is behind the scenes who takes the time out of their day. I wouldn't blame them if they take a time off for themselves instead of spending every waking moment repairing the game. they aren't paid. they don't owe us anything, THE LEAST we can do is support them. they aren't robots but people like you and I with their own lives. KYP, since you seem like the Spokesperson for the group how can we assist in this rebuilding.
  15. I'd guess after 10 years there are those that are tired and sick of keeping it running and are letting it die gracefully. It's been over 2 months now and I think that says a lot. I'm betting the game is over as there seems to be little serious effort in fixing it. I could be wrong but that's my opinion. I hope it does get running again but as I said, 10 years is probably much longer than these people bargained for when they signed on to this project. I'd say they are sick of the obligation and will welcome its end. As I said, my opinion as I see it. I appreciate the 10 years they have invested in it though. It's a great game and I'll definitely miss it
  16. Yeesh. Just decided to swing by - sorry to see you guys going through this. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Is the donation funnel functional? EDIT: Yes. It is. If you have the means, this is a great reminder to help out your friendly neighborhood emulator project!
  17. Hello everyone, Trickster here. I'm going on a little rant here, about what I feel when it comes to the game, and the community around it... but first, who am I? I played when it was live, not awfully much, I do have a life IRL, but I loved the way the game was structured... no PVP, all working together against a known foe, space, mining, all the good stuff. And then it ended, too soon, if the amount of players online, playing the game, when the plug was pulled is any indication. So that's very little about me, what about the devs, and other people, that JUST WOULDN'T WANT TO LET THE GAME GO TO THE GRAVE... that tirelessly work with the code, against the costs trying to keep it up for all of us? We like playing the game, actually very much so, but when a group tries their hardest to do this, we see often this line "if you like what we do, and like playing the game, pls donate to help us continue giving you this great experience". Then most of us, suddenly goes blind, or thinking, when others donate I will too, or something to that effect. Or, we see the small devoted fanbase, donating an arm and a leg, and we think, I cannot do those amounts, others seems to think that ONLY a few dollars, will not be enough. But strangely enough, when the game was live, we happily payed the subscription fees. And they were much higher. Donations isn't about a happy FEW giving all they have, it never works like that, but instead plenty of us donating perhaps, 1 or 2 dollars (after fees), and then.... these fine wonderful people, that tirelessly giving their time to this community, wouldn't have any problems keeping the servers up, keeping the security updated (so evil people throwing ransomware cannot get at it), keeping the hardware working and up, for ALL OF US to enjoy, and they would love doing this, because they would see our caring response back to them. So, pls, don't be that person that finally gets it, when the servers have gone quiet, and the caring devs have moved on. Pls help us by donating, even a small amount helps, and we all can have this experience for maybe years to come. I at least hope so. So, to all you devs and others who, behind the scenes pulling your hair, to get it up, and I hope I speak for the whole community, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you do, so pls, take your time, do it right... we will be here when it's up again... I will anyway. Thx to all for listening, and have an absolutely fantastic day.
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    Net-7 Status - Rebuilding

    You have my upmost respect for the devotion to getting this wonderful game back up and running.
  19. Gotcha, I just read all the sitrep on the servers. I'll check every now and then, hope the rebuild goes smoothly, this is a pretty amazing preservation effort. Kudos to you folks! Cheers
  20. Man can't wait till everything is running again, hope it all goes smoothly from now on. Just found out about this game and I'd like to try it out before I die (hyperbole, I'm fine). Thanks for making such a project possible!
  21. Evening all. Thank you for working to get this back up. I am grateful for your time and talents. I dare say we all are. we have zero right to require or demand updates. you are appreciated, very much. again thank you!
  22. I can just say, thank you so much for sacrificing your free-time to fix these issues and bringing back this game after all. I know how it feels working like 10+ hours per day and then having to sort out other things once you get home. I wouldn't have the patience digging into technical topics like this at the moment, so I have huge respect for that. I personally can just say that I am of course also eager to play again, but this wait-time increases the value of this game for me once again. You don't always realize what you have until it's gone 🙂
  23. I was in DoR as a level 150 JD. I switched to EvE online and played in the DoR corp there for a while when EnB shut down.
  24. My EnB itch came back and I return to find the game has gone boom. Thank you everyone who spends their free time to work on this for the rest of us to be able to enjoy! I hope the servers are back up and running soon. I am a programmer with over 10 years experience if there is anything I can do to help (Mostly C#/.Net, but also some python and php)
  25. To Kyp and everyone helping you, Sorry to hear about the attack, I just checked this and saw the message when I tried to get on to see it was offline but glad to hear you recovered the DB's. Can't wait to hop back on when yaw get it all sorted out. Until then, hope you guys get it all figured out and will be awaiting the games return! Keep up all the amazing work yaw do to keep this game in our lives. For all the whiners, there's plenty of games out there to play, go play some. I just started hogwarts and it's pretty dope so far.
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  27. Not sure if i answered this a while ago but i got the itch to come back and see and play again so here goes. I was Chromedragon on Pegasus. Started out as a beta tester had the FF Decal etc. I still have my badge from the meet and greet that took place in San Jose Ca. I was part of Shadow Squadron initially then moved to Pantheon with Sarina and Master Jag. I played a Terran Trades Man loved all the raids. The mash unit work in the Fish Bowl was nuts. Love all the work the teams are doing and the expanded content as well Greate job team.
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