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  4. set the config to administrator, and run the compatibility and set it to what it suggests.
  5. So I couldn't get it to work correctly on Windows 11 and I had some other problems with this version of Windows so I rolled back to Windows 10. Now I can't get Net7config to retain any of my resolution changes.
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  7. The most updated version of the ini, and a link to download the original EnBTravelmate, are located here now:
  8. AngryAngel is teh man! He has posted Kii's original ini update file. I did a file compare, to Mannakin's file, and Kii's has a lot more sector's. Even though they are not identical I did not see anything, in Mannakin's ini, that should be added/replace any code in Kii's. NOTE: I only spent a few minutes, running a file compare and checking the differences, so feel free to more heavily compare the two. I am using Kii's. I have updated Kii's version to version 7.9 to include Greater Wormhole into WHL7 selection for JE. If any further updates are made please update the version, version notes, and upload additional update(s). = ] EnBTravelMate_v7.9.ini
  9. hey i got travelmate ini file dated 03/24/2011 v1.10.3 if this is the one you are looking for. EnBTravelMate.ini
  10. the old update ini file was posted here: UPDATE: After comparing files there is a lot of missing data from Mannakin's ini file. AngryAngel has posted Kii's original file.I recommend using that one (below).
  11. What type of empty file? I tried a .txt with the correct name, but the launcher doesn't seem to see it. Edit: got it, had to change file type it was looking for. Thanks!
  12. Not sure what the InstallShield issue is on your windows install (google give some solutions when searching that error). For EnB, installing is optional (tho recommended as less downloading). This should get you into the game * create folder c:\games\enb\release * create empty file c:\games\enb\release\client.exe * point net7 launcher to c:\games\enb\release\client.exe file
  13. Downloaded the client, hit 'run as admin'. It gets through the initial install, then pops up the EnB image and proceeds to try to install....gets near the end and puts "1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime" It does this on 2 different machines I've tried. Both running Windows 10. Tried a few compatibility modes, no luck. Any ideas what's going on? Net-7 launcher installed with no issues.
  14. I see your old account in the system (it hasn't been accessed since 6/21/2016, is it possible that you have forgotten the password you used, on the NEt-7.org page under account you can change the password your self, the forums and net-7 pages are different then the actual game sign in,
  15. Hello I just recently (meaning today lol) downloaded and reinstalled, updated passwords etc. I have the correct server, but its saying it isn't responding to my logon attmept. Suggestions?
  16. I have done a bit of reworking and set the sheet up to now be able to track an entire account at once instead of having to make a bunch of copies. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V6m75QXAkpvvEkKrMsB481HGlrxS9kBlW_S3ks6PFSs/edit?usp=sharing In a couple of weeks as I slowly fill in the Mob and Resources I will keep this updated.
  17. Maybe my email is wrong on the system ho do i check that?
  18. Well tried that list and no joy at all just spent 1 hr in chat with a rep, no joy either they escalating up the chain ....
  19. I run on Windows 11 just fine: Make sure your compatibility settings are correct:
  20. o . 0 Have you tried Compat Mode for the exe's? I seriously doubt any game older than 10 years is gonna run on Win11. Its a pile of.......that runs most of its processes on the cloud. I recommend running a VM client rather than trying to get Win11 to work with older games (Steam is having a nightmare with it).
  21. Make sure your firewall and virus scan software are not blocking the program. Windows is a bitch about this. Ensure the Net-7 exe's are set to Compat mode for Win 7. I had to do a fresh install and the Net-7 updater is a nightmare. Generate several errors then got stuck and would not update. Make sure to Install Certificate under Help. Under Launcher click Check For Updates. If nothing happens click Reset Updates.
  22. Any chance that I can get the Net7 launcher to work on Windows 11. The Launcher comes up but when I hit play, nothing...
  23. so it seems that with all the headbanging I have done tonight along with the some help from Woodstock, I have come to the conclusion that my net-7 launcher is not updating. I'm stuck on v1.9.9 and from what i hear 2.2.0 is what i should be at. does anyone know a work around to get the launcher to update besides the link on the portal page, as i have done now 8 reinstalls with the same problem of the launcher itself not updating. game seems to be updated to the correct version, just not the launcher. probably doesn't help the launcher just sits in not responding for 20 mins before it decides to do anything but that's another issue that I'm clueless on. Ideas are welcome as I'm out of them and am not as tech savvy as i use to be.
  24. Not sure if my message went through to you, but I did try the new password you sent, and I am still getting the same message. Would it be worth my efforts to take the new password you sent me, and use that in the net7 portal and try to change my password again?
  25. i ll send you a new game password in a pm for security once you sign in and verify it works use this password on the net-7 page to change the password to one yo can associate with the account.
  26. the game password is where I'm having issues, as every time i try to log in, it tells me that my log in info cant be verified, or something to that effect. also this is my 7th or 8th install of the game files and net7 launcher files, and last night the launcher started to act up and still has been all day today, when i launch the net7 launcher it launches as normal but instantly goes to not responding, i have to sit for like 10 to 20 mins then the launcher will respond and allow me to click play, but then once i do that, it goes right back into a not responding loop. then launches the game, which then I can put in my user name and password, but it pops up the message (Sorry, your login does not appear to be valid, Try again using the default launcher) Oddly enough I am using the Net7 launcher, NOT the EnB launcher so I'm lost at this point, had less issues the first time I installed all this last year. I have checked that the IP in the launcher matches my router IP, so that is all the same, and I am logging into the correct host server. hope this helps with identifying the problem thanks much. o7
  27. is the game password the one you are having issues with or the forums/net-7.org password?
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