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  1. Yesterday
  2. https://enb.gearlist.co.uk/ seems to be gone now
  3. Did this and had to uncheck windowed mode. Works fine now. Thanks! And I'll say the game runs fast with 12 gig of RAM and a SSD.
  4. Following todays server Maintenace as of 3pm GMT the login server appears to be working and we can get to the character selection screens but after that on the Galaxy map screen it sits and waits, and waits....icon on the task bar says "waiting for server" and never connects. This is happening on all my PC's not just one, although on the client it does say betewen 5-7 are logged in. Just thought I would point this issue out as no one else has posted.
  5. looks like the server has booted every1 out and i carnt get back in, try to log in get too map and then nothing
  6. use the ENBConfig program either Via the Net-7 launcher or via navigating to the following directory and finding the ENBCONFIG executable. EAGAMES/Earth & Beyond/EBCONFIG/ then look for the Enb Config. you will need to run it as Administrator and compatibility , right click on the enbconfig, and go to properties, then select run as administrator then run the compatibility checker once those two are down run the Enb Config, and run through all the resolution settings to find the one you want, there is also a box titles Run in Window or window, most people do run it in a window so they can have the webpages on the portal page and forums open for reference. run the config until you find the resolution your are comfortable with, also run the sound tests to make sure your set up, once you have run the tests and select all the items you want close the config and run the game
  7. Game working...except I can't get it to go full screen on my laptop. I need to figure this out, as playing on half a screen is no fun. Playing on Win 10.
  8. Last week
  9. The downloads are at: https://www.net-7.org/#downloads However, maybe head over to the FAQs: https://www.net-7.org/#faq and read the "How do I get in the game" section
  10. Hullo, What's the feasibility/desire of having the hidden navs show on the navigation map, only once discovered? Just always seemed like a thing that should happen to me and I was wondering if it's possible and if there's any desire for it from anyone but myself? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, it's been a while since I had a computer that would let me play. I finally have a new Win 10 laptop and want to get back in the game. Problem is that I can't locate the install files--maybe I'm going senile. I'm certain someone can point this old guy in the right direction. Thanks! P.S.--I'm sure I'm no longer a guild officer, or even in the guild, lol.
  12. Keep game account password character/numbers only. No special symbols. It would also be nice to include error message you getting when trying to login.
  13. Thanks for the response, I have tried logging in to using my game account and even created a new one and tried that. But still no success
  14. You need to create game account in www.net-7.org to login into game. Forum login (used for forum/portal/wiki) does not work for game.
  15. I have recently re installed the game and wanted to get back into it but when it comes to the login at the start of the game I cannot login. I have an account already and also created a new one to see if that worked. Is there a way I can play Earth and beyond. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks, Adam
  16. I just finished the tutorial, I think, and now I must get to level 30 before Macmullen will talk to me (I think). What do you guys suggest I do? Explore? Where are some good spots to do so safely? Any good trade routes? Some good places to upgrade my combat? Is there a way to continue the story line without getting to level 30? I am a Terran Enforcer (or warrior I forget). Thanks, guys!
  17. Earlier
  18. What is wrong with you and your tone?
  19. It appears the server has gone belly up again, its not responding after login and toon selection or you can login but do nothing at all......what's been happening in the past week? 😡 as of 17:45 GMT sat looking at galaxy map but cant get any further.....
  20. Good Evening: Net-7 shows server online but every time I select play i get "Server failed to respond to login event". I flushed the DNS and dropped my firewalls but cannot get around the error. Any guidance would be appreciated. Problem fixed. forced update of net-7 and changed ip address.
  21. Server seems to have thrown a wobble again, can't get past the loading map screen at all!!! 😡
  22. 06:38 pm EST server offline
  23. Perhaps a restart will fix the instability issues I have lately
  24. Think the servers have popped. @ 22:30 GMT
  25. Pirate... you should take your own advice and... SLOW THE HELL DOWN Take a min to breath and maybe read the whole thread. If you did, you would realize that Spa is actually doing what you said. He's letting the other player know that xp doesn't need to be increased to speed up leveling. regardless, he was answering someone else's question and there was no reason to personally attack him. So chill dude. Most adults, when they're blatantly wrong, have the decency to apologize. With that said, I would respectfully disagree Spa. There is no robust quest system, so the majority of it, is just a pure grind. I wouldn't do increased xp as a permanent solution, however, I think doing something like bonus xp on weekends wouldn't hurt. It might also bring players back. I know I would probably login more and play again.
  26. Just found this thread, and saw the 11-year-old link to Xulei's Skydrive (now OneDrive) location no longer works. In September last year, I updated Xulei's map and posted it in the ENB Wiki in an article entitled "Maps and Charts". If you click on the thumbnail on that page, you'll see a medium-sized version, and click on that to get the full-sized one. For your convenience, I've added it here, too!
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