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  2. what toon names and did you get your gear yet ?
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  4. Can anyone upgrade progen shields? Seems that many of the crafters are gone as well. I can make some progen weapons (working on it). I drive a tractor trailer (sitting in my sleeper as we speak). So I play daily after work for 2-4 hours (more on weekends). A friend from No Man Sky and other games joined me here. He started a TE (first EnB ship of his life). Currently OL-40. He is looking for L3 missile launchers that do more damage.
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  7. Should have made a level 150 Jenquai Explorer first for the group cloak skill 😉 Or you could ask for a level 150 JE with group cloak to give you a ride to your hull upgrade in new player channel. The Progen , specially the warrior picked on the V'rix first , that is their revenge. I wish the devs would change them V"rix loot table as to make them a wanted kill , other bigger player would kill them down just to get the loot
  8. ranger


    If you are solo ... make friend or learn to multi-box more then one of your account also start with trade and ask for a universe tour for exploration point 25 trade level + 25 explore level usually give you a nice shield level that you can solo combat level without dying in 1 or 3 shots https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Trade_Routes https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/New_Player_Tutorial/Guide https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php?search=guide&title=Special%3ASearch&fulltext=1
  9. Market channel still exists and is monitored by builder / crafter usually. If you need something built request it here too, I guess ... Joining a guild whit people online could also help you
  10. I'm a PW getting my first upgrade. Get all the way to the Tiberius Shipyards and about to upgrade and along come a formation of six Vrix that just annihilate me. I've seen them at gates where they gank players that come through. I've played games where there is a very high level roving patrol, but they are isolated to a certain small area to roam. Not free to kill anyone and anywhere. The game used to be enjoyable, but this is killing that fun. Please seclude or remove them.
  11. Hello Damage Inc Members, I'm new to the Emulator Only found it about 4 days ago and i Created my first characters ReverendTE / ReverendTT JE / PW / PS (Soon to come) I'm Very interested in joining Your guys Guild 🤩
  12. Well not so much the lack of content, I'd think its more of... It's summer people are trying not to sit in their houses Not sure regardless tho, But last 3 days I've seen about 80-90 players online pretty consistently (80-90 includes Alts)
  13. Leavon


    With the population size decreasing has any thought gone into exporting a solo version that people can play? This would entail being able to access controls that players could use to provide sufficient boost to make soloing viable?
  14. ty havent seen that message show up but thanks now i can complete it
  15. The warden tells you to ho buy the reports at the vendor thats located in the side room. They are in the cell block room
  16. My PP toon Ftapp is currently on this quest line and has * completed it twice without the final reward phase. because everytime you visit DCO Detention Center onorom and Speak to the Warden you do NOT get the Encrypted report Could a GM or someone advance the quest please? or fix whats wrong??
  17. When I played EnB emulator before there were lots and lots of players (I had left due to a bug stopping me from gating. It wasn't fixed and my pleas were being ignored so I had to leave. Now it is fixed and I have returned. Also started sending in donations again.. There were crafters that could build almost anything. Now the place is a ghost town. The server gets only as much as 15% full. Everyone chats on the "New Players" channel. Sure is a great game. Where did everyone go?
  18. Been on a constant ore field farming spree since the scheduled maintenance on Tuesday across multiple toons/ore fields. Haven't seen a single spawn in literal hundreds of field clearences. I'd like to chalk this up to just incredibly bad luck on my behalf, but due to the sheer amount of fields I've cleared I should have seen at least 1 if not more by now. I'm wondering if any other miners out there have noticed this? Or if anyone has managed to find a UAA in an asteroid since July 28th?
  19. That fixed it. Thank you very much. Always good to learn something new. Totally Awesome Bustinkaps (Also a Michael Dorn Fan)
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  21. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Red_Dragon_Base_Raid Projectile and Missile users should bring Chemical and EMP unless you can debuff the type you bring. Beam users should bring Energy. EMP will only work on the shields of the mobs and not on the hull, this will mean that you will need to swap over to chem or energy when you are hitting hull. ------- Plasma Beams or Plasma Ammo will ***heal*** the bosses but can deal damage after Chimaera's Debuff.
  22. joining a guld or askimg for group expertise in general chat might help ?
  23. Leveling tips are alsointeresting if you been away for so long you might have forgotent them also https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Leveling_Tips
  24. Mathis Alexander being on the main deck https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Mathis_Alexander is not the main NPC mission giver like Chronos Christopher https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Chronos_Christopher and Imperator Brook , who are the NPC which you need to interact with more it seem and the one more central to line of sight also being in the lobby. https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Imperator_Brook
  25. Hello , My understanding ( that which is limited )is that the negotiate skill only affect credit and not xp except for terran traders who when grouped with one with maxed negotiate skill seem to gain a 19% mission Bonus. My theorized /practical answer come from this artilce : https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Negotiate_(Skill) trade xp are gained by doing trade actions : * Selling item to NPC vendors * Doing trade jobs *doing trade route between npc * Trading looted item to another player or alternative other account of your's.
  26. I'm sure you've already thought of this, but have you made sure the Filter is not set on something other than "All"?
  27. Alt Name = Jagg Got caught warping during a crash that was down for a couple days. ever since then the transparency on items put in the cargo section is negligible (dark gray box) GM has looked at and said it was a Dev issue Please see attached image. Thanks .
  28. IIRC it has been there from the beginning , whats your Avatars name? ill look to see if there is an issue or missed missions on them,
  29. My Privateer is level 90 and the Negotiate skill is ghosted (never trained). Was it added after it was first created? Note: Haven't played EnB since 2017 due to a gating bug back then. Playing again because I just realized that the bug had been fixed. My guess is that my trade level of 37 would have been a lot higher if Negotiate 5 had been trained.
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