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  4.      It's been a long azz time since Westwood Ev, almost 2 decades now since the beginning. I haunt BSGO now, n y--I'm still Ever/Ayv n rather proud to have been a part of yer history. Kyp I rem also, good peps. Computers n Servers have changed so much since then n coding shortcuts. I have a 12 i7 core/ 6gb liq cool'd vid/ 5o gb of ram/ a experimental 1tssd/ amped wireless/ 15oowatt thermatake gold/ bose stereo/ crazy keyboard n a mouse a kat can't kill w a 7.9 x 5 windows to compair to what we started with. You are one awesome dude who I respect above nyone with a dream n seein it thru.....Aquadoom, Zour, Wandersoul n TSE <The Shadow Empire> remember.

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