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  3. We can jump on the Earth&Beyond Teamspeak if you want to chat (see below forum thead for information on how to connect), although we do not use it as heavily as some other guilds. You have to be online and in-game with some character for the guild invite to work -- just once in game ask for an invite to Damage Inc in either new players or General chat.
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  5. @Zarg @zant45 Looking to start playing and may need help getting orientated - played when the game was Live (terran - trader maybe?) on Pegasus I believe - then got deployed to Iraq - came back to there being no game up and running. Don't remember the guild (if any) when it was up. Just found the EMU - and was going to try and figure out how to bootstrap things. Got a discord server or something I can jump in and ask questions if I need help? ThunderWalker
  6. Data Satellite 4 ... start at The Launching Point. Warp to Nav Glory's Orbit 3. Then, without moving your ship, right-click to allow free warp and continue warping straight ahead. Data Sat 3 is first and then 4. Mind the Red Dragon guards [CL 35??] in the area if you aren't friends with them.
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  8. If you're seeing the load icon, that sounds like maybe something is preventing execution. Check your antivirus solution, there should be an exclusion area. I would recommend excluding the directory you have us installed in. The code is not well known and it is not signed by a code-signing certificate so Antivirus software may prevent its execution.
  9. no it's a new install
  10. Did you install it or copy the files/sub directory(s) over to the new computer? If the later you will need to get into the registry (new computer) and set file locations. You can get into regedit on the old computer find all registry entries and export them. Regedit on new and import them. PITA if I recall, but that is how I did it many moons ago. ------ Edit ---------- Look for Westwood in the registry... Easiest way would be to install via the instructions found elsewhere in the forums
  11. after a long furlough I have installed e&b on my new computer, trying to configure the game but config won't run,click it and I get the load icon for a second after that, nothing, config just won't start up
  12. Job terminal lvl 35 to start the lvl 50 missions, 15 levels below the job level to start. also trade goods vendors have no level limits, if you just starting out, use the trade goods vendor to start there area few routes that can be very lucrative. there are NPC's that give out missions some of these can be repeated a number of times, some of the rewards are nice.
  13. AH i figured it out. my second monitor is only 1600x900, so when it loads the alt windows they must be too small to run. i switched my monitors around, and it works loading the alts on the 1080p monitor.
  14. Damage Inc is still always actively recruiting more players. We go a good job of hosting raids, and helping new members advance in the game -- both in leveling and equipping them. We're also full of advice -- most of it even good! Ask for us directly in new players or general chat, or feel free to message any of the officers in this thread. -Zargol/Jexxor, Damage Inc Officer
  15. Hmm. so i got it mostly working, however when it tries to move the alt window, the window it just disappears. I can see the alt window, the right size on top of my main window, then instead of popping over to the second monitor it just dies. Then it does the same with the second alt window.
  16. Hey is it possible to chat on net 7 Teamspeak when you have time please ?

  17. Any other useful AHK scripts that have been developed to help with more tedious tasks like trade goods purchasing / selling, etc.?
  18. Job terminals- do you have to be OL 50 to start them? Which ones are are best to do for: combat xp exploration xp trade runs are the best for trade levels, right? Which ones are best based on level ?
  19. I am a new player to Earth and Beyond, and am looking for tips and tricks for leveling up in the game that are efficient, effective, and fun! Each class is different in their specialization so leveling Combat levels comes easier for some classes, while others can level up Exploration and Trade levels much easier. What do the best leveler out there do for level progression?
  20. Welcome back!
  21. HI! Zilver here! Just finding my way into the emulator, I can't believe it took me this long! I also want to thank all my old MM friends that put up with me as a teenager... that was a long time ago, and i'm sure i was annoying lol. My names in game are as you would expect... Zivlerjd zilverje zilverjs (leveling my psionically inclined, cloaky friends first)
  22. well I finally took the time to install this .. works great for me .. i also macroed my launch routine because i run 4 toons on one cpu .. now i can launch and go make coffee when i return im up and running : )
  23. Just copied the URL from the youtube address bar (i.e. youtube .com/watch?v=xyz) , it then auto.transforms it into an embed after a second (using Opera/Chrome). Only issue is that if you already have text after the link, it might get removed by the embed. Didn't test on the 2nd screen yet, will do once I have time again.
  24. Thanks. Will take a look at it. Normally I don't record both monitors so I effed up the settings and it recorded two 1080 monitors side by side at 1125 so that video looked like crap but it was sufficient to get the point across that I haven't had those mouse issues. So instead of being 2k wide, it was 1k wide. KNow the quality sux. Meh, it was a one off recording anyway so no crisis. Needed to bang it out and get the version to you before I met up with friends in ESO. Now that you mention your laptop and 2nd monitor. Wondering if that could be a odd combo for AHK. Mine is a desktop and the 2nd monitor is always there. No idea if that matters. Its just not a scenario I have ever tried. Curious, though, how the heck did you embed the video in your post? I don't see any video embed option in this editor.
  25. So after trying out the different versions of AHK & reinstalling 1.1, messing around in the files I've got it to work. Still have to confirm it also works when the second screen is connected (when I got it to work I was away from the 2nd screen with my laptop). If it works I'll diff my files and see what made it break for me. About OBS: Its more for streaming than just recording. If you intend to stream, get the OBS-FTL variant so you can do low-latency streaming to Mixer (it has miliseconds of stream delay over the ~10 seconds that Twitch has) ( Alternatively if you just want to upload to Youtube and have an Intel i5 or i7 CPU that's 3rd gen core-i or newer, use QuickSync H.264 as Encoder (unless you are using the FTL settings for lowest latency). This will give you better quality/size than Nvidia Shadowplay combined with low CPU & hard disk usage. Plus it saves you time as you don't need to re-encode if you were saving it with a lower, fast compression. Tweak ICQ Quality till you are happy with the details quality. Just for capturing, I think using MSI Afterburner is much easier. Ingame just hit the record keybind, press again to stop. No setting up scenes, capture modes in OBS etc. MSI Afterburner also supports QuickSync via "configure external Plugin" then picking QSV.dll on the list. /OT
  26. I don't remember the version. I can check when I get home from work. However, I don't have those mouse problems at all I can click on the windows just fine after launching. Also, other than size and positions, the alt windows are launched in the same way as the main window is. You do have your E&B set for windowed in the graphics setup right? And thanks for mentioning OBS. I have been trying to find a decent screen recorder. You made me google it. Looks nice. I will have to grab a copy and give it a go. My version is Here is my startup and you can see no issues with mouse clicks.
  27. Thanks, I'll try your the alternative, tho I really doubt that would be the issue. Because it seems you can click in the login screens of your alts fine, while I can't. Something is intercepting my clicks. (I've also tried different variants of left mouse down followed by sending a left mouse up, none of the mouse down events are received by the client, while mouse up plays a sound effect on ui elements and causes them to flicker for a couple of milliseconds) I've screen capped the character selection screen of EnBAlt* window with OBS. This is me first trying to click on "Edison" twice via the button using my mouse, then on the character itself, then back to the button tapping left on my mousepad. The EndMain window works without issue. I've not interfered at all with the startup, basically not touching my mouse&keyboard till the "script done" window popped up. Tho I think that it might be some issue with AHK itself. Just to check.. what flavor of AHK are you using? Cause there seem to be three different flavors that might not be all that compatible to each other. Maybe I'm just trying to run your script with the wrong version...? I've tried it with AHK 1.1.2600 (Unicode-64bit install option) on win10x64. PS: AHK 1.0 & 2.0a both throw different errors when trying to run the scripts with it so I guess ahk 1.1 was correct.
  28. The site is still up, it's just a typo in the link (remove the trailing dot). It's not a temporary outage: The link has a dot in the URL after the ".html" that's why it claims to be broken. Remove the dot and it'll work for everybody. :-)
  29. I am not clear on where you put that function. Second where and how are you calling it? I purposely didn't put in any login functions in the scripts since I have different teams I play Its just as easy to simply click on the toon I want in each window. Note that user input is locked during the load process to prevent the user from accidentally typing something or moving the mouse which would interrupt the programmed sequence of events. Not sure if that is what you are interpreting as "mouseclicks are recieved". Its possible that something is going on with the EnB Client too. I had a hell of a time getting the auto sell to work to sell trade goods. The normal click on window function didn't work. I had to use mouse delay, move and click independently with randomization to foil what I presume EnB has as bot automation detection in that interface: SetMouseDelay, Rand(MouseLow,MouseHigh) MouseMove %tgtX%,%tgtY% Sleep 100+Rand(ClickDelay) SendEvent +{Click} In your case its possible you might want to convert the call to my internal function to use these functions. Try: SetMouseDelay 200 ; Will need to tinker on delay amount, this controls the time that the mouse is simulated to be pressed down. MouseMove 473,225 ; Your coords. But I recommend using the class I gave you to scale properly. Sleep 200; Again play with value SendEvent {Click} SetMouseDelay 10 ; Return back to reasonable delay. Make sure you are running the clients with "Default FPS" key bindings. If thats the case, space should fire all weapons. You will, obviously, have to check the "AutoFire" option on each weapon so it will recycle automatically.
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