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Found 2 results

  1. First of all, a huge thanks to @Nimsy for her excellent detailed install guide without which this script would not be possible. I banged my head against the wall for quite awhile before finding her guide buried on page 7 of the existing thread. Once the GMs have a chance to review this and some people have been able to give it a try I would like for this post to replace the venerable "Linux(maybe mac?)/Wine install guide." as I spent a ridiculous (seriously, if my wife hears Megan's voice in the installer one more time she will divorce me) amount of time trying to incorporate everything I could find in that thread into one cohesive fully-automated script. I looked briefly into supporting MacOS (Darwin) but it doesn't seem possible, especially on recent MacOS versions; Apple is working hard to kill off OpenGL and replace it with Metal and the WINE builds I could find have no 32-bit support which is a requirement. I would also like to see the FAQ updated, specifically the "Game play and issues" section, to bifurcate the "How do I get in the game !!" topic into Windows and Linux versions where the latter is just a disclaimer about Linux not being officially supported and a link to this post. This would make it much easier for my future Linux brethren to find this and hopefully spend a lot less time installing the game and a lot more time playing it! For updates, issues, and PRs: https://github.com/ciphersimian/enb-linux-installer To install (I strongly encourage you to review the script first, you should never run a script directly from the internet like this without reviewing it first!): sh <(curl --fail --silent --show-error --location https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ciphersimian/enb-linux-installer/master/install-enb-linux.sh) -or- sh <(wget --no-verbose --output-document=- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ciphersimian/enb-linux-installer/master/install-enb-linux.sh) Long Live Tux! 🐧
  2. I'm not sure this is a Linux or an EnB issue.   While playing EnB, the touch pad or even an external mouse will work normally. Randomly the mouse/touchpad will stop working. Only way to fix this issue is to press the touchpad "off" button and back on again.  This will get my mouse/touchpad working again. But it will fail randomly. Anywhere from 1 min to 10 minutes.  I can run WoW and Ulitma Online with no issues, and normally computer usage will have no mouse/touchpad issues.    Any ideas from anyone?
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