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  1. Beerrun

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    Looks like server is down
  2. I’ve got a Razer blade stealth and a Razer core with a rx580 in it and can’t seem to get the e&b client to show my egpu on the config page, wondering if anyone else has encountered this.
  3. Beerrun

    login error INV-300 [can't get in]

    Can you screenshot where you are getting the error? Make sure the IP on the net-7 launcher is your ip... and make sure you are using the Net-7 launcher and not trying to launch from the Earth and Beyond client Edit: to clarify, you should be launching the game using the net-7 client only, not the original game shortcut
  4. No problem! Look for Beerrun or Beerdefender in game if you need anything!
  5. The only way I know of with laptops that used Nvidia's Optimize technology is to right click on your desktop, select the nvidia graphics settings, then go to the 3d settings and change them so that the default setting is to the nvidia card. If you need further assistance on that, I can come up with some screenshots from my own laptop
  6. Beerrun

    Anyone using ISBoxer ?

    If anyone has any questions how to use ISBoxer with EnB, I'm working on writing a guide write now with some basic key bindings/toggles one can import, in case there is any interest in this.
  7. Could anyone point me in the direction of the config file where one would unbind keys? I'd like to unbind all the F1-F12 keys so I can bind them to macros or autohotkey scripts
  8. Beerrun

    Beer is back

    Finally reached a good point in my life with my career and am newly married, will be seeing you folks in game quite often. Hope people remember me and if we haven’t met then please say hello sometime!
  9. Beerrun

    Some high level items impossible for some of us to get

    So it's been nearly 2 years, I just recently started playing again and I'm surprised that things like the Celestial Warder are still so difficult to catch a spawn on given the small playerbase... can we get a revival on this and maybe a simple trigger for those of us that work full time, have families, but still want to make the most out of this game? I don't see why you couldn't just make the droprate on items lower and add a trigger that anyone could initiate, but only once ever 55 hours or so. It gives everyone a fair chance at dropping the boss, but at the same time the lowered droprate on items would still make it a roll of the lucky dice.
  10. Beerrun

    Perplexed and a bit sad

    Honestly some classes could use the DPS boost seeing how you guys keep ponying for 4+ group raids when it's difficult to get that many players together (at least the times I play) in the first place. I know the emulator may say "400 players online", but when most of us are running 2-4 characters at once, that's really not a lot of people.
  11. Eh, I think I'm gonna have to call it quits on this game for now. 24 player raids? Really? WoW doesn't even require that many people and it's got millions of players. We maybe have 200 players all around the world, which of of them are multiboxing at any one time. I know you are setting your aim high, but be realistic here please.
  12. Beerrun

    HEY Galileo, ayee!

    I was galileo. Terminalillness, a JE
  13. Are they taking atmosphere into account? Wouldn't most of it burn off...
  14. Beerrun

    Can buil skills be fixed?

    I'm on board with this, there is no reason I should have to upgrade my skills to level 2 to analyze a shield for an INITIAL skill mission. Sure, make some missions where we can analyze things of higher level for experience and faction, but don't require it to gain the initial skill (which we can't even abandon the missions anymore if we change our mind, thus REQUIRING us to spend money on a CF  device)
  15. Beerrun

    Sweet Spot for Beams

    The mob being weakened to that type of energy. Or the mob being hit in an area that causes a critical hit, such as a soft spot in a carapace. Critical Targeting is exactly that, targeting those critical areas to increase the chance you hit one of them and cause catastrophic damage.