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  1. Can a game account be linked to more than 1 Master Account? Lets say that my g/f and I have separate Master Accounts under our own Forum Accounts and each of us has 2 game accounts linked to our individual Master Account. Can I link one of her game accounts to my Master Account?   sounds complicated doesn't it?  lol   Redbeard
  2. over the past few weeks i've been experiencing significant dropped connection problems. it seems to occur if a toon is inactive for even a short period of time, even as little as 1-2 minutes. if i'm actively playing, there seems to be no problem, though I do get random dropped connections even when i'm doing something. I have cable and have reset the modem and router, but to no avail. This happens on both of my pc's and my laptop so it's not isolated to a single machine. also, i've not made any changes to any of them in many months.   any suggestions or ideas on a resolution would be greatly appreciated.   Redbeard
  3. All was well with using Net-7 until sometime over the last month or so. Something changed somewhere and now when I try to log in to my account IE locks up entirely. I tried deleting the cookie for the site and that didn't work. I didn't have Java installed so I got that done and still it locks up. This is happening on my main desktop, my backup desktop and on my laptop so it's not something wrong on a single machine. All are running Win7. The main is 64 bit and the others are 32 bit so that doesn't seem to be a factor. I saw a post describing this same problem wherein it was suggested that relinking accounts might solve the issue. When I tried that I got a message saying that I'd reached the limit on accounts.    Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks,   Redbeard    
  4. I see here that someone says the Cygnus lvl9 isn't dropping. I'm here to tell ya that it must be because my JE, Surette, has it printed and has built several. Can't tell ya where it came from though. That part of my memory is beyond repair.
  5. Well that did it!! A complete wipe and reinstallation of Winderz. Then set everything else up and viola, it all works now. Many Thanks to you Kyp for the suggestions on how to get it going. It just turned out to be a local problem with my comp that I had to address.
  6. The game was running on this computer just 5-6 weeks ago. I did a complete wipe of the hard drive and reinstalled Windows last week. It wasn't because of EnB. The home network this comp is on has another comp that is currently running the game without any problems. The only reason I keep this comp running is so when friends come by we can play together. I'm beginning to think that another complete wipe is in my future. It sounds like there might have been some kind of problem with the reinstall of Windows.
  7. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1304884656' post='40389'] Huh, not sure which installer that is. Might be one of the other guys who've left the team. So, under C:\Program Files\EA Games\ do you see any other folders aside from NET7? [/quote] There is the NET7 along with the Earth & Beyond folder. That's all. The Net7setup file was d/l from Net-7.org every time. [attachment=914:ss3.JPG]
  8. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1304878806' post='40384'] if you right click the shortcut and go to its target from the properties of the shortcut, what do you see? Are all the files there? Directories: bin, database, logs files client-version.txt, net-7-version.txt and so on This sounds like the shortcut isn't resolving to a correct location to me. [/quote] Here is what I'm seeing. [attachment=913:ss2.JPG][attachment=912:ss1.JPG]
  9. Nothing in task manager or tray. I removed and reinstalled the game from my original CD's and got fresh downloads of the patch and Net7setup. Still the same. When I clik LaunchNet7 the cursor changes a second like it did before, but nothing else happens. I had the game running on this same machine a few months ago but did a complete wipe and reinstalled Windows. I'm running XP Pro with Service Pack 3 installed.
  10. I have this same problem. I updated .NET framework and got the V++ file and installed that. Now when I clik to start LaunchNet7 nothing happens at all. The cursor changes for a few seconds to indicate something is starting, but nothing does. Any other recommendations?? RB
  11. I'd like to thank Gretl for the nomination. I would be honored to serve in this capacity if given the opportunity. I played in the last few months of beta and was still at it the night the lights went out. I don't know all there is to know about the game, but I do believe I have a good enough set of communication skills to help get things from players to the devs and back again effectively. Thanks, Redbeard Reddbeard, Surette, and a variety of Redbeard variations.
  12. Sounds like a very good idea. I like the concept of someone within the community of players, and outside the devs world, that can take input from his/her fellow players and give the devs a different insight into what players feel about the way the EnB world works and evolves. Howver, like many ideas, putting this into action presents a myriad of problems. I believe that the outlined selection process stands a strong chance of becoming nothing more than a simple popularity contest. That's not a problem if that's what this is about and that's what the devs want. However, I don't think that's the case. What I'm hearing is a call to the community of players giving us a chance to tell them what we like and what we don't like and asking what our hopes and dreams for the future of the game are. Much of what lies before us in the game is already loosely mapped out. We all know that. I think this is the dev's way of telling us, "We're finally getting a handle on this thing. Now its time to give you guys out there a bigger voice in what we do next." So, how do you implement something like this? How do you go about finding people that have the time, patience, heart, desire, and love of the game to perform this task? Frankly, I have no idea. Perhaps a popularity contest is best way. At least then you know you'll get someone everyone knows and will talk to. I just hope that the person (or persons) that get this opportunity find a way to leave personality out of it and give everyone an equal chance to be heard. If this goes forward, as I hope it does, I don't want anyone to be able to say they were left out or ignored because the advocate didn't, or wouldn't, take the time to listen to what they had to say. Thanks, Reddbeard aka Dave
  13. As long as you're down there... Could someone please activate my Net-7 account BSM under my Redbeard forums account for me. I have yet to receive any activation emails, but the best tech support out there has helped me every time I've needed anything. Thanks guys!!! Redbeard
  14. I'm running Windows 7 64bit. I have two pc's and have the game and creator installed on both of them. I've logged both accounts on both of the machines at different times. Everything works very well in game. I couldn't be more pleased with being able to fly once again after all these years. This is the only glitch I've not found an answer for. As I mentioned, between the two accounts I have I've created only five characters. In essence I have five open slots, three on one account and two on the other. Those five characters occupy slot numbers one through five. Thats to say that there's at least one character in each of the five slots. It could be that even though the characters are on different accounts, the creator sees a character in all five slots and thats why it won't import. If that's the case I can understand why it isn't working. I may try reinstalling the creator to see if that will help. Redbeard
  15. I've used the creator to make a couple of toons and all has gone well. I have two accounts with 3 toons on one (spots 1, 3 & 4)and two on the other (spots 2 & 5). Between the two accounts, all five character spots are occupied. I decided to create a PP last several nights ago and so I started up the creator. All went normally and the toon was ready to go. I set it to go to spot 5 and intended to play the toon on the account that had that spot open. However, when I logged the account the toon didn't import. I checked the creator and the toon had been saved and was still there. I've checked the last two nights and though the toon is still in the creator, it won't import. I'm wondering if this has come up before and if there's a way to get the toon to import. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Redbeard/Dave
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