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  1. Hi rodsauro and woody, I too have also had the same problem, login and fails after about a min, i now cannot login into my main account > taffy, je whos stuck in fenris also my TT whos also stuck in fenris > rhondoc, i have been lucky to login into my other accs but i don't play them as there just for storage, i'll login again and see if i can play them, i'll keep you updated.
  2. Any news about the server please ?
  3. Update after numerous tries it let me in !! I am now playing again.
  4. I too am having the same prob i run win 7 64 bit i had a window up saying tmp173.exe - bad image, it says  " C:\Dave\AppData\local\temp\PROPSYS.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or software vendor for support."
  5. I was on galileo aka cyeo > je also a old friend of mine was there > miexon a TW iirc.
  6. I see someones got the net 7 folder >> heres the link to download it >>> [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/6763-for-those-that-need-a-working-net-7-folder/page__fromsearch__1"]https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/6763-for-those-that-need-a-working-net-7-folder/page__fromsearch__1[/url]
  7. [b]Ty kyp and TB for the response, and i do appreciate that you guys arnt on here 24/7 we all got real life to attend to.[/b] [b]I have tried to upload the NET 7 file, but i cant, i dont know if its something im doing wrong,im not pc friendly lol,if someone can u/l the net 7 file it would these guys out a lot. [/b]
  8. Ok im back in the game,what i did was i first deleted the net 7 proxy and put a copy in from my daughters pc, that worked up to a point where i got to the login screentyped in my username and pw and i got the dreaded ' inv 300', so i deleted the net 7 folder and copied the 1 from my daughters comp and wtg that worked !!
  9. Can someone confirm that this is being looked into please ? i did manage to login on my daughters laptop, so im going to copy her version of the net 7 proxy and put it on my comp,hopefully this will work, will let you know what happens.
  10. The debuffs are also sticking my JD was debuffed and it just stayed debuffed,had to relog and rebuff again it was a pain but seeing that the buffs are sticking i didnt mind lol
  11. I believe the error '' 404 - File or directory not found'' means that the update server is down again, or they might be working on it.
  12. Hi guys im still not able to play either,im getting the same problem as chanlin and gigaduke ' incompatible version of net 7 proxy, latest version is 2.22' although it does now say that the '' current version is : 357 ''
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