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  1. I am not a DEV, I am the HGM (Head Game Master) helping the players is what HGM Does
  2. I am not sure that it is feasible since currently the only way to restrict access to a sector or station is through faction levels, it would probably take a major rewrite to areas on the game that we are not allowed to change . I may be wrong, I don't know . But unlike other games where it is being done, Eve for example, it was written and designed for that to be, Also Vendetta online, It was one of the Starting the game considerations and is written into the code at the start. EnB predates both and was written so that all players have the opportunity to go everywhere depending on their choices and faction levels
  3. it appears to be settling back to normal thanks
  4. After the restart the game is real laggy, I was 20k from a gate the game said i was to close to warp, I haave to wait 10 to 20 seconds from he time i press a key to see an action
  5. It appears that the server is Not communicating again, I have not been able to log in to the game it could be the log in server is not responding,
  6. You may need to dig through your router/modem settings and ensure that net-7 and enb are both whitelisted by the firewall and your antivirus, some antivirus treat the game as unsafe, make sure that you have it set to allow game through
  7. Follow the `0 lb restriction you would be surprised how much strain lifting puts on the spine and neck. I would talk to your PCM and find out options, and By All Means wear that Collar as it will help tak some pressure off of your neck and fracture, and be ready for other issues happening numbness in hands and feet f
  8. go to the www.Net-7.org (portal page) sign in using your forums sign-ins, then go to the account tab and create a Game account this will be the sign-ins used to sign in to the game. ensure that you use the Net-7 launcher to log in to the game the original EA launcher WILL NOT WORK. after logging in to the game and creating your avatars and enter them in to the game they will appear on the net-7 pages so you can see all your avatars.
  9. You only need to post once in the server status thread,  every time someone posts,  everyone gets notified , that there is a new post.  As I have multiple computers and a cell phone with forums access,  I get 10  notifications for each post.  this time of day  the Server Dev May be asleep  as he is in central Europe  and its early morning there,  as soon as he is awake and able to he will look at the server.  If there is more than a server restart needed it will take a bit till the server comes back up, the last long down time was due to the server farm lost some hard drives to failures, and had to troubleshoot down to the drive  and replace the same and do backup restores  before we were able to play again,  Patience is required  with these issues.  Thank you.  Also I can not restart or do server work  I'm not knowledgeable in that area.  


    Woodstock HGM

  10. It appears that the net-7.org site is down also I an not start any tools also
  11. Pre-req Mission requirements: Progen Token Bonus: Completing Stage I - II Devices Mission rewardStage III Encryptions Needs To be completed in order got him to give you the Stage 3 encryptions From Architecti Vasi, you may have to complete other pre-req missions in order to get the mission from Vasi
  12. all do drop and are not rare drops, just medium low level drops all the mobs do spawn at a regular basis.
  13. What is your Avatar's name so i can look up the issue
  14. For security reasons Please pm me your account information and any emails and account names and the names of your avatars so that i can research your issue. do not put this information here in the forums please use private message. Thank You in advance
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