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  1. One mission gives you 3 Skill points upon completion, another mission gets you the Polar Express Engine LVL 5 Increase Engine Thrust (Activated) Increases Ships top speed by 100.0 for 300 seconds when activated. Increase Maneuverability (Activated) Increase turn rate by 50% for 300 seconds when activated. Weaken Plasma (Equip) -30.0 Plasma Deflect when equipped. Weaken EMP (Equip) -30.0 EMP Deflect when equipped. Increase Cargo Capacity for Trade Items Increases Trade Item Capacity by 25 % warp 4k; thrust 150
  2. I was waiting for a response from you if the password change routine on the net-7 page worked or not, and was also waiting for a GM Help Ticket requesting a passowrd change on the same account
  3. ok your fixed I advanced the mission one step, now you need to return to the Tokai station on Dahin planet
  4. every Christmas there is a mission that awards 3 extra skill points
  5. you should have written a GM help ticket including your avatars name and WE Gm's can fix you,
  6. I can also change the Game Password using My GMTools but the first step is for you to try using the Password change routine on the NEt-7 pages first, For the GM's to change your game Password Please go to the Net-7 .org page and select WebHelp menu selection for the top menu bar then select Ingame issues (GMSupport) and fill out the information please provide your Account names and avatar names for verification with out these I can not help you. you will receive a reply back from the GM ticket system with your new Temporary password, First log in to the game all of the way to your avatar being in game verify hi by moving around first , then log out and go to the Nent-7 page under your account and change the password this time in old password use the temporary password and change the password on your account, You wont need a second verifying email doing this routine
  7. ensure that all 4 vertical boxes are marked, as you will need to navigate using the Windows file explorer to the EnB Directory find the release sub directory and locate the Client application, the right click on client and select properties and select run as administrator, also go to the compatibility checker section on the properties popup mini window and run the compatibility checker select the version of windows it says to use, (this no way effects your windows version, it tell the client how to act. after all of this is completed yo should find you are more stable and not getting blackholed as often when docking undocking or gating.
  8. it is still possible, but you will need to install the enb game you can use those disks, but do not run the game the EA Provided launcher DOEs NOT Work. you must login into the NET-7.org site with your forum credentials and navigate to the main menu selection then select downloads and download the Net-7 Launcher and install and run it this will launch the game always use the NEt-7 launcher to start the game
  9. there is not a Net-7 Discord, there are several guilds that have started there own discords, we have been using TeamSpeak until February 2023 when our server provider got hacked and attacked and we got knocked offline for several months while the Devs rebuilt the server, Teamspeak seems to stay up for a couple of days then crashes, but there also some Guilds Teamspeak servers
  10. yes we are still operating and online on the forums front page on the right side of the page is a Donate button in the financials section, thank you for your interest.
  11. It seems that our Teamspeak Server needs to be kicked again, and restarted I'm getting "Failure to Connect to server" error when trying to connect to ts.net-7.org
  12. using he windows explorer (not the internet explorer) navigate to the EnB game directory c:\prorms files (x86)EA Games\earth & Beyond\ EBconfig. find the E&BConfig file, right click on this and select properties then select run as administrator, and the run the compatibility test select the choice you are given, now run the E&BConfig run through each of the resolution settings on the slider bar until you find the one you are comfortable with, if you want to run full screen deselect the Windowed mode box when you select the resolution you need to run the performance test to set the resolution, while you have the config program open use the sound tab at the top to check and test your sound system. once you have done this run the Net-7 launcher to start the game
  13. finished watching it. very interesting video. I learned more about eve than I knew before.
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