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  1. all do drop and are not rare drops, just medium low level drops all the mobs do spawn at a regular basis.
  2. What is your Avatar's name so i can look up the issue
  3. For security reasons Please pm me your account information and any emails and account names and the names of your avatars so that i can research your issue. do not put this information here in the forums please use private message. Thank You in advance
  4. check these two things, server should be pointing to sunrise.net-7.org and check your local IP address it may not be correct
  5. you need to navigate to the EnB config progtam outside the launcher to set it up forthe Net-7 launcher to be able to open it, ea games/ EnB / enbconfig/enbconfig.exe. the right click and select properties, select run as administrator, and compatability to winxp sp2. this will allow it to run even as a stand alone app. also if you want to run in a Window ensure the windowed mode box is marked, unmarked for full screen.
  6. It Came in the mail today, Thank you Very much
  7. its probably been minimized hover over the button on the task bar when the mini window opens right click and select maximize or restore and it should appear
  8. Prototype reorder needs marked, before you get in game,. Also Check your local IP just to make just its correct
  9. I know I have already posted on the Server down thread, we have to wait for the server dev to wake up from his nights sleep i also can not get in game
  10. the Frozen announcements come from the GMTools when ever you avatar is being accessed for editing, adding or removing items due to issues, addressed thru the GM Ticket system, Since it appears the server is having aa nervous breakdown we need to wait for the server dev (previous post)
  11. I am not able to get passed the map screen after character selection screen, I have posted in teh server status thread to inform the devs there is an issue, now to sit back and twiddle my thumbs while waiting
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