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  1. NO Such Command exists or is Available. When ever I tour in Ardus i have taken same pathing routes with the JE holding group cloak while set the next section.
  2. the round green ball is a graphics corrupted file i had it a long time ago, deleted the *.th6 files from the Mixfiles sub directory , they are rewritten when ever you stat the game
  3. Are you running the launcher and the EnB clients as administrator and compatibility mode, also is the net-7 launcher pointed to the target ****EnB***** client where the ****are the path to your EnB Client. also is your Local Ip correct
  4. ask in the Forums in the Suggestion category fir a content dev to check the price issue.
  5. I have flown gm and non gm toons through Kail several times recently while doing the seeking the key missions for the Mazzaroth and Mondara keys I also had no problems on either my win10 or my win11 machines. You might need to set your A/V and Firewall to set both Net-7 and EnB Clients to be allowed without questioning
  6. This Not something the GM's can fix, ITs the area of the Content Devs , GM's can not change prices on any items in the game. Database shows Cement bags price to be 305,000+ per bag, with a stack size of 150 per stack so the price appears correct considering it is a lvl 8 item
  7. they can be but shouldnt be, if you are a returning player you can change your In Game Password on the Net-7 page under the account tab Avaar settings selection, if you are a new player on the net-7.org page sign in then under account select create game account, then you can log in to the game and create your first avatar
  8. check that the NET-7 launcher client box is pointed to eagames\earth and beyond\release\client.exe, and check the block Local IP that its pointed to your computers Ip address so the Launcher knows where to route the info. also DO NOT USE THE EA GAMES LAUNCHER it does not work.
  9. you should be ok JD's are pretty stable. I see that you are signed in as I type, you should finish the level 30 Hu missions there is a walk thru on the Net-7 wiki if you need it
  10. I would say its Different from when it was Live back pre 2004 and in some ways improved, Class Mission are extensive Progens have the Agrippa Line of Missions (headache) the only skill mission and skill not i the game is the Jenquai Explorers Contemplation skill its in work but taking time to get it working correctly, Ships item are extensive and wide spread quantities there are a bunch of new sectors including sectors for training the Terran Scout (explorer), Progen Privateer (trader), and Jenquai Seeker (trader) also a Public Raid Sector(PRS) with the raids Ascendant Voltoi, Fish Bowl, Controller, RD Base, Ghost of Blackbeard (GOBB) and the Gate raid. The raids in the PRS do not need triggered by the players, the GM's will trigger the selected raid(s) also the PRS can be closed when a raid is in progress to allow only participates only in the raid. more sector are also due to be added some time down the road when they are ready and the story line dictates its needs. Feel Free to jump in and try it out the player are helpful and will answer questions and I am usually in game in the Evenings to late night Pacific time zone most days
  11. If unsure about Password you can Change it on the Net-7.org (portal Pager) sigh in on master account use the account tab select avatar settings then select which sub account you need to at the top of the page, then move down to the password section
  12. I presume that you found your missing Pre-req mission to the power down skill. I al ready answered your ticket before i got in to the prums to see this ticket,
  13. Is Teamspeak down? when i try to log in on the program, i get "server not found", now the second day since i havent been able to log in and lurk
  14. oops I also didn't see the wrong target for the exe file
  15. check your local IP i had that same issue a couple of weeks ago
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