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  1. Think Tribble with teeth and hit with a ray to make it godzilla sized and you've about got it.
  2. Not as wild as you may think, I encountered this behavior when I built the Universal installer. Unfortunately the only fix I found was a reinstallation. It had something to do with permissions on the component that appeared in the task bar and the user access control features but we couldn't isolate exactly what at the time (and we've changed OSes twice since then what with windows upgrades) If you can give any kind of error message you can try that, alternatively you could try running the executable in compatibility modes to see if it makes any difference to the icon.
  3. Awesome. Did you see our information being actively shared with government sources? Sorry, I shouldn't say that, but it's cool that you've got a kid working at google. I hope they have a wonderful life workin' there.
  4. The love of the project has not dissipated. It's just been delayed by people's real lives and jobs for a while. We're actually getting closer to a patch, writing up some missions to go with it and making sure they work so that there's not a bunch of bugs, but yes, we did spend quite a bit of time refactoring a lot of how a number of things worked behind the scenes. When you see the patch note for this patch it will be quite lengthy. At any rate, we've made some breakthroughs and it's coming. I know it seems like I've been saying that forever, but you're not forgotten. However, I would say that if there are any of the mind to be involved in writing missions and/or dialogue they could feel free to seek me out and let me know. We all do have some mild bits of personal lives outside of the project as well so it's nice to be able to do those things from time to time at least.
  5. Hello everyone, Just a heads up, I will be taking down sunrise for a short period to bring the backing servers up to date with the rest of the environment, we'd normally have done this on Tuesday morning but missed it this AM. This is 10:45 PM US Eastern, which is 7:45 PM US Pacific Time & 3:45 AM GMT, at the present time for difference I think. If I haven't covered your time zone please convert appropriately from one of the above. I would expect no more than 20 minutes of downtime before I can bring sunrise back up.
  6. Kyp

    GUI scaling

    Not built in that I'm aware of. It was designed for the days when 800x600 was most common.
  7. I maybe restarted it wrong after I applied updates, some slight differences in this one from our other ones. At any rate glad Cipher got it back up. Update check is done at the same place play is I believe so if you're getting through there you should be getting through for PTR.
  8. Yes global chat, would also recommend the "New Players" channel for many of your other questions.
  9. You delete avatars in the client itself, I don't know that the website will let you delete those directly if it does i've forgotten about the feature. You need to post the details of your crash in this post, rather show us what happens. A crash should never happen because of characters unless the characters have become trapped in a null/wrong valued sector ("Blackholed").
  10. Allow me to allay some fears here: Remember a couple years ago (if you're american) how Equifax totally screwed the pooch and lost most of our data, well this is the result, not the passwords mind you, you probably used it or some derivative of it that looks the same somewhere else. Notice it's almost always a partial match for the password or they only show you a few characters, that part is totally on purpose. These people are running a well known scam relying on psychological things that it's hard for people to resist. They claim they've got a video of you and so on. They aren't real. These people are just taking advantage of people who can't afford to be "outed" about whatever the shame is for professional or family reasons. Don't worry, I keep Net-7 pretty much fully patched, and I'm always checking our firewall to regularly and looking at logs to see if I see any suspicious behavior.
  11. Kyp


    Jan, No worries we block every port already, that was part of the move away from our previous host. It's locked down such that only ports allowed for the game can be used and our firewall has.. how would you put it. Also: hell.php the prefix and the suffix seem the same to me.
  12. E&B Imagery = opening movie? Can you show us via screens or pictures? Can maybe point you to it. Also I'm archaic and cheap, still on my first 720p TV.
  13. Just want to say, thanks for everything that you have done to carry this heavy torch forward with making this game a possibility for everyone who wants to play myself included possible.


    Also with the person who is in your picture, I really hope the Cylons from EA won't come hassling you ;)

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