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  1. This is a true statement, there is documentation that we were given that reflected gear levels 10 and above but yeah only some relics of it that they were making at the time did it. In order to actually support those items we would probably have to look at stats and rebalance a lot of the combat for it because there is -- at least presently -- a hard cap in teh client for level 66.
  2. Shouldn't need compatibility settings by and large for the game that I know of. Hard to say for sure based on just freezing, is this when gating, is it other times? Unclear from the post.
  3. The code that spawns AAs hasn't changed in years, so it still happens. Next time I restart the server I will attempt to verify it, invisibly of course so no one can trail me to the field.
  4. It broke in one of the forum updates and isn't supported by the forum vendor directly anymore. We are looking at other options that are available
  5. Folks, please share a post in the tech support section with errors and we can attempt to help out if possible.
  6. Hi guys, There will be a brief game server downtime in the morning as I bring it down temporarily to update the operating system of the server a bit. Expecting no more than half an hour. This will begin sometime shortly after 8am EDT (1pm GMT) in the morning, as usual I will log on and make an announcement a few minutes ahead so everyone has some time to get out of any dangerous territory.
  7. Kyp

    February Server Costs

    I've put up the goal annually, as it stands that would cover server costs for the whole year with a very minor cushion to cover some of the other costs we have.
  8. Service is back, our apologies.
  9. Having a look, still showing 50 people online but I'm going to need to restart the game server as I am not seeing anything in the log that indicates problems or is showing me the failures.
  10. So that sounds like a no. i'll add it to have a look.
  11. Hi, I can answer this because I remember. If your regeneration rate EXCEEDED the downturn from the sector/area, it would be able to grow/refilll. Is this not happening as expected? If so I will place a bug ticket on our dev tracker.
  12. Ripster, Open something in technical support. Please don't use this thread. It is monitored for outages. This is not the server that is failing to respond in your case, it is possible you have software firewall or something else that is blocking a necessary port or you are having dns troubles reaching our service.
  13. No, it is not down at this time. You can always reference the status indicator on net-7.org in the upper right hand corner. It will turn red if the service is down, yellow if it is impeded and green when it is up and stable.
  14. In the top left corner of the launcher what is the path you see? Does it look similar to this? It should not be pointed at eb.exe or e&b.exe or whatever it is by default. This is what I referred to in the setup guide.
  15. Hello, I am seeing 71 people online and did not see any issue attempting a logon. Have you confirmed anyone else is experiencing this issue?
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