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  1. Kyp

    Need Windowed and Full Screen help

    Launch it specifically right click and run as administrator. It needs to write registry keys and that is reserved for Administrators. The way modern Windows OS work your account doesn't by default have its administrator token, it is checked out when specifically requested for an operation.
  2. Kyp

    Earth and Beyond Isos

    Martin, I see this is just from the wayback machine/archive.org but if you want to host those you can do so and then link yourself up to net-7.org as a source, we do not mind this but we don't like to send people to remote web servers without being at least affiliated through us in order to try to protect folks from the dangerous world of the internet these days. Feel free to see the tools available to you at www.net-7.org but I'm going to close this thread down.
  3. Kyp

    Mim's whines have returned

    Bio-Extractors are the space body snatchers. Their entire purpose for being is to harvest your organs for unknown reasons. ;P WHere did it happen near a station though?
  4. C:\Program Files (x86)\Net-7\database Remove the GalaxyMap.dat from this folder, force another update reset and try it again. I saw some behavior like this for a small set in the beta long ago and I recall this fixing it but I am unsure why unless that file is corrupt.
  5. Kyp


    You'll need to be an administrator of the computer and then save the file to somewhere you can normally write, and then copy it to that directory to succeed. You cannot save directly under there without the step of saving it somewhere else.
  6. Kyp

    Net7 Proxy version Wrong

    ^ Validate that you can connect to and communicate with patch.net-7.org If you have virus scanners and the like you may ask someone who knows or helps with your computer to establish exceptions for you unless you're familiar with the process. Our folder will generally need an exception because much of the software is not signed.
  7. Kyp

    Incompatible version of Net-7 Proxy

    Launch Admin mode and tell it to reset the updates, this should bring you from 'default' to current regardless of settings and should overwrite anything in the current release as we do. I'm not sure which Net7Proxy we're on without looking into it, but it may not be that version and we don't really retain older copies due to generally no need. When we update that, we want you to update as well and release it to you. Without a valid version, you cannot connect to the emulator.
  8. Kyp

    "Bug" ViRix question

    There are certain, shall we say... sects (heh) of V'rix that don't like humans / terrans etc in general. They don't care about the established faction. That said if they are a warlike type right now they will likely attack you on sight in the vast majority of cases because you aren't part of the hive and they abhor disorder which Terrans basically generate all around, be mindful that in this situation the definition of Terran means all 3 of the races we know in the game.
  9. Sorry, I loosely based those notes on a lot of random things we did in the past however many months since we'd last released and kept it generic. There were basically a lot of random bugs that were addressed and we're staging for some upcoming story changes. That's all I feel like revealing for now though.
  10. Kyp

    E&B Config disappears

    We don't generally remote to other people's machines to do support. I don't ask the developers to do this, if they choose to do so of their own accord then that's fine. There isn't really that much in the way of logging beyond symptoms because most of the issues connecting center around missing certificates or old versions of the pieces and parts since they aren't always backward compatible (for good reason) I get frustrations but it's not going to help you solve the problem -- as it almost never does, neither in development or operating servers and systems, it makes you make spurious configuration changes that amount to a hill of beans. My most common experience has been conflict among redistributables and the like that I have installed for various projects. So that said, separate the 2 issues, even if you believe they are linked as this is the first rule of troubleshooting, break down the problems into the most simple pieces and diagnose those. So which is more important to solve first, getting into the game or the config? They are two different executables and one not launching or the other not launching will not affect each other. All the configuration utility (either the original or the fan-made one) just tweak registry settings and nothing more. We'll start with the game because I assume that's more critical to you like it is to most. The message you displayed at the top of page 2 for this indicates you are experiencing a socket timeout, which is either a firewall or some other utility stopping it from connecting. 1) Can you resolve 'sunrise.net-7.org' in DNS? 2) Can you ping the same domain from #1 (i.e. do you get response traffic) 3) What antivirus tools or software is currently running on each system? Do you have a hardware firewall or does your router/switch/network gear have any in-built firewall? I would also submit to you to verify if you do have any antivirus tools running -- for example Avast -- that you ensure that our software directories on your system have exceptions defined, mainly because our software is not signed and currently these applications tend to have habits of blocking our executables by default as a result.
  11. Kyp

    E&B Config disappears

    Haven't removed any player data since the final wipe in 2012. What version is the net7 client when you try to log in? If you tell it to reset the patches does it download again and what's the behavior after that? (reset patch data is in the launcher menu, top left)
  12. Kyp

    Join us on Teamspeak!

    Fair warning likely to reboot that server again to install monthly updates.
  13. Kyp

    Join us on Teamspeak!

    All fixed up.
  14. TS server version needs to be updated.

    Latest client version (today) is incompatible.

    1. Kyp


      Yes, cipher PM'd me as well, will be working on it in a short bit.

    2. Kyp