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  1. The only thing I might be able to suggest is a packet capture at that point to see what you're seeing between your gateway and our server(s).
  2. Because this is how the sector server works. A design based on the original game server or rather, how the client connected when we reverse engineered it. Not necessarily every sector had its own server, but it did connect in a similar fashion so this is how we built things out. Also incidentally a drawback of what we had to do to work with the client. At any rate, there is a range of ports the sector server can use, these are:
  3. Please keep this thread's chatter to a minimum but see my comments here if you're still seeing issues:
  4. Odd, i can't replicate these behaviors. My tools are launching normally and everything is resolving. This should be fine without repointing your dns lookups away from your ISP to Google's public resolvers (, I would recommend anyone seeing errors still to take teh following steps: * Open an elevated Windows Command Prompt (this should say 'Administrator:' at the front of the title bar. * Run the command 'ipconfig /flushdns' * try the following four nslookup tests: patch.net-7.org, play.net-7.org, sunrise.net-7.org, net-7.org and see if you get an IP address for each, you should. If you are resolving dns and still receiving error messages we will need to know exactly what those error say.
  5. Ok I've validated the service is connectable and resolvable worldwide for the sunrise server to play. Nobody *should* be seeing a problem at this point. I was able to log in from scratch and every tool seems to give me the all-clear. Please double check and/or open a tech support thread with your details and I can follow up there and see if it gives me any idea. I see 89 people are currently online on the game server.
  6. Hi all, this is some leftover stuff with the domain issue this morning. Zack alerted me to it a few minutes ago. I'm double checking things on it. Should know some more soon.
  7. Perfect storm, the domain expired, it is renewed. I have been a little busy with my day job and buying a house. At any rate, it should be back up once our registrar does its thing.
  8. It is renewed, may be a little bit before it is fully back.
  9. The game client is aged enough that it doesn't deal well with symbols in the game password. Something I've got on a long list of things to tweak eventually.
  10. Thank you for passing on the news. Had seen her post in the past and be involved with discussions on the server. Sorry for the loss, by way of reference, Tadakatsu-Obata are the 2 Terran houses/families that formed the "Tada-O" company from this game's lore. Very sorry to hear of any of our players passing on.
  11. This is a true statement, there is documentation that we were given that reflected gear levels 10 and above but yeah only some relics of it that they were making at the time did it. In order to actually support those items we would probably have to look at stats and rebalance a lot of the combat for it because there is -- at least presently -- a hard cap in teh client for level 66.
  12. Shouldn't need compatibility settings by and large for the game that I know of. Hard to say for sure based on just freezing, is this when gating, is it other times? Unclear from the post.
  13. The code that spawns AAs hasn't changed in years, so it still happens. Next time I restart the server I will attempt to verify it, invisibly of course so no one can trail me to the field.
  14. It broke in one of the forum updates and isn't supported by the forum vendor directly anymore. We are looking at other options that are available
  15. Folks, please share a post in the tech support section with errors and we can attempt to help out if possible.
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