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  1. ^ but we had an issue that we're following up on with the host provider. Seems like some sorta unscheduled maintenance occurred.
  2. Hey folks, I wouldn't often do this as I don't want to generally ask anyone for money outside of the emulator's absolute needs to keep functioning, but some friends of mine run/work with an Animal Shelter in CA. They have a poor little puppy that's full of life but was born without front legs. They're trying to equip her with a little set of wheels so she can lead a normal(ish) doggy life. If you have a ❤️ for dogs and are willing, I would appreciate you joining their group to raise the funds. At the bare minimum, they need another 80 members in the group on Facebook before they can actually start a donation pool for it directly, but they do have a PayPal as well. Here is the FB group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2166599110336683/?ref=group_header Here is the PayPal donation link: http://paypal.me/Flummadiddle?fbclid=IwAR1F5Mi_cxXgXRnrnok_Sxq1ph9BDU9fUUW0RvDZ3Bgfb4E2nDuijzY3gow Here is a video of the puppy trying to play: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2166599110336683/permalink/2194435157553078/ The puppy's name is Flummadiddle.. or Flummy. If everyone could at least join their group so they can start a pool I would appreciate it, if you can spare a 5 - 10 for their cause and want to, I encourage that as well. Please note that this is a personal request, and not necessarily a request from the emulator because it is me. Thanks guys and gals.
  3. Kyp

    A special beta test!

    Thanks, everyone. Remember the more the merrier, all hours. The characters on the new server as Cipher pointed out won't be keepable, but we could put an end to this CTD once and for all if we get what we need. That said either Cipher or myself (or both) will send you a PM with details (if you haven't received already)
  4. Yeah Yeah, I know, we've been out of beta for a long time. Well, if you're here you either came in from our facebook/twitter posts, and you're interested in trying it out or you're not. We need testers, it will be best if you experience(d) frequent crashing during/when you played regularly. We're going to ask you to essentially stress test our public test realm which has been brought back up for this scenario. Please note that your characters all start fully leveled and with a basic set of level 8/9 gear as appropriate to get you through. What we're looking to see is for you to stress it. If you're interested, please sign up below. The more the merrier folks, we need to try to load this thing to the gills if possible so we can capture some performance and behavior logging. At any rate, we look forward to testing with you if you're willing. Thanks to everyone that can/will make themselves available. -E&B Emulator Development Team
  5. That downloads area relies on sources rather than ours, for people to host then place their hosts in our mirrors for it. We'll be happy to add some. I'm not aware of a current location it is being hosted but if none come up I can look at perhaps making an ISO of my game install discs.
  6. There are a number of articles linked to the top of our tech support section here, and I believe also an FAQ at the net-7.org site that can help you out on the "Game Play and Issues" tab of that FAQ.
  7. You point our launcher to your game client, but you have to have the original game client or enb_demo installed already and point our launcher to that path
  8. It is absolutely possible, that's the point.
  9. This is correct, the community numbers and logged in users dwindled so small for a period that it was easier for us to just talk with them directly. Of course, some of that is summer and whatnot because people wanna be outside. We're not against the player base choosing to do something like that again if it is desired but we'll need the nominees to be interested and engaged. Bringing us useful information about what you find to be pain or what you want to see improved. It may not always work in your way or be the fix you had in mind but it'll help draw our attention to what needs urgent care.
  10. Kyp

    March 6th Maintenance

    Yes, it is corrected now, we've replaced the certificate. Thanks for your patience. We don't recommend using the workaround long term and caution everyone to put that back if you disabled it in any sort of wider scope. We are looking at solutions to make sure it doesn't happen again in the future.
  11. Kyp

    March 6th Maintenance

    Probably not but if you can pm me their e-mail I can look in the e-mail system and check it out.
  12. If you can share that with folks for now on the main thread i'd appreciate it. Please note that we don't recommend long term but it'll get people in to play for now until we get this cert sorted out. It was supposed to automatically swap and did not. I'm just surprised it didn't fail before I restarted anything.
  13. Issue is the certificate, it has expired. This is the one the authentication for the game server is using. Trying to get it renewed. Follow the main thread in the net-7 news forum for that. Also check the facebook post for some details on the problem, someone linked a thread that discusses the same problem now that was being experienced at that point in time.
  14. Yes thanks Jan, I noticed it at about the same time. I am trying to get that renewed, that is the problem.
  15. Kyp

    March 6th Maintenance

    The issue has been identified finally. It is the certificate the game server is using. I am working on getting it fixed now.
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