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  1. PM me your source donation information and I will look at logging (or whatever equivalent Paypal gives me) to see if I can see what's really happening. And yeah I know they're separate, but it's all about what governments 'recognize' when sanctions are involved.
  2. You caught us. Sorta. I won't say why but these are intentional for the present time due to a limitation of the system we designed.
  3. My guess is this ties back to sanctions being stiffened on China for payments and businesses and countries in the area are just caught in the crossfire. We did not change anything. Not sure if what I'm finding is 100% accurate but there's something I found on reddit about Taiwan only allowing international payments/transfers from "E. SUN" bank accounts, although being in the US I don't know what that is offhand.
  4. This was just finished a few minutes ago, what a week. Anyway, let me know if anything goes sideways. Another update was announced in some of the software we were using but I wasn't comfortable making that big a jump today so there'll be another maintenance pretty soon. Until then, let me know how things are.
  5. Ok, things seem to be back to the norm now, I suppose let me know if anything seems odd, let's see how well things perform on the shiniest new updates.
  6. Things are slowly coming back right, a little bit of kicking. Some mild connectivity issues it seems. Checking that out now.
  7. Hi folks, Just a heads up, I need to perform maintenance so I plan to do this tomorrow morning US Eastern time. It will probably be between 8a-12p, I am not sure when precisely, but the game should not be down for very long hopefully, I just wanted to give you a little heads up. Thanks.
  8. Enabling a feature as .NET is generally set up now typically requires a restart to reload the library. So if you followed something that had you enable the .NET 3.5 so it would work, then later restarted, that would have probably be your culprit.
  9. Regarding the server, it chose poorly. This was a day I was extremely occupied. Coming back up in a few mins then I'm off to bed, good luck.
  10. I hope other players can help you. While we don't frown on the usage of multi-box utilities, we also know that it can be a complicated thing network-wise and few on the team outside of the programmers have any real view on how that sorta thing works.
  11. I have an official Discord server setup in the background I'll see about adding to this post pretty soon, or unpinning this and making a new one.
  12. Unsure, but no evidence of an instability in our logs, everything appears to be running normally.
  13. I think Altair is the only 'original' sector, created in response to the progen trader being introduced. The other quirk I guess I would mention is it has a little more to do with potential future content if we ever wrote it and to some extent making the planets (or other orbiting objects) and lighting look right sometimes it took some weird quirks like that. Lastly, at one point there were probably 25 sets of hands working on things too, and not everyone understood how every tool worked. However, it didn't (at the time, at least) negatively affect anything. Double lastly, there are occasionally objects in some of that dead space, but we sort of stuck those in for 'true' explorers (or just really, really, really, really bored) people.
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