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  1. Model Extraction

    Very nice.
  2. April Maintenance

    Some scheduled maintenance just heads up for everyone. I will take the forum down for a bit in the morning to complete some upgrades.
  3. Returning Player getting INV-300

    KSerge, My recommendation is a full uinstall and a reinstall if it's been a while. There's no telling what kind of conflicts have arisen since you were last around and it'll probably be less painful for you unless you just enjoy figuring out the problems.
  4. I'm glad to see others out there follow Raph's website.
  5. Yes, you can. We rely on player word of mouth and our FB/Twitter pretty much to draw people, although it's mostly folks who played the game in live that happen across one of those places.
  6. Hi Cobie, From our side, you need only open the ports that Zackman mentioned above as outgoing from your secured system/segment. This is what I have in our firewall system: Like he said, it is UDP communications. The 80/443 ports are only used for the browser component on the launcher and the auth processes to our web services. Hope that helps. I had simply originally defined this as both TCP and UDP, but that was just to get things up and running quickly without as much testing. This applies to any server we run the game service on.
  7. Tradable items on Blockchain

    Not tonight because I gotta sleep, but you better get on TS so I can get David on and we can chat at least.
  8. Our code is not signed with a code signing certificate, chances are some modern antivirus suites are not fans of this and will block it. Faster in the future is to go into your antivirus software and enable an exclusion for the directories involved. Although you'd need to read your antivirus suite's documentation for the how-to.
  9. hm, options files. Probably easiest to reinstall but it looks like that's what you did. THe launcher is referencing files in %APPDATA% that appear to have been the root of the problem but as far as I know no one else had reported such. I suspect you were the one who posted on the facebook page describing a message about Net7Proxy.exe not being the correct version? There is a check on it that should cause that to be updated. Deleting it and resetting updates *should have* recognized that it was missing and replaced it. Obviously a quirk to put on our list for sometime to have a look at but glad to hear you're back in.
  10. cant find patch error code 4

    Your game launher is still targeting E&B.exe instead of client.exe in the game's folder. E&B.exe was the original game updater and it can no longer connect to the servers at EA. You update the path at the top of the launcher when it starts and try it again.
  11. Win 10

    I run it on Windows 10, but I'd let our players maybe comment since I don't spend as much time playing as they do.
  12. fyi, main is not Launchnet7. It is Main, the original game client exe shows up that way.
  13. Can't log into game

    and to add, you may install the above MS released patch from Microsoft to try to remediate it, but if it doesn't the only option is finally letting go of XP or playing our EMU in a virtual machine. XP isn't capable of modern security requirements through direct support from MS, only 3rd party stuff for the most part and I don't want to be trying to instruct people on what's safe and what's not if you're downloading 3rd party OS patches.
  14. Christmas content

    Coming soon, promise. Missing a piece of communication and need to confirm before pushing out any changes.