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  1. So that sounds like a no. i'll add it to have a look.
  2. Hi, I can answer this because I remember. If your regeneration rate EXCEEDED the downturn from the sector/area, it would be able to grow/refilll. Is this not happening as expected? If so I will place a bug ticket on our dev tracker.
  3. Ripster, Open something in technical support. Please don't use this thread. It is monitored for outages. This is not the server that is failing to respond in your case, it is possible you have software firewall or something else that is blocking a necessary port or you are having dns troubles reaching our service.
  4. No, it is not down at this time. You can always reference the status indicator on net-7.org in the upper right hand corner. It will turn red if the service is down, yellow if it is impeded and green when it is up and stable.
  5. In the top left corner of the launcher what is the path you see? Does it look similar to this? It should not be pointed at eb.exe or e&b.exe or whatever it is by default. This is what I referred to in the setup guide.
  6. Hello, I am seeing 71 people online and did not see any issue attempting a logon. Have you confirmed anyone else is experiencing this issue?
  7. hi. Net-7.org upper right icon will give you status and players' online. If it turns yellow or red that's a service issue.
  8. Hello Ripster, I have a feeling you need to go back and look at the guide documentation. Maybe i'm wrong but this *sounds* like the "Error 4: could not find patch server" from the original game patcher, which means the Net7Launcher is set to target the wrong executable on your system.
  9. The last update performed if you are referring to in the end of April was operating system updates on the server. It should not have affected the game behavior. If this continues we may need something like a packet capture to determine what might be happening.
  10. Hm.. nothing I know of, because the issues that change have to do with the certificate and how they work. I mean, you can relay any error message back since we obviously don't test with this and if I can think of something I would let you know but honestly it's not the safest thing in the world. I would hope that PC is hella firewalled, because I'd be surprised if it wasn't hacked within a few seconds of being on the internet in today's age with the limitations of 2K.
  11. Think Tribble with teeth and hit with a ray to make it godzilla sized and you've about got it.
  12. Not as wild as you may think, I encountered this behavior when I built the Universal installer. Unfortunately the only fix I found was a reinstallation. It had something to do with permissions on the component that appeared in the task bar and the user access control features but we couldn't isolate exactly what at the time (and we've changed OSes twice since then what with windows upgrades) If you can give any kind of error message you can try that, alternatively you could try running the executable in compatibility modes to see if it makes any difference to the icon.
  13. Awesome. Did you see our information being actively shared with government sources? Sorry, I shouldn't say that, but it's cool that you've got a kid working at google. I hope they have a wonderful life workin' there.
  14. The love of the project has not dissipated. It's just been delayed by people's real lives and jobs for a while. We're actually getting closer to a patch, writing up some missions to go with it and making sure they work so that there's not a bunch of bugs, but yes, we did spend quite a bit of time refactoring a lot of how a number of things worked behind the scenes. When you see the patch note for this patch it will be quite lengthy. At any rate, we've made some breakthroughs and it's coming. I know it seems like I've been saying that forever, but you're not forgotten. However, I would say that if there are any of the mind to be involved in writing missions and/or dialogue they could feel free to seek me out and let me know. We all do have some mild bits of personal lives outside of the project as well so it's nice to be able to do those things from time to time at least.
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