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  1. Delete the mentioned file and trigger the download again, it should pull it down. It's saying the local copy of the file and what we have on the patch server have some sort of discrepancy it can't reconcile.
  2. Good to hear, enjoy.
  3. Correct, this is one of the aforementioned file-based solutions.
  4. Half of these are bad ideas to begin with and have never actually fixed anyone's problem, I would think. We do not recommend EVER turning off a firewall or antivirus, just add exceptions for our software to those systems if you encounter issues. The main reason you would in this case is because they are unsigned code. The TH6 files or the actual map itself are the usual culprits for this kind of an issue. So here's what I recommend as a next step: In LaunchNet7's main folder, there is a subfolder 'Database', default install path C:\Program Files (x86)\Net-7\database, remove the GalaxyMap.dat file Tell the launcher system to reset updates, and let it download again. On next launch, tick the box to to delete TH6 files, and also what are the rest of the settings on this page of the Launcher before you click play? Depending on MTU of your given router (most default to 1500 these days) we may need specific settings. Hope that helps. Let us know.
  5. Impossible because we don't have the code for the client. The client is basically as is, except for the ways we've learned to manipulate it through associated game files.
  6. I think this may be the sector, I'll have to look it up sometime, but one of them uses a port that is known to be used by certain types of attacks, so it is possible it is being filtered at the ISP for the purposes of providing better service. This could be very much why.
  7. As far as I'm concerned you all can do winner by acclamation. It is your representative, after all.
  8. This is of course open for you to put out if people were to desire it, but our stance to be clear is simple. Nothing completely unattended, as in if you're doing some action and someone happens to think you are unresponsive they might report you to a GM if one happens to be available who may check on you. If they do, and you don't respond it is a problem and there will likely be some sort of disciplinary action as a result. As long as you can answer, macro happily away all you want. To me, takes the fun out of playing though.
  9. There are old files floating around out there, but current code or data are not available in a completely public fashion. However, if you want to join the team we don't turn anyone away that has motivation and some kind of skill to contribute (and can get along with everyone else, of course)
  10. Eh, I threw up the post, no one bit. I was just letting it lie until you guys decided on something. Not a dev appointment, after all. Although some have gone on to do it after understanding more about things in the past.
  11. It doesn't, no one nominated anyone last time. Get some to support you and we'll get a new thread going.
  12. Apologies, I was otherwise occupied for a bit, but have restarted sunrise. There appeared to be an event with our host that I plan to ask them about tomorrow.
  13. Unified Installer should also be right click > run as administrator. Mainly because in both cases these applications write to your registry in the HKLM hive, and that is protected by UAC if you do not have it disabled.
  14. Save the unified installed to your desktop. It doesn't matter where it is. Once you have both it and the E&B_demo (or the original CD if you still have it), you launch the game from cd or demo using Run As Administrator. When the installation is complete, you launch the unified installer and it will locate and patch/bring it as up to date as the unified installer was (I believe I put that together in 2009 or 2010) and from there register your game accounts (happens before unified installer exits, I think) and log in, wait for patching to current and you should be in.
  15. Assuming it is the real one, disable compatibility settings on the net7proxy.exe and see if you see the same thing. This is used for app compatibility. The .DLL being uppercase *could* be the way they entered the variables that receive the file names for an event log, but like Zack says it could potentially be a piece of malware. A full/thorough scan of your system might be a good idea.