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  1. Allow me to allay some fears here: Remember a couple years ago (if you're american) how Equifax totally screwed the pooch and lost most of our data, well this is the result, not the passwords mind you, you probably used it or some derivative of it that looks the same somewhere else. Notice it's almost always a partial match for the password or they only show you a few characters, that part is totally on purpose. These people are running a well known scam relying on psychological things that it's hard for people to resist. They claim they've got a video of you and so on. They aren't real. These people are just taking advantage of people who can't afford to be "outed" about whatever the shame is for professional or family reasons. Don't worry, I keep Net-7 pretty much fully patched, and I'm always checking our firewall to regularly and looking at logs to see if I see any suspicious behavior.
  2. Kyp


    Jan, No worries we block every port already, that was part of the move away from our previous host. It's locked down such that only ports allowed for the game can be used and our firewall has.. how would you put it. Also: hell.php the prefix and the suffix seem the same to me.
  3. E&B Imagery = opening movie? Can you show us via screens or pictures? Can maybe point you to it. Also I'm archaic and cheap, still on my first 720p TV.
  4. Just want to say, thanks for everything that you have done to carry this heavy torch forward with making this game a possibility for everyone who wants to play myself included possible.


    Also with the person who is in your picture, I really hope the Cylons from EA won't come hassling you ;)

  5. Kyp

    February Server Costs

    The number is a little bit higher than what we require to operate, it was with a small amount of padding but we're not in a critical level of funding. I generally post if I get worried about that.
  6. Doing good, I'll try to keep a closer eye on that one. Cipher's just engaged with some additional activities right now.
  7. Kyp

    A special beta test!

    Post in the gm forum and/or open a ticket @ support.net-7.org
  8. MIM: Both addresses in question are private IP ranges, the difference is his is Class A (24-bit block) and yours is Class C (8-bit block). Class A is typically used in corporate networks in my experience but ultimately that's in how your network is configured. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network now that said, the IP shouldn't really affect whether or not the game itself is displaying, the IP bit will only matter for the patcher/proxy launching if these are doing their thing the local client should run pretty much of it's on steam on your computer. So you changed the resolution using that tool if you change it back to the lower resolution does it work again? We haven't tested it for 4K I'm pretty sure, I don't have anything like that set up for my house at this point. E&B Config was a utility shipping with the live game, it may have no idea how to represent such resolutions as it has to create registry keys to represent your configuration. A fan designed a new tool some time ago for configuring the resolution but i'm not sure if it's still out there/functional. You may be able to find it in the forums or possibly on our download section if it's up there and still available. it was called Net-7 Config.
  9. To answer your question though, the #2 is the answer. The file being identified is either corrupt or unreadable to the tool cannot read you in. This is re-created when you complete the login details. C:\Users\Larry\AppData\Local\LaunchNet7\LaunchNet7.exe_Url_adzxadget0lle50imxy3m3nh4uxl4cgu\\user.config Navigate til you see this 'user.config' file and delete it. Then retry a login to see if it solves.
  10. 1) User Account Control will not let you save in roots of drives and some protected folders such as Program Files by default as these were actions malicious scripts often took to they make you copy it somewhere your profile has control of, edit it and then if you copy from there to the directory it will allow this.
  11. Everything seems to be ok, it just suffered an outage earlier. This is the 2nd time in a bit but all the hardware is checking out to diagnostics so we're talking about maybe them giving us a new set of systems to migrate to for the ones that have been problematic.
  12. ^ but we had an issue that we're following up on with the host provider. Seems like some sorta unscheduled maintenance occurred.
  13. Hey folks, I wouldn't often do this as I don't want to generally ask anyone for money outside of the emulator's absolute needs to keep functioning, but some friends of mine run/work with an Animal Shelter in CA. They have a poor little puppy that's full of life but was born without front legs. They're trying to equip her with a little set of wheels so she can lead a normal(ish) doggy life. If you have a ❤️ for dogs and are willing, I would appreciate you joining their group to raise the funds. At the bare minimum, they need another 80 members in the group on Facebook before they can actually start a donation pool for it directly, but they do have a PayPal as well. Here is the FB group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2166599110336683/?ref=group_header Here is the PayPal donation link: http://paypal.me/Flummadiddle?fbclid=IwAR1F5Mi_cxXgXRnrnok_Sxq1ph9BDU9fUUW0RvDZ3Bgfb4E2nDuijzY3gow Here is a video of the puppy trying to play: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2166599110336683/permalink/2194435157553078/ The puppy's name is Flummadiddle.. or Flummy. If everyone could at least join their group so they can start a pool I would appreciate it, if you can spare a 5 - 10 for their cause and want to, I encourage that as well. Please note that this is a personal request, and not necessarily a request from the emulator because it is me. Thanks guys and gals.
  14. Kyp

    A special beta test!

    Thanks, everyone. Remember the more the merrier, all hours. The characters on the new server as Cipher pointed out won't be keepable, but we could put an end to this CTD once and for all if we get what we need. That said either Cipher or myself (or both) will send you a PM with details (if you haven't received already)
  15. Yeah Yeah, I know, we've been out of beta for a long time. Well, if you're here you either came in from our facebook/twitter posts, and you're interested in trying it out or you're not. We need testers, it will be best if you experience(d) frequent crashing during/when you played regularly. We're going to ask you to essentially stress test our public test realm which has been brought back up for this scenario. Please note that your characters all start fully leveled and with a basic set of level 8/9 gear as appropriate to get you through. What we're looking to see is for you to stress it. If you're interested, please sign up below. The more the merrier folks, we need to try to load this thing to the gills if possible so we can capture some performance and behavior logging. At any rate, we look forward to testing with you if you're willing. Thanks to everyone that can/will make themselves available. -E&B Emulator Development Team
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