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  1. Yep, just click ok again. Your version of Windows is newer than anything in the installer's script. I need to update it. The highest it went was Windows 7. When I wrote it I was trying to work around User Account Control which was a newer windows feature at the time that was giving us hell. None of these prompt windows should stop you, they are informational
  2. Additionally, the game login does NOT support special characters. It was designed in a time this was thought "too much", so alphanumeric only, no symbols. I think the page enforces that already but just in the event it does not, that may be the problem.
  3. Show the actual (or perceived) error message. I wrote that installer, as is said above that is normal. It is reading your registry to see if you have that installed/available and then saying "yup". What part is repeating?
  4. First the GMs and Devs (by and large) can't do anything about it. Only 3 of us can because it requires access to the back end, and it's all new post migration so we don't have any of the tools that made it easier for them in the past (yet). I was made aware of this just a few minutes ago. I will look in a moment.
  5. First i've heard of any odd behaviors with the launcher client in a long time (we haven't updated the code behind it in quite a long time to boot). That said if anyone can replicate it might help to capture some details if we can. Even if just procmon data from the process to show where it might have "died" or hung up without resulting in an error state
  6. It's on my list too, whichever of us is bored enough first. But yes, this is planned, the last expiration period we had was mostly due to my inattention to it after the migration.
  7. It's back. Sorry about that.
  8. sorted out now, should be.
  9. Nah I announced it in the general chat channel about 20 mins ahead. Doing maintenance. Almost done. Should be coming back up now.
  10. The languages we use are C++, C#. MySQL/SQL, PHP, some other odds and ends, but no Java I'm afraid, at least not since way back in the first iterations of the project long before it became multiplayer.
  11. Back up, but i'm probably off for the night, i've attached a process monitor instance to watch the game server and see what happens when the alert I was seeing spawns. Try to let me know as soon as server is down (only once please since this pages both Zack and I). If I can isolate when it goes down I might be able to see what the actual fault is.
  12. Suspect this had to do with a new security feature from the OS vendor. I have added an exception for this service and restarted the game server. I will check back to see if we have another crash in a little while.
  13. I see it. This might be a little bit longer while I see if I can nail down what's happening.
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