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  1. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    after you delete it tell it to reset all updates? NOt quite sure i'm following if that's not what you mean.
  2. Players Advocate Role

    I'm dropping by to clarify something: I'm not sure this has ever been made clear but the ADV is not a developer, it does not have any powers within the game whatsoever (and never will). It is a tag that identifies them to you, the player base, as the elected representative. It is as somewhat stated, a conduit of a written bit of information in a staging forum each week which keeps us abreast of things. I allow the advocate to sit in on some parts of the dev meeting, which is usually the beginning and review of things we've already made "public" to him. New bits are added now and again but as an elected player representative the only will they are subject to is the player base. If you want to vote for a new one, you could. If you don't you can re-elect the same one. There was originally a term limit because it used to be a more interesting position I suppose. The last few elections there haven't been many to step up or confirm that they'd be interested. We're trying with the position to make sure we pick up the most relevant bits to improve the game in a way that is more interesting faster while being able to fix any bugs we introduce. I will say this for the current Advocate. There is a bit of language difference and translating that is going on. U.S. English I don't believe is a first language. It may be that like Mimir indicates he is not making himself clear the way he means to. Anyway, adieu, do with the information as you will.
  3. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Starting back up now.
  4. Server stops sending UDP?

    *shrug* Your call. Long term, I chose not to support this for issues a long time ago. We don't forbid it, but we don't come up with a how-to either. That's on you, can ask peers and learn how to do it easier if you aren't sure how to do it yourself. UDP is by its very nature fire and forget if that was in doubt. The client communicates with us through the net7proxy, the communication had to be UDP. If anything stops the packet or for some reason it fails to transmit it is what it is. It was not really designed with multi-boxing in mind. I do recall when I multiboxed in live, I had to do some trickery with the game client or it gave me some message about the client already running. Either way, in the end it is up to you.
  5. having troubles

    Make sure you've registered the account you have here with your account on net-7.org. This is a required link for it to let you play.
  6. Yep, see that other thread, I elaborated on it how to get the cert with google chrome, if IE is used you can get it from the lock icon in the address bar. Other browsers... good luck.
  7. INV-300

    For whatever reason it seems to be having trouble checking our cert status it would seem, so try the following: Open your browser to https://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin, after the patch loads you should be able to download the certificate from the browser. Grab that and manually install it, see if this rectifies the issue. If not I'll be home on Sunday and can look into the why. An example in Google Chrome is to visit the above page, hit F12 and then at the bottom 'View Certificate' from there you can download it and manually install it.
  8. Point your browser to https://sunrise.net-7.org and download the cert from your browser if you're not getting it from some reason. Once you install this in your certificate store (install in local machine store if you're an admin so it affects all users) it should succeed i would think.
  9. Server stops sending UDP?

    To be clear, we don't really offer support on multiboxing. The server is trying to send packets back and forth to unique game IDs/Player IDs. I might suggest uploading the pcap for inspection but it sounds like your conversation is being terminated. Unfortunately with UDP there's no guarantee of packets, just the nature of the beast.
  10. Login hang at galaxy load screen

    All I could say is post a video, if you're doing what I indicated it will download everything that's on our patch server, so something is either not configured right or something's being misunderstood.
  11. Slayerman..slayerman.. hm nope, can't say as I do. (Welcome back)
  12. Session 4 dev meeting

    Apologies, I was obviously too tired last night and looked at the wrong forum.
  13. Session 4 dev meeting

    This doesn't appear to be questions but a public directed update?
  14. Health Issues

    Good news indeed. Congratulations!