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  1. if that doesn't do it you might also consider running an elevated command prompt i.e. So it says "Administrator: " at the front of the cmd window title bar and then running: dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth This should cause it to check with your local component store and then MS to return you to the correct value for most/all system files for Windows with your installed version.
  2. Try this (assuming the version of Windows is genuine): Stop the Windows Installer service and ensure it remains disabled (don't forget to turn it back on after testing): Navigate to this path on the computer(s): C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files (or equivalent) Look for an InstallShield folder. Rename this to something like InstallShield 1 Reboot the computer and bring up the Windows Installer service. Try again and see if it repeats. 1628 is an error from the installshield installer saying the script setup failed to complete so it's either corruption in your local installshield files or a corrupt installation file.
  3. Can you post a screenshot of that error message assuming Woody's note didn't help?
  4. If you're still having trouble it's just crap in the DNS, open a command prompt on your computer in elevated mode (Run As Administrator..) and then run the command: ipconfig /flushdns i.e.: PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> ipconfig /flushdns Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. See if you continue having trouble out of that.
  5. It was on autorenewal, it was just out of money in the account and I don't let any of our vendors have automatic access to funds.
  6. Yep sorry about that folks an oversight after I upgraded the donation software.
  7. Yeah, we were waiting for an update to the forum software again apparently due to something they had initially disincluded in the intervening releases and were adding back. It was actually just updated this afternoon on the invision side, but I haven't had time to upgrade the forum again yet. So now instead of the vendor side Soon™, it has officially graduated to my Soon™
  8. Hi guys, I have an issue open with the vendor for this forum plug in/app that handles our donations now. We've gotten it back online, more or less but there seems to be a bug they think ties in with the version of the forum and they're working on the resolution of that first to confirm. FYI though, this is what it looks like when you click the 'view goals' link at the bottom. This is known and expected but we think the tracker should work otherwise.
  9. For anyone that wishes to donate in the meantime you can do so by paypal via net7entertainment@net-7.org as the payee. Unfortunately it will not track in the donation tracker system this way if that is a concern for any reason.
  10. I did not experience any problem logging in, was this still an issue? Please keep comments to minimum just confirming if there still seems to be a widespread issue.
  11. Working on forum right now but will investigate sunrise if I can't log in after that.
  12. Hi folks. The donation tracker is just temporarily offline after a forum upgrade. I am working on getting it corrected. It will be back pretty soon.
  13. Being able to see on and offline members. When I was in Static 5 years ago their was an option you could see all members in guild and then you could toggle to see only those that were online. 

  14. Kype, hows it going?

    I saw the post by Mouli whats going on? 

    I was wondering if something could be done about seeing who is on in the guild? is it possible please...

    Hope your well, thanks Ender.

  15. Nah Graphics are all local to your computer, the comms are mostly small packets between your network and ours, nothing more. In a streaming type of connection (say Netflix and such) you use much more data because you are pulling down such things but most MMO style games have most assets locally and the server simply controls the rules of the gamestate and helps to coordinate when everyone else can "see" each other.
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