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  1. City of Heroes for me, I played Eve/WoW/GW2/EQ2 and a bunch of others for a while, but city of heroes just has me coming back. I've got around 40 alt's on the Excelsior server, and I will probably make more at some point. Edit: Also, Renegade X if you need to get your kills on. It's a remake of the C&C Renegade shooter game.
  2. If this doesnt help then make sure the 'Local Cert' is not selected in the debug section of the launcher as that usally gives me an inv-300 error.
  3. When you fire up the launcher, there's a help menu at the top right. There's a option there to install the certificate, that should solve that issue.
  4. Not just me then? I logged in yesterday and had the same issues Woodstock described. One thing different though was that another player was trying to invite his alt to a group, but instead I was receiving that invite on my JE. On a side note, I'd vote for GM's to hit the restart button if its needed
  5. I saw a few screenshots on the Wiki that showed damage numbers in the chat box. Is there a command for that or am I missing something in the chat options?
  6. I found the effect id table I made a while ago that list's the visual effect id's for all the buffs and de-buffs in game. Not sure if the server bosses still have a copy or not but here it is. effect id's.xlsx
  7. Ok, maybe its not the server but the connection somewhere in-between that's the problem... When I login everything seems fine for about 10 seconds then I get lagged into oblivion. Edit: I turned off packet optimization and reorder and seem to be ok now...
  8. Think the hamster fell off its wheel... Will have to wait on server bosses hitting the reset button.
  9. Just as a side note as nothing seems to have happened for ~6 months...    We are not talking about the equipable engines...   We are talking about the engine component that makes up the 3D model of the ships (hull/wing/engine).
  10. This is kinda my point, it shouldn't mater what size your shield is... If you don't have the required radiation/heat protection you should get your butt kicked.
  11. I have to say that id go back if EA turned the servers back on even though I despise EA for closing it down in the first place...   Don't get me wrong, what you guys have done here is awesome, you have taken a client and created a server from scratch that the client can talk to and understand, and then populated the server with more content than the original servers had.   That being said though their are some obvious things wrong with the game that everyone just seems to pass over either because its been like this from the start therefore considered normal or no one seems to remember how it worked from sunset.  To me these things stick out a bit too much. This is your version Earth & Beyond, not the one I fell in love with.
  12. Could you make the damage of these effects a % rather than a flat number so that JE's can retain their title as the "go (almost) anywhere class".
  13. I remember back before sunset loading my 150 TE up with Catapult 6's then heading out to VG and watching that big ring of purple ammo fly down range and do peanuts for damage against the shrooms.... Was a spectacle to watch, and fun to perform :)   It wasn't quite as fun as ninja buffing in my JE though, warping up on an unsuspecting victim then unloading a full rack of devices plus shield and reactor buffs, then warping off before the person knew what hit them.   The good ol days...
  14. This video has some clips of what the jenqui 150 engines/trails should look like and here's a video showing what the progen 150 engine/trails look like. These are really old vids from before sunset. 
  15. I asked about this quite a while ago, as far as I can tell the engine component of the ship isn't getting upgraded properly with the rest of the ship. The jenqui hulls get the first 1-2 upgrades but none of the races get the final one which made them look like the screen shots in the 1st post.
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