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  1. On the subject of tours. Anyone knows if there's a command or something that turns off the navigate skills ability to shortcut nav paths? I tried to tour my TT around Ardus using my JE that has max navigate, but I ended up missing a load of nav points. After a while, I reformed the group with TT as leader (no points in navigate) so I could get all the nav's on a path.
  2. I have never used any AHK script while AFK, like I said, to me it's cheating and I wouldn't do it. I also see multi-boxing as a form of cheating too, but the server bosses are okay with it, I do have a few accounts but logging more than one in at a time to do stuff just feels wrong.
  3. I did make a spice run autopilot AHK script a while ago that just flew you between the two stations, but I think the devs added a few grav wells that make it useless, and I never bothered to update it. Making these are rather easy as you only need to record your clicks and then play them back. That being said, for me, I see running these while AFK as cheating, and I'm all for kicking/banning AFK bots. So make sure you are around to reply if a server boss PM's you
  4. I think it's your sig plus the mobs scan range. If the mobs have a 5k scan range, and you have a 0.3 sig then they should spot you from 5.3k away. If a mob spotted your JE from 10k away, then that mobs scan range must be quite high and may need to be looked at.
  5. For me, I use a program called AltDrag to move E&B windows and other old DirectX windows around a bit easier. That said, the alt key switches your hot bars in game and clicking will just start moving the window, but in the options for the program you can switch it to left or right alt/win/ctrl keys to make moving the window easier.
  6. Just checked on my PS, I can see the ammo blueprints in the terminal, but when I click them I get the message "Unable to create Unknown Item. Too difficult" Edit: In the launcher, open the tools menu and hit E&BConfig, this will open the config tool and let you pick a resolution and other sound options.
  7. sunrise.net-7.org should work fine, play.net-7.org works too. There's 20 odd people on the server atm, so the server side of things seems to be working fine. Is the local IP set correctly on your launcher? Or maybe your firewall blocking the E&B client or the net7proxy.exe?
  8. All back. That said, I ninja'd a Taniwhas Pride with my JE when the servers came up the 1st time, but I guess I can trade a fancy device for getting my PS back Thanks for the work
  9. I'm missing toons on an account, logged into game, but all 3 toons are gone. All their info is still listed on the portal.
  10. Launcher, Not sure what version it is, but should update itself. E&B Demo, I don't think google would mind if it just a few people downloading Let me know if the links are ok.
  11. City of Heroes for me, I played Eve/WoW/GW2/EQ2 and a bunch of others for a while, but city of heroes just has me coming back. I've got around 40 alt's on the Excelsior server, and I will probably make more at some point. Edit: Also, Renegade X if you need to get your kills on. It's a remake of the C&C Renegade shooter game.
  12. If this doesnt help then make sure the 'Local Cert' is not selected in the debug section of the launcher as that usally gives me an inv-300 error.
  13. When you fire up the launcher, there's a help menu at the top right. There's a option there to install the certificate, that should solve that issue.
  14. Not just me then? I logged in yesterday and had the same issues Woodstock described. One thing different though was that another player was trying to invite his alt to a group, but instead I was receiving that invite on my JE. On a side note, I'd vote for GM's to hit the restart button if its needed
  15. I saw a few screenshots on the Wiki that showed damage numbers in the chat box. Is there a command for that or am I missing something in the chat options?
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