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  1. Hi! Server is up again.
  2. Obv. still some misunderstanding, so let me put it straight: This has nothing to do with Net-7! It's all about SSL layers, build into operating systems. Your OS is MICROSOFT. Net-7 i ain't Microsoft (if it was, there wouldn't be a donation box on the forums entry page....)
  3. Not really - it is an operating system issue in general.
  4. Read here: For your comment: Drop a game you like to play because because you decide going on with a completely outdated, insecure operating system? Doesn't sound logical to me.
  5. Proxy not running? Webserver (or anything else) already running on port 443 on that machine? PS/Edit: Why Open command promt and enter ipconfig. Note the IP from your internal nic and chose that entry on the launcher (Field "Local IP").
  6. The server has been updated a few hours ago. The cert is valid again, up and running. Windows XP and Vista are 15 years old and their support ended 3 years ago. You will need to update them since all current (and future) SSL cert are not supported by these old OS (google ""elliptic curve protocols"). This is a general issue with SSL evolving and changing (becoming more secure) over time. Old operating system are simply not able to "understand" the current SSL communication. NB: There are many many other reason to NOT work with an outdated, insecure operating system in general.
  7. Hi! Glad to hear, tho nothing has changed on the server side....
  8. PS.: I will take care of it, but it requires a little downtime, so i scheduled it to the next restart which is every tuesday.
  9. Yes - and Karu posted it already. You might need to google it, since it requires a bit more understanding and i lack the time for an detailed explanation, sorry.
  10. Old Cert still active, we need to look into the other cert, something is wrong with it. Sorry...
  11. Today is restart day, i will see if i can replace the cert. If problems arise, i will swap back and restart again.
  12. The reputation is basically just an indicator aka "full of ..." or "listen, this guy is posting good stuff". Hover his name, a popup box appears and you can chose "ignore user" from there. This is basically the permission control. There are still users which WANT to read bad-reputation postings - and if it's just for the popcorn effect... PS.: Mods/Staff become involved when rules are violated.
  13. Overloaded switches at ISP level will always drop UDP packets first. Sounds like it. Cant say where it happens, it could be everywhere on the route from your location to the server.
  14. Please use this thread only for server status alerts, not for discussing or chatting as i am getting notifyer-mails with my special "the sky is falling" alert-tone...which is making me calling out Defcon I no matter where i am and what i am doing - just to read chit-chat ...