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  1. Hey, you only need to run the Launcher in Admin Mode, as the guide says (must read tho...)
  2. Restarting...i saw some packet flooding on the console.
  3. Hi, I am restarting now, but i can also see a lot of mailformed packets arriving the server - which indicates an attack. I see these packets since a few days already.
  4. Fixed. Btw, no need for "ping" or "database down" postings. Down is down...
  5. Hmm...anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Tnx for the hint ,Warlock. The NIC is sometimes going south...which was (again) the case. Fixed it, restarting.
  7. Ok...there was a hard disk failure, so the provider did a hot swap. We restarted all services, shoudl be up and running in a sec...
  8. Hi! We need to wait for Kyp/Admin. Something is wrong i cannot access.
  9. Hmm...since i am trickey, i might have fixed it "some unnatural way".... 😄
  10. Exactly, but we need to wait for Kyp..when he drives home from work
  11. Might take a bit...Kyp needs to check one of the dns servers...
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