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  1. Looks like the net-7.org domain hasn't been renewed. Kyp has been informed, now we need to wait...
  2. Like i said multiple times: This thread is for server status. Not for chatting. Not for babbling. I get a notify mail each time and its annoying to get a mail for postings not being a server status posting. Therefor i unsubscribed from this thread a long time ago. I do monitor the server tho. The result is, that people have to wait way longer for a restart. I gave enough warnings to NOT misuse this thread for chatting but poeple weren't listening. IF you stop chatting/babbling here and start obeying the very meaning of such thread again, i might resubscribe.
  3. Hmm...i was just logging in fine and gating fine, but i saw some other messages. I am restarting the whole server, will take a few.
  4. What is wrong with you and your tone?
  5. Debugger throwed the break point and i can see the code problem. Fixing it now...
  6. We had a Windows update lately, maybe that caused some problems. Anyway, I've put the game-server back into debug mode, watching for crashes now.
  7. Which part of my previous message you do not understand?
  8. Do NOT use this topic for chat please. A single posting about server down is enough.
  9. Heya! I will restart the server in a few without announcement, bit short of time, sorry. The problem was a missing check in the code for missions fulfilling a few(!) certain conditions. One player (not you Pre) was matching this rare scenario and i was able to track that error to the cause. Fixed code is going online in a few...
  10. Ok, i can see what the problem for the last crashes is. Its a certain player cuasing a crash as soon as he logs in. Not sure what is wrong there, but im moving his toon to NET-7 now. After that i will restart server the third time today...
  11. We fixed the issue, server is restarting now
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