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  1. Zackman

    Model Extraction

    All 3D Models are copyright protected art work from the original designers. You cannot print them out and sell them... Of course you can ask if the other player here can print you something completely different and contact you via PM for that very matter...
  2. Zackman

    Shared Friendslist

    Nope, sorry. No client changes are possible.
  3. Zackman

    Model Extraction

  4. Zackman

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    We had a lot of players not able to login last week and i guessed it was network related. This crash was also based on fragmented packets, based on network problems or DDoS. No political judgement: I do know that a lot(!) of private computers are currently infected, becoming parts of so called "zombie networks". I can see this in the logs of a few customer server farms i maintain. These attacks are originating from all over the world and could be considered "normal" these days, considering the politics in the USA. But like said, just a guess.
  5. Zackman

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    Server restarted. Investigating...
  6. Zackman

    E&B unplayable

    Woodstock, you have "local cert" checked on your launcher...shouldnt be. Try to uncheck it.
  7. Zackman

    E&B unplayable

    Oh...and can you guys supply more infos please?: 1. Is this happening when chanching sector or also while sitting still in a sector (test this if nessecary plz) 2. Is the first login sequence working normally? 3. If this happens, is there any kind of message? 4. What is the proxy's state (hover the icon of net-7 proxy in the tray) when this happens? 5. When you restart the launcher/client, is everything ok again? 6. What access-provider are you using and what line? !!! Please make sure the server URL in the launcher is "sunrise.net-7.org", not "play.net-7.org" !!! I remember sometimes seeing that "play...."-URL but this URL is not included in the SSL cert. ( I wil include the play subdomain next time tho, just to make sure...)
  8. Zackman

    E&B unplayable

    Heya, the SSL cert was renewed, nothing else changed. No patch took place, just a restart. Could it be you people are using cached/proxied lines? Karu explained the Problem once in another thread.
  9. Zackman

    Microsoft buys Github

    Just a hint in case you are hosting projects with Github: When MS (known in the past for "reusing" code from others) buys Github, i would run...aka: I would remove my code from Github asap, before i find it again in some MS products later...
  10. Zackman

    Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    I didn't - all the fame goes to @karu , our web dev!
  11. Zackman

    Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    PS.: Try again please, should be ok now - i just tested it without error. Make sure you are logged out more than 120 seconds and you hit F5 (resfresh) on the browser before moving items.
  12. Zackman

    Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    Yes, there is a problem and the WebDev is on it already.
  13. Zackman

    Can't land on Primus *Crashes*

    Its not you, its something with the sector. I will move all toons currently on that Planet in the next few. Please report back here after tomorrows restart (tuesday), if the problem remains.
  14. Heya! I think i know all of these interviews, articles etc. Smedley was clueless and poison to SWG...well, basically to every MMORPG. Thats why i joined the SWG-Emu team for a bit as a coder/Dev before i moved on to the EnB-Emu - i just wanted to show Smedley, that he was so uber/very wrong when he said in an interview, he doubt the Emu community will ever get an EMU going. Ultima, TheAnswer and Oru were mainly running the developement at this time. Anyway...thats past...history - but was fun!
  15. Zackman

    Login Issue

    Hello everyone, sorry for that, cert times out and i missed the alert on my calendar... Fixed now, working again!