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  1. Nope, that was a different but coincedently and timewise simultaniously attack of the aliens
  2. Hi Folks, all fixed, servers are "green" again.
  3. Hi Folks, all fixed, servers are "green" again.
  4. Hi Folks, all fixed, servers are "green" again.
  5. Sorry folks, i didnt get any notifyer mails (diff. problem, but also fixed now) so i wasnt aware of the problems. Sunrise has been fixed - all is "green" again.
  6. All ships of every guild member - and becomes active with next login of a toon.
  7. Karu, lol - we did the same at the same time. I was just on the DB and changed the values there, reload stuff ingame. I also wanted to check, why the logo value was ZERO (0). But go on...
  8. He did, no dice. I am ingame, was reloading guilds already, also no dice. I wonder if the ini file /client is limited somehow, since we got 208 decals active.
  9. Ar you ingame currently? I can log in too and check servers console for errors....
  10. Cleary gfx card issue. Remove driver, reboot. Install new driver, reboot. Something is dirty here...
  11. Server code hasn't changed here. Decal pushed? Client updated? Decal bogus?
  12. You do realize that you dont argue with the Devs, its arguing with MICROSOFT. Although it was posted more than once now, that MICROSOFT did not update WIndows XP anymore and therefore the needed SSL cipher is missing in Windows XP, you guys keep talking about the "devs not supporting..." - why is that so?
  13. Quoting me with "blablabla" is kind of personal. Watch your tone brother, you are close to the dark side.... No1 said we didnt WANT to support XP anymore, it was posted more than once, thats SSL cipher changed and since XP isnt supported since 4 years, its not working with the newer cipher. You see how your comment is completely missing the point? Doesn't change the facts. No problem, here: http://bfy.tw/LHes I rarely offer any guidelines. I give hints, you google. On the portal: https://www.net-7.org/?#gameinfo (click on NEW PLAYER GUIDE) SInce when is Mac supported? Its not. I also never said. I was talking directly to Vitaes earlier, about a virtual environment with a W7 guest. If you dont fully understand what this is about, refrain from commenting it. I dont remeber offering you "Zacky". It's "Zackman" for you. 400,- EUR doesnt mean you need to buy in Europe, it was a price-tag so we know a range we are talking about. I have no idea why you think you need to order a PC in germany now. And for the record: Did you know you will just plug in your USA power-cable into the world-wide standarized socket of the power-supply of the computer? Bummer.... Not sure i understand: You dont WANT to order from Germany still you complain about missing links? 1 - I am not sure you should use computers anyway, you are obv. not even able to use a search engine (eg. google). 2 - You shouldnt order from outside the USA anyway. Its WAY more expensive than buying a computer from inside your country. I wasnt even telling you to buy in Germany, dont know why you assume i did....all i did was giving you guys an idea of the price range. Are you seriously that out-of-touch with reality? Do you have any idea of what you are talking about? A non profit organization selling computers "with a cut on the sale", let alone all other problems coming along with "being a hardware dealer". Lol...just lol... You seem to be full of anger based on where you are living, based on local politics, based on your personal situation. Before i say anything wrong, i dont say anything at all. But finally let me say this: YOur posting is generally full of "passive aggresive attitude". It's not constructive, it's just to flame and troll. Do not post again in this style. You had this shot...free....next one is not.
  14. You were really still on XP?! And i wonder why so many private computers are infected lately, becoming a part of botnets....I can see it in the logs of the mail servers i am running for customers. Private computers silently sending thousands of mails in the background. Seriously guys, please get rid of any OS not supported since more than 4 years anymore. Please update to a still-supported OS and have (at least) the Windows Defender running. It is NOT your very private problem anymore becoming infected - in fact you guys become MY (and million of other adminitrators) problem too, when your infected hell-spam-boxes are shooting constantly at our servers. @Vitaes You can run a virtual box on a MAC and have W7 running in it. Depending on your hardware the frame rate could be ok. On the other hand...you can get a 16GB / Intel 7600 machine for 400,- EUR alrerady. The last 10% "state-of-the-art hardware" are always like 100% more cost and (imho) not worth it. Go for "current-1" generation hardware and you get the best shot for the buck.
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