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  1. ...because the VPN Machine is acting as a "proxy" now - and obv. the network configuration is setup correct as "full nat". Basically this is indicating that your local network configuration is not full nat'ted.
  2. Start EnB Config Exe and uncheck "Windowed Mode". I think thats what it was called in the config tool.
  3. Never used it myself, but i think u need to click "force update" afterwards?
  4. You tried or you did? Did you start the launcher in admin mode? If the proxy isnt re-downloaded, it cannot create the file whic his most likely a permission issue.
  5. Which is not correct, bug tracker is for server related bugs ONLY. Your problem is the net7proxy.exe, its not up to date - which the msg. is even stating. Delete that exe file from your computer and start launcher again, hit "Reset Updates" and it should re-download to the current version. You might need to start launcher as admin for that.
  6. Morning, there was a bigger problem today, complete server farm wasn't reachable and all servers were restarted later. We had no pre-alert so i guess it was a power outtake or serious network-component. I had a complete different route to our servers which is indicating there was a "fallback routing" active, means that (most likely) there was a problem at the backbones network (Level 3). I restored all services and we should be good again...till the next hacker-group from a "banned country" will vent via cyber attack....
  7. I dont doubt and my previous posting wasn't meant to offend. On the other hand, i know a lot of people "working with computers" for a long time - that doesn't necessarily means they can handle network/firewall configuration. It was a general suggestion to call some1 in - without any personal "skill judging".
  8. You cant. It stored on the Forum server. I can only give limited advise without having the router in front of me. I also dont use/own this router myself so my tipps are of theoretical nature, you need to find out the correct configuration. It could be, the rules are correct but the router has a misconfiguration at a different setting point. Generally: Two way to enable correct NAT: "Port forwarding (UDP packet from <xxx> on port <xxxx-yyyy> are forwarded to internal machine <xxxx> on ports <xxxx-yyyy> or (easier/better) "Full NAT and masquerading" <- needs more network knowledge but will lead to a flawless configured firewall functionality. PS: You might want to cosider calling a friend who really KNOWS router configuration and might help you here.
  9. Most likely not correct installed and something is missing. Check the WIndows Event logs.
  10. PS.: Unmatched condition only means: "If this rule is not applying to the current incoming packet, go to the next rule" - which is the "Forward" choice for "unmatched rule". That would be the default selection.
  11. Oh dang, only one Port? Try to enter like this: 3500-4000 or 3500:4000 If both are not working, i would consider a new router. TP Link is great - it's network stuff for a lower budget (WiFI Router, USB Dongles, Range extender etc.) If it comes to detailed firewall rules, there are better products. Since you need a router with an ADSL2+ modem built in, another choice would be Fritzbox or the Zyxel Speedlink 5501 or even an older (used) Linksys WRT54g with a DDRT Firmware.
  12. Protocol UDP Source Subnet SourcePort: 3500 - 4000 Destination: IP oft your game pc Subnet
  13. Would be or Depends in the Format the Router is expecting.
  14. That is VERY related. It means, that your local client is sending packets to the server on a specific port, while the server is sending packets back on a diff. port. What happens when gating: Each sector has its own UDP port. When you gate (or dock), the server will send a packet basically saying "Hey client, switch over from channel (port) 5 to channel 10, we will communicate on channel 10 in the new sector". Whenever that packet isn't arriving at your computer (many reason possible here), your client continues communicating on that old port/channel, while the server is awaiting your comunication on that new port - and there is no communication from you, so the comm. is lost/broken. So at one point your client will say "Server failed to respond to sector login" - while the truth is "Client failed to continue talking to server on the changed sector port". This all comes back to corrupted network communication. It could be a dropped packet, which happens OFTEN if there is load on the providers network, because UDP packets are the first being dropped. I know it sounds like a broken record ("lost packet") but unfortunatly this is exactly what happens. It could be also our server, dropping that packet for a reason. We DID have packet loss in the past, but it raised a lot after moving to the new server. Since there is virtualization in the chain, it becomes very hard to track - but we DO think it happens somewhere in the virtual switch. Anyway, this is outside of the server code, it's an issue with the server/network administration.
  15. Thanks and the same to you and your family. 2016 can pi... off, was taking too many good people. Not only private friends and family members, but a HUGE(!) list of stars from our childhood as well (Prince, Glenn Frey, George Michael, our Princess Leia etc). It was a year of terror, catastrophes and so on.... 2016: PI... OFF