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  1. Old Cert still active, we need to look into the other cert, something is wrong with it. Sorry...
  2. Today is restart day, i will see if i can replace the cert. If problems arise, i will swap back and restart again.
  3. The reputation is basically just an indicator aka "full of ..." or "listen, this guy is posting good stuff". Hover his name, a popup box appears and you can chose "ignore user" from there. This is basically the permission control. There are still users which WANT to read bad-reputation postings - and if it's just for the popcorn effect... PS.: Mods/Staff become involved when rules are violated.
  4. Overloaded switches at ISP level will always drop UDP packets first. Sounds like it. Cant say where it happens, it could be everywhere on the route from your location to the server.
  5. Please use this thread only for server status alerts, not for discussing or chatting as i am getting notifyer-mails with my special "the sky is falling" alert-tone...which is making me calling out Defcon I no matter where i am and what i am doing - just to read chit-chat ...
  6. Server is restarting soon, applying updates while restarting...
  7. Virus, Trojan, Hijack, Malware? The correct name is (upper/lowercase): AcXtrnal.dll Size: 211.968 Bytes) The "DLL" (all uppercase) rings an alarmbell.
  8. Morning, I just spent 20 minutes again at the shipyard, used a PW with a high signature (6.9) to simulate a low level ship. The closest the vrix were getting was 16K. They are following a very static path, so there is no "coming closer by coincedence". Considering a signature of 6.9K and their scan range of 5K, they start to see me at 11.9. Add the ship size to it and it would be maybe 12.5K - but they never were that close. So i guess the player is too far outside of the shipyard (closer to the Vrix) - or something/someone pulled/aggroed them to the Shipyard. Dunno.....but they are not closing in "by nature"...
  9. Yep, thats was correct - we were in the meeting at this time and i jammed the database queue "in the background", so he posted about that. That is the logical behaviour based on what happend, confirmed. Logical. Thats what i thought, o/w i should have seen similar problems earlier when i logged on. Wouldn't do that, o/w the context of this thread/flow/convo makes no sense anymore. Thanks for clearing up.
  10. I am not aware of any login issues and there is no posting in the SERVER STATUS thread where such reports should go to. I read this topic here by coincedence. We had an issue yesterday (my timezone) - like 14 hours ago, but thats history already and i just logged in fine (as others did, asking them ingame). I dont see any report about this anywhere? Can you point me to the posting about any login-issues and where staff is reporting "looking at it" please?
  11. No it doesn't/hasn't.
  12. Where and when? On your way to the shipyard? At the Shipyard? Right in the Shipyard or a bit more outside of it? Warped there or thrusted there? From the gate? Which gate? Which Vrix? The L36, L40 or L50 ones (diff. spawn locations)? I try to understand how they are able to even see aplayer when they are like 20k outside of the "approach path" of a player. This is why i am asking for all these little details.
  13. I spent 15 Minutes in Primus at the Tiberius Shipyard and watched the Vrix. The Vrix were (closest ) about 15.8K away from me, regular distance is 20K~ish. Considering their scan range and the signature of a low-level Progen ship, where exactly were the Vrix? In what range able to attack? Shed some light...
  14. ...because the VPN Machine is acting as a "proxy" now - and obv. the network configuration is setup correct as "full nat". Basically this is indicating that your local network configuration is not full nat'ted.