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  1. INV-300

    Weired Provider in the U.S., why do they manipulate/alter customer data streams?! Unthinkable here in Europe. IE?!?! Remove that pile-of-shit from your computer, it's highly insecure, non-standard and full of bugs. No, LE Certs are officially accepted everywhere, even Windows has "DST Root CA X3" certificates in the Windows Trust Store. There is something wrong on the endpoint computer.
  2. RebelsofEarth

    Most...but not all. There are a few(!) toons higher in rank than you, being online within the last 4 weeks, so please contact them. We cannot assign founder status to someone being the lowest rank in the guild while higher members are still active.
  3. Server Failed to respond to Login attempt

    There a gazillion threads in the tech board reagrding this issue, no need for a new thread everytime some1 doesnt read the very detailed installation guides...
  4. Tang's Alacrity ?

    Uhmm...Kenu? You reading? It IS(!) dropping from one mob in a public sector. Intended?
  5. Barrier Of Slime Eight (L8) Drop Rate

    According to the logs, this shield was looted exactly 20 times within the last 12 weeks.
  6. SERVER STATUS (current)

  7. Welcome Back Slayerman! @Off-Topic-Thread-Hijackers (i deleted all OT postings): This is Slayermans welcome-back thread. Stop hijacking this thread for your personal connection issues and use the support forums please.
  8. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Ya, there was a DNS culprit which has been resolved, it just might take a few until your local DNS server got the update. Game is up and running, it's just the DNS entry for some.
  9. SERVER STATUS (current)

  10. Fix/Enhancements to Net7 Launcher

    The very purpose of Net7 Proxy is listening for incoming connections and initiating outgoing communications to the game server. That's why AVAST is warning you. Just hit "i trust this file".
  11. Yep, V120 (VS2013) is minimum, since XP isn't supported anymore. Of course, installing the complete redistributable Karu linked to, is the correct way, but many people dont read forums, so i added it to the launcher as well.
  12. unable to log in

    Sorry folks, there was a file missing from the patch - simply run Launcher again, the needed file will be added then.
  13. PS.: Tho...no. When i patched the server, i deleted my local versions and was also downloading the files via patcher - and they were fine. So if the ZIP archive wont help, my next guess would be the VC redistributable. You need the 32 bit versions, not 64 bit. Is anyone else having this problem too?
  14. Some DLL is crappy. Download the attached file plz, unzip and copy DLLs to the folder, where the proxy exe is located (replace->yes). Please come back and report if it fixes the issue. If so, my upload of the patched files went south... libs.zip
  15. unable to log in

    That(!) problem is only affecting Windows XP. Your(!) problem is something else, so i was starting with the certificate storage. Or that...