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  1. Anyone using ISBoxer ?

    While we tolerate multiboxing, we do not support it. Just saying in case this goes on/deeper.
  2. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Ok, so there was a massive hardware problem at the providers server farm today, thats why no service at all was up for 15 h+... Beware, we will have another outtake soon(tm) since they are still replacing faulty stuff.
  3. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Restarting already.
  4. Christmas content

    XMas live now...
  5. redownload

  6. Same here, but my hands were tied. I was missing access to something out of my scope, therefore the CERT couldn't be renewed. Luckily enough i suddenly remembered i was wise/smart enough in the past and installed a safety-net for exactly this situation - which i just used:) Yay me....lol
  7. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Hi everybody, i was able to fix it. Server is fine again.
  8. Please- DON'T ! There is no need for 546 postings regarding the very same issue im already aware of... Its the SERVER STATUS THREAD and whenever some1 is posting there, i get an alert and stop everything i am currently doing. So you do not post there unless the server is seriously burning....
  9. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Oh...and Geboran: Sorry, i was wrong about your message: This is the standard message from the client if the CERT is outdated, so your config is of course not wrong. So i officially apologize to you for almost handing you over to the emperor....
  10. SERVER STATUS (current)

    This is the SERVER STATUS THREAD and a "EA.COM is currently unavailable" has nothing to do with the server, its about you not reading the setup guide correctly, so your game is pointing to a completely wrong server. Post again in the SERVER STATUS THREAD and you will face the power of the dark side of the force... For the real server problem: I cannot fix it currently, Kyp is informed but no ETA yet. Sorry.
  11. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Yep, i know. Its because of the expired cert which i couldnt replace so far, because i was missing some special access to something. I was informed today, that this has been fixed now, so i will look it up later.
  12. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Yepper, i restarted it. Problem was not our server but the frame "around it" on the provider side.
  13. /postloot Lite

    Will be live with next publish, command is "/postloot lite".
  14. /postloot Lite

    Sure, why not. I add a lite command like this.
  15. Communication

    Yes, we have such mechanism, posting a "green system message" in a given intervall. I was even considering using it this time but simply forgot it.