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  1. Heya! I will restart the server in a few without announcement, bit short of time, sorry. The problem was a missing check in the code for missions fulfilling a few(!) certain conditions. One player (not you Pre) was matching this rare scenario and i was able to track that error to the cause. Fixed code is going online in a few...
  2. Ok, i can see what the problem for the last crashes is. Its a certain player cuasing a crash as soon as he logs in. Not sure what is wrong there, but im moving his toon to NET-7 now. After that i will restart server the third time today...
  3. We fixed the issue, server is restarting now
  4. Please no chat here, this topic is not for discussions. Server wont restart soon, Kyp needs to check the internal domain controller which i cannot access. Something went south there.
  5. ...because i've restarted...
  6. I am sorry folks, only @Kyp can fix it and he is obv. MIA.
  7. Same for me. @Kyp, can you fix please?
  8. This is the server status thread and not for discussing or posting irrelevant comments. A single "server down" is enough. I once had this thread on notify and got a notifyer mail every time someone posted here. I asked more than once to NOT babble here because i got alerts in the night time ( i am in the GMT+1 time zone). Sometimes i finally cancelled the subscription to this thread, this is why i got no alerts anymore. The result is what you have seen today: No1 is monitoring here anymore and the server remains offline for multiple hours. I am restarting the server soon.
  9. Should be fixed now (restarted).
  10. Esp. for software the so called "abandonware handling" becomes more important -> see WIKI "abandonware". Short version: Abandoned software will mostly lapse into the public domain.
  11. It means that the word mark has been dropped,so they cannot file a law suit against another comppany using that name/brand for a sofwatre (prefer. games). The IP isnt touched at all.
  12. Same time im typing service is back.
  13. Yeah, some of our service are not reachable, looks a network problem, but it is outside of our server farm.
  14. Hm....there is no reason that a single IP (or frame) couldn't access the server, so i would rather start to check SSL proxy stuff. I've heard in the past, that some of the U.S. providers are obv. doing some kind of SSL proxy crap... The cert itself is fine (till monday, will replace it tomorrow anyway). PS.: Make sure your provider (or you router itself) is not blocking UDP ports 3800 - 4000 Also your NAT setup should be "hole punching". I also heard in the past, that most U.S. providers deliver routers with a crappy NAT setup. Using VPN would help both -> all communication would be tunneled. That alone is indicating a problem originating from some of the above described.
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