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  1. The very purpose of Net7 Proxy is listening for incoming connections and initiating outgoing communications to the game server. That's why AVAST is warning you. Just hit "i trust this file".
  2. Yep, V120 (VS2013) is minimum, since XP isn't supported anymore. Of course, installing the complete redistributable Karu linked to, is the correct way, but many people dont read forums, so i added it to the launcher as well.
  3. Sorry folks, there was a file missing from the patch - simply run Launcher again, the needed file will be added then.
  4. PS.: When i patched the server, i deleted my local versions and was also downloading the files via patcher - and they were fine. So if the ZIP archive wont help, my next guess would be the VC redistributable. You need the 32 bit versions, not 64 bit. Is anyone else having this problem too?
  5. Some DLL is crappy. Download the attached file plz, unzip and copy DLLs to the folder, where the proxy exe is located (replace->yes). Please come back and report if it fixes the issue. If so, my upload of the patched files went south...
  6. That(!) problem is only affecting Windows XP. Your(!) problem is something else, so i was starting with the certificate storage. Or that...
  7. Pree, the SSL cert was expiring and we installed the new certificate. Im not sure whats the problem, but can you google a bit for "certificate console windows 10" and look up your local certificate storage? Remove everything for
  8. You can accept the cert for now but i will replace the current cert asap - it expired just 3 days ago. I have a new one already sitting here, ready to go. EDIT: Cert has been replaced, should be good now.
  9. Hey Woodstock, that's good news! I am very happy to hear that. I know it's hard, but still an advise: If you only do the happy dance from october on, you will have some hard weeks. And then doc says "if it wont return within 5 years, you are finally safe...well....99.9%" - and you will postpone the happy dance again for 5 years. So here is my advise: Its gone, you won. End of sentence. Cancer hates one thing: Happy people with good vibes. That is NO GOOD deed for cancer... So be happy and face the facts: THE CANCER IS GONE. Do the happy dance and dont look back - the future is ahead, not back.... WELL DONE BRO!
  10. Added 60s time out timer. If player wont click any button (Reject or Accept), a group invitation will be canceled after 60s.. Group leader gets a message in the system chat like "Timed out group invitation for <NAME>" The invited player will still ses the invitation dialog on the screen, even if canceled already, since we cannot control the client interface. If invited player is clicking REJECT or ACCEPT after(!) the invitation has timed out, it will simply do nothing, so ask for re-invite please. If the invited player got the time out and the group leader will send another invitation and this invitation will also time out, the invited player has stacking invite-dialogs on the screen. This is unavoidable based on the lack of client-control (serverwise). Live with next patch.
  11. Isnt there such command already? CHeck ingame help menue, i am pretty sure there is something like /decline
  12. Hi! Server is up again.
  13. Obv. still some misunderstanding, so let me put it straight: This has nothing to do with Net-7! It's all about SSL layers, build into operating systems. Your OS is MICROSOFT. Net-7 i ain't Microsoft (if it was, there wouldn't be a donation box on the forums entry page....)
  14. Not really - it is an operating system issue in general.
  15. Read here: For your comment: Drop a game you like to play because because you decide going on with a completely outdated, insecure operating system? Doesn't sound logical to me.