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  1. Overtkill

    Model Extraction

    Nice job!
  2. My apologies. My intention was merely to make you aware of the issue by posting in that thread, as I am well aware that you'd get the alerts. No one from staff had replied about it at the time of my posting. With no one being able to login, the SysAdmin in me saw the server as effectively down.
  3. You guys should also be posting in the Server Status thread in general discussion. IIRC, Zack will get a message if posted there, which I have already done.
  4. Overtkill

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    Server keeps popping INV 300 Errors at login on peeps Zack. Same with me. Posting here to alert you.
  5. Overtkill

    Chavez mission

    The dragon drops from the freighter at Huston Resource Field, in Grissom. I cannot recall the name of the resource field in Shep, but it is there is also a dragon figurine drop near the gate to Grissom, also from the Freighter there. I have 3. I had a rat figurine drop a few weeks back, but can't recall where. Probably another CL30 something freighter or elite RD mob. I'll check again soon. I couldn't find him today so far. I'll keep burning them down until I do.
  6. Feed this! How are ya man! Long time no see. Just spotted you on these forums, and wanted to say hi. :)


    Take care bud.

  7. Overtkill


    Karu's idea is correct, in that ESET is breaking this by injecting its own stuff into the connection. Unfortunately, this is common practice for most security softwares available. Another way around this issue, might be to create rule exceptions in your security software. I do this for my own stuff, in Kaspersky. Both the folder paths to the EnB game folders, and the net-7 folders, should be added to general AV exceptions to exclude them from any security activity. On the firewall side, create a rule to "allow always:" Game: client.exe Net-7: LaunchNet7.exe, net7proxy.exe
  8. Perhaps they should've moved the hull upgrades to Mars during the invasion.
  9. Another app like AutoSizer, could help as well. On another note, make sure the screen coordinates are positive. The client doesn't like it when Windows maps a monitor in negative pixels.
  10. Overtkill

    gate crashing

    Most of the time, this can be solved by checking the option "Prototype Re-order" in the Net-7 Launcher.
  11. Overtkill

    Wasted Triggers !

    Okay, I'll bite again. The rotation served its purpose when there were huge numbers of players in the Big 3. Since the numbers have shifted to the majority being in public or other guilds, including Damage Inc, I'd argue that its currently only serving a few multi-boxers at this point, and their respective guilds. If this is indeed the case, and triggers are being left up, you guys need to rally and go take them down as Gunney has suggested. I supported the rotation (and help design it as part of Static) as a method of dealing with large numbers of players, including getting the public a spot. My motives and views then were to simply make the situation more fair for everyone who are able to raid. If the dynamics have changed that much, and those guilds no longer have this majority, then the rules should change or be tossed altogether in favor of the majority of players who can and actually want to raid. I would hope the leaderships of these guilds would acknowledge this difference, and make this change on their own. -Not give into the greed of the situation. But since this does not seem to be the case, nothing will change until those with the greater numbers choose to act and make it a regular thing to do these raids. Until then, this issue is like beating the proverbial dead horse. Hence the fizzle in discussion.
  12. Overtkill

    "Server failed to respond"

    Odd, I was able to login normally just now. Maybe reboot some equipment like your puter, router, and modem, then give it another try.
  13. Overtkill

    Lvl 8 Beam setups?

    For starters: Ruby Disruptor, Black Razor, Pitbull 8's, Soulfires Curse, Harvester of Souls, Jaguars, Stone Cleaver, Bl3nd3ngStr3ke. Quite the poo-poo platter of beams available.