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  1. Hi Mindy, In my experience, you cannot run a client on any left display. It has something to do with the negative screen coordinates. I experienced this issue about 6 years ago myself. The only real solution is to run it on a right or top display, keeping the client in positive coordinates. I got around this by configuring my left display to an input sharing application, and setup a KVM on the left display to toggle to another machine, or 3 machines in my case. The input sharing app runs keyboard and mouse functions over the LAN, and the KVM toggles the left display to which ever machine I'm after. This setup works well for far more than E&B, but the game was the initial "mother" reason behind it, being that I would field a full group of Jenquai at times. I hope some of this helps a bit. -( )vert.
  2. Also make sure Compitability is enabled for WindowXP SP2. Mine wasn't enabled after install, so yours probably isn't.
  3. Mobs put in game to irritate and slow us down.
  4. Those of you experiencing client window selection issues under Windows 10, should note that in setting compatibility mode to a previous windows version on a game or app, can cause certain software not not find the window or task properly. I believe that Win10 is isolating the process a further layer, maybe a container when doing so. Setting the client.exe to normal operation under Win10 was the only way that I have found to correct these selection issues. Others trying to access multiple windows at once should also remember that as an operating system, Windows (all versions) are only designed to take UI input from a single window at a time. In other words, the keys and mouse clicks you send can only access 1 window at a time. If you need to send commands to another window, you will need to select it, thus making it the foreground window, prior to sending anything. The only way to access different windows in a truley simultaneous manner, would be with additional machines. Be they virtual (VMWare) or actual machines and sending commands over the LAN to the other computers.
  5. My experience is that the client does not like the display to the left of the main one. Something to do with negative pixel coordinates. Consider the clients age as the reason. Because of this, my setup uses that monitor on a KVM to other boxes, and possible VM's on those boxes. Local stuff, I run on the main, and right display. I also have an upper, smaller monitor, that is used mainly for tools and small apps.
  6. \Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\output\login.ini This file contains the last login name.
  7. My apologies. My intention was merely to make you aware of the issue by posting in that thread, as I am well aware that you'd get the alerts. No one from staff had replied about it at the time of my posting. With no one being able to login, the SysAdmin in me saw the server as effectively down.
  8. You guys should also be posting in the Server Status thread in general discussion. IIRC, Zack will get a message if posted there, which I have already done.
  9. Server keeps popping INV 300 Errors at login on peeps Zack. Same with me. Posting here to alert you.
  10. The dragon drops from the freighter at Huston Resource Field, in Grissom. I cannot recall the name of the resource field in Shep, but it is there is also a dragon figurine drop near the gate to Grissom, also from the Freighter there. I have 3. I had a rat figurine drop a few weeks back, but can't recall where. Probably another CL30 something freighter or elite RD mob. I'll check again soon. I couldn't find him today so far. I'll keep burning them down until I do.
  11. Feed this! How are ya man! Long time no see. Just spotted you on these forums, and wanted to say hi. :)


    Take care bud.

  12. Karu's idea is correct, in that ESET is breaking this by injecting its own stuff into the connection. Unfortunately, this is common practice for most security softwares available. Another way around this issue, might be to create rule exceptions in your security software. I do this for my own stuff, in Kaspersky. Both the folder paths to the EnB game folders, and the net-7 folders, should be added to general AV exceptions to exclude them from any security activity. On the firewall side, create a rule to "allow always:" Game: client.exe Net-7: LaunchNet7.exe, net7proxy.exe
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