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  1. It appears that if you don't opt out/cancel this mission after a hand in, you can't pick it up again.
  2. Just curious if anybody has tried to use the Agrippa Material Requirement Script from the Net 7 portal Wiki? I'm using cygwin as is mentioned on the page but just can not get it to work. No idea if I'm missing something or I'm just an idiot
  3. Yep, they are the only 5 that show
  4. Not sure then because 'Boldy go where no one has gone before', does not appear when I open the mission log. The 5 missions I see in my log are - Sha'ha'dem Promotiuon Beating back the Chavez Roland Holmes & his Hencmen Scuttle Bugs & Spies are Us - The Jenquai Brush Past I've finished to 2 Green Initiative missions and even after checking the wiki, I forgot the eggs.
  5. Got the extended wormhole mission from Tobias. Mission is not showing in log even after the next mission is received from Dr H'neydoo on Ishuan Character - Coronado. O/L 63
  6. Sorry Woodstock. Its Lursa.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug or just a glitch, but my mission journal adv to report back to Liam O'faolain, but all he wants to do is ask me about Glamour Goo which is part of the 'Duct Tape' mission that I don't have. Posted the screen shot with the mission log, but wouldn't let me post the 2nd screen shot of him asking for the Goo
  8. Thanks for the quick response Kyp, but a new problem arose but it's all sorted. Version just didn't want to update to 2.2.0 Stayed @ Ver 1.9.9,10. Removed the launcher then found a folder in C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\LaunchNet7\LaunchNet7.exe_Url_adzxadget0lle50imxy3m3nh4uxl4cgu. Removed that & reloaded the launcher and bingo, patch worked fine.
  9. Just did a rebuild & was reloading EnB. Got all the files from the portal. Got the launcher running, but when I press play, get the following error. Ran it in debug as well, just in case so got a screen shot of it. Current version in bottom right of Launcher is 535.
  10. Found Inner Fire above the station, top of the spire. enbmaps has Strong Wind located at X 10.45, Y 3.18, Z 6.79 which is just inside a mountain.
  11. Found Replenishing Water & Inner Fire but Strong Wind isn't anywhere
  12. Never mind, all fixed now. Thanks again
  13. The fix sorta worked. Mission is now completed but it has left 2 reports in the hold & I can't get rid of them.
  14. Thanks for the fix, just logged in & realized
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