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  1. wun1one

    Proxy error

    Thanks for the quick response Kyp, but a new problem arose but it's all sorted. Version just didn't want to update to 2.2.0 Stayed @ Ver 1.9.9,10. Removed the launcher then found a folder in C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\LaunchNet7\LaunchNet7.exe_Url_adzxadget0lle50imxy3m3nh4uxl4cgu. Removed that & reloaded the launcher and bingo, patch worked fine.
  2. wun1one

    Proxy error

    Just did a rebuild & was reloading EnB. Got all the files from the portal. Got the launcher running, but when I press play, get the following error. Ran it in debug as well, just in case so got a screen shot of it. Current version in bottom right of Launcher is 535.
  3. wun1one

    Item Question...

    We all have those days
  4. wun1one

    Item Question...

    Found Inner Fire above the station, top of the spire. enbmaps has Strong Wind located at X 10.45, Y 3.18, Z 6.79 which is just inside a mountain.
  5. wun1one

    Item Question...

    Found Replenishing Water & Inner Fire but Strong Wind isn't anywhere
  6. wun1one


    Never mind, all fixed now. Thanks again
  7. wun1one


    The fix sorta worked. Mission is now completed but it has left 2 reports in the hold & I can't get rid of them.
  8. wun1one


    Thanks for the fix, just logged in & realized
  9. wun1one


    Came in via ABA as she is a JD. Tried twice.
  10. wun1one


    Avatar name is Loreal. It's just a little hidden in the prior msg.
  11. wun1one


    The mission Deliver the Communications from TAS Support Cruiser Theresa in Neptune. Report # 4 went missing from the hold after me dying & getting a tow in Ishuan to Ishuan Station. Now step 2 Delivery to Earth Station not updating when docking. /fmu command does not advance the mission either. Avatar name - Loreal. An in game ticket has been raised but the system gave no ticket number so I'm hoping it worked. Just posting here for 'just in case'.
  12. wun1one

    Search for the Ancients

    Ok, found that crystal, scanned it and no update in mission log, but got the msg that I had completed step 1. Forfeited & tried again. Same result. 
  13. wun1one

    Unable To Log In

    Never mind. Problem only seems to be if I try to use my mobile as the personal hot spot/modem
  14. wun1one

    Unable To Log In

    Has somethuing changed since the restart today Whenb I try to log in i get a msg at Megan - 'Sorry, your login does not appear to be valid. Try again using the default launcher :).'    
  15. wun1one

    Hell hath no fury mission?

    Is this the same for the second heavy hauler near the Arduinne gate? It beat me the first time and now it wont re-spawn