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  1. Make sure to keep password as lowercase alpha-numeric (ascii) only. web portal does not care, game might.
  2. If game does not use selected resolution, then you need to make sure that e&bconfig is set to run as same user as game/launcher, ie 'run as administrator' if you run game as admin. If e&b config fails to run at all, then I have no idea about that one.
  3. Bug tracker breaks on forum updates (template issues I believe). I believe someone was working on it, but well... real life.
  4. win10 is fine. You can reset individual game account password in net-7.org as long as its linked to your forum/portal account
  5. I don't remember if portal enforces password rules, but if you password has special chars it might be worth checking with easier password. Keep it english a-z alphabet
  6. Make sure launcher is pointer to client.exe and not e&b.exe. Set LaunchNet7.exe, net7proxy.exe, and client.exe to "run as administrator" or "windows xp compatibility mode". (not strictly needed, but all three must have same setting) Launcher should set proper registry keys so game does not ask for registration (if launcher/game run as admin) Even if game asks registration, pressing "cancel" will let you into the game. You need to create game account in net-7.org portal. Login into portal uses forum user/pass. Game account is not the same as forum account.
  7. Yeah, it seems to be correct for windows firewall not to ask for launcher/proxy/client and it also does not seem to be required for there be any whitelisting. If you have other antivirus/firewall or internet security product, make sure that is not begin more aggressive on blocking. If there is some wird config issue, then to completely reset launcher settings, delete AppData\Local\LaunchNet7 directory.
  8. Check window firewall for private/public rules and remove all related to net7/client. Firewall will then ask again to allow/deny the program
  9. There should be Net7-Filelist.txt and Net7-Version.txt in net-7 install directory. Delete them to force update. As you (probably) have net7/client installed in ProgramFiles directory, you need to run launcher as admin or it does not have rights to change files there.
  10. Check local ip setting in launcher.
  11. All you need is ingame username and ingame password to link ingame account to forum account in portal. If you do not know one of the other, then I believe GM can reset the password for you, if you can prove them you own the ingame account. I do not know the procedure for that, so I will not be reseting account info in any way.
  12. karu


    proxy 'server not responding' is from proxy listening on wrong internal ip or incoming packets from server are firewalled off (either windows itself or router). fire up wireshark (or any other packet capture) to see if they arrive or not. I have not checked the code long time and no real experience with udp programming, so no idea why proxy does what it does (these are technically reply packets and should not depend on internal ip)
  13. Maybe some fiddling with network settings (reorder etc) in launcher will help you.
  14. I believe there is Cclient-Version.txt and Net7-Version.txt files under net7 install directory. Delete those. Make sure you running Net7Launcher as admin/winxp compat mode, especially if you installed under program files. Also, you do not have game account. You need to go to net-7.org and create game account. Forum user/pass does not work for game.
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