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  1. karu


    to login into game, you need game account, which you can create on portal. you can also reset game account password on portal if you already have one.
  2. karu

    can't even get to login screen

    firewall blocking net7proxy.exe or you have multiple items in local ip list and you have selected the wrong one.
  3. karu

    no green play button on launch page

    Your DPI in windows is probably set to 150%
  4. karu

    Cant Log into Game

    Maybe changing game account password on portal will fix it.
  5. karu

    can't login to Net-7 Portal

    Login should work now. Seems that forum update also changed password hashing so portal/wiki login got broken. thanks,
  6. karu

    Recent wipes/Account deletions?

    Change game account passwords on portal.
  7. karu

    Microsoft buys Github

    Its not that grim. If you have open source project there, you have a license that allows others to use your code. License terms apply. All my projects there have AGPL/LGPL license. Private repos are obviously different. You can push GPL code there and there is no legal way for Microsoft/Github to get access to it The issue seems that people are afraid that Microsoft is integrating everything to their ecosystem and removing all other options, ie allowing github api only from azure.
  8. karu

    Web Portal: Suggestions

    no. send them a message instead.
  9. karu

    Failed Login

    Not sure what problem you might have. Firewall/antivirus/defender perhaps? I updated my Win10 to 1803 and launcher/proxy/client run as usual. It should be noted that I run launcher/proxy/client as user without fiddling with permissions from c:\Games folder (c:\Games\Net7, C:\Games\EnB)
  10. karu

    Refresh ship tab display?

    refresh on page usually does it
  11. karu

    Unable to access wiki content?

    that means you entered invalid forum name/email or password
  12. karu

    Unable to access wiki content?

    see if you can login now
  13. karu

    Unable to access wiki content?

    thanks, I will check why it refuses to create wiki user.
  14. karu

    Unlink Game Account

    There is no unlinking. Delete ingame account or relink with other forum account to get rid of it
  15. karu

    Wiki Login Issue

    Why did you created new forum user instead using previous one? Wiki does not manage passwords and password reset link should point to forum page (https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/lostpassword/), I should be able to change that, thanks. Why login failed? because your first user has older password hash and wiki auth plugin did not support it. should be fine now.