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  1. Control Panel / Internet Options / Proxy -> None
  2. This error means, that your connection to game https login is proxied and game server sees https(login) from different IP as normal game (tcp/udp) connection. Game uses standard windows proxy settings. It may be fixable in your computer proxy settings, or it may also mean that your ISP being funny and using NAT/proxy/loadbalancing/whatever (ipv6 only address and isp does nat per connection)
  3. karu

    Web Portal: Suggestions

  4. Quick chekc shows you being active in 2015/06 for a month. Wipe was 2012 (all chars got their progress wiped, but chars itself remained as 0 level) Probably case of bad memory.
  5. karu

    Need Windowed and Full Screen help

    You need to run game and e&bconfig config both as admin or as user. Sounds like you run on in admin and other as user.
  6. karu

    Lost in game log in info

    If you have game account linked on portal, then you can reset game account password by requesting new one to email
  7. karu

    Only one login for Net-7 Page

    You can easily relink game account on portal.
  8. karu

    Net7 Proxy version Wrong

    If nothing happens after resetting updates, then Launcher cannot connect to patch server.
  9. karu

    E&B Config disappears

    secondary issue belong to its own topic.
  10. karu

    getting error on login

    INV-300 should mean that game is unable to connect to login server using https. It might be firewall or something else (that did self update) blocking it.
  11. karu


    to login into game, you need game account, which you can create on portal. you can also reset game account password on portal if you already have one.
  12. karu

    can't even get to login screen

    firewall blocking net7proxy.exe or you have multiple items in local ip list and you have selected the wrong one.
  13. karu

    no green play button on launch page

    Your DPI in windows is probably set to 150%
  14. karu

    Cant Log into Game

    Maybe changing game account password on portal will fix it.
  15. karu

    can't login to Net-7 Portal

    Login should work now. Seems that forum update also changed password hashing so portal/wiki login got broken. thanks,