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  1. I take you not seeing popup error message and just Megan tells you that login is invalid, in that case you enter either wrong username or password. It might be case sensitive for username, not sure. To make sure all chars for password are what you think they are, you may want to use username field to see the password you typing. You can also try to change password on portal.
  2. Launcher windows is ~800x640 pixels (+window decorations). You have vertically challenged resolution or high dpi selected which reduces effective resolution, tho from screenshots that does not seem to be the case.
  3. Account log in

    Make sure you dont confuse game and forum accounts. If you still having problem, then you can either request forum account password reset link or change game account password on portal.
  4. Incompatible Net7Proxy

    If you have net7/enb installed under c:/program files, then you need to run launcher as admin to have write permissions for that directory.
  5. Server stops sending UDP?

    Might be your router. Most of them use liberal interpretation what to do with UDP
  6. If they still there then yep you can delete them
  7. INV-300

    Ask them.
  8. INV-300

    ESET is doing Man-In-The-Middle attack by replacing all https cerificates with his own to listen in what you doing on the web... or at least for all the websites it does not recognize (google would not work otherwise) They call it banking protection (or other marketing term). You can disable it... if you still trust them.
  9. INV-300

    post a screenshot of launcher
  10. Issues logging in with a INV-300 error

    use https://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin index page does not return enough data and confuses the browsers
  11. INV-300

    Do you have 'Local cert' checkbox enabled? That would explain connection issue.
  12. INV-300

    Its not certificate error then, but connection issue
  13. INV-300

    open https://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin in internet explorer and see if browser trusts the certificate or not.
  14. Can't log in

    It does. Windows XP is not supported. There are many issues supporting windows platform that Microsoft has declared dead.