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  1. Extra classes should be available ingame character creation screen. Just use left/right navigation to move between classes instead the class selection buttons.
  2. karu

    My bad

    reroll? they seem to be low level. There is no way to 'unlock' the transfered char from no-move state (I'd have to delete the log entry and I will not do that)
  3. first time running VPS on the internet? Welcome!
  4. Apparently my understanding of guild decals was a bit off. /setdecal does not activate decal for all guild ships, but individual ship? Also looked up /setdecal server code. It does not check decal_file, but guild_logo field (which for nexus was 0). I thought guild_logo was a on/off bool value. Checked decal admin script on web and it should of set that field to 208 as it did for decal_textures.ini (I updated the db manually) I'm still checking how it guild_logo got reset to 0 (decal admin log shows it was set correctly). It should work now Thundirr
  5. Thundirr must run /setdecal to activate decal for guild.
  6. Stop uploading same image over and over again. It does not help
  7. DB should be fine (web code has not changed either), //rguilds and //rdecals both executed ingame aswell (one of those is needed I believe) Actual decal file does not matter currently. /setdecal command is the issue
  8. Time to submit bug against server as I think I've done everything I can
  9. Right, bad UI... what does that screen show you now?
  10. If web shows that guild decal is present and set decal command does not work, then file bug report against server.
  11. Thanks, I removed the mention of submitting ticket and suggest using forum instead. The error seems to be from precheck to see if any db table contains new avatar info (they should not). I updated the error message and it should give more meaningful error (and actually log that for me to see) You could create new char into that slot ingame and see if deleting temp ingame char clears the tables. You could also try different slot.
  12. Wrong internal IP selected on launcher or incoming UDP connection is blocked by firewall / router.
  13. sector object "Kastör" gives malformed UTF-8 encoding error. 'net7' tables are in latin1. Not sure if game uses latin1 directly or it uses wide strings (in which case converting db to utf8 would be best solution) for now fixed in php
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