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  1. I take you using LaunchNet7 and its pointed to release/client.exe file in EnB install folder? Server Host field should read sunrise.net-7.org and version on bottom/right corner should say 544 INV-300 is certificate error. Make sure your application firewall (if any) does not intercepts https traffic, and you are not using proxy with https, and are not overriding sunrise.net-7.org IP in c:/window/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file (or in DNS) If you open http://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin in IE11/any browser, you should not see any certificate errors.
  2. INV-300 (and INV-301) means that sunrise.net-7.org certificate is not trusted. Net7 Unified installer does not fix that (it creates some registry entries, and installs launcher, dotnet, vcruntime). Try accessing https://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin from your browser (chrome/firefox/edge/etc) and check certificate info from there. It should be Let's Encrypt certificate and not expired.
  3. Restoring previous, sort by name only, behavior. Ingame also has only name, or category+name options.
  4. (network) firewall usually does not need any special conf unless its very restrictive what can be created from client to internet. (application) firewall needs to grant access to: game client.exe, net7proxy.exe need tcp/udp access to local interfaces and sunrise.net-7.org launchnet7.exe needs just web access to patch.net-7.org You do say its location specific tho, so your computer seems to be fine, its the ISP side that messes things up.
  5. I changed the inventory/vault list sorting from name only to category/level/quality/structure/name, Unfortunately making it client side using javascript had issues in team/account vault page.
  6. Thanks for report. Sorry for all the issues it caused. I believe GM's were able to restore access to your ingame characters already. It seems that there was an issue where, at a time of deletion, checking if avatars existed or not was not done. I have now added that check and this should not happen anymore.
  7. This error usually means, that "local ip" field in launcher is wrong. Other issue might be firewall (either your pc or router)
  8. I don't know how to help you, sorry. Maybe you can try running game in different machine (laptop?), or in virtual machine? I believe game should run fine under VirtualBox.
  9. As far as I remember, that particular error message only comes up if udp and https connections end up using different external IP's. It can be client side proxy settings (on windows its using proxy from internet options), client side vpn where https is tunneled but udp is not, or isp side shenanigans.
  10. You have some network issue (with the launcher anyway). The content should show news page. Make sure there is no proxy set under internet connections (windows setting). Launcher also shows external IP which is not common. Its usually internal IP from your local NAT router.
  11. Reseting ingame account password does not require old password. New password for ingame account is sent to your email. You can just create new ingame account (up to 9) under same forum credentials.
  12. This means, that proxy does not receive packets from server. Make sure local ip in launcher is selected correctly if there is multiple choices.
  13. Thanks for info. One of the processes in webserver was misbehaving and eating up all memory. Should be better now.
  14. Launcher needs to point to EnB/release/client.exe file. What happens after pressing "play" in launcher, is it launchers net7proxy.exe, that one launcher client.exe and you get game EULA popup, which after accepting opens ingame login window. You might need to run ebconfig/e&bconfig.exe (probably using WinXP compat mode and/or 'as administrator', same as launchnet7.exe/client.exe). How far do you get?
  15. Server might of left some residual info in one of databases when you deleted the old char and that prevented moving new char into that slot.
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