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  1. You need to create new account in support page as it uses its own users list. Request new password in portal for that ingame account.
  2. Yes. Should be same in both now. Should be fixed. Thanks,
  3. You need to be more specific with the error. Post screenshots of launcher and errors.
  4. How so? If you use sector size or calculate own bbox around visible navs the math is same. Translate absolute ingame coords to relative coords (0..1 inside bbox), then relative coords to pixel coords on screen.
  5. Yeah it was truncated, fixed now. Thanks,
  6. @Codemonkeyx Thanks, I missed that ammo stats (dps) uses wrong mod aswell in item page (another hardcoded value) Reload mod for projectile (0.63) and missile (0.65) are different.
  7. @Codemonkeyx @Doctor Search list was using hardcoded 0.63 for reload. I changed to to 0.65 for missiles. Only ammo using weapons were affected. Item page is using 'ship simulation' to calculate the stats and that fetches stats/mods from db. Thanks,
  8. I think portal issue is fixed. I cannot help with ingame issue. If you changed forum name, then you also need to relink ingame accounts on portal.
  9. Thanks, seems that session had some invalid data for some reason and portal did not fail gracefully. I'll try to improve that.
  10. @Huron, @Codemonkeyx net7proxy overwrites enb mutex name with value from GetTickCount() before client.exe process is resumed (its launched/created in suspended mode). So ~16ms delay between launching multiple proxy instances should fix client mutex issues.
  11. I changed tooltips to 500ms delay. That was misclick and I deleted my message.
  12. Seems that sending email from portal is not working. I'm checking it.
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