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  1. Wiki Login Issue

    Why did you created new forum user instead using previous one? Wiki does not manage passwords and password reset link should point to forum page (https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/lostpassword/), I should be able to change that, thanks. Why login failed? because your first user has older password hash and wiki auth plugin did not support it. should be fine now.
  2. Wiki Login Issue

    wrong password
  3. maybe because its ARM cpu and not x86 (intel/amd)?
  4. Cant log in

    if launcher shows server online and you get the error after pressing play, then it means that net7proxy does not hear what server is saying. It might be firewall/network issue or you have invalid local ip selected from launcher.
  5. No idea, I dont have windows 10 mobile
  6. Net 7 Wiki.

    Pages are cached. Update will take some time.
  7. Net 7 Wiki.

    wiki login should work again. I also split two categories to own pages that more users should be able to edit.
  8. unable to log in

    I have not used VPN so can't suggest anything. Any that does TCP/UDP tunneling will work. Make sure to select VPN interface IP from net7 launcher instead your normal interface tho.
  9. Net 7 Wiki.

    main page is admin only. which section you want to change? It should be possible to include page content in main page that users can edit.
  10. unable to log in

    The error "please use default launcher" means that server sees different IP's for non-https TCP and HTTPS traffic. If mobile ISP is using automatic proxy, then making sure that proxy is set to manual/off (not automatic) in internet options may help. If ISP is doing creative routing/nat, then you need to use vpn.
  11. Returning Player getting INV-300

    I did some tests with clean win10 install works out of the box ("run as admin" checkbox on launcher shortcut, copy-paste "install" in c:/games) works with avast web shield on/off (sunrise page shows avast cert, "best before" date same as real cert) works with revocation check on/off works if clock is backward (3 apr 2018) INV-300 if clock is forward (23rd apr 2018), without exiting game and fixing clock (auto in windows settings) login worked
  12. Returning Player getting INV-300

    auth.ini is correct, authlogin.dll has registry keys inside, but game probably ignores them. You have no ip overrides in c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file for net-7.org domains (like play.net-7.org / sunrise.net-7.org) IE (not chrome, not firefox, not edge... I do mean IE) connects to https://sunrise.net-7.org/AuthLogin fine. IE proxy settings are off. You do not run thrird party internet firewall / packet filtering. Your router/ISP does not do https man-in-the-middle attack (changing certificates) to inspect https. No idea. Install windows into VM (from microsoft) and check it there? Dont know how directx7 (i think) is supported in those.
  13. Returning Player getting INV-300

    You people happen to have HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EACom\AuthAuth registry key perhaps? .. or maybe AAIUrl in EnB\data\client\ini\auth.ini file does not point to right place? Launcher should modify it, but maybe there is permission issues. If you know what wireshark is, then it would be interesting to know which certificate is served when client tries to connect. Some so called "Internet Security" soft might intercept all https traffic from non-whitelisted programs and doing the man-in-the-middle attack to switch out certificate with its own to decrypt the traffic. It may also be your ISP, but that does not explain how IE gets thru (local soft doing whitelist mitm does)
  14. Guild Decal Issue

    that image still has white background as previous one