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  1. When I launch the game, it works fine for the most part. However, after a couple of minutes (sometimes sooner) I start experiencing increasing amounts of lag to the point where I need to wait 10-20 seconds for the game to register any of my actions. Net 7 launcher, proxy and the game client are all allowed through the firewall. I tried turning on packet optimization in the launcher, but that did nothing as well. Proxy's status is "fully logged in". I also tried resetting updates in the launcher. I'm connecting to the sunrise.net-7.org server. I'd love to know if it's something on my end or if the servers are just on fire. If it's the former I could use some suggestions for fixing the issue. Thanks in advance UPDATE: tried doing a complete reinstall of client and the emulator. I almost thought it helped since I played for about an hour with only an occasional lag spike, but now it's back, so I don't think that worked.
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