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Just something fun (Speed Test)

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On the whole not bad since I am only paying for a 5 by 1 DSL. It did show me as a peak DL speed of 5.03.

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SW Utah @ 3:02 PM MST


Not so good for a 12/4 plan :/


They never seem to reach that "up to 12Mps" claim do they? That fine print always leaves them a out because of it never naming a actual minimum, just a maximum. If more people would file complaints maybe we could get some legislation that makes them adhere to a minimum standard rather than inflated claims of "up to" (not damn likely, maybe if everyone else isn't on and it ain't windy and its the 6th Thursday of the month).


CenturyLink in Washington got in real hot water a yr or so ago and had the SAG file suit on them for over selling nodes. Industry standards is no more than 12 homes per T1 @ 10Mps. They were selling and claiming that 10 Mps with 16 or more homes per line.

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Test here:  http://speedtest.comcast.net/


Then use the image option to post the URL results.


Should look like this >=]






  I am unable to do this test here:  http://speedtest.comcast.net/ because it's ask to requires least version 8 of flash .So i search many site after choose this site Scanmyspeed.com .Here not require flash for do the speed test.Below my internet speed test results are


Download speed : 12.28 Mbps
Upload speed : 0.491 Mbps

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