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  1. I am trying to remember how my PP got that build for the Blank Forms...  Try talking to Vigoare or Inquiro, I think they might be involved.   And then the PS is the toon that can turn in and obtain the Stage III encryptions, not the PP   Good luck
  2. Man I am totally lovin' the changes to the artwork!   It makes differentiating so much easier  ;)    Thanks to the Dev team!
  3. Sorry to hear about your back, here's to a speedy recovery ^_^   I have considered the very same question, here are some thoughts:   *Check your ore vaults and stock up on stuff you will need for Agrippa.  Then get twice what you think you may need.   And any other ores that you are low on. *Attempt to find a new ore field, (JD/Telscopium helps) Some sectors are a lot bigger than you think  ;) *The Oni/Tempest mission.  The items aren't that great or useful, but Lannister put a twist on it, get your TT to build everything involved. *Do all of the mission trees that lead to Tang's Vigor/Alacrity.  You probably have the prints for them both, as I do, Thank You Prre :D  , but hey, it is content that a DEV voluntarily created, with interesting items. *Fill out all your build trees, so you can actually build everything that drops, is a mission print, or is a vendor item. *Have you got the Aspiration/Intent prints? Hubble/SSR prints?   All the  Mordanna prints?  Have you acquired a Good Fortune? (oh yeah, you mentioned that one, It is quite challenging without any hints) *Do you like to collect semi useful, drop only, non-manu items? Farm the Ghost Ship in Niff. *Go hunt something you have never hunted before, until you are sure you have seen all that it drops *Document what mobs drop what items and make a spreadsheet, I hear Duvell is doing something like that. *Find a mission that Shea does not have on his site, write it up and submit it. *It sounds like you would score high on achiever/explorer on Bartles test, perhaps you could take the test and try a different game play style, just for fun. *Feed the Bunyip (bring a crew) *Look at what items you really want from the game, and focus on them, when you feel the need *Make notes, maps, reference material on mob locations, resource/hulk fields and their levels *Systematically talk to all NPC's on each station, sector, system with each toon. *Help someone else do any or all of these things   Is any of this getting your creative juices flowing?  I hope so :) Terrell and GhengisBob are right about this being only the start with much to follow.
  4. How you go about Agrippa thru the back door is a question for some one who has done it, which I have not.   What I have done is gone thru it twice with a PP, a PS and a PW.  Once about 18 months ago with the help of many, most notably Prre Many, Many Thanks ;) , and reading everything I could lay my hands on in this forum then asking a lot of questions.  Most recently I finished it in mid January, and it is a much clearer now with better responses from the Archtecti on what I am lacking in order to progress.   The one thread I highly recommend reading ALL the way thru is here.;  It is over 7 pages long and chocked full of hiccups and problems that have been worked through.  If you choose NOT to read all that at least read the following.  It is on page 5, post #84 and it is the one thing that has helped me avoid nearly all the troubles I had the first time through.  With this 6 step order of Stage 1 you can do it all yourself and dodge a ton of pleading on market channel.  I quote it in it's entirety here, thanks Snotty: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Posted 02 January 2013 - 06:46 PM Ola   I think that is a good start, I cleared all stage 1 today with my PW, PP and PS and helped some peeps that got stuck. What i notice is that everyone just jumps in and want to build the weapons, forget the components and reactors and then get stuck at the 'where the heck do i get the device from' stage.   I know that the order that you can do the missions in and don't mess up is:   1: PP components 2: PS devices (needs PP component and learns device) 3: PS Shield (uses PS device and learn shield) 4: PP shield (get shield from PS) 5: PP weapons (use device ripped from shield and learn beam) 6: PW weapons (uses beam)   If you change the order or skip a step you will need a different player that can make the beam or the shield. If its made clear that when i do only weapons to start with that after the initial start i will need to do components and shield to continue on my own or get the beam from an other player it will be a big improvement.   Regards, Snotty End Post___________________________________________________________________________________   Most curse Agrippa, I enjoyed the missions.....  mostly <_<   It will be a bit more challenging for you on your path.  When I first heard about Agrippa I had 4 maxed out Progens, 2 PW's, a PS and a PP.  I didn't take your path. It wasn't available then.   I made new ones :P  much easier, much cheaper, and then I got them RD faction after getting all my patterns and a stockpile of encryptions.   Happy Camping
  5. That may be in the works, but pretty low down the list...   Back in Live you had to open chat, open to the actual buy/sell page and actually LOOK at the items to see what level they are.   When I was a Dev I began to put in the opening chat what level of stuff they sold  i.e. "Howdy, get the finest Level 4 components available right here!"   Thank god it caught on  ;)
  6. Not too bad, for a residence <_<   :lol:     50 or 400 miles seems pretty much the same... :)   Edit:  Dang Mimir!!  102M down and 5M up?!?!
  7. @ nmiss2013   "You're either part of the solution, or you're part of the problem."  - Eldrige Cleaver
  8. Zackman you hit the nail right on the head!   I found this project in May 2008 and helped beta test and develop (more like remember) content and do my small part to get this wonderful game back.  And I play the game waaaaaaayy too much ^_^   There is much more than meets the eye here, be aware of that when you make your "helpful" little observations <_<
  9. I agree you should not forfet the mission, but I don't think the Devs will create a ticket or bug report from this Forum post.  I believe you will need to make a ticket.  I have gotten way too wordy in some of my tickets and I think it does not help.    Pithy, I believe, is better.   Example:    "Inquiro is stuck somewhere along the mission tree "Obtain Examination (Weapons) [AT_Version 3.7.WP]" , and will not allow me to start "Obtain Examination (Reactors) [AT_Version3.7.P]"  or "Obtain Examination (Shields) [AT_Version 2.7.SP]" so that I can complete Telum's mission "Stage II Agrippa Technology-..."   to build  the Flechette Alpha.  Am I missing a step, mission or faction?"   I was at the exact place you are now.  I had done the Mobius patterns, patterned the Stage II Authorization, built 5 for Composita and swapped 10 for 10 Stage II Encryptions.  Then I started Weps, did the exam part, and when I got started with Telum, I could not build the PMM or the FvR.  However when I returned to Inquiro, she let me start the Reactor exam, which I completed, then the Shield exam, with no problems, I got the prints and continued without any hangups, unlike your situation.   I do not believe you were let into stage II weps before you were "allowed to".  If I were to do it over, I would do it in the order I did stage I (see Snottys post # 84 in this thread).  Like with all building there is a logical pattern, although it is slightly different for Agrippa.    You need Components to build Devices, which go into Shields and Reactors that go into Weapons.    This ain't Rocket Science ^_^  But we can easily make it tougher than it needs to be <_<   Why Inquiro is not letting you proceed I have no idea.  I think you need professional help, no joke intended ;)   Best of luck
  10. I have done all the Agrippa build missions on PP, PW and PS pre wipe, and I enjoy them even more this time, with the chat pages  Byakhee has added, it makes things a bit clearer. I have recently been thru this again, and taken many, many Screen Shots to document this.  The following is taken directly from them.   Most of us want do to weps as soon as possible and in reality you usually have to do them last, like in this case.  Having done Impact ammo, all substrates and Encryptions with Composita has nothing to do with what progress you have with the other Archetecti.  If you have any positve RD faction you will need more than the baseline faction of 3,500, (Stage III will be 6,500) which you probably have, but I am just touching the other stuff first here.  Each Archetecti has their own faction formula you must meet to progress.  The two items you need the print for are L6 items, which puts then solidy in Stage II, so here goes.   If you really, truly have done the shield chain for the print, this should sound familiar.  For Shields, Scuti:  Finished Stage I by handing her a SOOA, getting your "Expert Creator Card", a Symbol of Loyalty, the print for the SSSS Quinique shield, the print for the Stage II Invite.  Begin Stage II with Inquiro, buying L9 Exam, printing it, building it, handing it to Scuti, getting TXP, CXP, and EXP and a 900k refund/loan and Congrats to Stage II. THEN, she tells you to "Please take a seat", cryptically describes the parts for the Profero MM shield, you return with them, she checks them off one by one and THEN you get the print for it, with 20k EXP and 30 Collegia faction, and the statement "Remember, Weapon researchers for Stage II will require this shield, Trader".  You NEED to be at THIS point to build the shield.   For the reactor:  Vegeto:  Finish Stage I by handing him a SOOA, now you get Congrats for reaching the end of Stage I, the print for the Auctoritas RQ Reactor, the print for a Stage II Invite, your "Expert Creator Card", a symbol of loyalty and 800 Collegia faction.  Begin Stage II with Inquiro, buy the L9 Exam, print, build and hand it to Vegeto.  Get CXP, TXP and EXP, 900k refund and a welcome to Stage II.  THEN he tells you "Please take a seat" cryptically tells you the parts for a FvR reactor, you return with them, he checks them off, one by one, and you get 20k EXP, 30 Collegia faction and the FvR print and says "Remember, Weapon researchers of Stage II will require this reactor, Trader".  NOW you can build the reactor.   Now, if all this sounds recently familiar, and Inquiro just sends you to the "appropiate Architecti" and THEY send you back to Inquiro, your problem is (most likely) your Collegia faction is too low.  This isnt too likely for the PW or PP but very likely for the Sentinel as his Colegia faction starts MUCH lower.  If you are stuck in this manner, a Ticket asking the GM's if your faction is the problem, might be in order.   @ Snotty - I really, REALLY want to thank you man, :)  for your Post here ( # 84 ), it made my passage thru Stage I almost effortless, and is probably a good pattern for Stage II  and beyond.  You Rock, Dude!  ;)   PS.  Matt, did you get your CE3K Eruption II, so you could do it "the right way"? :D
  11. I got my TT through it and she has -3000 bogeril faction same as you.   I could not start Zack Garrets duct tape mission till after EL 25, is that your issue too?
  12. Congratulations! Well done! I know what it takes to follow through on that (nom nom nom) The cake is good! I didn't press on till I found the page to see game stats of unnamed players, then I got interested... After I got distracted with my Terrans.
  13. Thanks for the update We will gladly [url="http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/bear+with"]bear with[/url] you, but I, for one, ain't really into bare-ing with you... If ya know what I mean, lol
  14. Well, from reading all the comments I am glad I posed the question about upper limits on content. It appears that many of us have been the recipients of such a limitation, with frustration and feelings of unjustifiable prejustice. It would seem this is ALL in the past now. I am VERY happy to see that the upper limits on the Agrippa content have been done away with. Minimum level and factional requirements are fine, no complaints there Initial low level missions that are prerequisites for higher level ones are fine too, as long as you are not locked out by being a too high level charater. Just to be clear, I am asking the powers that be, as plainly as possible... Are there ANY upper level limits on any content or missions? That you know of, at least. (Edit: other than the Ketsugo missions and content not related to builds, faction changes or the other fun stuff ) If there are none, that would be great. Many thanks for reading and responding to my query. And of course, thanks for all you guys do! TooTall
  15. Getting back to the subject of decals... So I need to go to a ship change station and pay 25,000 credits to get the decal that I first selected for free upon creation? And will it stick? I am hearing that it isn't lately, but that may have changed and fixed. And by the way Shaddex, thank you for all you do
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