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  1. I just cant believe it. Although i had never met him in RL,I considered him my friend. He got me involved in the GM side of this game and helped me through the crash coarse learning process that i faced in the beginning. We could joke and be serious at the same time and never miss a beat on whatever the subject was. He was always willing to help with any issue as long as you would listen. I found out on teamspeak a couple days ago and i just knew this was a joke that was being played on me,I thought about it off and on the last couple days and was expecting to log in and see i was right. It makes me so sad that someone who had so much left to give has left us.This really hits me harder then i would ever have expected it to and i guess its because deep down like so many other friends i have here i consider him my extended family. You went through so much and yet you still pushed forward and i admired you for that my friend,You will not be forgotten. I will truly miss our chats Richard. God's speed.
  2. 21RTH1NDB264NDST1PH EARTHANDBEYONDSTAPH Your old guild name and our staff guild name. I think that pretty much answers that question without discussion regardless of MOTD and yes that does violate the rules of the game as i stated in the mail you recieved that you have posted. As far as your being banned for violating the rules since you were the founder of the guild,I could reduce that to lesson learned but it would take something from you since you don't seem to understand what it is that you did wrong. Go and read the rules posted for the game and the EA rules you agree to when you start the game.Then if you understand why this all has happened,Even if you don't agree you will also understand that i don't rule with a iron fist but i do take the rules and complaints that were recieved about your guilds name seriously and after consulting with my fellow staff members the decision was made to delete the guild. So take a deep breath,Read the rules and let me know in this post. This will end the discussion on this topic.
  3. Not that i know of unless you made some screenshots you could look at.
  4. Damn woodstock. Sorry to hear about all this you are going through. I wish you nothing but the best man.
  5. This was not meant to be a regular scheduled event.If it happens it would be on the weekend and not guaranteed.
  6. Yes,That way we have some info like,The toons name with the issue I dont check the forums often enough TBH. But the ticket system is checked constantly for the most part.
  7. I sent this to kyp, He should be able to add it back.
  8. Edited by Firestar, 18 February 2016 - 03:50 PM.   Never say i think someone did something and name them unless your sure.
  9. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/11230-hanging-loading-screen-luna-zweihander-only/?hl=zweihander
  10. response was as follows.   Wed, Feb 10 2016 12:30pm - [HGM] Blacklung please type /getgmitems to retrieve it.     Did you change your e-mail addy since you registered? Did you check your spam folder?
  11. It has been looked at in the past but not working and TBH would take alot of work and time to try and get it fixed. So atm there are more pressing things that time is devoted to as we catch up in the storyline. I think you would agree that is more important right now. But it has been said that possibly in the future it can be looked at again when time permits.
  12. https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9052-server-status-current/page-39#entry95660
  13. Server is down, It will be looked at as soon as possible,We will just have to wait for now.
  14. I can give you a few that may or may not be in the commands list in game.   /gl transferleader avatarname     Guild leadership transfer /postloot   Is posting various item stats of the opened(!) loot window into the local chat channel. /unstuck   ends terminal use /endtalk   ends npc chat /lastminer  Shows the last miner (player name) of the targeted resource. /loot        Shows what % of damage you contributed to the target. /petition    Shows if (and how many) GMs are online.   /hidedebris   Toggles sector background effects like "fog" etc. (helping FPS for some).Good for paramis.  Use before entering sector or dock undock after useing to activate.
  15. Note that if you change your email address then you need to change it in the forums also since the system uses registered e-mail addys to reply.
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