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  1. At 4:35 in this video there are a few cr rewards of vaious levels of jobs. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH8_RttBtbc   Will go through screenies to se if i can find more...
  2. Yes, all the info about cargo, vault and equipped items i think is stored serverside. If it was stored somewhere clientside, it would open up a potential risk of exploit and cheats.   Would be easy for someone with a little knowledge about programming to edit files and give themselves all kinds of comps and equipment.   At least i think it's how it works... ;)   Sidenote: And speaking of manu terms... you remember when a item in build list started to scroll? That happened when you where guaranteed 200% builds on that item.. :)
  3. Dont know why there are no credit reward/payments on term jobs, but is there any possibility to add it? I have old chatlogs and thousands of screenshots from old live so the amounts should be easy to figure out. :)  
  4. How hard would it be to move the 200% comps (like you do now) to your cargo, if you absolutely need the 200% comps? What im saying is that it would be very handy to be able to build from vault (like i remember i did in live) when you build all those ammo stacks...Especially with the PW's small cargohold.. :)
  5. Anyone else remember that it was possible to build at manu term with comps in your vault?   Is there any chance it could be changed so that when you want to build, it also checks if the comps needed is in your cargo or your vault?   It's been a long time but i do think it was like that in EA live. :)    
  6. Is it really the Devs intension to have the mobs working like it is now? As a PW you can not go out hunting a mob 10 levels below your own CL. You start shooting one mob, and before you know it mobs from 10k away start paddling towards you, so that in 20 sec youre swarmed with 8-10 mobs (10 cl lower than your own) and more comming from far and wide, and cant even fight them off as a PW, who is supposed to be a tank. The other day i started fighting one mob at a nav and had to flee 25k away...sat there awhile and to my surprise the mob was comming at me.... 25k away! Something is seriously wrong with mob AI and needs to be changed and toned down.........All this call for help, linking and obviously seeing me from 25k away makes it not a fun and challanging game, it makes it a job terminal grind!     :( //Pritcher
  7. That's exactly what happened to me when i was trying to do that mission....
  8. Hi Exect. The old Westwood ftp site is still online. In the Earth And Beyond folder there's some promotional videos, fansite kits and more. [url="http://ftp.games.skynet.be/pub/ftp.westwood.com/earthandbeyond/"]http://ftp.games.skynet.be/pub/ftp.westwood.com/earthandbeyond/[/url] Pritcher.
  9. [quote name='Stanig' timestamp='1353526193' post='66760'] Alright im going to be very frank and honest here. 1. If you cant solo a spawn, get help from another player. Doesnt matter your profession, perception of what you should be able to do for yourself, or any other factor. 2. This is going to make even the most intendedly difficult mobs in the game (voltoi, tengu, etc) essentially weaklings because they will always be able to be isolated. THIS SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE WITH LEVEL 50+ MOBS. These are intelligent thinking beings that are not just roving drones able to be tricked into ambush time after time. Maybe we should shut their weapons off while we are at it? 3. When the game is too easy and you complain later that theres nothing challenging, I will refer to this thread. [/quote] Ok, i dont post much here on the forum, but i must say that i reacted very strongly to your post Stanig. Its arrogant and rude imo. What you see people saying here is something that a very large group of the community is thinking about this issue. If this emu is to survive its advised to listen to them, without them this project is nothing... Im not an Active Dev anymore, but ive been here since it was a JAVA project and the very first emu server was run from a server in my home. So i know that listen to the players is the most important thing here.. My 2c....
  10. [quote name='Darkdronen' timestamp='1324443402' post='50154'] I have a question, when installing the enb demo, i run it as administrator then it comes up installing, but only goes to 13%. Why is this? and what are the fileplanet key codes? [/quote] The fileplanet keycodes are from the "live" beta test and can be ignored. Just close that window. Why it stops at 13% i have no idea..
  11. I had to build a new rig. "a little overpowered for EnB". M/B Asus P6T Deluxe Ver 2 Cpu Intel Core i7 920 Cooler Corsair Hydro H50 Grafx Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Ram 16 Gb Corsair Xtreme Tripple Channel Hdd's Corsair SSD P128, 4x 750 Gb WD Nic Intel Gbit Server Adapter Dual Port Psu Corsair HX 1000 W LG Bluray Burner Samsung 24" P2450 Display x 2 Logitech G15 v2 Logitech MX518 Logitech Z-5500 Chassi Corsair Obsidian 800D //Pritcher
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