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  1. Stranks99

    E&B Config disappears

    Did you resolve this issue I had same prob. in windows defender I turned off the check apps and files and it fixed it for me remember to turn back on after though
  2. Stranks99

    Just something fun (Speed Test)

    From the uk  
  3. Stranks99

    some problems with TS missions

    Yes this really needs to be addressed asap spent around 4 hours and still never even had half of mission requirement TS now retired till later date .
  4. Stranks99

    Toons stuck logged in

    Same happened to me. I made another account logged in and waited for a GM told him problem and was fixed in seconds. good luck
  5. Stranks99

    Cannot get back in game

    Thanks Bob contacted a GM in game and was fixed
  6. Stranks99

    Cannot get back in game

    Hi earlier I was playing 2 accounts on separate pc's, when my router lost connection to the internet ISP fault I guess.  Since then I have been unable to log in any toon  on either of these accounts.  I can log in both accounts but when I try to use any toon it fails and I get "Server failed to respond to sector login" It's as though both accounts have become completely black-holed.  Have created a new account and can play fine with no problems, can only assume both other accounts are locked into game in some way.
  7. Happy Birthday !!! To Us :)

  8. Stranks99

    Chat font color

    Have a look HERE ..Should help you. Number values for color is anything from 0.0 to 1.0. As an example /setcolor guild 0.3 0.7 1.0
  9. Stranks99

    TE lvl 30 Hull Upgrade, Stuck

    Isn't the level 30 HU mission to do with her new weapon and she sends you to mars to see Reclaimer Nyol Wat. I tested this on the Dev server she gave me that mission at level 30 with no skills except starting ones and no credits. Although she told me to go back when I had enough credits to pay for the HU
  10. Stranks99

    Missing low level mobs

    Yes I went there to look but never killed them to see how long they took to respawn. Will check that out *Updated* Well they are certainly still there but after killing them all it took 20 mins to start to respawn, so yea bit slow I would say for such low level stuff. I have added this info to my sector review and hopefully a Dev will take a look.
  11. Stranks99

    Dear EnB Community

    I think a lot of people missed the Pumpkin Chunker at halloween so I vote for this. With maybe the addition of a prize for whoever snowballs the most amount of different players . 10 Hits needed per player to count as a score, so we have a chance to run and avoid being "tagged".
  12. Stranks99

    Missing low level mobs

    Which ones Mimir ..There are plenty of 3,4 and 5 around the accelerator to Uranus still.
  13. Stranks99

    Atrophy Novem (Level IX)

    I remember that one of the patches during live removed a lot of items that where not usable by anyone, unfortunately I don't think the ones removed where ever listed anywhere, although logically one would assume that the Manticore's Dread Torment would have certainly have met that criteria and would have been removed during live.
  14. Stranks99

    Atrophy Novem (Level IX)

    Unfortunately it can depend a lot on where items are researched if you look here and find the Atrophy Novem in this list it shows a debuff as we have now in game. However its pretty tough to determine whether an item has been altered unless any reference can be found in old patch notes or even screenshots.