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  1. The earth and beyond window should not be open at all it is redundant in the emulator. The net 7 launcher is pointing to the wrong file it should be C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe click the browse and try to find it the it should be okay. If installed to d: drive you still need to find the client.exe file
  2. You need to launch the game with the net7 launcher not the earth and beyond one
  3. Stranks99


    Try this may help with graphic blur....menu===options===graphics untick the use recommended and slide all sliders fully right except the gamma control one..The register button will place the station as your home one without docking so if you die you will be towed to it for repairs
  4. I just noticed in an earlier post you have the problem on an ROG setup mine is also a ROG laptop after getting it up and running it is now not working again, no problems on any other machine. need a way bigger brain than I have though.
  5. Have you also run the EnB config file also compatibility windows xp service pack 3 and as administrator
  6. Did you resolve this issue I had same prob. in windows defender I turned off the check apps and files and it fixed it for me remember to turn back on after though
  7. Yes this really needs to be addressed asap spent around 4 hours and still never even had half of mission requirement TS now retired till later date .
  8. Same happened to me. I made another account logged in and waited for a GM told him problem and was fixed in seconds. good luck
  9. Thanks Bob contacted a GM in game and was fixed
  10. Hi earlier I was playing 2 accounts on separate pc's, when my router lost connection to the internet ISP fault I guess.  Since then I have been unable to log in any toon  on either of these accounts.  I can log in both accounts but when I try to use any toon it fails and I get "Server failed to respond to sector login" It's as though both accounts have become completely black-holed.  Have created a new account and can play fine with no problems, can only assume both other accounts are locked into game in some way.
  11. Happy Birthday !!! To Us :)

  12. Have a look HERE ..Should help you. Number values for color is anything from 0.0 to 1.0. As an example /setcolor guild 0.3 0.7 1.0
  13. Isn't the level 30 HU mission to do with her new weapon and she sends you to mars to see Reclaimer Nyol Wat. I tested this on the Dev server she gave me that mission at level 30 with no skills except starting ones and no credits. Although she told me to go back when I had enough credits to pay for the HU
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