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  1. If you're starting from scratch don't worry about PLs until you've reached L150 & put your key skills to appropriate levels. Important Skills: Prospect: max Shields: max Reactor: max Beams: max Jumpstart: max Devices L8 or L9 Cloak: At least L5; preferably L7 Engines: At least L6; max later Navigate: At least L5; ideally max Scan: At least L5 (Group See Cloak) preferably L7 (Group sees everything you do) Shield Leech L5 (Group Leech) Environment Shield L3 or better. Fold Space L3 (Teleport Enemy) Wormhole at least L4 (Valkyrie Twins) should just max it. Extended WH max Some key equipment growing up: Kraken/Unicorn reactors for travel Gallina, Draco, Cygnus reactors everything else Ocelot/Lion/Jaguar beam lines. Coma: Blinds enemies, use in solo play Engines: get 2 sets, one for travel, the other for everything else. Solar Sails good growing up, and at L8. Halley if you don't have Solar Sails Chimaera: debuff plasma. (use Ocelot/Lion/Jaguar beams) Use Terran shields Tada-O series X, Y, Z L2-L7. Get Veiled Oyoroi at L8 for general purpose use. Lazarus (warp engage/cooldown time shortened) RoadRunner+ Travel device increase warp speed. Sextans line of devices Scan range (activate) Antila line of devices (shield to reactor transfer; self) "animal skin/hide" (Terran manufacture) Various resistances (activated) Harpy line of devices (tractor beam speed) There's a line of mining devices that are necessary but I can't think of it's name. There are others. Look for buffs to stealth, scan, mining.
  2. Projectiles are a trade-off for a Jenquai. You're trading base weapon damage, not having to carry ammo, and benefit from combat cloak, for greater range (with the right equipment) and no damage penalties if you use beyond 50% range. They're best used when flying in formation with other characters with longer range weapons. At max range Beam damage is halved. If you're just going mining use beams, cloak, and equip for stealth. IIRC you can get around 7K range with Ninja's Shuriken PLs (Sold at Jove's Fury) and a Heart of the Dark One reactor (drops in Fishbowl; no trade). This assumes that their locations haven't changed. Get a builder to rebuild them to 200% for you. I've used them, in the original game, and Fold Space L3 (Teleport Enemy) compliments them. If it hasn't changed, Fold Space L3, will teleport enemies away from you; and unless they resist, they'll appear in front of your ship. The Ninja's Shuriken is a funny looking weapon on your ship. It's huge & pink. I used 2 of them, and a different PL for the center weapon. Unfortunately I cannot remember what the 3rd PL was. Fold Space L3 & the Heart of the Dark One reactor are a must if you want to use PLs and they'll be a specialty situational weapon. Most of the time you'll be using beams.
  3. Check the job terminals. As far as I know Net-7 SOL doesn't have any enemies that you can faction farm.
  4. Yes there is. Unfortunately I can't remember the exact number. There was a time, I think it was in Beta, where JEs with high Navigate and enough Warp Reduction cost buff could warp for negative reactor energy use. It was possible to use your warp engines to charge your reactor by doing this, it was fixed a while back.
  5. Would probably go in Glory's Orbit in Beta Hydri. Most memorials go there.
  6. For combat you want any device that improves your reactor cap, and recharge. Coma is a good device for any Jenquai playing solo, it reduces enemy scanner range. If you want to fight with energy beams, get a Manticore device, if you're using Plasma beams get a Chimaera. Use plasma unless the enemy either weak to energy or resistant/immune to plasma. JT is the only Jenquai that can debuff both energy & plasma. As with any Jenquai get to EL25 as soon as you can for Combat Cloak. You'll use it plenty. Shoot your enemies from behind. It's been a while since I last played, but unless it's changed, beams & projectile weapons cannot shoot backwards. Cloak when you're not shooting. Put 3 points into Fold Space. Teleport enemy gives you some crowd control ability, it's cheap & casts quickly. If successful it will teleport your enemy away from you but it's not 100% and can be resisted. Don't try to tank using shield recharge, play stealthily instead, avoiding damage is a better option than shield recharge when playing solo.
  7. If you decide to add a JE, or any other Jenquai, put 3 or 4 points into the Fold Space skill. You can use Teleport Enemy (Level 3 skill) to teleport enemies away from you if necessary. It's not perfect, as enemies can resist teleportation, but it's a nice thing to have. It also casts pretty quickly and has a relatively low reactor cost.
  8. We seem to also be missing a link to the N7 Portal on the forums; maybe I'm overlooking it.
  9. Terrell

    Node Finder

    From time to time, as the devs see fit, they can likely move the fields in any given sector.  Ideally it would not be announced when they do so.  I don't think there should be an "easy mode" to find orefields, that defeats the point of putting them off the beaten path.
  10.     You have to make them in the Character & Starship Creator.  At the bottom there are arrows to click on to move between classes, you have to use those as no new buttons appear.  When you make a character in the Character & Starship Creator it will not overwrite characters you've made by the game, so make sure you design them in a slot that's not being used.  If you've already used all the slots in your game account, make a second account.  You're allowed, last time I looked, to have up to 9 accounts for a single e-mail registration.   The -noclassrestriction line only needs to be added to the Starship & Character Creator.  When you create a character for the first time in the Creator, it is placed in the rightmost slot, but the same applies to when you create your first character via the game.  The slot you make the character in, in the creator, is the slot they will appear when you log into the game, unless it's already covered by an existing character.  (You do, as far as I know, have to use the same PC for the initial creation, and the characters being put on the server for the first time, afterwards you can access the character from any PC that you can play the game on.)
  11.   Oh yeah, I forgot that the PT can use shield inversion.
  12. Manticore device can be used by all trader classes, though for solo play it's most beneficial for a JT.  PTs and TTs generally don't use beam weapons so unless they're grouped with energy beam users there's no point in carrying one.
  13. Terrell

    Node Finder

    Matt, the rumor thing is a pretty interesting idea.  As an addon to the idea, sometimes the rumors are true, sometimes not.
  14. When you get a character with the build reactor skill (JE, JT, PT) to OL100 and get your Red Dragon faction to +2000 or better, head over to Nifleheim Cloud and find the professor near the gate.  It's been a long time since I did the mission, so it may have changed.  If it's the same you will need to be able to fight Nagifars, then Vindis, and ultimately an Energy Revenant in Paramis.  I think I remembered that last mob's name correctly.  Bring friends to help you with these fights. You'll need the RD faction for the battle in Paramis, also you need to bring either a JE with L3 or higher Environment shield or a Terran Scout with L5 Null Factor field as the fight occurs in a gravity shear.  Without those skills to protect you the shear will eat your hull slowly.   You can get the prints without having the requisite reactor build skill, last I checked, but you will need to raise the skill to actually build the reactors.
  15. There are also Field Clear jobs at the job terminals for all 3 explorers.  They give the bonuses you'd get for clearing a field, and if they haven't changed since I last checked, they also give you an Alacrity bonus when clearing the field.  Either way, strip mine for the most XP.  Fields that have gone untouched for longer periods also give more XP for clearing the field (fields not job spawned).
  16. For quite some time now.  We've been in Live status going on 4 years.  Storyline is going more slowly, but in my opinion that's a good thing.  There are new systems, sectors that weren't in the original game, same for new equipment.  The Terran Scout, Jenquai Seeker, and Progen Privateer that weren't in the original game are here.  Instructions for playing one of the missing classes can be found here.
  17. I think there's more to it than that.  I think an administrator or moderator could privately give more information to the OP.  OP, check your inbox and see, as they may have already done so.  Top right of the forum page, looks like an open envelope.
  18. I don't fully understand what you're asking.    Repair equipment, as it's supposed to work, is to repair structural damage to your equipment.  All warriors (PW, TW, JW) have the ability.  Structural or quality damage can occur to your equipment when you take hull damage to your ship, though there are buffs on items that can reduce the amount/likelihood of said damage.  I think the Damage Control skill (PW & TW) also does this.    Damage to your hull isn't covered by repair equipment, instead that's repaired by the Hull Patch skill, which is shared by the TT & the Scout.  Your shields being lowered, is fixed by any of the 3 trade classes (TT, PT, JT) by their Recharge Shields skill.  These abilities are spread across different classes so that there's a place for each in groups or raids. 
  19.   The skills are the same as the original game except that the JE has one extra skill Extended Wormhole.  You can find a character planner for the class at the N7 Portal.
  20. Great points Matt.  Fixing the PE's devices, and giving the mobs ability to debuff players' reactors would help both the PE & JT, would also create more work for the JE.  Perhaps a few new things that the mobs can use against players, that need the JT, PE, or Scout to balance.
  21. Terrell

    Pardon Our Mess

    Cool, more time to work on character development.  Thanks for the info Kyp.
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