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  1. LOL, I got you beat....my laptop which I played, has some sort of power, not starting up problem. I starts up and before it gets to the start page just quits. Since I'm not a techie, I've let that computer sit around while I consider either having to pay to have it looked into, or actually waiting and buying a new one. While I ponder that, I've been playing this game at a much more primitive POS than you Prre. How about a 2002, off the shelf, wal-mart special: Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz 1G Ram windows XP Dell (dude, your going to get a dell...your going to hate it.)
  2. Dang it...scrapping the bottom of the popcorn bag..time to trudge off and refill it, I'm thirsty, maybe a coke to go with it. KK, here is the thing, there are "other" players with a nastier disposition that have felt it was their due to complain about A,B or C skill not working.....or X,Y or Z content in or not in and "why haven't they got that in or fixed that or what takes so long to do N". They have felt it was their RIGHT to criticize the free game, the unpaid staff and whatever they percieved is or isn't working to their satisfaction or fixed fast enough or responded to. Not only is it not their right to be abusive, even IF the game was a subscription, the staff paid or the game complete or not, it's simply not conducive to get someone to do something for you, paid or not, if you treat them like shiot. So, in the past, the Dev's have had a two step process of handling people, if the person complaining (they are saying you aren't btw, I'm just explaining). Step 1. If they have the skills to help and speed up the coding etc. they are invited to audition for a slot to be part of the fix rather than the problem. Some good folks have stepped up in the past and pushed this thing forward. Step 2. Told that as a free game, player supported, unpaid staff EMU.....if they don't want to help and can't refrain from being abusive, if they don't like it, lump it, the door is that way --->. To my knowledge very, very few folks have had to be banned for assbaggery. They are rather tolerant from what I've seen, but like everyone else, they don't like to be criticized for what is a labor of love. I know I don't. So they offered you response #1 without comment and some brevity. It may have been taken wrong since they have to say it so much, sort of like the wal-mart greeter that has to say, " welcome to wal-mart......have a nice day" 10k times each day, day in and day out....you get it going by rote. They say they didn't mean offense, I'm sure they didn't, see above as to why it was what it was ^^^^ as always great job guys....thanks for what you do, keep it coming I'm a fan. Matt
  3. CC did other things besides the befriend or bio-repress. CC basicly made the mob as long as you maintained the skill and distance to hold it stare at it's navel. It held still and did NOTHING nor reacted to effects around it, nor react to what happened while it was effected, that is an important distinction. The timer to CC was basicly how long you stayed in range and how long your reactor could stand the drain. Bio-repress = the mob is still mad at you, wants to kill you, will go about doing so as soon as the effect wears off, it will tell any buddies near it that you are a enemy if it can (unless you use the right lvl of skill that represses the communication) and even at the highest lvls of skill, it still can use passive skills. Get the difference? Befriend = makes the mob be your buddy i.e. temporary ally as long as the effect lasts or until you attack one of it's real allies, or attack it, making it a new enemy. It can use any of it's skills on itself and other allies while it's befriended (like toss rally and stuff). Get the difference? Both Befriend and Bio-repress have a duration limit, can hit or miss, and can be broken under certain conditions, once the effects wear off, they can and will react to what has befallen them or their allies while under the effects. CC however was 100% hit, no hit or miss, basicly makes them null while it's on and not attacked. If you attack their ally while they are under CC, they don't know it and more important won't aggro once it's off. Like the old hogan's heroes Sgt. Shultz was want to quote, "I see Nothing...nothing!" This skill had a limited application, but was valuable in the right fight, not so much to all the others. Just to give an example, during live there were high end RD in Inverness zone, they were paired 50/51, 51/52. with CC a JE could hold one of the RD totally out of the fight while the rest of the group could solo up on the other RD and once the battle was over, then the group could solo up on the other..or for that matter leave the new solo RD alone. If everyone in the group was at least neutral to RD the new solo RD wouldn't even attack..it was staring at it's navel the whole time.
  4. So here are the problems I've run into doing "The Dragon's Claw" mission (the one that eventually leads to either the mark or seal of the dragon and alliance with the RD). I post this in hopes you can avoid the same headaches and in many instances begging GM to reset you. #1 Biggest Headache...mission..you can't forfeit if you screw up and need a GM to fix it, every instance of a mess up you will need a GM to either reset the mission step or to forfeit, there are multiple steps and many you might do nothing wrong but some other thing messes it up and, you guessed it, you will need a GM to dig you out. /FMU don't fix or let you forfeit either, you need a GM. #2 Don't have others in group that you require (even if you are multiboxing) have the mission as well...as you wend your way through they are going to get "stuck" on a mission step and will require a GM to reset or forfeit for you, just do the mission line with one toon having it, then go back and do it all over again with another toon, I made the mistake of doing the boss with one toon, then respawning for a second toon, you guessed it, second toon was stuck on that step and required GM intervention. #3 Make sure, when you are killing the bosses there are no other players outside your group there to "help" you. The bosses spawn in chavez areas, other players may wander in and "help" you kill the boss, if they outkill not your group, but the one with the mission, they will "steal" your mob, not advancing your mission AND not letting your respawn your boss so you can advance your mission with another try. You there after are stuck on that step through no fault of yours and will need GM help. #4 Some of the steps are "speak to a nav" activated fights, and some are "be present at the nav" activated. The be present ones seem to be about every other fight, boss you kill. These the group will get a credit for it, the talk to nav ones will be the ones that other groupies get stuck at, as a step. At least one of the "kill-a-boss" steps actually has 2 bosses. If the toon with the mission is not in range when it's killed they won't get the credit and be there-after forever stuck on that step with no respawn available and will need a GM to help you...It's always a good idea to make sure all party group is not incapped and grouped BEFORE you finish off a boss(s). If the mission taker is incapped but you finish off the boss with the rest of the group...you are asking for trouble and GM intercession. #5 Scout the area with a toon NOT the mission taker, to make sure other players aren't around before you start, both the "talk to nav" and the "be-there nav" steps you don't want other groups "helping". If other players are there, ask them to please not pitch in, it might mess it all up. If they are engaged in the mission it will give you a "message" tab blinking on HUD to tell you the spawn objective is engaged and you must wait.....um wait...don't pitch in and "speed it up" for the other player..you aren't doing them a favor if you make them get stuck on the step, and it's not counted as dead even when it is, so it never gets counted dead for you to then kill it. Tehn they and you are going to need a GM. #6 Lag out, several of these spots you have to spawn the boss are populated by piss ant lower mobs..some with LOTS of piss ant mobs. If you engage the boss with them still around, even though you can shrug off the piss ants, after the boss is spawned and they get into the action, I've found it starts to make for quite a bit of lag. So I found it helpful to depopulate all the piss ants (shield nova works great). And then drag the boss off a bit to engage him full on...the fight is going to take a while, since they all have huge resists, the piss ants might respawn before you drop the boss, do NOT drag them near a gate turret or some other faction that hates chavez..they will "help" you into not getting kill credit and you guessed it, be stuck on the step without being able to respawn the boss. Help GM!. #7 Get a JE with all the WH, this mission line is long and all over the universe, most aren't close to a WH but it's going to cut way down on travel to have a JE about. If you are going to do the mission with other toons, like I said before, run ONE toon through the line, then another...it's not going to work right if you don't, when you get to the stage of getting materials for the NPC to build the thing, you need drops from low lvl mobs from all over, do yourself the favor, get lots of the drop items for the next toon(s) through the mission to use. With all this said...can I get a GM? My toons are stuck :/
  5. LOL, your requoting BL , Hesthia. It's rife with translation errors, not on your part! But what it can mean. A glass can be half full, half empty, equally distributed in content, unfairly distributed in content, mis-labeled content, incorrectly filled and so many more! So "PRS isn't a slot machine"...cool! that means you can't lose and it's not a gamble and it's really an investment, You are guaranteed outcome is greater than input, and you will get what you want every time. No?!? Then it IS a gamble....*grumble* freakn one armed bandit stuck me up* then it IS a slot machine! No?!? It's not a slot machine...but will take your money, and there are no guarantees..isn't that what a slot machine is? A gamble? If it's not a slot machine and a gamble...then I get my money back right? No?!? I'm confused.
  6. So here is a huge wall of text, but forthwith explaining the pro/con of each class to make a 3rd. Every class has it's recommendations really. Depends what you are going to do the most I guess. If your goal is to be totally self sufficent and not need anything else....prob the JE, you get your reactor help, plasma debuffs, jumpstart All exploreres can do) (hopefully you kite good and never need it! :)), your resistance buffs (all explorers can do those as well) and the most important wormholes. BUT if you are wiling to accept a "little non-self help", you can almost get a WH at any time just for the ask, most players have a JE hanging around for taxi service. So if you cut out that WH....you can get the reactor help out of a JS, so too the plasma debuffs, you can get a jumpstart from another player (those taxi JE players usually will lend a hand if not another explorer) as well as the resistance buffs, if you are kiting and not getting hit much, you don't need the resistance really. JS are great builders as well they can take the load off the TT, they can build components..with that being said....why not kill much faster and not run out of juice in the first place? Which leads to...another warrior! So, you got the TE and his rally skill, why have another TE? So decide what is your style you want to fight? The PW is the single best dmg soaker upper in the game, and with his grav link he can slow the mobs down for your terrans to kite better (oh and L5+ grav link debuffs impact and explosives on enemies), the pw if he stays relatively still has huge resistances, put on rally and its gargantuan. With his dps and other tricks to maintain agro (GL,enrage,sap, shield inversion) the terrans don't really need to kite in fact. That sap is sort of a 1 time 1/2-2/3 shield heal to the group (long cool down)to take a little pressure off the TT. Well what if you are a bit more of a sneak? And you just GOT to have those plasma debuffs? Then a JD it is...Keep in mind they are glass cannons, they can dish out huge dps in short spikes, they can't take the brunt of agro, you are going to be kept busy cloaking in and out to stay effective, many think psi shield is really bad arse....it's not. High end it's like a single hit soaker upper, the mobs hit you it's gone and while you charge it back up...you die, don't do that, cloak or run. A JD/TT/TE pairing is hard mode to maintain, if you don't run on split screen or multi computers box, by the time you alt/tab between toons you can be dead. The best 2 skills the JD can add other than the plasma debuff is really scan range and summoning, if you got him in a group..you don't really want the summon to your terrans do you? They are trying to stay away! (that summon could save your terrans by pushing the mob away however! via teleport (another skill))) The energy leech can be useful for a group, but it's cool down is so large it's really a one time thing during combat. What of the other explorers? To be honest, the TS isn't going to add to much to a TT/TE mix unless you are a speed junkie. As said by others, their mining skills are sort of hampered compared to the others (did we mention you are going to need a explorer if you intend to be much of a builder with your TT? you are going to need the ores to build the non-vendor components as well as the ore needed to build your high end ammo). The TS has hull repair..so does your TT, your TS has hack, so does your TE, so those two skills are sort of wasted on your group from a TS, a TS isn't going to do anything for your reactors either. Those resistance buffs that you don't really need if you kite good, he can give you, he can jumpstart you and he can give you afterburner. So that speed junkie thing again, he let's you warp a wee bit more, not earth shattering, he does help you ignore shears and grav fields, but those aren't so much around to base a total group on, unless you are raiding, in that case you got other players involved and one of them is bringing the TS I bet. So now the PS..hmm, they are the single most solo-able/versatile class in the game, they exceed the dps of a TT, and can bring like the pw/pp, chem debuffs to your group, they bring those resistance buffs, they also bring grav link, which can debuff explosive/impact dmg. They bring menace to your group, which drops the enemies defenses/resistances and attack for a time and sends them running. The other biggy is they have L9 shields with the great dmg handling buffs progen get. So they can take agro and keep mobs busy if the TT/TE need a breather or low on power. They use PL, while not as long ranged as ML, they can (properly geared) kite decently. While the TT would be your primary healer, the PS can buff HoT heals out of combat. They also have shield and reactor percentage boosters, that is they buff your reactor like 30% faster recharge and even greater shield recharge (not as important with a TT along, but it cuts down on recovery times between battles). They also mine those ores your TT needs, and jumpstart. They have powerdown, so if they getting owned they can "cloak in place" to enemies while their reactors and shields recover, a great tactic to use if they grabbed the agro from the TE and need to shake it. Down side, they can build their own ammo true, but it's a mid game mission to get the skill to do so, and really you need the skill points elsewhere, good thing is the TE/TT can build their ammo for them. On the subject of skill points, they are the only class that can call forward (reset skill points) so if you screw up in allocating your skill points somehow, they can rectify it. Now the PP...they too, out dps the TT, and come dang near the TE's output with also 5 weapon slots and the crit bonuses. They can heal as good as the TT, and hang in longer power wise, since they go to L9 reactor, and have access to reactors that trade shield for reactor pools. They debuff chem, have menace like PS and shield inversion like PW. They, like the PS can kite at PL range. While it isn't nearly as effective as grav link. they have access to devices that slow down mobs and increase mass (less missle dodges). That's what they bring to combat, but then there is the over all game, they can take some of the build loads off the TT, they build reactors that TT can't and are great at weapons and shield building. That let's the TT concentrate on devices and engines etc. PP can also build components so they can make the non-vendor parts for manufacturing. That brings up the other subject, build skills for TT, they can build all things (that aren't race restricted from terrans) but reactors. But were is a TT to get all those skill points to do so? To make a build pure TT you have to gimp all their combat/heal skills, so you want to plan your 3rd class to take some of the build load off your TT. The TE can do weapons and engines, so that's two paths you can ease off the TT. JS/JE/PP all build reactors, if you want a builder to do reactors for your terrans you need one of those. All the jenny can do device builds (except class/race restricted). JD/PW/JS/PP also can do weapons/ammo. You simply, if you are going to be a TT/TE that builds, are going to need a source of ores, that means a miner. Were I you and went with another warrior, I would have it do the weapons, the TE the engines and the TT the other stuff, that way you have SP to go around for all of them. IF I had to have my arm twisted, and had to give my own humble opinion. Me, I'd go with either the PS or the PP. With the understanding taking a PP I would be dependent on other players for ores, but would have that second healer with a huge reactor/shield. Taking the PS I would be dependent on other players to make my reactors but get my ores and have the most versatile toon.
  7. You have run into what is wrong with most the progen missions post live. Time/cost/effort vs. rewards. There are MANY progen missions were you break near even or barely over. There are a few notable exceptions were you can make a healthy profit vs. effort, but they are few. In contrast, most of the terran missions give hefty credits/xp rewards, especially in the early stages, offsetting this is that the skills cost heftily for the terrans as well. But the high rewards carry on past the skill aquision stages, so they get good credits/xp on the leveling scale. In comparision, the jenquia missions are a mixed bag, some reward near squat in credits but give xp good, or give little xp but good credits. For a jenquia it's a good mix since they don't have ammo costs, but factor that in for other races and the missions for them ain't so good :/ Now all that effort and cost you laid out to get 50k T/E xp and 1k rep. Compare that to live when the V'rix got in and you could do a mission for B'al, you could in 15 min get 50k E/T/C xp AND credits, if you knew what you needed in materials. It's true you fragged your glenn rep doing that much, but you got a corresponding V'rix rep for all the glenn you lost. So yeh the effort/cost vs. rewards is way off, especially on progen missions.
  8. Some of us suggested something of this sort before Prre, that all the raids have either a trigger item instead of a timer or a timer AND trigger, so that there wouldn't be a conflict in scheduling for a guild etc. that would let guilds get it together when it's good for them to do the raid instead of being timed out or having someone else steal "their" raid slot. This would make it far more accessible to smaller guilds, they would get to enjoy the content without being always being excluded by the biggies. The reason at that time given, was why this was "bad" was it would ruin "the economy" (how this is so they never could sufficently overcome the suggested solutions to that.) The onlyiest people that don't like this idea are those that "own" the raids, or sugnificantly profit from controlling all the sales of the raid gear derived from the artifical scarcity. At that time it was suggested that either lower drop rates so the markets wouldn't be flooded...or make (most) of the gear looter usable only, there would be no "resale" to it, so no flooding the market. This was all booed and hissed by the usual crowd (the big 3 guilds) and it was left at that. I +1 your reintroduction of the idea, but I don't see it going places due to the same old reasons (of which are same old lame not wishing loss of "control" crowd) *shrug*
  9. Love your outlook OP, I've been a professional cook nearly all my life (more yrs than I care to remember), I love people like you and their outlook on things. They come in and ask for a bacon swiss burger..but bacon isn't good for you..leave that off, make it american instead of swiss, no mayo,catsup,mustard,pickles or special sauce please...oh frying is bad too, bake that burger..and blot it. The bun? All that gluten, make it flat bread would you? I hate lettuce, don't even put it on as garnish! Onions? they give me bad breath off with them as well...tomatoes? allergic..NO to tomatoes!, hey add some avacado, sproats, and a egg white (no yoke!), don't even THINK of upcharging for those last 3! I'm running late for lunch hour, can you make mine express before all the other peoples orders? Then the next time they come in, they are sure to tell you that the "bacon swiss" burger was bland, dry and tasteless. I've bitched about things in the past, but I've tried to make it either constructive and/or humorous (sometimes the humor didn't come through...meh tastes differ). But if you aren't going to make a bug report..don't moan about the bug! The unpaid, overworked Dev's are just like everyone else in this world, they don't like to be bitched at work any more than you do (in this instance their non-paid, just for the love of the game, night "job"). Don't come in my house and complain about the decor, thanks. If you rearrange the menu to suit you, to the detriment of all the other guests, don't bother the chef with your complaints about the nightly special.
  10. Got to say...I like the "concept" progen ship better than the "production" version Seems more tech sinister rather than cartoon that most progen ships appear.
  11. What I was saying (and I like sharp cheese, but pass on the wine, maybe something un-fermented and non-carbonated please?) Is the problem with all missions requiring other players input for completion: getting the other players. My extended comment was this specific mission has even more inherent weaknesses: getting two other players and two other races not your own...who have not completed the mission before, to be at the appropriate level of experience that they also can take the mission x2 players, then be on the server all x3 at the same time, in a out of the way station to make a player to player trade x2. That's, let's see, SIX "must haves" times 3 that has to be met before you can attempt to complete the mission. So 6x3= 18 conditions that must be met for you to be able to do this mission. Given the server population, heck given 500 players on..what are the odds? This mission was like written for multi-boxing lol. At least with the much PITA Agrippa, you only need be interacting with 1 other player at a time, with them also needing your interaction (even craving interaction) to complete a stage, yes you need several stages of interaction, but you have time and locale not locked, they don't have to be at your exact level range, the interaction can be a "hand back of help" from someone already having done it. after the interchange you can continue on your working of your part not dependent on them for a while. As far as I know the "reward" is just the standard xp/credit/rep, nothing spectacular nor item reward in it. @ arthur, thanks for the snark, I hear snark pot pie if rather filling, I'll probably have mine with hot cider
  12. So, with the log player population, and at times nearly nobody in chat...you have to get together with 2 other race types in a off the beaten track station? Then trade and item with them, hope they also have their racial version of the same mission and the item in their hold and are at the off the beaten path station at the same time as you.... Yeah, my hand is straying left...cursor dragging up into missions tab....opening mission description...there is the button...and FORFEIT..there mission problems solved....tah! Please think these through a little better guys..... A well populated station please....one frequented by all the races equally. One that you don't have to take something from the other player, they being at the same place, at the same time, with a like item to exchange with you.....what's the odds of that? I mean really the odds of that, and not people that are completionists with two other alts multiboxing just to do a mission? Yes, forfeit solved my problems with this mission...
  13. This sort of a side note: In earth I killed live lots of TE L35 (near campus navs) and L50 north and east of earth station for the drops. I used to sit at a nav with my PS and let the L50 come to me at range..so there was a cloud of bullets heading their way before they aggroed. [The side note part]: Those mobs "warped in" to each nav that mobs currently don't do. In reality they just looked "warped" and had the warp blur added to them before they zoomed off to the next nav, it wasn't in reality more than them thrusting fast, but it had an graphics effect that isn't currently employed. The TT factioned ones were west of the group shrine and near the ABA gate.   I also killed boucoup, sabine and centriata in endriago, there was almost at any time of the day someone shield nova there, and they always were letting noobs in to group for looting and TL. It was so clogged with corpses at times, that you couldn't see the gene repository from the gate. Those mobs started L6 x2, and went up to L26. They came in 2 sabine and 1 centriata and 2 sabine group variety.   In vega they had centriata mobs "patroling" from the shipyards to  tarsis  warp gate, the levels escape me, but they were even numbers and they too had that "warp" effect to them as they jumped from nav to nav. Near the lagarto PS gate, there were some high lvl sabine and and mid lvl smack in middle near the observitory. There were mid range centriata near the excelerator as well, all of the ones in legarto wre single mobs not in pairs, but they would agro if you dragged them near others.   SE planet had TONS of low level shinwa near the dojo and the station as well, there were also JE factioned mixed around the edges and near the shrine.   Mars had lots of factioned, especially near the MCP, they could be dragged into the HONOR spawn that happened NE of the MCP. The Mars gates had some centriata patroling there.   In reality, with few exceptions, every faction had mid - high level mobs near "their"  class station and were mixed between  classes near their home station. There was almost always mid level faction class mobs near their class exit gates.   I could go on and on, but it's something kind of needed: plentiful low, mid and high level player class mobs, it's logical that they be near assets those classes would guard.
  14. Toddler, EnB boot camp training at it's best! Hup to soldier! Shoot that mob on the double! :)
  15. There is a serious lack of factioned (specificly player factions mobs) out there. Most especially appropriate locations and levels of mobs.   Several of us were trying to decern where there were level approriate mobs to kill to buff up one other or more faction. We kept coming up dry on mobs and locations, especially were you would think each faction would have "guards" etc. to protect their assets.   For example: TE, sure there are L5, 12 and limited 27 in witberg and some 25 and 33 in cygni, but were else are there really any of large numbers if you need to frag some to get bogrial faction up? Wouldn't it be logical that they had a bunch of guards in earth and high level at that for "security"?   There seems to be lots of centriata L60 in tarsis, and the 45+ in grissom are centriata faction and on primus there are pairs 25+ (watchout, they are linked! You may agro the whole planet!), but were are there really any 5-39 of large number? Shouldn't there be some guarding other progen space?   Collegia and Sabine, these seem totally agreggiously lacking, live ther were TONS of sabine between the endriago gate and the  gene repository, this made absolute sense, endriago is theirs and the gene repository run by them....they were guarding their own. Collegia, ther are a few 22 in NV (grouped) and a few 9s in altairs III, and 5x L35 in endriago, but were else is ther any, and in numbers! Nada. RD hate progen, if you don't want to frag chavez faction who else do you gank..progen, with the exception of centriata there is nearly nothing to frag...oh there are a few sabine in freya.   Jenquia, there are lots and lots of low level in SE and jupiter, and a few nodes here and there of JE and JD higher level in some spots like glenn and xipe. Lots of low level in ABB...and some in Ishuan, there are JS factioned ones there as well, but were are there high level JS ones and in numbers?   TT factioned...there are TONS of low level of them all over, carpenter, loki, earth etc.(how do nonTT get at em in loki?) But were are the mid to high level ones? Shouldn't they be guarding earth as well, how about NE, ther are some RD and chavez encrouching there, were are the TT guards? How about arduinne? There used to be live a bunch of TT/TE there.   TS there is a scattering of TS factioned in adriel, but all low level, someone wanting to faction off them high level would flick a finger and the whole sector would die :)   So I guess this whole rant is: Can we get some more player faction mobs, in faction regions as "security"? Can we get in NUMBERS of more than a few, in the mid and high level? What would really rock would be if those mobs also dropped level appropriate gear and to type of mob. I.E. terran's be weighted in drops towards gear that that mob would use? TS wouldn't be using rifles, but they would be using ML's and x,y and z type shields or tada O's etc.   If we don't get more factioned mobs guarding our faction zones..well the chavez, RD and V'rix can just walk in! There should be as many player factioned mobs as the npc factioned mobs to keep them out don't you think? Pfft with no guards in earth...why don't the RD already own it? :)    
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