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  1. Go Galileo! I was Shea there and here.
  2. Also the site 61cygni.site88.net (mirror at 61cygni.site90.net) has a listing of NPCs and where they are, as well as mission info.
  3. Vacation? WTH is that? Seriously, I haven't been able to get time off for over 5 years. I do not count the 1 month of unemployment as time off, I worked hard finding a new job during that.   As for plans for this Summer, swelter in the kitchen at work, and play E&B when I can.
  4. As for tips, you can check out the 61 Cygni site, it has lots of info you may find useful (http://61cygni.site88.net) or it's mirror (http://61cygni.site90.net).   I also recommend Dodgers maps site for any navigational questions (http://enbmaps.de).
  5. Two sites that have drop/ores information drpzone.com and 61cygni.site88.net
  6. Now for the roleplaying channel to be made re-colorable.
  7. LOL, yeah but at least it is the last wipe.
  8. I suspect you may be thinking of another game. I can recall neither of these being in E&B retail, ever.
  9.   On the whole not bad since I am only paying for a 5 by 1 DSL. It did show me as a peak DL speed of 5.03.
  10. Yeah, sadly nothing I can do about that, at least nothing I have found yet.   I have whipped a few more out, but the PC they are on is currently busy, so I will post links in a bit.
  11. Riz

    Auto Follow

    Put my vote in for being able to engage follow on anything you can see, it only makes sense.
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