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  1. I have followed everything I can find on the forums about it, but still just a tiny box window. Widowed is unchecked, I have the screen rez set to my monitor size, tried running as admin, tried running in win8 compatibility mode. Starting to get unhappy.
  2. Also the site 61cygni.site88.net (mirror at 61cygni.site90.net) has a listing of NPCs and where they are, as well as mission info.
  3. Vacation? WTH is that? Seriously, I haven't been able to get time off for over 5 years. I do not count the 1 month of unemployment as time off, I worked hard finding a new job during that.   As for plans for this Summer, swelter in the kitchen at work, and play E&B when I can.
  4. As for tips, you can check out the 61 Cygni site, it has lots of info you may find useful (http://61cygni.site88.net) or it's mirror (http://61cygni.site90.net).   I also recommend Dodgers maps site for any navigational questions (http://enbmaps.de).
  5. Two sites that have drop/ores information drpzone.com and 61cygni.site88.net
  6. Now for the roleplaying channel to be made re-colorable.
  7. LOL, yeah but at least it is the last wipe.
  8. I suspect you may be thinking of another game. I can recall neither of these being in E&B retail, ever.
  9.   On the whole not bad since I am only paying for a 5 by 1 DSL. It did show me as a peak DL speed of 5.03.
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