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  1. %windir%/system32/drivers/etc/  Thats where the hosts file is btw (Just incase you didnt know).
  2. If the Android app is saying Offline, AND your PC is also saying offline I can only assume that there is an issue with your connection to the tinterweb.   Net7 blocked in router ?
  3. I multibox but only so I always have a tt with me.
  4. One position filled. One to go.
  5. Bump !     Still looking for members to join the N7 team !!!
  6. I like the idea of MAYBE looking into creating a stand alone app for Android (and maybe IOS) which will be an EnB companion.   What features would you as a player base like to see if such an app were developed ?   Please bare in mind, that any ideas may get implemented into the current Portal if they are good enough :D   Fly Safe !   Shaddex
  7. Planner now Fixed.  (Thanks Karu for a speedy fix :D)
  8. Thanks for reporting this.  We are looking into it now and will have a fix soon(tm)
  9. The Net 7 Portal (www.net-7.org) is looking for 2-3 players who can give up some of their gaming time to help test any new features added to the portal and bug check the site before we go "Live".   You will need to have good communication skills and the ability to perform checks of any new features or mods to old ones within 3 days of the test-site being updated, and report back to the WebDev team with your findings. You must also be familiar with the portal (www.net-7.org) to the point where you can navigate it thoroughly and you have experience with features such as "item mail" etc. No coding knowledge required. (But may be helpful)   Before I get a full inbox, ill answer the "Main" questions here. No, you will not get paid. No, you will not get a "DEV" account ingame. Yes you "May" get a new forum group. Yes you will get a Non-Disclosure-agreement. Yes I will personally delete all of your game account if you leak any "Non Live" info you find to the player base :D   Any questions please feel free to ask on this thread. PM me ONLY if you are applying for the position.   Fly Safe !   Shaddex. Lead WebDev    
  10. Thank you for reporting this, hidden items should not show in the DB Search..   Portal is now fixed.
  11. Since the last update we have experienced a few "Bugs" in the site.  We believe that most of these are now fixed (Inc Database and Ship(TEST))   Sorry for the delay in service.   If you find any further bugs, please report them to me via this post OR PM me on the forums.   Fly Safe !   Shaddex.
  12. I would suggest you goto net-7.org and download the client from there.
  13. There isn't a link for a reason and that is the fact that the Wiki is 100% player driven, and nothing to do with the EMU/DEV Team etc. Its only on the Net-7 domain as no one else wanted to host it.   We have tied the login to the forums login to save players time registering. Same with the Portal.  1 username and password across all.
  14. Check the "Show only items.." filter on the DB Search,,
  15. I believe that would be a Client mod so not possible sorry :(
  16.   PM me as much info on the third account as you can and Ill see what I can do.
  17. Shaddex - TE Shadex - JD Xadilit - JE   A few others but only mules...
  18. Yeah !  What he said lol.   Sorry, been a LONG weekend..
  19. Shaddex

    Net 7 Wiki.

    Just for reference, the webserver is backed up nightly so we wont loose anything :D
  20. Shaddex

    Net 7 Wiki.

    One more thing.   Can anyone who HAD admin access to the Wiki and would like to stay as admin, please PM me and list why you need these elevated rights. I may just have many admins rather than 1 over all.   Thanks
  21. Shaddex

    Net 7 Wiki.

    Due to security issues with the Admin settings on the Wiki, I have revoked ALL admin access. I am the only person with Admin, and will be assigning permissions based on the outcome of this thread.   Sorry for all the people who used it for the good of the Wiki, but for the next few days all ADMIN rights have been reset. I hope this does not cause too much disruption.
  22. Shaddex

    Net 7 Wiki.

    Thanks for the input guys !    Looking for a new Wiki admin member as we have an opening. You will be in charge of "Tidying up" and administrating the Net 7 User controlled Wiki. The Wiki is totally player driven with ZERO input from DEVs/GM etc.   You duties will involve checking all content from users and making sure they do not go against the Wiki rules. You do not need any particular skills other than common sense and a few hours a week to keep the Wiki in order.   PM Me if you are interested.
  23. Ive just checked and we had 2 Dead links.  All cleared up now so shouldn't have any issues.
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