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  1. Elrick

    Alien DNA

    Fixed.     I have been meaning to fix that, and it is now done. The Alien DNA Genemap Fragment will now be accepted at the Sabine Genetic Repository.    This will be active with next patch. 
  2. As you will note from the patch notes today some raid timers now survive reboot. I hope that addresses the one agreed issue.    El
  3. Nothing wrong with passion for the game. It is what keeps us all here.    El
  4. We will discuss the unintended impact of the move on the raid schedule during the next DEV meeting and decide if it warrants action.   Despite the negative responses from one individual I do not see much in the way of concern otherwise.    El
  5. I confirmed back to the mission code and did a quick test on the DEV server: When the tokens are placed in the hold the mission does update which generates the normal center screen update text. There is no way to make the receipt of the tokens more obvious. 
  6. Saevel,    Yes -we can (and have) created totally new sectors, mobs, and drops. We will also continue to do so.    There are dozens of sectors already made and, in most costs, stocked with mobs. We just need to work them into the story line and start opening them up. 
  7. Lost,    A very good point on the Shooting Start Reactor Missions. I have added a check at the start of this mission to verify that the mission taker has the build reactor skill. That particular issue will not repeat in the future. The change will be live with the patch next Tuesday.    The roller press I will look into but we are considering doing something special with that.    As for removing the prints - that is not so straight forward. I can bring it up at the next Dev meeting.    El
  8. Equipment can have at least 6 buffs (i.e. Made to Live). I am not sure if that is the hard limit or just a practical one at this point. 
  9. Overall I like the idea. A couple of thoughts:   The bonuses should be offset somehow - increases in one hear should have some penalties in others. That is the nature of specialization after all.    I am uncertain how we would implement it given the limitations of the client. Perhaps a device or other item which confers the necessary buffs or debuffs. 
  10. Please open a GM ticket - then we can capture some details we will need in trouble shooting. 
  11. Nightside,    Are you sure you have everything you need? You need to have the Progen Raw Recruits x6 and then can talk to Arx Yamir (you should see a chat icon next to the dock/register icons).    If you are still having open a ticket so a GM can take a look in greater detail. 
  12. This same situation could exist for any mission that requires you to dock at a station.   I would suggest that the mission is completable -  you just need to repair faction in order to do so. You have the option to forfeit the mission in needed.   No player class starts negative with any other player class - so this could only happen through player action.
  13. The error on the description text for the Bunyip Food will be fixed with the patch tomorrow.   El
  14. Sorta:    Read this thread for the latest status on the server at anytime:  https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9052-server-status-current/
  15. bump - cuz there is nothing else going on. 
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