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  1. From Dallas... It's a business day, so losing a bit of bandwidth to work functions..  
  2. I don't believe Algaron was asking for the following distance to change. He was hoping it would be possible to engage the follow command from a further distance. Right now if you engage follow from say 10k out, it will just point at the mob and sit there. Are the two items tied together? Being able to activate the follow command while further than 5k would be nice.
  3. I also remember making tons of Roller Presses and other unskilled Zeke related crafting items on my JE. I remember the item was in the same place as now on the build list, but I had the ability to create them with obviously not having the build component skill. There must have been some way on orgins to bypass the skill check.
  4. Guild: Brave New Galaxy   Founder: Twodogs   Can you fix our guild name? Like Kedis mentioned above, it was supposed to be "Brave New World".   Thanks,   Twodogs
  5.   Try just west of Nav "Nav Comm". Took my quite awhile to find them the first time too.
  6. Thanks, I'll just keep looking then. I've looted over 30 of the DA9 Warheads and 20+ of the other DA9 items. This particular one is being very stubborn.
  7. They only drop from the CL 48's RD's in Cooper.     Two weeks ago I looted one and failed the analyze. Took an 8k faction hit before it dropped.   Went back last week and got a 2nd one, lost about 10k before I got that one. Got the print this time, which is good, b/c I ran out of tiles.   Long and short, it is very rare. I can't imagine anyone selling looted versions on the market. On the bright side, I'm sitting at 0 with the Chavez now, although the Psi's despise me.
  8. What I have observed on my solo JE. I say solo, as it seems to be different when the leader of a group.   When first entering a Grav Well, success rate is about 10%. Once I have successfully warped while in that grav well, success rate of subsequent attempts is about 50%. I remember OL being a flat 50% no matter what.   Also a bug, when logging into the game inside of a grav well, success rate for me has always been 0%. I have to thrust out of the grav well or WH and re-enter for it to work.
  9. My wife and I were real impressed with the group gate and group formation feature. Something real creative the dev's implemented from scratch. Sad to see we will no longer be able to use it.   Surprised that it saves so much time for multi-boxers as to be considered game breaking, but I'm sure you have reviewed all the numbers before making a change like this.   As a thought, could you make a level check after the IP check? For example let 100+ level characters through even if on the same IP? That would prevent all the scratch toons from gating through and exploiting the functionality, and still let family groups go through.   Thanks,
  10. Net7 says this item is not dropping in the game - and my hulk farming experience over the past month would seem to confirm that. To my knowledge, the only way to get this comp is to get lucky on a crit ammo analyze. This part is needed to make the Prototype Explosive Slug U9 for the Z9 projectile launchers. No vendor for this ammo, so the launchers are pretty worthless without this comp.   Would the powers that be consider placing this comp in the game?   Thanks,
  11. My wife and I are having a similar issue. We are both L130 and are being instructed to go to the shipyards . Be sure to bring 1,000,000 credits for your upgrade payment. (Step 15/17 - which seems right?)   It should read "Report to executive Mackellan on Earth Station upon reaching level 135..."   I suspect all or a lot of terrans are having this issue of the quest text 1 step ahead of our objective.   Thanks,   TwodogsTE (TE) Faeria (TT)
  12. Having trouble adding accounts, even tried creating new everything but still no registration email from Net7 (This forum seems fine). Username: [b]Faeria[/b] Email: [b]<<Removed>>[/b] Forum User: [b]Twodogs[/b] Username: [b]Zach12[/b] Email: [b]<<Removed>>[/b] Forum User: [b]Twodogs[/b] Thanks for the help! Working great now, thanks again.
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