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  1. I've been having issues using the portal with Chrome, IE seems to work ok though.
  2. dgvol


    Biggest differences i've seen for the warder is with the mobs.. current planet mobs never went near the temple so you could camp in certain spots as any class without being harassed.   There was also "temple guardians" that spawned around the temple too*, ~cl45 voltoi skin,    Warder also used to be vulnerable to explosive and res to other types.   *can't quite remember on how/where they spawned but either had poor scan or spawned further out so you could camp.
  3. Local IP: if you only have one option in the drop down box no need to worry.. if you have more than one option, it should be one that looks like either 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x   Do the patch notes display in the browser portion of the net-7 launcher?
  4. Is your Debug: Local Cert checked or unchecked?   (For me if its checked i get the inv-300 error, unchecked I can login fine)
  5. what does the host address say in the launcher - should be sunrise.net-7.org and is the local ip correct?
  6. 1. Is the host server set to: sunrise.net-7.org? 2. Is your local IP option set correctly?
  7. Did you try this thread:   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9192-att-everyone-having-gatectd-issues-tso-settings/
  8. try shift+rightclick on the app icon in the taskbar, should give you the option to restore or maximize the window  (bit trickier with multiple clients you'll need to do it on the aero previews)
  9. Hi Jim,   This sticky topic should solve your application exception: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8905-latest-launcher-files-program-config/
  10. make sure you are logging on to the sunrise server and not the dev server :)
  11. heh... there are a few of us lurking around... 
  12. Week 4 would be ideal for some team work with big 3 leading some pugs from the wider community :) - providing they are interested in teaching that is.
  13. Common fixes for this problem include:   1. Bad DNS record - reboot routers / run command - ipconfig /flushdns   2. Wrong server address set - Select sunrise.net-7.org   3. Wrong local IP set. - Select correct local interface   4. Server is down.
  14. is your server host set to ptr.net-7.org by chance?
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