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  1. Still, a worry other races don't have doing their level 10 HU. Just saying, Mim --------------------- Idea(s) ----------------------- Move shipyard to a more friendly sector. Restrict V'rix to the planet orbit (would make story sense) Remove high level from the sector (low level x 6 are bad enough) Remove Progen from the classes
  2. Again...I thought this was a resolved issue. Evermore said it would be fixed. Waiting for a group to get the LEVEL 10!!! HU is a bit much to ask. We may as well say wait until you are a level 50 to get your level 10 HU. Again, dead horse? Mim Edit ----------- I just went to the Tiberius ship yard. I saw the V'rix (really Devs? Level 40's x 6?. I think if you are quick and don't take a coffee break while sitting at the gate or the yard, you should be able to get your HU. They don't seem aggressive unless you are unlucky enough to fly through them. What may be a good idea is to hit the gate see if they are close and go back thru if they are. Try again until you don't see them. Just a thought, Mim
  3. Again...I thought this was a resolved issue. Evermore said it would be fixed. Waiting for a group to get the LEVEL 10!!! HU is a bit much to ask. We may as well say wait until you are a level 50 to get your level 10 HU. Dead horse? Mim
  4. That is the point of the position. Although, at the time I thought Alurra may have stepped a bit over what the line on what the position called for. I have come to realize that a high bar was set for the position. Sorry Alurra. Just lurking, Mim
  5. Time for a return of Alurra.
  6. My memory may be a bit fuzzy about this in live but here goes... V'rix were a PIB in Akerons Gate. Also on the planet Primus as well as Ardus but... as a PS I cant remember having issues getting my hull upgrades. Nothing is more discouraging to new players than to not be able to play solo. Perhaps we should protect new players rather than just say "war is hell" join a group! (poetic license, I know this was not a direct quote) If new players can't get their upgrades, we may as well have open PvP and gank squads sitting at the gates... Oh wait that's what the V'rix are doing Just saying, Mim
  7. Grey area, as the EMU can't charge for the services... BUT can accept donations. If you make credits from the game (as ONLY a player) are you legally obligated to pay a portion? Me thinks not, but I am sure that any donation would be gratefully accepted. Pretty much your call IMHO. As always... do not use what I say as any guide for action or inaction on your part. Kyp would be the final word on this. Just saying, Mim
  8. Not to help out Kyp (clearly my help is NOT needed) BUT you always have the option to turn a channel off if it gets to much for you. Just saying, Mim
  9. Ummm you didn't say what you are playing but...there is some strategy to this game play. Kiting (especially at lower levels) is advisable for most combat situations for ALL characters. I could be wrong, Mim
  10. Thank you Anonymous who ever you are!!!
  11. LOL... I would give anyway. I was trying to find a way to goose others to part with a bit of their hard earned cash. As I remember even EnB Live offered an incentive to bring in new players. (we were all paying already) As I remember it was EP or some such. But a tickle sounds fun!
  12. I had a brain fart this morning... How about some little reward for donations? It would not necessarily be a game changer weapon but something. A comparable item could be purchased in game by those who can't donate real cash. In game purchase of this item would be ungodly expensive but would not exclude anyone.
  13. Hi Kyp,

    Hate to bring bad news but the donation tracker seems to be off the track again.


    12.34 USD of 750.00 USD goal reached.  After a donation of $50.00 from me today. I swear that it started out at $750 and is still showing $750 Shows a donation of $12.34????


    1. Kyp


      it came through as 50.00. I think I'm going to have to flush the database for that thing and start again. It seems to be getting off track.

  14. Arrrrrrgh! Not sure where that would be. And for that matter I'm not even sure what it was anymore. As I remember there was to be a "backdoor" into the Agrippa missions for those of us playing PS that did not want to wait for "B" to finish the missions, but wanted to continue to play. There was an attempt at one point to remove the level requirements, but was rolled back when "B" returned and pitched a fit. Now that "B" is gone again (sorry for the personal reason but...) As for not answering a request from you for additional information I can't even find the Dry Erase Board for July 2016 only your Summary.... did you think you asked it and forgot to write it? I check the boards several times a day. Just saying, Mim