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  1. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    Any updates? what was the cost roughly and how long a print time was it? Any chance you could make a profit from printing these? Just saying, Mim
  2. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    I'm so impressed with the direction you all are headed. I didn't even think about printing the parts and assembling it post print. This way you could print all the parts for a particular ship, in all its evolution. Assemble your model ship as you progress through the game. VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! just saying, Mim
  3. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    +10 on this renewed effort! 3D Now! Mim
  4. Mimir

    Window mode only

    It is often forgotten that you need to run the "Test" screen resolution when changing it. Just a thought. Mim
  5. I fell and broke my leg 2 weeks ago so I have a perfect solution for stopping neg votes....don't post! Bonus I have lost 10+ pounds... (not associated to no neg posts) Just saying, Mim If you post you run the risk of getting dinged... Some just can't find anything to contribute other than hit the down arrow. Luckily they can only hit you one time per post. P.S. LOL Thank you for the ding....Made my day.
  6. Mimir

    Is there a cap to credits?

  7. Mimir


    The client can not and most likely will not be changed. That is unless EA released the source for the client. Que Massive laughter track here.... Just saying, Mim
  8. Mimir


    Check the firewall? May not allowing you to access EnB. ??? 1st place I would look. as always Dazed and Confused, Mim
  9. Mimir


    That's pretty funny. Way back when software was distributed on floppy disks, we had a tester put the damn disk in the drive backwards or upside down, whatever way... it ended up we had to account for it before release. It's hard to account for every thing that someone would or could do. Mim
  10. I remember now... You wanted me to ummm. Nope can't say that in this forum. Welcome back! Mim
  11. Mimir

    Config issue

    Did you install it or copy the files/sub directory(s) over to the new computer? If the later you will need to get into the registry (new computer) and set file locations. You can get into regedit on the old computer find all registry entries and export them. Regedit on new and import them. PITA if I recall, but that is how I did it many moons ago. ------ Edit ---------- Look for Westwood in the registry... Easiest way would be to install via the instructions found elsewhere in the forums
  12. Mimir

    I've reached a limit

    I think you are thinking of the Koala Bear...Panda's eat bamboo. Just saying, Mim
  13. Mimir

    I've reached a limit

    I'm mostly in the same frame of mind as cimbad, DaggerDx and Unicorn but.... I hate to see anyone leave the game. I'm thinking that there must be some way to get through to this player... I think the raid rotation may be a thorn in his/her side, but it is the best current solution to keep the peace. Perhaps flamingpanda could offer some alternatives? And if we kept an open mind we could listen to his/her ideas. Sadly I don't think that the open mind idea would go one direction, but who knows???? So... What's bugging you flmingpanda? can/will you articulate those gripes in an orderly manner? Will you then listen to the counter ideas? We don't have to agree but we do have to be civil. Ball is in your court... Mim
  14. Mimir

    I've reached a limit

    I had a thought (sorry to hijack this thread) but let's all give flamingpanda +1s maybe getting back to a positive reputation will make him/her feel better?
  15. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    I'll see if I can find the files. I think they are in a zip file... more later.