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  1. Window mode only

    It is often forgotten that you need to run the "Test" screen resolution when changing it. Just a thought. Mim
  2. I fell and broke my leg 2 weeks ago so I have a perfect solution for stopping neg votes....don't post! Bonus I have lost 10+ pounds... (not associated to no neg posts) Just saying, Mim If you post you run the risk of getting dinged... Some just can't find anything to contribute other than hit the down arrow. Luckily they can only hit you one time per post. P.S. LOL Thank you for the ding....Made my day.
  3. Is there a cap to credits?

  4. Dry Erase Board December 2017

    I'm not sure we have an advocate at this time...this may be better placed in suggestions. Just saying... Mim
  5. Communication

    Be careful what you wish for...you just might get it. I may be wrong but I don't remember the ADV position ever was responsible for announcing updates or content. Is this something that will be required of the ADV? It seems that some might feel that is over stepping the job description. Communication may be sketchy until someone with masochistic tendencies steps forward. Just saying, Mim
  6. U.I.

    The client can not and most likely will not be changed. That is unless EA released the source for the client. Que Massive laughter track here.... Just saying, Mim
  7. 404

    Check the firewall? May not allowing you to access EnB. ??? 1st place I would look. as always Dazed and Confused, Mim
  8. Remove Mouli as Player Advocate

    @alurra I only suggested that after reading many (if not all of Thuvia's posts). It looks to me that there is a personal issue that would be better served in a private chat. But since it was put to a vote with an accusation that Mouli was doing the job WRONG a comment section after seemed appropriate. But I have learned that you are correct 98.5% of the time. Mim
  9. Thuvia "I brought this here because the current Players Advocate (Mouli) is not doing the job correctly. It would be better to have no Players Advocate than someone who does not know what they are doing. " I'm not sure what you meant by "Not doing the job correctly" is supposed to mean. Would you please state your objections to what you think Mouli is doing "wrong" also... With such an inflammatory poll you really should have allowed for comments. Just saying, Mim
  10. INV-300

    That's pretty funny. Way back when software was distributed on floppy disks, we had a tester put the damn disk in the drive backwards or upside down, whatever way... it ended up we had to account for it before release. It's hard to account for every thing that someone would or could do. Mim
  11. Players Advocate Role

    Mouli! Cool it I'm not sure everyone gets you... Everyone else back off... Just saying, Mim
  12. Players Advocate Role

    Wow, I don't remember your name or any of those you mentioned even expressing interest in the position of PA... I could be wrong but I don't think so. Just saying. Mim
  13. I suggested this idea (mostly in jest) but the more I think of it I like it. Create a space-able object that can't be re-picked up. This object can be crafted out of space junk and cost to allow for another credit sink. These objects can be used as markers for gravity wells. and Danger zones. Needs more fleshing out but could be a big help to new players. These would not need to survive a server reboot. Mim
  14. Players Advocate Role

    I'm not sure why Mouli got dinged for this post, was not terribly negative to me. I've known Mouli forever it seems, played EnB way way back, Ryzom, COH, POTBS... and he has always been an upstanding player. Aye we have had some differences (he is from Canada after all) but he is correct! the PA position is not just a conduit. At least not since Alurra's reign. Give him a chance he may just surprise you...
  15. I remember now... You wanted me to ummm. Nope can't say that in this forum. Welcome back! Mim