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  1. Very sweet printer. And VERY Nice prints. On trouble prints you might try to split them. I used Meshmixer. Not terrible to learn and will export directly into your slicer app. http://www.meshmixer.com/download.html
  2. What upgrades? I went to direct drive so that I could get rid of the bowden tube. Allows me to print flexible filament. Would love to see some of your prints. Just sayin, Mim P.S. Need to get the game installed on this box
  3. Finally got a model to print. I can't tell you the attempts I made. I split the model in Meshmixer, and added support there. Sent to Cura 4 for printing. 46% fill PLA filament, extruder temp 210 C, bed temp 90 C. If I can get some more space to upload files would love to share the STL(s) https://imgur.com/a/N0FUs0f Mim
  4. The settings for most prints you will do, will come in when you select your printer. After a few fails or near fails you can adjust your settings. Again join a forum supporting your printer. Most there are VERY happy to answer any question you might have. FYI I am using a BLTouch for bed leveling. You might look into that as it really does speed up setting up for a print.
  5. Tempest, have you played with any slicer apps yet? I currently use Cura and quite happy with it. Some models I use Meshmixer to get tree supports, then xfer to Cura to slice. If you have not done so yet, get a roll of PLA to burn through as you learn. It will tear you up getting your printer and finding all you get to print is the sample Benchy. Just saying, Mim P.S. did you notice the support for the boat? Hint: Not tree support.
  6. Welcome to the world of frustration! but many hours of entertainment and just plain fun. FYI this 3D Printer blew me away. I have seen concrete house 3D printer but this one looks almost practical.
  7. Back to PS print...I am constructing an enclosure for my Ender 3 3D printer. This will allow me (fingers crossed) to print with ABS filament. The issue I have is the cross bars supporting the wing sections. After removing the supports from the print the cross bars come with it. Using ABS filament the model will be stronger and allow for smoothing with acetone. More later. If this adventure is bugging anyone. I can hold off reporting on my semi weekly trials.
  8. I've seen good things about that one. I think the support is the best in the industry. But...I would suggest you look into their Facebook pages and see what other users have experienced with that printer or other older Prusa models. Good luck and try to remember it is a new-ish industry so tinkering might be needed. Just this morning I had my BLTouch get stuck in the triggered position. Took me a long bit to find it, after un-plugging and re-plugging stepper motor cables. A search through my junk bin to replace the controller board. I finally found it and am printing again. .... Off topic: Taking a break on the PS print. More on that fiasco later.
  9. New pic uploaded. https://imgur.com/a/N0FUs0f
  10. Is there any demand for uploads of the STL files of ships? I have two so far. I would be happy to share. I'm currently printing my PS in High resolution. It will be tomorrow before it is done so will post pics. It has been a journey. So Kyp? an area for EnB related 3D models?
  11. Thanks much...Had a brain fart and with the tutorial (you provided) I combined all parts in Blender. Doing a 17 hour print now. Or possibly not if the supports turn out as fragile as they look. Will keep you posted. Mim ------------------Edit -------------------- Annnnd the supports didn't keep the print up. Back to the drawing board
  12. Thanks.... exactly my issue. A new problem is that one of the lower wings on latest print showed up about 25% smaller than the other. Looked good in Cura, looked good in Meshlab but printed stunted. I am going to try to rip apart and only print that one over. Good times. Think my next printer will be SLA. print the whole thing at one small time. TempestNWK thank you for the video tutorial.
  13. New pic uploaded... same link as above: https://imgur.com/a/N0FUs0f --------------------Edit ------------------ Added lower wing section
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