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  1. Players Advocate Role

    Mouli! Cool it I'm not sure everyone gets you... Everyone else back off... Just saying, Mim
  2. Players Advocate Role

    Wow, I don't remember your name or any of those you mentioned even expressing interest in the position of PA... I could be wrong but I don't think so. Just saying. Mim
  3. I suggested this idea (mostly in jest) but the more I think of it I like it. Create a space-able object that can't be re-picked up. This object can be crafted out of space junk and cost to allow for another credit sink. These objects can be used as markers for gravity wells. and Danger zones. Needs more fleshing out but could be a big help to new players. These would not need to survive a server reboot. Mim
  4. Players Advocate Role

    I'm not sure why Mouli got dinged for this post, was not terribly negative to me. I've known Mouli forever it seems, played EnB way way back, Ryzom, COH, POTBS... and he has always been an upstanding player. Aye we have had some differences (he is from Canada after all) but he is correct! the PA position is not just a conduit. At least not since Alurra's reign. Give him a chance he may just surprise you...
  5. I remember now... You wanted me to ummm. Nope can't say that in this forum. Welcome back! Mim
  6. Session 5 dev meeting

    What IF... We space crap to outline grav wells? Granted it would be gone on a system reboot. but some worthless item could be added to crafting, used as a credit sink and help to players who stumble into these areas. just suggesting, Mim
  7. Config issue

    Did you install it or copy the files/sub directory(s) over to the new computer? If the later you will need to get into the registry (new computer) and set file locations. You can get into regedit on the old computer find all registry entries and export them. Regedit on new and import them. PITA if I recall, but that is how I did it many moons ago. ------ Edit ---------- Look for Westwood in the registry... Easiest way would be to install via the instructions found elsewhere in the forums
  8. Week 02 dev meeting answers

    Hey Mouli! Good job... ! Just saying, Mim
  9. I've reached a limit

    I think you are thinking of the Koala Bear...Panda's eat bamboo. Just saying, Mim
  10. I've reached a limit

    I'm mostly in the same frame of mind as cimbad, DaggerDx and Unicorn but.... I hate to see anyone leave the game. I'm thinking that there must be some way to get through to this player... I think the raid rotation may be a thorn in his/her side, but it is the best current solution to keep the peace. Perhaps flamingpanda could offer some alternatives? And if we kept an open mind we could listen to his/her ideas. Sadly I don't think that the open mind idea would go one direction, but who knows???? So... What's bugging you flmingpanda? can/will you articulate those gripes in an orderly manner? Will you then listen to the counter ideas? We don't have to agree but we do have to be civil. Ball is in your court... Mim
  11. I've reached a limit

    I had a thought (sorry to hijack this thread) but let's all give flamingpanda +1s maybe getting back to a positive reputation will make him/her feel better?
  12. Advocate Election poll

    I recounted the ballots. I found one for an Newman, Alfred E but when contacted all he said was ...What me worry. Was thinking about "I am Groot" so I took it as "I decline." So Mouli looks like the clear winner of this one horse race. Can we lock this thread and give Mouli his ADV hat and wand?
  13. Advocate Election poll

    OK dead horse but..... read your history books, take a look next time you hit an election in whatever country you live in. There are many many positions where there is only one candidate running for a particular office. The EMU is not a nuclear treaty. For you to make a ridiculous comparison to communism makes me think you just may be a lot younger than you try to make us think you are. As diplomatic as I can be, Mim
  14. Advocate Election poll

    I think the poll is over. What next Kyp? Grats Mouli
  15. Advocate Election poll

    I asked you to step up.. It seems you have strong feelings about it, but lack the interest to do anything about it, well... more than complain that is. Pop your name in the vote next time around, or nominate someone you think will do a good job (for us all). Sometimes we must accept someone, anyone who wants to do the right thing... even if there is no one else to step up to the plate. Would you prefer we go unrepresented? Just asking, Mim