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  1. OK, I whined about this before and thought it was sort of fixed. Bio-Extractors acting as if they were Virix ...bad enough there are now attacks when exiting stations but...now bio mobs are teaming up, hacking and killing within seconds? What has this game come to? COMPUTER: Bio-Extractor has hacked your engine. (0):15:40: 8 COMPUTER: Bio-Extractor is hacking MimirPS's systems. (0):15:40: 8 COMPUTER: You have resisted Bio-Extractor's attempt to Hack your abilites. (0):15:40: 8 COMPUTER: Bio-Extractor has hacked your Archos. (0):15:40: 8 COMPUTER: You have resisted Bio-Extractor's attempt to Hack your engine. (5):15:40: 9 Weapon "Flechette Omega" activated. (5):15:40: 9 Weapon "Archos" activated. (5):15:40: 9 Weapon "Ten-Gu Reaver" activated. (11):15:40: 9 [New Players] Bobdabuilder: gratz (17):15:40:13 COMPUTER: You were hacked, preventing you from using any abilities! (5):15:40:13 Crimson Force Barrier has been dented (1%). (17):15:40:14 COMPUTER: You were hacked, preventing you from using any abilities! (5):15:40:14 Prototype EN 8 has been dented (2%). (17):15:40:16 COMPUTER: You were hacked, preventing you from using any abilities! (5):15:40:17 Crimson Force Barrier has been dented (1%). (5):15:40:18 Vulture Mk. VIII has been dented (1%). (23):15:40:18 You have received an xp debt of 18009. Just a whine, Mim
  2. Mimir

    Only one login for Net-7 Page

    That worked...Thanks
  3. I seem to have lost my login for the first account on the Net-7 the one with all my Progens. Any thing I can do to get it back?
  4. Mimir

    "Bug" ViRix question

    OK.... How about the old blood rite mission? I'm willing and able to sacrifice a few Glenn tourists. I wish I could find my screen cap of the bug king.
  5. Mimir

    "Bug" ViRix question

    I have been working on getting the Oracle turn-ins for ViRix faction. Horror on Horror I was told they still attack even with good faction. Is this true? Is this a possible bug in the Bug routines? I hope so.
  6. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    Thank you very much... I did find some of my old notes and was able to get w3d files into Blender. I used to have all my apps and files in a zip file... I kept a copy on a thumb drive as well as on my web site... but ! Both went the way of the Dodo. The ship encoding helps tons. As they say back to the drawing board. Mim
  7. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    This is what I remember so far: 1. Use unmix to get individual files out of mix ( each mix in separate directory) 2. use gmax with w3d script to read w3d files 3. can use export to .obj to get them but is a multi process with multiple cut and paste. I don't think I did this before. ---------------------------------- I need to know what is the various ship parts (w3d) that make up the ship as it ages. I have some but think I may have skipped some. There was a tool I think from either Westwood studios or Renx? (can't find this again btw) that allowed for reading and writing w3d files into other 3d formats. I seem to remember other Westwood games being modded but these sites either are closed or way under the radar. If the tools exist in our repository is there any way possible for me to get temporary access again to download these? Please? I'mmmm sooooo confused! Mim Edit......... I found Renx but it seems the ftp site at Westwood is blacklisted as a virus/worm/trojan infested site. Dang!!!
  8. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    OK, interest has been reignited. Does anyone have the ship w3d numbering from the mix files? It seems I have lost most of my notes on what w3d files are what. Any help would be appreciated. Also I have no clue how I got the resulting files into .obj files. Soooo Help? Just beggin' Mim
  9. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    Thanks, I have been looking. I only need to convince my wife that it would be invaluable. Mim
  10. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    $35.00 US +/- isn't that terrible. If I still worked I would not hesitate on paying that. BUT! I still want my own printer. Just saying, Mim
  11. Mimir

    Ready Player One

    I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Try reading the book. Quick read and you will, I'm sure enjoy it way more than the movie. Just saying, Mim
  12. Mimir

    Ready Player One

    A GREAT book... I was anxiously awaiting the movie. The movie was so far from the book that I wept! (not really) What a dog of a movie. The only things the movie had in common with the book was the contest and the character names. IMHO Wait until it comes to cable. Just saying, Mim
  13. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    OMG!!! I sounded like 45. Sorry.... Just wanted to know if I would need to sell a kidney to get one made for me. Mim
  14. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    Any updates? what was the cost roughly and how long a print time was it? Any chance you could make a profit from printing these? Just saying, Mim
  15. Mimir

    Model Extraction

    I'm so impressed with the direction you all are headed. I didn't even think about printing the parts and assembling it post print. This way you could print all the parts for a particular ship, in all its evolution. Assemble your model ship as you progress through the game. VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! just saying, Mim