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  1. ..if your parts are 'coming apart' once you've removed supports ensure that your parts are considered 'water tight' ... even on a preview it might appear solid when in fact it's not actually connected...this can happen frequently when the parts are quite small that you can't/don't see a non connected mesh
  2. Yeah, you're welcome. Just trying to help you help yourself. So if they are both affected then fixing one will fix the other by virtue of your own admission. You, yourself have admitted that you can't run the game on either machine. You said it's not software, nor is it hardware, many other folks play without issue, so it's not server side. If only you are having this issue, the circle flows right back to your systems. Nobody but you has access to those systems and the symptoms you describe are fixed by following all of the advice posted on this thread. Have you looked at your default settings for your video card? Maybe you have the settings maxxed out causing this old as dirt game to crash? Take a look at your systems, in other words. What is there that can stop a game from running properly? You're a developer, how would you troubleshoot some random persons computer that won't play your inserted 'flash' video?
  3. When you are 'running as admin' are you just right clicking and using that or is it actually set to 'run as admin' from the primary file? I ran into this issue in previous installs of Win10 because I was only trying to run it as admin from the shortcut. Once I changed it in the file C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG. Bring your compatability down to Win XP SP 2, then hit advanced, check the box to run in admin mode save and then give it a shot. That is how I 'fixed' my issue when it occured and it's worked.
  4. They aren't that expensive if you're willing to put your 'kit' together, Mim. Can pick up a decent one for roughly $200 US ..
  5. Wow you paid a lot for that, Tempest Materials cost is minimal at best depending on the type of plastic chosen/used. The biggest consumer is the time to print the item, which depending on the size could run anywhere from 3 hours upwards of 12 hours. I suppose I could take the time to tweak the file a bit more to lower the polygons which would produce a quicker print, however likely it would not look as clean and might actually lose a bit of the detail.
  6. Not glued yet, no. Just the wings, hull and body are glued there the rest are 'balanced'. I'll try to remember to update here once I've figured out the dimensions you'll need to adjust your STL to ensure they fit together more properly!
  7. So, printed it up. The beams that are to hold the armatures in place do need to be scaled back a bit. Over extrusion, not withstanding, they fit in when using blender, however, a printed piece has to have a tad of clearance to effectively slide into the slot. Short of hammering in the beams they will not fit if printed. I will see what I can do to get them to a looser fit without having to scale the other pieces out of range. Pictures are pieces before assembly and after. This is the finished purple progen ship thus far Will be adding paint and other items at a later date, when some of my other projects are completed LOL
  8. Yeah, no, acetone will NOT dissolve PLA. You'll need a cyanoacrilate super glue type adhesive just to glue it together. The only plastic that will be susceptible to an acetone base would be ABS plastic. You'll be fine using just about anything you can come up with off the shelf for priming/filling and what not.
  9. Update so far: Looking at the various pieces of the STL, there are areas that are going to prove 'difficult' in printing. In particular the wing sections as the ends of the wings are rather 'fine' and will require some interesting supports in order to get them printed properly. I have opted to give them an extra shell to see if they will prove a bit more secure. Update when I have more for you.
  10. My apologies, wearing the wrong 'clothes'. Thank you for the STL, Tempest. I'll see about checking it out and getting printed today. I'll update with pics when I'm finished.
  11. Actually I tend not to play such trivial games only because someone doesn't need me to tell them if they are a good person or not. It's pretty clear simply by their words.
  12. Wow. How to win friends and influence people ...
  13. For someone that expresses such disdain and hatred for the player-base and the game you spend a LOT of time here don't you? If you don't like the atmosphere here or if nobody plays to suit what you feel is the 'best' way then why hang around? On to the actual topic of the thread .... Wait, it's over 4 months old, why the heck are we here flogging this carcass? If you have a point to make or an issue to raise, start a NEW topic and bring relevant current data to help others see your point and maybe get a change in the works. Using the same argument over and over again to try to usher in change, when it didn't work before, seems a bit ... redundant, yes?
  14. Actually that guild name would've been banned based on the fact that it is trying to impersonate the emulator staff. Why the owner of the guild got banned would be a matter for the GM's. Who knows, other than those involved. Otherwise, this particular incident has nothing to do with the one you've mentioned.
  15. Spooge actually refers to anything displeasing or unidentifiable, not just the one you've obviously chosen to assign. Chode was the name of a character on a VERY POPULAR space based animated series. I'll have to give it to you on the lookatmypp though. While immature it's doubtful the player is trying to harass you into looking at their genitalia. So are these players all dirty minded or is it just you? As far as you grasping at straws and implying the staff doesn't know how to do their job. For that, I'll just say that you sir/madam are indeed showing your own true colors. Fly safe, -Alurra
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