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  1. Any guilds recruiting?

    Actually I tend not to play such trivial games only because someone doesn't need me to tell them if they are a good person or not. It's pretty clear simply by their words.
  2. Any guilds recruiting?

    Wow. How to win friends and influence people ...
  3. Remove Mouli as Player Advocate

    After that other thread had to be locked due to behaviour from all involved, my instinct tells me that poll would've been the same monster in a day. If Thuvia feels something is being done wrong, then it's his perception of it, and really he won't be able to explain to another who doesn't necessarily see the same thing or feel the same way. Constructive dialogues always bring about results, lets get to constructing something useful *throws some parts into the blender hoping for a "Most Excellent Dialogue Mk. IX"*
  4. Remove Mouli as Player Advocate

    I think the point you missed here Mouli is that something of this nature really doesn't have to be discussed on that thread. It is simply a tool. People will either vote yes or they will vote no, or they just won't vote at all. If you want people to discuss WHY they voted the way they did, then create a thread to do just that...
  5. Remove Mouli as Player Advocate

    There are numerous places where this description exists. You only need to search for it. It is not cast in stone though so each interpretation for each iteration of advocate will fill this role differently. @Mimir I think turning off the comments for that poll was a correct choice. It is simply a tool to allow the players to express a yes or no. If comments were enabled, it would quickly turn into something else entirely. You've made a post here, which will give them a place to vocalize if needed. @therestoftheserver We are all adults. Come together and work out a solution that fits the needs of the many. If you can't fix it or have no constructive idea on how to fix it, sit down and shut up and let the adults work it out. To sit around calling names is childish at best. Stop it. Fly safe -Alurra
  6. Advocate nomination

    *sits back with popcorn and just watches* You know, Shadowwalker is right. You have to be willing to stand up for what the players want, even if it doesn't meet with your friends or your own personal views. Not an easy seat to occupy. There is no pay, no power and if you want to do it right be willing to put in the time to get it done. To that end, if Mouli feels he can occupy said position, let him go. If he doesn't do the job the way the players want, then a new election gets held. This democratic thing is really kind of nifty, eh? On a personal side note, I would like to thank Mr. Panda for spending so much time postulating about why I may or may not have left. Mouli, I beg to differ about the "greatest Canadian" statement and all that
  7. Rotation raid triggers killed

    For someone that expresses such disdain and hatred for the player-base and the game you spend a LOT of time here don't you? If you don't like the atmosphere here or if nobody plays to suit what you feel is the 'best' way then why hang around? On to the actual topic of the thread .... Wait, it's over 4 months old, why the heck are we here flogging this carcass? If you have a point to make or an issue to raise, start a NEW topic and bring relevant current data to help others see your point and maybe get a change in the works. Using the same argument over and over again to try to usher in change, when it didn't work before, seems a bit ... redundant, yes?
  8. Offended

    Actually that guild name would've been banned based on the fact that it is trying to impersonate the emulator staff. Why the owner of the guild got banned would be a matter for the GM's. Who knows, other than those involved. Otherwise, this particular incident has nothing to do with the one you've mentioned.
  9. Offended

    Spooge actually refers to anything displeasing or unidentifiable, not just the one you've obviously chosen to assign. Chode was the name of a character on a VERY POPULAR space based animated series. I'll have to give it to you on the lookatmypp though. While immature it's doubtful the player is trying to harass you into looking at their genitalia. So are these players all dirty minded or is it just you? As far as you grasping at straws and implying the staff doesn't know how to do their job. For that, I'll just say that you sir/madam are indeed showing your own true colors. Fly safe, -Alurra
  10. Yellow/green orb around my ship.

    Have you moved the articles in question into your hold and back into your vault (or vice versa)? That sometimes helps.
  11. R.I.P lvl7 AA Gahtu An

    What does the warder have to do with this device? The device in question is an AA device and is found via mining, not killing ....
  12. Lag increases over time

    This is usually what happens to me when my prototype reorder box becomes unchecked on the launcher. It is a gradual slowing until non playability. Check that you have all four boxes on the left side of your launcher ticked off, see if that helps. Fly Safe -Alurra
  13. Field alaricty bonus gone?

    The bonus still works. Either you didn't get ALL the roids in the field or the field wasn't completely spawned when you began your mining.
  14. Can't get into game

    Check your firewall/av settings. Test it out by shutting it completely off to see if it is causing an issue.
  15. Commission art work

    Your daughter is EXCEPTIONALLY gifted! Fantastic works ... While I don't require anything, should I require it in the future, I know where to look Fly Safe -Alurra