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  1. Phorlaug

    Happy labor day.

    Happy Labor Day my friends Heaven forbid that any of you live near me. The closest players I know are/were Evermore and Trillin. beer.BMP burger.BMP
  2. Phorlaug

    SERVER STATUS (current)

    Yepper, she's a down.
  3. Jenquai Defender (Guide by Phorlaug)

    The Jenquai Defender has a hybrid of Exploration and Warrior skills. While not the strongest fighter or explorer, the combination will allow this class to stand up to many enemies found while exploring the galaxy.
    Strengths: Cloaking, fold space, psionic shields, summon enemies and great reactors.
    Weaknesses: Light armor, small cargo hull and poor shielding.

    The Jenquai are the descendents of the first explorers to map the far reaches of the solar system. Jenquai ancestors struck out from Earth on giant long-haul deep space shuttles knowing that turn around time from when they reached their destiny to when they returned to Earth would be measured in years.

    Over time, the Jenquai ancestors became accustomed to living in harsh alien worlds and their genetic structure evolved into the current Jenquai race of today in order to take advantage of the different environments. The Jenquai have turned the pursuit of knowledge and the clarity of logic into a religion. Most Jenquai feel that the universe as a whole is the divine power and that all life encompasses that power.

    Jupiter, well actually its orbiting moons, is where the noble Jenquai live. They're masters of science and technology and without them we'd still be puttering around space at sub-warp speeds. They're the true explorers of the galaxy. Going with the Jenquai means your ships aren't physically tough, but you'll make up for that with a wealth of technologies and mental powers that bolster your position in whatever you're doing.

    Path of Dark and Brightness

    Once you have docked at Ashanti Maru, speak to Ten'Shao Anala. She will be standing in the rear of the base before the baydoors. Speak to her by walking towards her and left-clicking on her. Your mouse cursor will turn into a talk bubble icon once you are in range to speak with her.

    You should spend a few minutes and answer Ten'Shao Anala's questions. If you answer them correctly you will gain experience. A true Jenquai Defender would of course know that the Shinwa died in his first engagement because he did not know himself. And as a true Shinwa, you should have noticed the light and dark side of Europa. If you answer the questions incorrectly, you will still earn some experience.

    It's time to see Ten'Shao Anala to complete your training in Summoning. Exit Ashanti Maru by clicking on your ship.

    Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to The Sun at Noon to speak with U'nai Amitola. On your Navigation Map, the Sun at Noon is located below you. If you aren't sure where a location is, let your mouse cursor hover above the various question marks to see the name of the location. Click on the Sun of Noon to plot your course and then click on the warp button. U'nai Amitola will be circling around the Sun at Noon. She should be easy to spot by the green icon that is displayed next to his ship. Target her by clicking on her and then press the Message Button.
    The Sun at Noon
    You must use your new Summon skill to summon your shadow to the Sun Trap. Start by going to the Sun Trap. It's near The Sun at Noon.

    Target your Shadow That Follows and then Summon it by pressing the Summon button on your shortcut tray. (You could also use the corresponding key on your keyboard. In this case, it's the number 5). Wasn't that easy? Speak again to U'nai Amitola who will give you her evaluation. She can still be found circling the Sun at Noon.

    Now we're going to summon a drone while in combat! Open your Navigation Map and plot a course to The Trial of the Horde. It is located directly below you. Press the warp button.

    Once you're at the Trial of the Horde, speak with U'nai Wakisa. He'll be circling around the Trial of the Horde.
    Now that you have a feel for how the mission for the JD and the game progress, Let’s talk combat Tactics
    Cloak Is a Jenquai weapon uses it wisely and you can take on just about any prey.

    Cloak Based Combat and build.

    Your Cloaking speed, Weapons fire rate and Total damage and any D.O.T. (Damage Over Time, ie; Plasma) will play the major roles here, with Total Cap on your Reactor, Psionic Shield, Weapons Energy Conservation and Reduced ship signature playing the secondary roles.
    Because of the Jenquai’s Low shields and Hull strength your cloak is very important.

    Reactor: Highest cap, with +Recharge, + cap(Gallina, Draco, Cygnus), Reduced ship Signature (Pleiades) or any combination of.

    Shield: What ever style you play your shield should be the best you can get. Higest Cap, + Cap, +Recharge (Defender's Doumaru). I personly don't put much into deflects but i'm sure others do.

    Engine: Lowest Ship signature (Halley), + cloak (Pegasus)

    Device: +Reactor Cap (Power of the Elements, Advanced Weapon Control System), Plasma DeBuff (Rada, Chimaera's) , Weapons Energy Conservation (Taniwha's Pride) Improved Psionic shield ( Corona Borealis, Aegis of the Warder)

    Weapon: Highest Damage with a Refire rate at or near 4-6 seconds. remember that most Weapons that have a higher damage also have a higher reload time. The trick here is to Fire And do as much Damage as Possible and cloak. Use all Plasma. You Want the D.O.T. to keep the NPC taking damage while your Cloaked.

    Combat Cloak
    Use the Highest Damage and D.O.T. damage possible. Your refire Rate will be as high 11.0 seconds.
    NOW If your using Combat Cloak For the Double Damage Buff Keep In mind that The Double Damage Buff ONLY is supposed to work on UNModified Beams for 5 Seconds after decloaking, I believe that Means that if you have a Enhanced Beam or Enhance Weapons Damage item installed it will ONLY use the Beams Damage listed in the Beams description.

  4. Phorlaug

    PvP, All the topic threads

    "When can this be..." Tis not up to me... I'm dead, all I do/can do is work, eat, sleep, sht..and occasionally shower. I hope to get back to it some day. Absolutely, nothing has been done for PvP. (That I know of..) Other than what I have on paper. There's a hint in theses threads on how i'd/it may start.
  5. On facebook as

    Phorlaug Phorth


    Psionics is a broad category of alleged psychic abilities that includes telepathy, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, and others.[1][not in citation given] The term comes from psi ('psyche') and the -onics from electronics (machine).

  6. Phorlaug

    PvP, All the topic threads

    Pew pew pew ! newlaserenergy.wav
  7. Phorlaug

    Can't log into game

    Hello Kyp. Would this help any ? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/968730/windows-server-2003-and-windows-xp-clients-cannot-obtain-certificates
  8. Phorlaug

    PvP, All the topic threads

    I like that, If you enter a PvP zone you have to "fee up front" before you enter. To cover my eventual death(s), say anywhere from non-refundable 500,000 to 2 million credits (Player level dependent), with a per incapacitate/Death cost of $100,000 to $500,000 .
  9. Psionics.

    Psionics is a broad category of alleged psychic abilities that includes telepathy, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, and others.[1][not in citation given] The term comes from psi ('psyche') and the -onics from electronics (machine).[1][2]Parapsychology is a pseudoscience that began around 1889 and aims to study psionics and other supernatural claims.[3][page needed] There is no scientific evidence that psionic abilities exist.[4]

    Psionic abilities appear frequently in science fiction and provide characters with supernatural abilities.[5]John W. Campbell, an editor of a science fiction magazine, became excited about fringe science,[6] and went on to define psionics as "engineering applied to the mind".[7] His encouragement of psionics led author Murray Leinster and others to write stories such as The Psionic Mousetrap.[6]

  10. Phorlaug

    LiquidSky, Cloud gaming ?

    Anyone know or have input on "LiquidSky"? About LiquidSky Already enjoyed by more than 1.4 million registered users, LiquidSky is a first of its kind Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS) platform that uniquely solves the biggest hurdles previous cloud-gaming platforms faced: high latency, high cost, limited scalability and a finite catalog of supported games. With LiquidSky, play any PC video game as it was meant to be enjoyed -- from the latest AAA titles to indie hits -- on your Android phone or tablet, older Windows, Mac and even Linux devices. Without custom hardware or proprietary storefront, play any game available from any PC portal -- Steam, BattleNet, Uplay, Origin, GoG and more. LiquidSky's unmatched latency delivers streamed resolutions up to 1080p at up to 100 FPS on any supported device for a top-of-the-line desktop-quality PC gaming experience at a fraction of the cost, freeing you to play your games nearly anywhere, anytime and on almost any device. . AMD's ''Vega'' GPU to Power LiquidSky Platform for Enthusiast-Level Gameplay Anywhere.
  11. Phorlaug

    Star Wars question - Wookie vs Wampa

    Wookie. His intelligence gives him the upper hand.
  12. Oh man I hate to see someone leave out of frustration.

    It really pains me that a guild couldn't do more for a low level toon.


    There are a few, very few, that are trying to NOT multi-box, and want to group with you.

    But you have to make it known ask "LFG JD L99, Currently in Grissom".

    While in group If you have trouble typing or communication I'll get on the EMU Team speak with you.


    We'll "Make It So" we'll make it fun. Please forget about how the game use to be.

    Look at it like a game that you never played before, totally new.

    There are so many things that are working than ever before. And some new challenges.

    Don't give up! Adapt.  I and my guild are patiently leveling our toons and gathering information on how to defeat the new aggression system. And you know what ? its completely different from what was done in the past. Lets say the NPC have gotten smarter over night !

    It is human nature to frown on change and some just CAN'T DO IT.


    I really really do hate to see someone leave a game out of frustration and because there is no one to play with.

    That's not right and has to change. I would hate to be in a guild that didn't feel the need or the reason to help and educate our future warriors, Builders and Healers.



  13. Phorlaug

    PvP, All the topic threads

    True. If there were loot tables and equipped item damage. Stage one PvP First set of code: Shoot player Second set of code: Debuff player. (Skills and item debuff) We could have a lot of fun with just this above. Below is where the largest amount of code would come. Stage two PvP. Third set of code: Loot player. Server would have to search for the dead players race, profession, items in cargo hold, and available credits -%lootcredits If a player has nothing in their hold a default loot drop table for common and semi-rare (MAYBE !) items. Stage three PvP: equipped Item % damage. Server would have to look at dead players items and calculate damage percentage based on damage received and type. All of this including the PvE code ?? But hey, what do I know.
  14. Phorlaug

    PvP, All the topic threads

    Turning on PvP IIRC, wouldn't, couldn't or shouldn't be hard, But I honestly don't know. Guide lines for the PvP have to be set first, this includes: Damage, reward, loss and gains, and/or new sector(s) or server. Some time ago the DEVs did a Vrix raid in the Jupiter sector, where the DEVs were flying Vrix ship(s). This was in Stress Test #1 of 3. Its been so long ago that I don't remember if my equipment sustained % damage. But I do know there were casualties. The issue with PvPvE is: 1) The current game environment, balance and code has never been programed for sector (ONLY) PvP. PvP server wide IS OUT OF THE QUESTION. That is one thing the entire EMU community agrees on. 2) A lot of the Emulator community can not stand the possibility of a EVE like scenario, with childish bolstering and head hunting. (I have painted a large target on my ship.) 3) A majority of the EMU community want to see the original Earth and Beyond content restored to it's former glory, before ANY PvP content is worked on or implemented. 4) Real life cost. Having a new server for PvP players for only half of the player base doesn't, in some eyes, this doesn't make economical sense. I don't know if you played Earth and Beyond in EA live Novaflare. The Arena, when there was a battle ready to start there was IIRC a count down, just before the challengers 1 on 1 or group challenges entered the arena. Again, I don't know how Westwood or Electronic Arts had the Arena set up, meaning, was the Arena on a different server or on a separate partition or separate drive on the same PvE server. There are probably 2-3 DEVs that could answer that question more accurately than I. I have just answered what the EMU community has said. I have on paper what and how the "Joint Maneuvers" or "War Games" or PvP would start, (Game content mission chain). The Orion sector I have here in this thread will always be the preferred (By me and some others) PvPvE battle ground. Small enough to get around, large enough to get lost and not seen and a Race starting sector safe zones for leveling and practice. (Should a PvP character be born in PvP).
  15. Phorlaug

    PvP, All the topic threads

    I was just thinking about PvP again, every time that the constellation of Orion comes to view in the winter sky. To add to your Jenquai's doing Pvp a cartoon.