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  1. LMFAO..... Slowly I turned....Step by step... You had to mention Niagara I mean Agrippa!
  2. I remember the original Call Forward quest line (EA version) was a PIB. Took me forever.
  3. Here is an idea: I used to play Pirates of the burning seas... They allowed some game mods in the way of sails. The tools were not suggested but once a sail was submitted they were checked for adherence to the specs. If so the sail would become available either public or private. So my idea is create an area (invite only after request) that describes the format of the missions. If the mission is accepted, the mission can be cut and pasted into the game tools. If the user passes muster he/she could then be given access to the tools themselves? What you think boss? Mim P.S. We already allow logos
  4. I remember that site... But great find. When I finish the new player guide I will definitely include this post (with credit). Thanks, Mim
  5. Hey...I was trying to be supportive. It seems that you guys are getting the brunt of the whines...Take it from me, the King O whiners, that was misdirected whines. Mostly not whining this time, Mim
  6. Easier to pick a fight with those that are close.
  7. Wow... I for one am not rich. I do know that trying to keep a POS computer alive and kicking after MS has abandoned the OS is a loosing proposition. Yes I have kept a few favorites alive by switching to Linux but it is just not the same (some have said better I happen to disagree). So what are your choices? Build one yourself or buy a new one. I can't get into the build a piece at a time as budget allows. SO I look for a more affordable option. Ebay, Amazon, HP, Dell all offer open box or returns. Most offer factory re-pops and an affordable price. Latest Woot.com deals: https://computers.woot.com/plus/gifts-for-gamers-6?ref=w_cnt_wp_3 Arguing with our devs to keep supporting an OS that has been discontinued is a loosing battle IMHO. I quit Windows 7, went to 10 but found that although my box would run it, it would crash and burn for mysterious reasons. Swapped out drive, swapped out graphics card. When it got to the need to swap out RAM and CPU it was much cheaper for me to just bite the bullet and get a new box. Anyone follow Star Citizen? I do, originally it ran on my Windows 10 Dell XPS. As the game developed the hardware requirements increased. Keep up or don't play. Do I curse the Devs? Pretty soon IMO that will be the game to watch for space games. Just ranting, Mim P.S. Mouli...I'll contact you when I finish getting me screen grabs of the registration and install process.
  8. OK...I just got a computer from Woot.com. A factory re-pop. I will try to screen grab my trials of installing EnB from scratch on this box. If successful I'll put together a step by step set of instructions (With Mouli's help). If it passes muster (with GM and Dev changes) could it be a Main locked section for new player orientation? Computer: omen 880-020 16 Gig of memory Windows 10 Home Not bragging, Mim
  9. I rest my case... We need an official WELCOME section. Outlining steps to get in game. I hate to think of how many new players we have lost due to crazy login or installation procedures. Just saying, Mim
  10. Mimir

    New Player Help

    Pretty much what I was looking for. The issue is, how many new prospective players do we loose due to no directions? I have been talking up EnB but think those that I have sent this way were intimidated by the forum. Let's get them in game before they are exposed to the likes of me. Mim (not so new a new player)
  11. This may already be in effect but if not... For any new player we should : 1. Send a welcome email 2. In that email send a link to a section of this site outlining what to do STEP by STEP on getting the game up and running 3. Include a like for an example on character creation 4. Include a link to troubleshooting or issues What could be included a section for who in game referred them. This could be used for in game bonus crap for the referrer. Just some thoughts, Mim
  12. Thank you for the ding... not sure why but thank you anyway. I always appreciate a ding for no reason. As if it meant anything. My sig is 0.9 Is there a way to get that lower on a PS?
  13. Yup, but the pack aggro is something that I never had to deal with...see other posts on it. So is it possible for the devs to wipe my PS and transfer my points to a Jenny with cloak? (Kidding) paper is not a good hull material. Just continuing the whine Mim
  14. Four of the five Level 50 Bio-Extractors instant aggro. So are these now V'rix toadies? Just asking, Mim
  15. RedKite and Zackman Thank you both for getting rid of the bugs at Arx Spartoi. Just saying, Mim
  16. I know we're following the guide path laid out by the original DEVs. And I know that overall game play wasn't so compelling that huge numbers of people paid for the game. This suggests that the original DEV vision wasn't the best ... This guide path is not how I remember it at all... Just saying, Mim
  17. I used to have ATT DSL service. They kept me on for years dangling the promise of fiber optic connection,super fast internet and many channels of HD TV. Never happened but the service nightmare made me ultimately switch. My outside connection was constantly an issue, intermittent outages and slow connections. I almost longed for the old 9600 baud modem back. One service tech came in examined my setup and told me I needed to have my house re-wired to provide a better ground. This seemed reasonable until I looked at the modem and found there was no ground on the wall wart powering the modem. My house has a ground, grounded outlets and ground fault outlets around all the water supplies. Anyway after paying for that service call, threats to disconnect and whining (which I am as good in real life as I am here) I finally got a crew to check the connection in the alley at the junction? It was found a squirrel had chewed thru a main cable and they were grounding out when the wind blew. I switched to cable. Mim
  18. Welcome back...have you thought about cable? Oops never mind...How does an area not have cable?
  19. I'd be on my cell phone raising holy hell! Apt my rosy red! They broke it so job they did was not finished.
  20. A miner usually does not give away their best-est mining spot but...I guess it isn't an issue anymore. I was in Lagarto. A high level ore field 7-9 and hulks to match. When there I can usually fight off what ever comes my way, or if 2 or 3 attack, I have time to power down and wait for their departure. 4-5 hitting me at the same time with the hacking of ALL abilities, sort of renders one incapable of a defense strategy. P.S. My PS is maxed of all abilities (except missile) And ammo, but this is relatively new. Mim
  21. The place I was mining was in neither of the places you listed. And there were 4 - 5 Level 50 Bio-Extractors that acted like the V'Rix. This happened about 8 months ago when I whined about it at that time. It seemed to be fixed. I was fighting one and had the other 3 or 4 show up almost instantly. I have a .09K sig so I didn't think I would attract that many that were not visible. And the whine continues, Mim
  22. I agree with what they are supposed to do, not just in groups of 4-5 acting as a coordinated pack. While I was fighting one 3-4 surrounded me and made me whine like a little girl. So this is normal pack behavior? Solo play is getting hard to play and I hate the thought of multi-boxing just to do a bit of mining. The Virix are around stations required for Progen upgrades...Take a walk on the wild side and visit a few. I can dig farther back in my log if required... ----------------------------Edit ------------------------ Hey Kyp...Here is the chat section. :14:32:31 [New Players] LeanneTS: Arx Spartoi, Endriago. Do yourself a favor and dock that station from the top-right to avoid undock ganking by vrix
  23. OK, I whined about this before and thought it was sort of fixed. Bio-Extractors acting as if they were Virix ...bad enough there are now attacks when exiting stations but...now bio mobs are teaming up, hacking and killing within seconds? What has this game come to? COMPUTER: Bio-Extractor has hacked your engine. (0):15:40: 8 COMPUTER: Bio-Extractor is hacking MimirPS's systems. (0):15:40: 8 COMPUTER: You have resisted Bio-Extractor's attempt to Hack your abilites. (0):15:40: 8 COMPUTER: Bio-Extractor has hacked your Archos. (0):15:40: 8 COMPUTER: You have resisted Bio-Extractor's attempt to Hack your engine. (5):15:40: 9 Weapon "Flechette Omega" activated. (5):15:40: 9 Weapon "Archos" activated. (5):15:40: 9 Weapon "Ten-Gu Reaver" activated. (11):15:40: 9 [New Players] Bobdabuilder: gratz (17):15:40:13 COMPUTER: You were hacked, preventing you from using any abilities! (5):15:40:13 Crimson Force Barrier has been dented (1%). (17):15:40:14 COMPUTER: You were hacked, preventing you from using any abilities! (5):15:40:14 Prototype EN 8 has been dented (2%). (17):15:40:16 COMPUTER: You were hacked, preventing you from using any abilities! (5):15:40:17 Crimson Force Barrier has been dented (1%). (5):15:40:18 Vulture Mk. VIII has been dented (1%). (23):15:40:18 You have received an xp debt of 18009. Just a whine, Mim
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