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  1. sometimes u just need to have a second programm running (like firefox or I.E) or try right click restore.
  2. Taluna6


    I remember in Live my TE went to yellow faction with the vrix by killing my own ppl and it started a Talktree with the vrix ships u could gain more faction when delivering em a special ore (wont name it here).Did that several times they took all i had and gave me faction for it till into green. Been one of the first that could get into the re vrixed Roc sector and dock on thier station.
  3. Yeah Multiboxing is still allowed, and sorry to say but i been in many MMO's since the sunset that don't allow or of the pure cost for each account i couldnt afford multiboxing. I been there allone asking for help not much ppl answered. I got invites into groups for Instances (per chat or seeking tool ingame) and found out many groups only interested in rushing round the instances/ areas and grinding for thierselves and constatly hit need if they ever could.   in EnB i found...   A community that never sleeps. If u (seriously) ask for help there will always be someone to help out. If u ask for information thats easy to obtain (not respawn timer point for the warder) u will get a serious answer and not been get a "are u dumb ?? all ppl know!!" answer. and if u see someone camping an area with its own fleet if u ask him most times he/she drops one of its toons and invites u for the kills and loot (at least i did when camping antares to lvl up lower toons)
  4. just ask the community (new player chat or general) they could tell u some cool places for your cl
  5. and make shure EnB config.exe and net7config.exe have admin rights.
  6. .net framework aktualisieren vielleicht .. chip download hier: http://www.chip.de/downloads/Microsoft-.NET-Framework-4.5.2_36595082.html mfg
  7. I'd say theres nuff ores and fields are filled plenty if u go out and look for em.
  8. it worked tyvm.. I linked a free account from my side to her main account , xfered the char and relinked the account to my side again simple as that.   thank you again
  9. Hy i have a JE on my wifes Account id like to take over  to my main game account since i played her from OL 30 till atm 120+ if there is a way could someone contact me for it plz??
  10. The goal for donations if fullfilled.  You can't donate till a new goal is set.
  11. Ok i concentrate on Terrans.   Weapons: ML lvl 3 maybe lvl 4 Oguns (plasma ammo good for Bio enemys lvl 20 scuttle bugs and Ostarae) debuffed with Rada device.                  ML lvl 5 Onyx ogun if u have left many ammo parts (cool launcher in my opinion)                  ML lvl 4-6 Type B with chem ammo debuffed from the PW (prefered enemy mechanics like belters and drones maybe )                  ML lvl 7-8 Type A same as Type B                  ML Lvl 9 Zet ML (since Type A eat to much ammo) Endgame ML is your personal choice   Shields: lvl 1-3 Model x or Scales or Prototypes               lvl 4-6 Model y or Scales or Prototypes               lvl 7-9 Model Z or Scales or Prototypes Model x/y/z for ML range buffs (no need if u take Terran reactors)   Reactors: lvl 1-4 Supergiant (ML range buff moderate cap excellent recharge) Loa line 2-4 for more cap and no ML range buff                 lvl 5-6 Nova Line (ml range ... see above) Heart Line for more cap no ML range buff                 lvl 7-8 Supernova Line (ml range) Shooting Star line if u can get the parts (7 easy 8 really hard)   Engines: Lvl2-4 Mercurius (sneaky for combat) ....lvl2-4 Mustangs for travel                lvl 5-6 Halley DDO (see above) ...lvl 5+6 Apaloosa for Travel                lvl 7-9 Terran Advantage (best buffs for combat stop sneaking around, become a man )..... Ursa 9 for travel   Devices: 2-4+7 Eye, Rada 3-5, (1-4 & 7-8 Roadrunner+1-4 & 7+8 Lazarus travel gear) L7 Ivory ward, L8 Intolerance   This list is not complete but might be a help while lvling up.   equip can be used for all Terran classes only point if u have a Scout use Explosive ammo since Scout's can debuff that.
  12. A PW with 6 L9 Missilie launchers and a Supernova 9 ?? (at least the SN9 will have a good use then) thats what i call a Missile Turret..As much as i like playing around with the idea in my mind i say NO keep as it is.
  13. Woodstock is currently working at it sadly all my chars are double blackholed (his words) so i have to wait for a server restart.. no play weekend i guess :(
  14. someone told me u have to be cl 36 to get the mission (not shure if thats a fact)
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