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  1. Its been a few years now, but I was waxing nostalgia and had a few minutes to check out the old community and peeked in. Glad to see the project is still around and seemingly doing as well as can be considering the game would be over 15 years old now o.o I miss this place, really I do. I just hope you all are keeping the old girl going and having a good old time. Maybe I will pop in more often now that I have some more time. I doubt I would ask to get involved again, as my time is limited, but maybe ill play some over the coming weeks/months. Good to see yall!
  2. Hi players.  I just wanted to check in here and let you know that I have decided to leave the project.   No there is no drama or anything of that nature.  I simply have become so bogged down in my real life and work that I havent been able to contribute to the project meaningfully for months, and I dont see that changing any time soon.   Maybe ill be back someday after things slow down here, I have no way of knowing.  I havent even been able to play the game much less work on it.   I am confident the newer developers that have been added, as well as the oldies youve all come to know and trust to keep this game alive will continue to do so for a very long time.  ENB died its first death almost 12 years ago.  It still lives through us, and I will always hold it close to me.   Take care my brothers and sisters of the ENB.  Ill see you around hopefully.
  3. The game as far as I can tell is doing pretty good.  Its been slow on the dev side of things, especially content, for a few months.  Some of us (myself especially) have been taking care of a lot of IRL things, and some were taking a break due to burnout.   We have some good things coming down the pipe in the near to mid future though, and I have some plans of my own.  Finding time to work on the game has been a real trick lately, my real life has gotten ridiculous to say the least.   But there are plans, I know its hard to be patient, but keep an eye out.
  4. Ive been beta testing it for two sessions now.  This will be my third, but I maybe have gotten to level 5/7 each time due to my hectic work schedule and it being on the weekend.   It launches in early april, so these closed sessions are likely to be among the last, expect open Beta soon I reckon.
  5. Yes this is correct.  I was proud when i got my "green" tag.  Heh.
  6. Considering a typical crit plasma tick at full debuff is usually around 2500-3000, id say these arent that far off (6 ticks per plasma hit, so multiply by 6 for the ~18000 full damage amount)
  7. I hope you realize my posts have not been intended to construe some misconception that we intend to make raids any harder than they currently are, unless something is not working right as designed.   If they are at the posted level I used up there, then good.  If not, effort will be made to restore them to the intended target point.  (Realize 4 groups means 4 groups of people using vendor gear or non-raid PM stuff), that could translate into 2 ubered up groups of Static or BI or something.
  8. Addendum:  Some of the raids are intended to require a lot of people is because of a couple of factors.   1.  Large group effort (a lot of people find it very fun to group in mass numbers and work as a large team with multiple groups) 2.  The loot of the raid is powerful/uber enough that we want to distribute one item maybe twice a week total. (No monty haul server flooding so everyone and their mother has a skull shield on every toon within a few months) 3.  Referring to reason 2, we also want to make sure you actually have to organize and bust your butt to get said shiny, even if it takes several tries and a good roll on a random or something.  No freebie skull shields, sorry. 4.  The major raids are NOT intended to be soloed by someone multiboxing.  We are intentionally gating that.  Period.
  9. Effort was made earlier in the year to make raids more complicated and difficult.  What we discovered was the more we added the worse the lag got.  Some things went in, some were shelved pending other issues we have to overcome first.   Then there were the issues with mob skills going berserk (remember the chain hacks and heal spheres of doom?)  We also cant really go over a 4 group raid scenario without having the client go WARRRGARRBL on some people.   Raid balancing and difficulty is as always a work in progress.  Currently the raid I believe is most "complete" as far as it's difficulty is concerned is the RD base.   That could change in the long term, especially once some of the proxy issues have been corrected.  We still have some issues with that, as well as the megan hour conundrum.    I wish there was a quick and easy fix to make raids scaleable, but with this game engine that is 100 percent impossible.    So the best we can do is design raids to be a challenge for X number of players.   By tier (assuming average gear and average players, naturally cap geared toons with raid vets will reduce the number of people needed in some cases): 4 groups (very hard) - RD Base - GoBB   3-4 Groups (hard) - Controller - Fishbowl   2-3 groups (moderate) - Tada-O gate - Ascendant Voltoi   1-2 groups (relatively easy) - Mordana - OCD     Thats what we have shot for, more or less.  As people get better and better at doing PvE content via gear and experience, the difficulty always decreases (power creep).  It is a neverending battle to keep it as difficult without making it ridiculously overpowered (250k damage one-shots every 30 seconds being commonplace?)   In that line of thinking, what do you believe could be done better.  Due to the level/strength of the drops involved those group numbers (and associated timers) arent really up for debate.  We need to keep the best stuff at a high difficulty level to achieve.    This is also why you dont see constant new shinies that are more powerful than what exists.  If we introduced too much power creep into this game in the state it is in, could you imagine how insanely hard it would be to even create a serious challenge anymore?
  10. DEV toons - i just made myself level 150 :p   PLAY toons - mostly missions and some jobs thrown in.  On my miner (which is still not 150 but is my closest one thus far) i did it all pretty much mining glenn gas once I was 70 or so and could pull level 8 ores.
  11. This sharim problem was started by the issue where killing RDs also tanked your Sharim traders faction (the joves fury problem from six months ago)   We did change the factional alignment of Joves and did remove the negative hit from killing RDs to Sharim (at least for now)   Are you telling me that killing Red Dragon mobs is still tanking Sharim faction?  (this change went into effect back in april or may iirc)   If that is the case, it may need investigation further.
  12. Dont let the door hit you on the ass shadow.   I dont think your "contribution" to the emulator is such a loss that we will notice, tbh.  Tell me again how much you did to make it happen?  All ive seen out of you over the last year is about one whine and gripe every couple of weeks/months and not a whole lot else.    Also, your other magic game you praise so much, how much do they get paid for making it bro?  just lol.  I aint your slave, mate.  I donate my time to this.  Free time.  When i can.   And for the record, donations opened about 24 hours ago, fail troll is fail.   If they were to ever stop, it just means there would be no live server to play on.  We are non-profit. *shrugs*    Youre such a condescending douche.  You aint done shit for the project and do nothing but gripe about it.  Whine whine whine.   I know ive slowed down my production, because I have a real life to tend to now.  You know, that thing that takes precedence over all?  I still come to the dev meetings and do some bug fixes every week.  When school starts this next week I am hoping to have more time to put together some new stuff for the people that love this game.   Unlike you, I actually care about the project.   Get over yourself, you want to talk about hitting nerves, you done hit mine you ungrateful dick.  Fuck off.  If i get in trouble for this, so be it, but I will not tolerate the efforts of my teammates and myself being belittled by a snot nosed brat up on these forums.  If you hate the project so much and feel so superior, just get lost already.   To everyone else, sorry for my language and im aware the vast majority of you appreciate this place and enjoy the game.  Dont let this snap change your feelings towards the team, he had that one coming.
  13. It is rather ironic considering who the original poster is, eh mimir?   XD
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