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  1. I seem to recall the purple guild name color being for members of the same guild to which you belonged.  I have no recollection of the distinguishing traits for the other colors.
  2. In general, I use the names of characters I've created in various short stories that I've written.  In EA Live, my first character that I created was a TW named Mordayn.  Before getting too deeply attached to him, I realized that Mordane Kathrada was fairly important storyline figure, so I abandoned that toon.   I typically divide the character slots in any MMO that I play between male and female, so my next toon was a female--a PW named Nythalia.  This name was derived from combining letters from my own name and the name of my fiancee at the time (I used this name in many games).  Because I liked the PW a lot, this became my primary toon in EA Live.  A few years after sunset, my fiancee and I decided things weren't going to work out.  I abandoned Nythalia as a character name.   I had also created a male PE named Curis.  I later found out that there actually is some historical basis for the word curis, or more properly, quiris, in ancient Sabine/Roman which was a happy accident as Bob Ross might say: it means spear, as well as Roman citizen.  Additionally, Cures was a major Sabine town.  The problem I later discovered is that curis is apparently a feminine noun, and Curitis/Quiritis is a surname of the goddess Juno.  So, it doesn't entirely fit the male character, but I had invested too much in him by that point.  I've also, as you can see here, kept that name despite the inconvenient circumstances surrounding it.  Curis' ship is called the Double Helix.   Nythalia was replaced by Vipsania, my new  female PW.  That name was pulled directly from history books, specifically from Vipsania Agrippina, the daughter of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa.  Her ship is named Gladius.   Lastly, I have a female PT named Syliana.  There's no real background behind this name; it was just another story character I created years ago.  Her ship is called Avaritia.   I have a bunch of other characters that I don't yet play with various names.  I've been getting an increasingly strong itch to play my Terran Scout, Lithos, but he's still very young.
  3.   There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch.
  4. http://www.astronomynow.com/news/n1308/15nova/       http://www.space.com/22389-nova-star-explosion-delphinus-discovery.html
  5. Finally got back around to these missions, and have now also discovered the beauty that is impact ammo plus Grav Link plus Cassel's Wither. I feel like a real Progen again.
  6.   I simultaneously agree and disagree with this, and each revolves around the phrase "working as designed" or its variant "working as intended".  I'll focus here on why I disagree.   Adherence to the phrase "working as designed" is predicated on the belief that the functionality in question was designed well in the first place.  Even the best designers and developers are, at times, prone to making dumb design and development decisions.  The agency I work for is currently undergoing the installation and implementation process to replace the primary computer system of not just our office but for the entire county of which we are a primary stakeholder.  This project is massive, as it is replacing a system that has existed, been used, and been heavily customized for the last 30+ years.  The vendor that we have gone with has a deep experience in this field and has been doing this for quite a while.  And, still, pretty much every week during testing of the new system, regression testing of it when patches are applied, etc., I find an issue that I report to our representative at the vendor that we both find to be completely dumb and that we both wonder how it was missed or why it was designed that way.  In fairness, some of those instances were designed that way for a very good reason that neither of us had thought of, but on the majority of those instnaces, the designers and developers at the vendor are left wondering the same thing: "why did we do that?"   Just because something is working "as designed" does not mean it is working well, or that it is working as well as it could.  In the primary issue discussed above, there are/were missions that are rewarding players with recipes that the players' classes have no ability to build.  I've not stumbled across this yet, but based on DEV responses here I have to assume it happens, and I would say with all due respect to the incredible DEV team that these instances are quite likely the result of poor design and could be made better.  Elrick provided a perfect example of this above with his fix to the Shooting Star Reactor mission.   All of that having been said, I have no desire to see any work done to allow players to remove recipes received via the traditional method.  If it happens at some point, the great; I'm sure some people will take advantage of it.  But, I would much rather that time and energy be focused on correcting real issues and implementing new content.   My 2cr (even if it may only be worth 1cr).   -Curis
  7. It's a fine idea, but I would suggest first modifying those missions to add the race/class/skill check before removing the dead recipes lest this issue continue to fester.
  8.   Ah, the memories!  I was on both sides of that symbiotic relationship.  Also, back then you were able to cancel your tractor beam by clicking the loot button a second time.  The quick pilot could nova the lot and then loot and set adrift the items so that the low-level hyenas gathering around the pile of corpses didn't have to wait for the loot timer to expire.
  9. I just noticed this with Rifle Plasma ammo (not sure about the chemical) and Crossbow ammo.  Superior and vendor versions display the same Damage stat.
  10. I managed to get through Zieg's arc and get the shield. I believe I still need a few more CLs before I can take on the current stages of the other two arcs I'm in the middle of (Investigating the Pirate Gates and The Missing Shipment).   I'll get there eventually.
  11. Went back to begin Stage II. I had mistakenly thought that the I needed to be able to build lvl 7 devices and shields in order to begin, but see now that it is actually the Build Skill itself that needs to be lvl 7 (maxed) in order to begin.  No problem, just need to work up the trade XP.   While going through the talk trees with Vasi, Scuti, and Inquiro, though, I came across what might be an issue--with Scuti, in particular.  When I chat with Vasi, she tells me that I need to talk to Inquiro to continue on to Stage II.  When I talk to Scuti, I get the following tree:   Opening:     "Yes"     Stage I (top):     Stage I (bottom):     I'm not sure why I'm still seeing either of these "Stage I" options since I already completed them both and just finished Stage I - Shields.  At the end, I had received the following: Skirmish Shield I (blueprint) Amplector Omega Shield (blueprint) Stage II Invite - Shields (blueprint) Agrippa Technology Expert Creator of Shields card Symbol of Loyalty In fact, I've even created the Stage II Invite - Shields using the card I received.   Any ideas?   Thanks!  
  12. OK, I'm still confused about what exactly happened with that particular mission, but it does not appear to have been a roadblock.   It seems that I was still able to complete Phase I of both Shields and Devices.  So, on to Stage II now, I suppose.  Wish me luck.
  13. Not just you.  Something is going on at the moment.
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