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  1. BTW, to me it did not seem to be as hot as Ghost pepper sauce, which i have several bottles of, this wa sweet to the taste with a little zing to it but no mouth or body burning feelings.
  2. I bought it, of course, as soon as i saw the brand i knew it was going with me, i am a glutton for spicy foods, so if you here me screaming or gasping from breath you know why. lol
  3. Server is down and in process of being rebuilt stand by for further info from devs as to when it will be back online, the server site had a major attack that took us down
  4. Very interesting idea, however if i spawned every raid at the same time in the Public Raid sector, the Lag would probably cause the game to crash, the lag can be horrendous on a couple of the raids as it is, that being said I could spawn each raid one at a time as each spawned raid has been completed,
  5. It appears to be Not Working at this time, once the Devs have finished recovering from the recent Server incident it may be back to full service, be patient and it soon will be back
  6. Any time frame for the wiki to be back up also?
  7. the net-7 launcher (installer) and the EnB Demos are usually available on the NET-7.org (portal page) under main then the downloads section, which is currently down probably until the server is fully back on line. Be patient the Dev Staff is working all of their available time to revive and Recover the game and servers,
  8. I would have been on line today on TS3 but due the high winds and weather we are getting here the power was flickering all day so I turned everything off and sat out the wind storm part with everything turnoff, I am back on now
  9. My Self I am hammering the forums now that they are back, perusing the various Social Media EnB Emulator Pages, looking for updates, play uncountable Games on Mahjongg and solitaire and one older game that i played when EA shut ENB down (Vendetta Online) till the Emulator was in testing then I have been here, I have been n the kitchen and in front of the4 grill a little bit more than i normally am.
  10. I had forgotten about the Jenquai Music's, kind of reminds my of a Star trek episode's where the Klingons were attacking
  11. the game window size does not effect lag, lag could be heavy traffic on your ISP's system or due to heavy net traffic between your ISP and the Games Server
  12. use the Tech Support section of the forums at this time, there is an issue between bug tracker and the forums
  13. Navigate to the game directory then navigate to the EnBConfig subdirectory, Then find the EnBConfig nd run it, then Right click on the executable ,and select properties and select it to run as Administrator and run the System Compatibility test (near the top of window) select which ever version of windows that it says to run as, then answer the question to keep the selection as yes then click on the EnBConfig executable file, also if you want in full screen or window select or deselect "Windowed Mode" Selected will run in a Window, then select your resolution using the slider bar and run the performance test after each adjustment, if the the resolution is as desired then all you is press ok and its set in game while you in the EnBConfig at the top of the window there is a sound tab, click on it and run the sound tests to ensure you can hear the game music and sound effects.
  14. When you download and install the game (the EnB Demo File is good, I just used it) when it stops and opens the browser to file planet, let it sit for a moment or two then close the browser and the install will continue with out any issues,
  15. I think the server crashed about 9am'ish GMT i can sign in get to character screen select avatar and then it goes and stays on the Map screen. I also can not sigh in on the chat tool.
  16. every time you delete an avatar or account you must answer yes to the are you sure you want to delete? this is done when you press delete yes, Are you sure you want to delete? so you pressed yes twice to delete, then it is deleted from the server.
  17. Navigate to the ENB game folder on your hard drive, then go to the EnbConfig sub folder the find the EnbConfig executable , right click and select properties then set to run as admin and also the compatibility run the checker and take the selection for compatibility, if you want to run full screen uncheck run as windowed on the EnB config when you run it, make sure you run the resolution test and select the screen resolution that fits your viewing pleasure. also ,Make a shortcut the config program on your desktop.
  18. When mining wait until the last "lootable" ore/object is in your hold before targeting the next Asteroid/gas cloud/hulk, you will get the next nearest lootable/mineable object, if your pushing the X key multiple time you doing it to fast. if you see an imploding Resource object you targeted to quick.
  19. nope its been up all day i have had 5 toons in game for several hours
  20. the Demo is the original EA/.Westwood install disk image, back in the original live 2000 to 2004 when you installed the demo it would go to file planet to verify the image coded was valid and then once confirmed it would continued the install, since EA discontinued support and shut down EnB in 2004 all file planet does is say yeah go ahead, Per agreement with EnB we can not change this or make any changes to the actual Game core or Game engine, Since this game is over 20 years old the graphics and Game play are not to the holding level of more current games, and while you can play solo, the games original intent was for group play with the different players and professions each bringing something different to the group. if you follow the install procedures that are listed here in the forums and also in the FAQ's on the Net-7.org (portal page) the game does install very smoothly and quickly, once install you will need to install the Net-7 launcher, as the EA launcher bundled with the game WIL NOT WORK, it points to the old EA server, You must run the Net-7 Launcher to start playing the Game, on you initial run it will run updates for the net-7 launcher once that's completed just follow the onscreen prompts to update the EnB client, once that is done, it will take a while , you can run the game..
  21. Avast does not like EnB and considers it a hazard, during the game install it does touch base with File planet, when it does that all you have to do is wait a couple of secnds and close the browser window and the install will continue until it has completed.
  22. also check the following items the Net-7 launcher executable, the EnB Client, and EnbConfig, ensure that they are running as administrator rights and check the compatibility to at least winxp sp3. this should take care of some or all of your issues, and then check your antivirus and Firewall software to allow these programs access and free pass to ensure that their not flagged as an issue program.
  23. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING but server status, and we only need one server status post we all get the notification when someone posts, and some of us are trying to sleep. every post pings my computers and my cell phones , also no conversations on this thread, we know the server is down and it will be posted when it comes back up no need to keep saying its down, WE KNOW, and it may be in work, every time you post it pings us and we have to stop what we are doing to see what it was, So only one post one time Please.
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