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  1. Send me a GM Help Ticket with avatar and Account names and i will do a temp password change for you.
  2. ENBConfig is the EnB configuration program the .NET framework if you do the windows update that dropped today April 9 2024 there was an update to the .NET framework, you may need to run update on your computer before you install the EnB game then the Net-7 Launcher Client, i have installed the game on both win 10 and win 11 and have cone through installs with out any issues. the install instructions here in the forums are very accurate and work as advertised.
  3. The only thing a GM can do is physically move your avatar in or out of Zweihander.
  4. Nice work, i am following your project with interest .
  5. we appear to be down i have red server status showing on the server status app
  6. They Will both be missed I remember Starfox and his since of humor
  7. send me a PM with the avatar names and i can look them up if the were create prior to to 2004 no they can not be recovered, i will look your names up in the records to verify and respond back in a PM for you
  8. Down again at 1140 PM'ish Pacific time server status app shows red getting rubber banding when warping
  9. Looks like the log in server is down again, no need to post more than this response, I am locking this when its up they will unlock it.
  10. I moved Dorsvenabli to Arx Spartoi station in Endriago and Norstrandtest to the Arx Emporos station in Altair III you issue my my at your end of the data stream, I went on and out of Norstrand Vor and planet multiple times yesterday (02/29/2024) while doing missions and trade runs in Progen space
  11. Submit a GM Help Ticket with the Avatar name and the missions listed I can remove them from your active mission list after reviewing them, some of the missions may not be removeable, incompleted hull upgrade missions and master promotion mission are two that fit that category.
  12. the Win11 install is exactly like any previous versions of windows install for the game,
  13. I have the ticket, I am just up for the day, ill move your stuck toons to the Arx Spartoi station once I can get into the game on the GMTools, with the issues the game is having at the moment I cant connect to the server also
  14. I'm also getting the same "connection to global server failed now" error on log in
  15. Also getting connection to global server failed now
  16. Concur, Toons quit responding and to talk bar quit the game
  17. Server appears to be Down, I have red server light indicated on all computers and can not log in through the launcher. I am in game on the chat tool, have been for a while So I have to assume it may be the login server at issue at the moment
  18. ok I answered your help ticket and you should have the answer by the time you read this.
  19. If you send a GM Help ticket to me with your Game Account name and a Avatar on the account i can issue you a Temporary Password that you can change after logging in tot he game (Net-7.org Sign in on the account. navigate to the WebHelp selection of the top menu bar, then go to the InGame Issues (GM Support) and fill out the information and i will do a temporary Password change and send it back to you Via Email with the Password and instructions on how to use it and change it to a more permanent password
  20. I believe the server has decided to crash.
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