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  1. also check the following items the Net-7 launcher executable, the EnB Client, and EnbConfig, ensure that they are running as administrator rights and check the compatibility to at least winxp sp3. this should take care of some or all of your issues, and then check your antivirus and Firewall software to allow these programs access and free pass to ensure that their not flagged as an issue program.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING but server status, and we only need one server status post we all get the notification when someone posts, and some of us are trying to sleep. every post pings my computers and my cell phones , also no conversations on this thread, we know the server is down and it will be posted when it comes back up no need to keep saying its down, WE KNOW, and it may be in work, every time you post it pings us and we have to stop what we are doing to see what it was, So only one post one time Please.
  3. its from pre 2012 i dont have all the particulars other that we can not change the core of the game
  4. also a Private server would not getting any fixes or updates or support, as Yeti said we can not do that under the agreement.
  5. Yeti was correct at the time only 40 actual players were in game there were almost 70 Ghosted/lost connections that were not cleared by the server.
  6. ack Its about 2 and half hours till the restart when i am typing this, I see only 31 avatars online the /who shows 104 online with a lot of unknown avatars with all zero's on their locations and stats. this could be causing a lot of small issues with different sectors with the 70+ unknowns possible drawing system resources, thanks Woodstock
  7. I have logged in a couple of avatars no problem. so it appears to be up, Yes the server is up.
  8. This Does work I use it almost daily on my W10 and 111 machines, hover over the EnB taskbar tab when the preview windows open select the one you want to move, right click on the preview window and right click select move on the Title bar of the window a 4 pointed arrow appears that means your in the move routine move window to your select location, repeat as necessary for each window. that is all there is to it,
  9. Teamspeak still works I just logged in to it.
  10. Hover of the EnB window over the task bar, when the mini window opens right click and select move and move the selected window to desired spot
  11. Confirmed appears to be running well
  12. you might need to set the compatibility setting under the right click context menu for the net-7, *.exe and EnB, Exe files winxp sp3 seems to be one of the setting s that work the best, also double check that you are running everything as Administrator. also on the net-7 Launcher mark the 4 vertical boxes near the center of the launcher screen,, Packet optimization Prototype reorder Etc.
  13. use the same login that use to sign in to the forums, also works for the net-7 .org (portal Page), and the net-7.org Database
  14. I logged in no problem, just now, check your router, Firewall, And Anti virus to make they they don't interfere with the Net-7.org and EnB game are set to be allowed and white listed, also on the Net-7 Launcher make sure all four of the boxes, Packet optimization thru Mouse lock are marked
  15. The Server is up and online, I am in game with several avatars of my own, and there are about 40 signed in at this time
  16. you can delete you own accounts using the NET-7.org account tab. (must be signed in to the net-7 page.
  17. If you wish to have your Avatar name Changed this includes adding the profession initials, Your Request Must be Submitted Via the GM tickets System, So that we have a paper trail and prof of the request, This is to protect you from getting your Avatars from being changed by someone else, If the name(s) are available the names will be changed and you will get a response back through the GM Ticket System that the names) have been changed, Be Signed into the Net-7.org (Portal Page) then go to the WebHelp page then to the Ingame issues (GM Support) selection DO NOT USe the Tech/Web/Portal Selection as anything there goes to the DEVS, Not, The GM's. The InGame issues GM Suppport Does Work I tested it BUT YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN to the Net-7 portal page in order to use it WOODSTOCK HGM
  18. Maintenance Announcement: 2022-08-30: The sunrise server will undergo maintenance in the morning hours tomorrow to apply the latest patches and security updates to the server. This will mean the sunrise / play service will be down for a little while. We'll try to make this as short as possible, but wanted to let you know ahead so you can plan! Thank you.
  19. The Good News is that today The Gateway Modem/Router came in, It was an easy install just move the cables over plug it in and wait for it to finish configuring itself and log in when it was ready, this new Gateway is Fiberoptic compatible (even has the innards and connector for the Fiber the guy i talked to was going to send the same model gateway i was using, but he said nom i have to send you a Fiber optic capable one, (this makes me wonder when they are setting the area up for Fiber optic capability, any way I am back up and ready to log in to the game in a moment. I am back in game
  20. Its Working for me, no problems, on 7 of my play computers, Try Refreshing the page
  21. I am not a DEV, I am the HGM (Head Game Master) helping the players is what HGM Does
  22. I am not sure that it is feasible since currently the only way to restrict access to a sector or station is through faction levels, it would probably take a major rewrite to areas on the game that we are not allowed to change . I may be wrong, I don't know . But unlike other games where it is being done, Eve for example, it was written and designed for that to be, Also Vendetta online, It was one of the Starting the game considerations and is written into the code at the start. EnB predates both and was written so that all players have the opportunity to go everywhere depending on their choices and faction levels
  23. it appears to be settling back to normal thanks
  24. After the restart the game is real laggy, I was 20k from a gate the game said i was to close to warp, I haave to wait 10 to 20 seconds from he time i press a key to see an action
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