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Were You On The Original Enb In 2002 To 2004 Or Just Here?

How many were on/or not on orig Enb?  

477 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick when you played EnB as your 1st original Game Play!

    • Played original EnB game that ended in 2004. 1st Exposure.
    • Played Enb-Emulator as 1st Exposure to the Game. (2004 till now).
    • For some reason none of the above apply or don't remember anymore.

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This is a poll on how many users we're on the original EnB from 2002 to 2004 versus how many users discovered the game afterwards (ie after EnB went Sunset in 2004) and discovered the game thru this emulator project?

anyway pretty srtaight forward ..if it is way loaded towards the group that played it till 2004 we may have to do some more promotion huh?

my 2c worth

enjoy the poll

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Wouldn't let me vote for some reason - no permission - but I was there in the original game. I used to help run the Armada Guild, mainly maintaining the website but also organising events. Our site is still running at [url="http://www.armadaguild.co.uk"]www.armadaguild.co.uk[/url] although it's a quiet place these days. Edited by MarrsAttax
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Played on the Andromeda server during live for well over a year up to sunset. Was in Founders Federation guild at 1st. When sunset was announced most of them left the game. Then my lvl150 JD was recruited by Merchant Marines and my other toons joined a small guild named Mithril.

I've been playing the EMU since ST1. Actually been far longer than the game lasted under EA.
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Played in live on Pegasus.
Been here a fair time as well , plus helping with beta teams.
Work interfering a bit at the moment but I'm hoping to introduce it to my eldest son now he's old enough.
Been playing SWTOR and World of Tanks a bit lately.
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Played Beta through Sunset, ran a small guild on Pegasus with friends and family. Started here in 09 for awhile and then came back just before they went to beta and been here ever since :wub: to me the best MMO I've ever been a part of.
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[quote name='Stanig' timestamp='1352959418' post='66107']
I sorta feel bad for the ONE person that didnt play the original game XD

thats what i figured...we need to get some recruitment of new users/ w/o exposure the the old game

my first suggestion

on the westwood studios facebook site i put up a you tube video i found ..that is fairly recent and long jan 2011.....i put that and links to net-7.org there and also to the forums

so i've been telling my friends for years check the game out

now that the dang thing comes up on facebook they say... nice game

i'm like jeez been telling you for years

so if we have 300 players now each w/ 50 friends might be a way to get them exposed maybe they would hit the video and be impressed

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