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  1. xulei

    updated map

    They are the starter areas: Equatorial Earth is TS only, High Earth is TT only & Luna is TE only
  2. JE with L5 Navigate warping from the Jupiter weft to Jove's Fury takes a longer path than normal (goes down the mining navs then back to the normal route)  
  3. ooohh... I can't wait for the 'New Vegas' sector to go in!  :D
  4. I'd rather use the 'Explorers' channel over Market - I can't be the only one that has it turned off unless I want something
  5. My TT (Zooey) also needs set back a step (is on step 10/16 and is not level 75 yet)
  6. your getting more than half the xp and should be killing twice as fast so you should level faster
  7. go to  http://www.net-7.org/ and click 'game info', 'game statistics', 'online stats' - server is up
  8. From what I've seen, you want to stay behind Santa - after turning in the mission he turns toward you and will fire if you don't warp away
  9. or have anything that has been picked decay in a minute or 2
  10. this should be added to the game with the other christmas music!
  11. copy & paste the line info - you most likely missed the space that has to be there
  12. This thread is outdated and needs unpinned or OP updated to point folks to [url="http://www.net-7.org/"]http://www.net-7.org/[/url] \, click 'main', 'FAQ', 'game play and issues', 'how do I get in the game!!'
  13. I recently got an old laptop out of the closet was using it to run an alt account. I noticed it stopped charging the battery even thought it was plugged in so when the server went down I shut down the laptop and proceeded to do the usual... bang on it, shove the power cable in & out enough times to get off Ron Jeremy, turn it over and remove/replace the battery and then give it power again. Lo and behold I got the glorious result of smoke pouring out of every orifice the case had along with the familiar smell of a properly working bug zapper! Laptop works fine now - another comp bug taken care of
  14. xulei

    E&b Radio

    I know I'm not the only person that gets tired of the same old in-game music. It would be awesome if we had a site to go to and stream some random stuff with some in-game related news ads by the Net-7 reporters! or even a vent channel where nobody could talk (if thats possible)
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